Scam letter(s) from Anastasia Rudskaya to Tomislav (Croatia)

Letter 1
Thank you for taking the time to reply to my letter. I want to apologize right away if I can not immediately answer your letters.
Unfortunately I do not have my own computer at home, I have to write to you from a working computer. I found your email address through a marriage Agency "Magic love " I provided the marriage Agency information (indicated the country and age) I had to pay the marriage Agency for this a little bit moneys'. After filling in the questionnaire took a few days. Agency provided me with your email address. That's how I found you. This is a new and unusual experience for me on the Internet. But I will try to write you a good letter . Do not be too strict to my mistakes in words, English is not my mother tongue. And I hope to improve poor level of English while communicating with you. Now, if you don't mind me telling you a little bit about myself. My name is Polina . My birthday is September 10th. I was born in 1987. year. My weight is 54 kg with a height of 172 cm. I live in the provincial city of Ukhta is a city in the Republic of Komi of the Russian Federation. The population is 99 680 people. You can see all the information in Google. I finished medical University. My education will consist of 3 levels : school, College, University. I studied for 18 years. All 18 years I he also studied English. I work as a second surgeon in a small clinic for 4 years. We practice General Surgery - this is a section of surgery focused on the abdominal organs, including the esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine, liver, pancreas, gallbladder and bile ducts, also often the thyroid gland I'm proud to be helping people . Many things depend on me during surgery. I think in in the future, I will be able to become an independent surgeon.. I live alone, have I don't have kids and the man she loved.. Sometimes I feel very alone in her apartment. It is for this reason I decided to meet you . I like to play sports (most likely, you will notice it in my photos). Twice a week I go exercise at the gym for keeping fit. My workout consists of (aerobics, treadmills, yoga) I'm for a healthy lifestyle:) I have there are no bad habits such as (alcohol, Smoking and drugs). Eat do you have bad habits ??? What else can I tell you about me? I prefer all music regardless of genre (rock, jazz, pop, etc.) I like to watch movies about love, Comedy, fantasy. I'm not so love hits, which show the stage of violence. My favorite color is orange) What else would you like to know about me? ?? Ask questions (only I am asking ask ask me adequate questions), I want to say at once that I am a good girl and I won't to do ***** photos. .I am a woman with self-esteem! I hope you won't laugh and we will write a lot letters to each other. I hope you are interested in our dialogue. What are you expecting a woman?? You want a woman to be your partner.
lives?? Maybe you're just looking for a friend or a mistress ?? It may be are you looking for a mother for your children ? Which made you answer mine. previous letter, just interest?? Or just a courtesy?? Or maybe be something else? The distance between us is a problem for you?
I hope, that our communication will continue. Tell me about your preferences on woman. I'm sending you some pictures of me and my life.
I serious in my intentions so please show me your devotion.
P. S.
Uuuf, I finally finished this letter. I wrote this letter with great inspiration and tried to tell as much as possible about me. .))) I wish you a good and kind day !! I hope to hear from you soon,
Letter 2
Hello how are you? How is your mood? I did not receive a reply to my letter. Maybe it did not reach you or was lost somewhere. I want to get to know you better. I will tell you about myself. I shall hope that in the future,we shall be very good friends.It- something new and unusual to me.But I shall try,write good letters to you. In brief I to you will tell a little about myself. I the cheerful girl with which will be never boring in dialogue. I will once again be presented, that you did not forget my name because most likely you communicate with girls on the Internet. My name is Polina .My height is 172 centimeters.
I weigh 54 kilograms. My birthday is September 10th. I was born in 1987. I think it will not be a problem for you???? I live in provincial town Ukhta (Russia).. I much want to find the good friend hope, the satellite during life You understand me and we can correspond with you? I should like to report small about itself, this for me for the first time I never got acquainted through Internet but I think do the exception for itself. I have finished university, I doctor (the surgeon medicine) work in clinic of 4 years. Specialise surgeon. I live one in house in which there is 2 rooms I do not have brothers and sisters. I have two girlfriends about them I will tell later if it will be interesting to you. I very pleased that I have a good friends... I think that friends very important for each person. write me little about itself as You, conduct its free time that You love. If to you was a little, that I have told about myself in the following letter I will try to tell, it is as much as possible about myself. I will wait with hope, that you will answer me. With impatience I will wait for your letter and with your photo. Send to me more than the photos. I will do too most to send you many photo. On it I will finish the letter. See you later... Your new friend Polina.
Letter 3
Hello Why don't you want to say your name? I really want to know your name!!Today I have a letter from you !!! I think we know each other now?
Gikhihihih ... I am glad that we can continue our dialogue. To me Very pleased that you took the time and wrote me your answer. You know, I was interested to read your letter. I Absolutely almost do not know you, but today during the day I was thinking about you. "I thought that you would answer me or not answer me?" Uraaaa. "Clear your answer! Now I feel better. Now I know that you have a serious Intentions. I had a little dating experience on this site.
The Internet. I will open and confess that I tried to write to you several men. But it was unsuccessful .... One man wanted only ***.
Another wanted to see my ****** photos. Of course, I stopped at Once a dialogue with them to the point - that my intentions are serious. Now i
Know that you are a serious man. Now I know that you have a desire communicate with me This is very good !!! I will be happy to Tell me about yourself ... I do not think you need to hurry. I I think that you need to go slow, but the right steps. Really? You do I should not hesitate. I'm a simple girl. Ok now i'll say you about me directly. My name is Valentina. My age is 29 years old. my birthday is May 28th. I was born in 1989. My height - 168 cm. My weight is 47 kg. I live in Bratsk.
Bratsk is a lot of a beautiful city. I work art the director of the restaurant of my city, the restaurant named "Ginza". I have graduated from university. My education will consist of 3 levels: school, college, university. I studied for 18 years. All 18 years I have
Also studied English. I graduated from university at the age of 25. I have my own house with a small garden. I am very love to grow flowers. My garden is very beautiful and nice. I live alone in a house, I don’t have children or young man (man). I am very happy and grateful that you replied to my letter because I am determined to get met through the Internet. And it was a miracle for me when you wrote me a letter. I do not have a personal computer, but I can I am writing to you from my work computer. I use the Internet, only for my Job. But I hope that we will write to each other all the time. I hope, that you are interested in our dialogue. I hope you will soon write me a letter. Sincerely. For today I will finish my letter. Valentina.
Letter 4
Hello ! Forgive me to answer your letter late. . But your letter There was in a basket (spam). I do not know, why it has occurred. Perhaps, These are some an error... Probably, my filter of e-mail It is adjusted incorrectly. Now all is normal. I have added your address to «To good mail», the list. And we can easy continue To communicate... If you want? I think, that you wish me to learn. If You did not want me the nobility, you would not write to me. Correctly? I am glad, that you have written to me. I hope, that in the future we will be very much Good friends, and we can also many other things...... A little I will tell about myself. My name is - Valentina. To me of 29 years. . I live in Russia, in the city of Bratsk if it is interesting to you, you can look in Google pictures of my city. It is very beautiful city. I do not know what to tell In my first letter, because I the beginner in this business. It something New and unusual to me. I hope, you are not too strict to mine To errors. English is not my native language, but I consider, that I know it well. I have found your e-mail, through dating agency "Lazurite". Why I write to you and at once I give this information. The answer is simple. That further there were no questions in our communications. On it I will write to you fairly. "I do not know, how agency have found your address". I have given to dating agency of a few money and the information. After the done operation. Agency to me has given yours email. Here so I have found you. Today I will not write much. It is simply interesting to me to learn your thoughts On this question. I wish to know, what you search on this site???? Serious relations or simple flirtation? I hope, you the serious person. After all that site serves only for search of serious partners. I Wished to learn you.
Tell to me something about itself..... Also ask that You wish to learn about me? I hope, you have not got tired to read my letter..... I will send you some of my photos. I hope, you also will send
To me the photo. Your new friend Valentina
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