Scam letter(s) from Olga Sergeevna Petukhova to Tom (Canada)

Letter 1
Hello, my love! How are you Barry? What weather do you have there? You will most likely call me ****** and hasty .. But You know I cannot cope with the calls of my heart. I decided to talk to my colleagues and the Chief Physician. And I said that I want to move to live and work in another country, if possible. They said they didn't want to let me go. But after a long and difficult conversation, the Chief Physician said that he would give me good recommendations and characteristics in case of my move, for my successful employment in a new place. Sorry honey, but I can't stay here any longer. You completely occupied my thoughts and feelings! I can't concentrate on my work because I constantly think about you. Are you ready to meet me so that we can start a life together? I'm very serious right now.
I understand that different things can happen, but at least we can try.
In any case, we will not regret it. I'm sure. I'm not interested in the money side of the issue. Only the sincerity of our relationship. I want to work and live next to you. I love you and respect you and I want to create a strong union and not look for a replacement, even a temporary one, on the side. If you are ready for our meeting, then please give me the name of the airport where I need to fly. We will be fools if we let happiness pass by!
Please give me your answer. I'll wait. Take care honey. I kiss you tenderly.
Yours only Elena.
Letter 2
Barry! Thanks for your information, now I know where our first meeting will be. I knew who I could turn to for advice on how to start my journey to you. This is my colleague, she is younger than me and loves to travel. And she told me where I should go to plan everything and prepare for my trip. I recently came from a tour agency that my colleague advised. And I have such news. I asked about the situation with COVID, can I come to you. Are the borders closed and so on ...
And fortunately this is possible at this time, but for this I will need to do the following. Take some photos for passport and visa registration. They will also make me health insurance. And they will coordinate my route to you, as cheaply as possible. I spent several hours there to find out how much it would cost me. Since the ruble exchange rate has fallen, the cost of a trip to you will not be cheap.
My whole trip will cost 2500 dollars . I will also need to spend a couple of days in Moscow until I get a visa. And this is travel and accommodation in a hostel. They explained to me about all the nuances.
I have enough money for all this. My documents will take 5-7 days.
Which really justifies my colleague's words that they really do everything quickly. But to get a visa, I will need to go to Moscow, to the visa center, for an interview and obtaining a visa. They do not do this, but they will make an application and send it to Moscow. The only thing that made me think about it was a formality !!! To get a visa, I need to have money in cash or on a bank account for the duration of my stay in your country, for the period that will be indicated in my visa. for 1 day of stay 45 dollars . My colleague also spoke about this. But I could not even imagine that in total it turns out a lot. The tour company explained that this requirement is established by your and my country in order to avoid migration. And without this money, I will not get a visa. Money does not need to be spent, they are needed as proof that I can independently exist in your country without outside help. 1 month is 1350 dollars . My colleagues have already agreed to lend me 800 dollars for a while, since my money was not enough. I don’t know what to do, this money is still not enough for me. Where can I get 550 dollars ??? I have exhausted all my possibilities. I'm stumped. I want to be with you, but I cannot come, and I don’t know where to find the required amount. I will understand you if you cannot help me. But I don’t know how to ask you to help.
Since I am very uncomfortable and a little ashamed, I have always achieved everything in life myself and always tried to help others.
But now I need help. If you cannot help me, I don’t know how to be. I have already written an application and will soon receive all the characteristics from the place of work. I don't want us to give up at the most opportune moment in our relationship. I don't want to lose you, I want to be a part of you and share my life with you. And I don’t know how my life will turn out without you, I don’t even want to think about it. Apparently now my future and ours with you in your hands... I need to know what to do next my beloved Barry ?????
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