Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Guryanova to Philip (USA)

Letter 1
Greetings! My name is Ariyana I'm from Turkey. I am 37 years old and I am lonely.
I like honesty, truth and thing that I do not like is lie!
I'm looking for a serious relationship and I want to meet in real life and create a precious love which will last for all life. If you do not getting afraid of our distance write me.
I am ready to begin our acquaintance and dialogue in order to become more than friends to each other in future and have our love and a strong relationship together. I am waiting for your answer. Ariana
Letter 2
Hello Philip! I am very glad and very excited to see your letter. I waited for your letter. I want to tell you about myself.
My name is Ekaterina, I am 37 years old, I live in Russia in the city which named is Tula.
I work the accountant in a small private firm. I am engaged in documents of this firm. I like my work and I do it with pleasure.
I never was married and not to have children. I made a short video for you, expressing my sympathy for you. I hope you like my video for you and my photos. Tell me about yourself. how old are you? where do you work? Which city do you live in? what are your interests and how to relate to life. I want to know more about you.
I'm looking for love and serious relationship. I want to tell you about my former relations. My the former man drank alcohol much, did not respect me and could offend, strike. I have left from these relations. Now I'm in a current of 3 years one. I to be tired there will be an honesty, trust and love. I do not love a deceit and lie. In relations the man and the woman should never deceive and always to be fair.
If honesty is present with most has got relations that he will construct trust between the woman and the man. I am ready to learn you better, to become friends and is possible it is more. I hope you it is ready for fair, mutual relations?
We can continue our relations, to be friends and try our relations. I am looking for a man who desires to live for and for love.
those find the treasure who seek for it. I want him to be strong, caring and attentive. I want to feel that strong shoulder. I wish to feel me as a real woman beside him. I do not believe in divorce. I search a man who will consider me as usual female, as the wife. My man has to respect a woman, take care of her and understand that she was created especially for him. I am looking for my special life in this beautiful life! I shall be glad to answer your questions, if you are interested in me. I with impatience following letter. I hope you like my photos and we will become friends. I also look forward to your photos and want to know more about you.
Sincerely yours new girlfriend Ekaterina
Letter 3
Hello again Philip!
I`m very glad to see your letter.
I real also search for serious relations. In my a city it is a lot of men but I do not want the man here.
They love alcohol and do not respect women. I promised my to mother that I will not marry on russian man never as I saw as my mother suffered and suffered from men here. I want to find a man who will love me, appreciate, respect. I want to feel love and to be mutual. for me the main thing is sincerity, honesty to each other, and then it is possible to create a strong relationship and bright, pure love. these qualities are more important to me than the age difference and I think it will not be a problem if I feel your concern, love and give you as reciprocity. I would love tell you more about myself. I was born in April, 22nd, 1983. I am 170 centimeters or 5`7 feets.
My weight 58 kg I was born in a small town and I live in here my whole life. And in this life I didn`t see many thing, but I learned about this world by the books, news and another things, I live as any people in this and have simple life.
I`m very romantic woman. I seldom have bad mood and with optimism concern to the life. I like keeping my house clean and tidy, I like to stay at home when it's clean, light and cozy. So I feel calm and I always keep the house in order and clean. I do not drink alcohol, I can rarely drink wine at a table on a holiday with friends and relatives. I do not smoke and I negatively relate to drugs, as well as to people who use drugs. I do not have tattoos on my body. I have never been married and have no children. I do not respect girls who like girls and they have a relationship with Leisbi. I am negative about this. I very much inquisitive, in life I wish to see and try everything, in fact the life is given only once. Except for music my passion is the cookery.
I am delivers great pleasure to do various dishes. I like to communicate with interesting people.
In men I appreciate such qualities as honesty and fidelity to the beloved. Fleeting novels it not for me. I am ready to give completely myself only to that person whom I will really love. I want to ask you Philip. Tell me please, you dream to see what woman every day near yourselves?
For the sake of what woman you are capable to make everything, that to take hold of her heart and always to be together with her?
Excuse me Philip, probably to me still early to discuss with you such frank things.
But it is very interesting to me to know, what girls draw your attention. Philip I short written to you my prospects on my future. If for you it
interestingly then we can discuss these themes in more detail. I send you my kisses and photos.
I will wait your email. Yours faithfully Ekaterina
Letter 4
Hello again my friend Philip!
I`m very glad your letter. Philip when I have seen its that I smile. I do not represent the day now without your letter.
You became very interesting to me, and dialogue with you gives me sense in a life, in each day.
I do not know precisely about that that you suspect the account of it. I hope that you think precisely also.
I want to learn you it is better, and I will speak more about myself in the letter.
If you will have questions be not afraid to set them to me, I will answer them with pleasure. Philip, I would like to tell to you about my parents and friends. I live together with my mum, her name is Dariya.
She is works in the school as teacher. I haven`t farther that he was died when I was been little.
Mother never told me about he. I don`t know why she want not talk me about him. But she helped me in all and give me a good advices. When I told she about you she saw me that understand why I smile now.
My grandmother live in village, her name is Elena, she is 82 yeas old.
I`m one child in the family but I have 2 cousins and 3 cousin sisters who live in other cities.
The older from brothers call Vlad, younger - Pavel. My sisters call Dasha, Tanya and Anastasiya.
Also I have many girlfriends, my best girlfriend is called Yuliya. We with it are friends already since the childhood, and never quarreled. We studied at one school, then in one college it as teacher, and I as the tutor.
Philip it would be very interesting to me to learn about your family and about your friends.
Also it was very interesting to me to learn about you even more, and I ask if you will have time answer some my questions.
I work six days in a week except for Sunday. And if you cannot receive my letters, I mean has left to the grandmother in village. But I will try to write to you every day if I can not to you I will write to warn of it you in advance.
Philip, I wish to be with the person who will give me tenderness, love and passion with which we will meet every day our life together.
And we will enjoy love every day and to bring each other happiness and good mood. All this depends on mutual understanding people, the man and the woman should understand each other at first sight, and from half of word.
Trust - the most important source of creation of attitudes between the man and the woman. And if people wish to create good relations to not break off them up to the end of a life, It is necessary that everyone trusted each other, and lie never.
I dream of finding in this world of the only thing the man for love and marriage, to be together with it and to be true to it.
The main thing to be favourite and still will arrive to us. I think so. You agree with me Philip?
Philip, I like you and your letters very pleasant to me.
On it I`m finish the letter, I hope that I receive your letter it soon. With best wishes Ekaterina
Letter 5
Hello my Philip!
I am very glad to receive your letter today. How are you today? My dear, today your letter has again warmed my heart and on my face there was a smile. Philip i wish to tell to you my point is that for two people to come together and be able to live together or get along, we have to develop trust.
That takes time, and work to do. Also, part of developing trust is being able to communicate in order to establish trust.
It is to me, the most important thing that you can do, is to be able to communicate, Philip, to open up and share our feelings and insight to different situations that may arise. Relationships will not survive if you are not able to communicate and build trust. Because it is also very important remember that we are human beings, that enjoy some solitude and to be able to have time alone. The other person needs to respect that and that goes towards developing the trust and honesty that makes or breaks relationships. Would you not agree?
I'm like someone who is very open, honest, truthful and sincere. I like affection and likes to give affection in return.
I who's warm, caring and loving with patience and is understanding. Humble and respectful.Someone who loves to be close to you in me in the good as well as bad times. I will stick with you through all of life's ups and downs. That's just some of what I look for in my the future the man.
As we grow in time together other qualities begin to shine. My mother taught me family morals, values and to respect everyone.
No matter there color, race or religious beliefs. I want to know you more and better since I feel you with my heart. You are a good man with whom you can live a quiet, mutual and honest life with great love.
I think that woman and the man who will love each other they can be together, and they will aspire to it even if they are divided with many miles, mountains and oceans, and many other barrier. Because for love there are no barrier.
I finish the letter and send a photos for you and wait for your answer and comment about my thinking.
I hope to hear your answer soon, your gentle Ekaterina
Letter 6
Hello dear Philip!!!
It`s good to hear from you. Thank you for your letter again. Philip, your letters as bearns of the sun warm my heart.
I`m glad when I receive them. And you become interesting to me every day. I`m glad that we can to learn each other and I would know about you more. You like me. I very much would like to learn more about your interests.
How you like to have a rest? For example, I like, to have a rest on the nature, especially in village at the grandmother where the beautiful nature.
I like to walk on coast of river, it proceeds about that village where there lives my grandmother.
I go there usually when I have holiday on work, or in the days off. There are come my relatives, my cousins and sisters sometimes, and we together go to make barbecues. Are you like kebabs? What kind of film are you like to looking? What kind of music are you listen?
I like films about love and serials, and also I like comedies. But I haven`t more spare time for looking cinema because I working a lot of time.
Usually I listen the radio because there are many different kinds of music, I like pop, rock, jazz, blues, classical music and relax music.
Sometimes I have a time which a not good, and in this time I like to sing songs, but not very well. It seems funny and silly but I do.
Philip I hope that you will be always sincerely with me, I sincerely and I will tell to you all that you will ask.
I am nothing hide from you. I hope that you will tell me all too. I would not want that we had secrets one from another.
I send my photos to the streets and near the house. I wait for your letter. Your Ekaterina
Letter 7
Hello my dear Philip!
I am very glad and it was so nice to hear from you to see your letter. We have already learned about each other more and I think that between us should not any secrets. Isn`t it Philip?
Have you any secrets from me? I do not hide anything from you and always sincere with you.
I think that we should learn more about each other if we shall decide to meet ever or even to live together.
After I have better learned you, so it is pleasant to me to receive your letters. And I am happy from that that you write to me such sincere letters.
I feel very happy. Philip, and what you feel? And what you feel when receive my letters?
It is very pleasant to communicate with you, you like me very much, and at me all ideas on you.
Many of my girlfriends, mum with grandmother ask me about I from them hide what secret. As I began to smile more and became very happy recently.
I am assured that they know the reason of that I to smile began often. As I told her about you, and they only were glad for me and for you, and also for ours with you of the relations.
They speak that you doing me happy. And I completely agree with them. You as a beam of the sun warm me when I receive and I read your letters.
It is very pleasant for me have communication with you, you are very much like me, and at me all ideas on you.
As I think of you all time when I rise. When I eat, when I go for work, when I work, and even when I sleep. Philip, you became very close to me, and I would like to learn you better.
I don`t know as you consider and that you think of it, but I think that you that the man which I searched for all life.
I every day wait for your letters, they became for me irreplaceable. wait, I with impatience wait for your following letter.
Yours Ekaterina
Letter 8

Hello my dear Philip! How are you?
I am very glad to receive and read your letter, I am very glad to see your worm and gentle words! My dear Philip, me very pleasantly that we with you can understand now each other much better,
And our attitudes go all further and further, and we all become closer. I feel that it not just friendship, and something is more, isn`t it Philip?
My mother and my girlfriends very much are interested in our acquaintance.
I am very interesting to them with what person has got acquainted, that you from yourselves give, where live and what kind of food you like?
On some of these questions I do not find the answer, and at all I do not know that to me to tell it. In fact I at all do not know that that you love from dishes.
You tried dishes of Russian kitchen? You prefer what dishes from other countries?
What do you think of our attitudes? What plans at you with me? I wish to know more and I think that you would like to know about me also absolutely all.
Now it seems to me that I know about you not so much, but it seems to me that we are familiar with you all life, and I cannot understand whence at me this feeling.
I that it am not enough of all, that feelings transferred through letters are very much differ from feelings and touches, and I would like to hear your gentle voice in mine ears,
To feel your strong and tender hands when you me will embrace, feel touches of your lips when you will kiss me.
It would be very fine if we with you could walk together on coast of a beach, go on park, keeping for hands and enjoying the happy moments of our life. Yes, between us the big distance, and we cannot meet simply so not having overcome it. The distance between us divides us with you and prevents to make to us so a lot of prophetic which we could make in ours with you relations.
It would be better if we could meet in realities and our dreams would turn to a reality, and mutual understanding would be better.
Maybe in future we would be meeting, isn`t it Philip? I send you my photos.
I hope to you to be pleasant. I miss you and with impatiens I wait your following letter, with the best regards Ekaterina
Letter 9
Hello my darling Philip!
I am happy to receive your letter and on my face a smile. I write to you from my heart and soul sincere honest words.
You became in my life an important person for me. I feel that we are compatible with you and should be together.
I want to talk to you about life and human relationships. Each of us lives are making obstacles, difficulties and situations where we face problems and bad people.
I was previously deceived by my ex-man, he drank *****, insulted me, humiliated me and understood my hand. All this time I felt pain in my soul, hurt and I wanted to leave and was afraid. I took all the strength and left this relationship and now I do not want to remember the past. I passed this stage of life.
We burn, we feel pain and disappointment. Then we suffer pain, tears. We try to be strong and forget the bad stages of our life.
Philip now I have met you, I am happy and grateful to fate. I understand that I went through problems and troubles earlier to meet you and be happy with a new love and start our life together. You changed my life I really began to smile more and enjoy life. I want our relations to grow and we will be together in the future.
We are all meant to meet the right person, we will know how to grateful for that gift. You are darling Philip, you have the right man for me, and maybe all the wrong people. It takes only a minute to get a crush on someone, an hour to get someone, and it takes a lifetime to forget someone.
Love begins with a smile, grows with a kiss and ends with a tear. Happiness lies for those who cry, those who have searched, and those who have tried, for only they can appreciate the importance of people who have touched their lives. Always put yourself in others' shoes. If you feel that it hurts you, it probably hurts the other person, too. Do not go for looks; They can deceive. Do not go for wealth; Even that fades away. Go for someone who makes you smile.
Find the one that makes your heart smile. When the door of happiness closes, another opens, but often times we look so long at the closed door.
The best kind of friend is the kind of you that you can not talk about. It's true that we've got until we lose it, but it's also true that we've been missing until it arrives. Giving someone all your love is never an assurance that they will love you back!
Do not expect love in return; Just wait for it to grow up in your heart. There are moments in life when you miss them. Dream what you want to dream;
Go where you want to go; Be what you want to do. You have enough happiness to make you sweet, enough to make you happy.
The happiest of people do not necessarily have the best of everything; They just make the most of everything.
Philip i hope my email has confidence in each other and the desire to be together and enjoy life and give each other love and care together.
My darling I felt that you had to read this feeling to you. Send my photos where I cook food in the kitchen, iron clothes and do household chores.
I'm waiting for your letter and comments on my thoughts. Your Ekaterina
Letter 10
Hello my dear Philip,
Before I write to you, I was doubted - will you understand me correctly?
I wanted to keep silent, because I was afraid to push you away, but I can not.
we can think of how I could so quickly fall in love with you? I have not had a relationship for about 3 years.
all this time I was lonely and I was hurt, I could not have communication with men since I was afraid that I would be hurt again.
when we met with you, I decided to start my new life and I'm happy that you changed my life and I smile, happy and thank you for what you have with me.
I completely trust you and feel with my heart that you will never hurt me. you will give me protection, love and will always be as honest to me as I am to you and we will build our serious relationship and love for life. I feel like I've known you for years.
I completely trust you and ready to be together forever! Philip you are my man and I are yours! we will be happy together.
Now I want to tell you that, let the feelings be more pronounced than hidden deep in oneself - then they would not make sense.
And I would like to say only that you are very special to me, I love you Philip. I tell you my words of recognition in love from my heart, with sincerity, honesty and love. you have become close and dear to me and I want to be together!
Is it possible to restrain the words of love, passionately rushing out, which can not be resisted?
Believe me, it was very difficult for me to make this step the first and admit my sincere love for you.
I hope that you will not push me away from yourself, because you are very dear to me. Because I fell in love with you and I want to be with you.
I really miss your letters and I want to be together in real life. I miss, I miss you very much and wait for our meeting to admit love in real life and see each other with our eyes, feel a hug and a kiss. I think about what are you doing right now and do you think about me.
sometimes I imagine us together sitting in a park and talking with each other. cook together in the kitchen, have our warm evenings and hugs.
I thought how you would react to that, that I will tell you about my feelings and confess my love. I hope that you will understand me, understand my real, sincere feelings for you. I really love you Philip and I want to be together!
I send you my photos of me and with my mother my mother, she tells you hello.
I finish my letter and now I will wait for your answer. Yours Ekaterina
Letter 11
Hello my Philip! I am so happy to have received your letter.
Well today as every day for almost last weeks I think of you and I have great hope that you are my man with whom I am ready to create our serious relationship and love! I also think the same thing that you have to have trust so that two people get together and can live together and get along, one with the other so I'll give you my full confidence to you my Philip. I know it takes time and I work but I am going to trust you. I have communicated with you more so that our mutual trust grows between us. I know that people need time alone and I of course will give that time to you I will always respect your decisions because that is based on trust in another person and the honesty that makes good relationships last. You know we are very similar I am also very open, honest, sincere, truthful and faithful.
I like to give affection and love and give me in return affection and tenderness. I am loving, warm, attentive with a lot of patience and understanding. I am humble and respectful someone who loves to be near you love so much in the good as in the bad moments.
I want to be with you and I am going to stay with you throughout the ups and downs of our love lives. That is something I want for my future with you my husband. And with time other qualities will begin It has to shine with us. My mother also taught me the morality of the family has valued and respect everyone equally. The race does not matter the colour or the religious creed of people. I want to know you much more and better since my heart feels A lot for you and I want to be your beloved man. You are a good man with whom I would like to live a quiet, honest, happy life with great love. I believe that you and I if we love each other we can truly aspire to be Together and to have our meeting in spite of being divided by many kilometres of distance either by mountains or oceans and the barriers that make us feel the same.
Because in love the barriers are insignificant. I hope and wish you to see that our ways of think they are the same or very similar and I just want to tell you that I would love that one day you were my husband and we soon will meet.
With much love for you Ekaterina
Letter 12
Hello my darling Philip!
I learned a lot about you in our letters and I feel that you really know what love is, loyalty, respect. It makes me really happy.
By your words, I could understand that you appreciate this world, this life. Well, when your man realizes that this life is not eternal It's necessary to think about every day.
And I'm so sorry that many people do not understand the nature values of this world. Many people forgot that there is a true love, there is a happiness, joy and sincerest smiles.
Many people do not realize that their time on this Earth is limited. And they do not realize that they may miss their chances. For example a chance to be happy, a chance to forget all the sad past, all pain. And finally to be happy and to begin a new life with you together Philip! To rejoice a life and to love each other!
Maybe I was in a big hurry, when I told you that I want to try to be with you!? But too wait if it was better?
Why should we wait? If it really necessary several years to be sure of anything? Or if many years need to understand that you was wrong so much?
I also was waiting for all life such man as you Philip! I understand that I just waste my life time. You agree with me? You think also?
And then, when I have met you and I wish to tell to you, - I want to be with you Philip, I know that I speak to you now and to be completely assured in my desire together!
I understand that in this world we do not live forever, and the end of our time can come at any moment. And it can be anything, what we do not can simply expect.
We should not wait. I like you, i also am pleasant to you and what for to us to waste time and a life the friend without the friend? You know the value of this life, and this world. Then what do we wait both? The life is short! We have met each other and should not lose it chance to be together!
I think we should overcome our distance and to be together. I thank destiny that it has connected us and now we should meet in a real life.
I wait for your letter. I send you my kisses and photos. Yours Ekaterina
Letter 13
Hello my dear and lovely Philip!
I am very glad to see your letter. I wish to be with you and I wish to spend together with you time.
And I think that we should discuss our meeting with you. It seems to me that the god wanted that we have met you and it is our destiny. I think that it not vainly that to us there is also all this occurs to the best.
I with impatience waited for your letter and very much wished to hear your answer. I am pleased very much with that that you which person I have grown fond and want to be together with you too as would think of that what to hold me in the hands. It very much pleases and even pleasantly excites me because it means that you not against me and do not want to push away. I with excitement waited for your letter.
I thank you Philip, for that you fill my heart with love and the hope which vein in it has become stronger and now it is possible that we will achieve all in life if we shall
make it together. I want to be with you. I would want that we with you were together. Philip I brawl learn tomorrow all about trip and Please let me know the name of the nearest airport where we can meet me and I will find out the cost of the ticket and tell you. I hope that you will not leave me and help me to come to you? I know you are a real caring man and we will be happy together.
We will be together, I promise to you it, I would shall make all that in my forces what to be with you.
I love you Philip!!!! I want to be with you, I want to be in your embraces, I want to feel your love, your passion, your tenderness, your caress. I would want that we could enjoy every day when we shall be together and I would shall make all that we were happy together. I want that we could touch one another, that we could enjoy love feel and touch one another. What is we would meet the morning together.
That each day I could see you. To hear your voice, to feel your breath, to see your sight, gentle and full of love, all this is necessary for me and I want to be with you Philip!!!! We shall be together, we shall create ours with you the world. This world we full love and caress. We shall be happy. I am sure in it. I will be the happiest girl if shall be with you and I would shall make all that it happened.
Soon we can talk. To go together to park, go on a beach and embody all our dreams in a reality.
Philip, you agree with me? You will help me payment a trip to you and we will overcome our distance? I love you Philip!
I want you Philip! Only with you I want to be together and to go on this life with you! I made you a short video message and a photo.
I hope soon we will together and to have ours the kiss and our meeting are real.
Yours and only your loving Ekaterina
Letter 14
Hello my dear Philip!
Today I went to travel agency and learned that I should do and that I should have at myself for a trip to you.
I have come to travel agency to learn that is necessary for me that arrive to you, I have learned that that I should have necessary documents for travel, is the passport for travel abroad, the visa, payment of taxes, the certificate on passage of medical examination, and the ticket.
I hope for your help me for the trip to you. Philip you will help me? registration of a visa, a passport will take 5-7 working days, after payment the day of payment. Also after I receive a visa we can book my ticket and I will go to you.
Total cost of registration visa, medical insurance, passport costs- 480 USD. Cost the ticket 850 USD.
It's time for our meeting and I want to start our new life together and come to you.
I really want to be together and our meeting in real life. This is important for us with you.
You will help to carry out our meeting with you in a real life? I know a life is short also we should not waste time and live the friend without the friend! We should meet and be together. To create our strong, sincere relations on all life! Philip I am ready to it and I wish to be with you!
I hope for you darling and your help. I appreciate and I respect your qualities as men with which I wish to be together and to live together all life. I know we will create strong relations where there will be an honesty, trust and strong mutual love for ever.
I hope for you my Philip! We will be happy together and we will create our strong relations and love. I trust you and I wish to be together.
My mother support me and wishes us love and happiness, she wants that I was happy with you and we were together.
I will arrive to you and we will be the most beautiful and happy pair.
You the unique person which has remained with me and which I very much love and I wish to be with you.
I would will make all that we with you were forever together and were happy. Philip you are my dream and I want to live in this world with you!!!
I do not present as it is possible to live without you. Yours and only your loving and gentle Ekaterina
Letter 15
Hello my dear Philip. Your letter warms me and makes me happy. Yes, I made you a photo copy of my Russian passport.
Philip, I feel that I can not without you. I can not feel like normally. You are far also each minute I want to be with you.
I think of you. Especially difficultly at night. So it would be desirable to be with you Philip.
It would be desirable to see as you you smile, as you enjoy supper which I were going. It would be desirable feel your love. It would be desirable to feel your tenderness. It would be desirable to feel your love. When I wake up in the morning, I want to embrace you to sit on you and to make to you massage, I would like to kiss you. To kiss while you you will not wake up and you will not embrace me. I want to be with you, the passion and love, tenderness and caress, feelings and emotions which are saved in my heart not give to me to sleep. Philip, I fall asleep with dream about that that we together. I wake up with ideas that we together. I prepare for supper, I prepare for breakfast, I prepare for dinner, it would would be desirable that you tried that that I was going. I do not know as to describe that that with me occurs. I simply can not present the life without you. I do not know as I lived earlier, HOW I COULD LIVE WITHOUT YOU????
But I believe that we will met soon. That we soon shall together. I love you and I wait for your letter.
Yours and only your loving Ekaterina
Letter 16
Hello my Philip! I very much miss you!
Philip I do not have an international passport. I told you that I need a visa and an international passport for a trip to you and so I need your help to pay for registration visa and passport that I went to you. Philip can you help me trip to you and pay my documents?
I want to be together and I need our life together.
Everyone in life has two strips, black and white, the period of failures is it black, white - happiness and love. After I have met you that in my life there was only a white *****. I feel perfectly because I feel your love.
I for ever yours and only yours Philip. You for me the closest person. Same close as mum and the grandmother, prevents us will be together distance but I know that it very soon happen and I shall meet you. You the person which have presented me the most fine feeling - love, I adore you for it and I would want that we always were together, that we would be always full of passion and that our kisses would warm us each minute. I am happy because that I have you, you are dear to me, I feel that we are created one for another and the destiny has prepared us for test as distance but I hope that we shall overcome it. Everyone in this world has happiness. The main thing to find it. I have found the happiness and the love. I love you and I shall love always.
You for ever in my heart. Your loving and gentle Ekaterina
Letter 17
Philip now I do not receive your letter and I am sad because I see that maybe you don't want to be together? I've received your letters before, and I've seen your desire to be together. now I don't see your interest in our meeting. Darling I love you and want our life together forever and to be together. you promised to send me help to pay for registration visa, passport. I hope that you are serious and fulfill the promise and we start our preparation for the trip to you and paperwork. Ekaterina
Letter 18
Philip I believed you and you deceived me and played with me! you broke my heart and you hurt me! you promised to help me come to you and we'll be together. now I know you played me and cheated. Ekaterina
Letter 19
Philip I have studied the way you can send help to me. this money transfers money Gram or Western Union. you need my full name and you can send help to me without any problems. my full name is here
Ekaterina Guryanova
please let me know which way would be more convenient for you to send help to MoneyGram or the Western Union ? I'm waiting for your letter. sending my kisses. your Ekaterina
Letter 20
here's my complete information for you.
I'm waiting for your help through the Western Union. we'll be together soon. sending my kisses. your Ekaterina
Ekaterina Guryanova
city Tula,
st. Kalinina 26 e1
Letter 21
Philip is ******. you know that I do not have a passport and I live in Russia and have A Russian passport. to get the translation you need a Russian passport. international passport is required for a trip abroad to you. I called the Western Union now and asked about that I can get money for my Russian passport. the Western Union told me Yes! I am waiting for your help through the Western Union and information transfer. Ekaterina
Letter 22
I don't believe you. I called the Western Union again. please stop lying and breaking my heart. don't write. I'm a decent girl and if you don't want to be together then I wish you luck in finding a girl in your country. Ekaterina
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