Scam letter(s) from Oksana Narkulovna Kuklina to Richard (Germany)

Letter 1
Hei, jeg heter OXY.
Jeg ser etter et seriøst forhold, hvis du er ute etter det samme, så kan vi fortsette dialogen vår.
Hvis du også ser etter noe seriøst, vennligst skriv til meg.
Din nye kjæreste fra Russland OXY.
Letter 2
Hello. I am very glad to see your new letter. I understand that you are no longer young, but men at your age are more decisive and responsible in relationships, they are no longer interested in parties and entertainment, they think about the family, I think every self-respecting woman or girl needs this. Of course, if you do not want further communication, I will not write to you anymore, but I would like to tell you a little about myself. To be honest, I was very worried, I thought it was very difficult to get to know a person at such a distance! This is something new for me! Men wrote to me, but everyone was excited, asked me for **** photos and sent their own, I despise such relationships, these are concerned people. I hope we won't have this, I'm looking for a well-mannered person. I would like to know better about you, write about myself. What do you do ? What hobbies? In turn, I will tell you about myself. My name is Oksana, I am 28 years old, my height is 168, weight is 58. I live in a small provincial town of Snezhinsk (Chelyabinsk region, Russia). I studied as a landscape designer for 5 years, and now I do not work, without work experience it is very difficult to find a job in a profession, and the pandemic made itself felt, the virus cordoned off the whole world. In my free time I really like to read books and watch TV. I love spending time in nature. In my city I am very tired and, to be honest, I am already tired of it here. And in the specialty it is very difficult to find a well-paid job, especially during a pandemic. On New Year's Eve, I thought about meeting a man, I was tired of loneliness, I'm not 18 years old and I'm an adult and it's time for me to think about my personal life. My family lives in another city, or rather, she lives in the village. Sometimes I visit her on weekends. I have 4 people in my family. My mom, grandmother, dad and sister. Here is a little story of my life. In the future I will tell you much more about myself, and now I will wait for a response from you. I hope our communication will not end there and you will write to me again. We are waiting for your reply! Oksana!
Letter 3
Good day Richard! How are you? What are you doing today? I was very pleased to receive a letter from you. I am very pleased that you wrote me such a frank letter, I studied only English, and my knowledge needs to be increased, I will do this. Of course I would teach you Russian, it is very rich and I like it, but for many people it is very difficult. You are a fascinating person, I think you will not be bored, and we have a lot in common. I also want revelation and honesty in relationships, especially since we are not at all familiar, I don’t want to build relationships on lies. Do you know Russian names? I think you are very rich in inner knowledge, I hope we will be interested. I was really looking forward to the opportunity to read your letter, and I was very worried and thought about how you would react. In the last letter I didn’t talk so much about myself, one might even say that you know almost nothing about me. I am interested to know you more, and I think that you are also interested in our acquaintance. Today I will tell you more about myself, I will tell you about my childhood, I hope you will be interested to know about me. I myself was born and raised not in the city, but in the countryside. I have lived there unforgettable years of my life. Therefore, I really love my village and try to visit my relatives at home as often as possible. I had a very funny childhood. I spent all my time outdoors, playing different games, went swimming in the river, and in winter I went skiing and sledding all the time. Before, everything was different, then children did not sit at computers, as they do now. As a child, I often went with my mother to the forest to pick mushrooms and berries. I also spent a lot of time with my grandmother. I always tried to help mom and dad more, because there was a lot of work. I studied well at school. She graduated from school with honors, there were no problems when entering the institute. At school, I had many friends with whom I communicate to this day. When I turned 17, I graduated from high school and went to college. So from that moment on I began an independent life. After all, I had no one in the city, and I lived alone. I chose a profession that I was interested in and liked. As I said, I am a landscape designer by profession. I love nature very much and maybe that's why I chose this profession. At first it was very difficult for me to get used to it, because it is a strange city, there are no friends and I am all alone. And over time, I began to get used to all this. I began to communicate with new people, I immediately got a job, because it was difficult to live on a scholarship and I had to work. In my free time I went to cinemas, theaters, went to various exhibitions. But the virus stopped everything and only now everything is gradually starting to open. After graduation, I started renting an apartment and living alone. And now I also rent an apartment, but lately I have been trying to visit my parents and spend more time together. Now there is a pandemic and very little work. And now I am all alone, waiting for this virus to end, they say that they have already found a vaccine, I hope that I will find a good job. Well, in general, I kind of told you a little more about myself. Now you know more about me. Tell me about your childhood? How did it go with you? I am very interested to know more about you. I want to get to know you better, get to know you better. You are very interesting to me. I am not used to meeting a person from another country, but it is very interesting and gives me confidence in me. I would be confused if I met face to face with you and never got to know you ... I look forward to your letter. Oksana.
Letter 4
Hi Richard! Finally I got a letter from you. You have no idea how glad I was that you wrote to me. You were very frank in your letter, there are moments in every person's life that we will remember for the rest of our lives. I would like to correspond with you and communicate with you as often as possible. I also enjoy our conversation, I also have a hope about you, but we know very little, I'm afraid to make a mistake, I think you understand me and support me in this regard. It gives me great pleasure, a smile on my face. How are you ? I am very interested to know what do you do in your free time? I just went to visit my parents the other day. Had a great time at home, relaxing from the bustle of the city, I have difficulties with work due to the virus. When I succeed, I immediately try to go to my parents. Especially in the summer, because you need a lot of help around the house, a lot of different things. My parents are always happy to see me. Mom fed me her pies. She cooks very tasty. My parents are very kind people and they often have guests. My mom is 59 years old and my dad is 62 years old. My mom works as a teacher at the school. She teaches biology. She has been working at school for a very long time. And dad is engaged in deforestation. Sometimes, even when I come to visit, I do not see my father. I really love my parents. They did everything so that I did not need anything, and I am very grateful to them for that. Therefore, I try to help them if they need help. I don't see my sister Marina that often because she has her own family. She has a husband and two children. She followed in her mother's footsteps and also became a teacher, only a language teacher. She lives far from us and therefore we see each other very rarely. I don't even notice how quickly time passes with my parents. Sometimes I just miss the conversation. I want to ask you to tell me about your relatives, parents and friends, I really want to know more about you. Waiting for your reply. Hope this happens as soon as possible. Oksana.
Letter 5
Hi my friend Richard. Thank you for your reply. I am very glad that you write to me. Glad to receive a letter from you. How was the weekend? I spent the weekend with my parents. Now we don't have a lot of housework, and in the summer we grow vegetables in our garden and we have to devote a lot of time to care. My favorite flower is red rose, especially in a large number of these flowers, I think not only me, but all the girls like it. I want to answer you as soon as possible. How is your health ? How are you ? What did you do today ? I saw my friends today. By the way, I didn't even tell you anything about them. I have very few friends. I spend more time at work and therefore only communicate with my work colleagues. But there are two people with whom I communicate very closely. They are a married couple. With colleagues at work, we only sometimes go to various events and mostly communicate more at work. The couple's names are Masha and Alexander. We often visit each other and spend our free time together. They are very funny and friendly. Masha and I studied at the same school, made friends in the first grade, spent all our free time together. She is very smart, kind, fair. Masha reads a lot, loves poetry, music, plays the guitar well. I am attracted by her attentive attitude to people, kind and cheerful disposition. Therefore, Masha herself seems to me very beautiful. She got married two years ago. Her husband Alexander is the complete opposite of me, but that did not stop us from becoming good friends. He likes to read a lot and seems to know everything. It's always interesting with him. He is a very well-read person. He also has an amazing trait: the need to share everything he has learned. If you start talking, you will listen. Friendship with them fills my life with happiness. We love to rejoice together more than to complain to each other about failures. They listen with pleasure to stories about my affairs, about work, they can leave all their worries and help me in difficult times. They never let me down, never deceived my trust. I never get tired of communicating with them, I feel very good and easy with them. Sometimes they come to visit me in the village, my parents are very happy about this, they really like my friends. In the city we often go for a walk together, to the cinema, to various events. I believe that we will maintain a sense of friendship for many years to come, as I want to maintain friendship with you. They really want me to find my happiness, to find my soul mate. I told them about you and they are very glad that we are in touch. I hope you are not offended by what I told them about you. This concludes my letter. Have a nice evening . I will look forward to your letter. Oksana.
Letter 6
Hi my friend Richard! Thanks for your letter . I am very glad to receive your letters. You look good! Thanks for the photo. How was your day today ? I want to know more about your life in order to become closer to you. I understand how important it is to support a mother at this age, I think this is the duty of every decent child from the family. I also love my parents, and it's hard for me to imagine life without them, but I have already grown up and think about serious life steps in my life. I want to have my own family, to light my hearth. Of course, I will never forget about my parents, they are the most valuable people in my life. My day went well today. I've been decorating the wedding room all day today, I'm very tired. At work today I was engaged in the design of weddings, and then I was engaged in the improvement of the office premises of one of our city firms. I finished work earlier today, I was exhausted. After work on the way I went to a grocery store. Today I decided to cook myself something delicious and special. Tomorrow after work I will go to the pool, and then visit my friends. They invited me to dinner. Every day in my free time I do different things. Since I have little free time due to work, I try to diversify my free time in every possible way. I have many interests. For outdoor activities, I prefer cycling, skiing and going to the pool, which will cheer up and invigorate, and the easiest option that I often choose is walking around the city or meeting friends. I also love to go shopping, I love buying gifts, decorating and giving them. But when I get tired of active rest, I replace it with a quiet one - sedentary. I like to read books, and in the evenings I love to lie on the sofa near the TV and watch movies. On weekends, I usually do general cleaning of the house. I also like to cook, in the evenings I sometimes invite my friends to dinner. I have already told about my friends, they are wonderful. And every day I look forward to new letters from you, because I get great pleasure from our communication. In the end, you became a good friend to me. I have already told a lot about myself, about my life and I want to know more about you. How do you spend your free time? What do you do on the weekends? What do you like in girls? I will be very glad if you will reply to my letter soon. Oksana.
Letter 7
Hello my dear friend Richard! I hope you don't mind that I call you that? I am grateful to you for what you wrote to me. I am so glad for your letters. I am so pleased to read what you write to me. How are you? Today I worked all day and only recently came home. I'll go and cook it myself, I made pasta and cooked cream cheese soup with chicken. I, too, get tired at work, my bosses have changed, and we have not yet got along in character ... I did not tell you about this, but I had the opportunity to go abroad, but I did not leave. I remember when we studied at the university, we wanted to go to Germany for practice. We were preparing for this. But, unfortunately, then nothing happened due to the fact that there was no money. I was very upset then that I could not go. After all, there are several benefits to learning about exchange. Student stay is organized and often includes a selection of carefully selected courses, loan transfer agreements, accommodation, adaptation assistance and social activities. Such an opportunity will not only provide an experience of learning in a radically different education system, but also provide an opportunity to get acquainted with the cultural heritage of another country, enrich the worldview and provide an opportunity to improve language knowledge, while at the same time getting a sufficient life. experience and many new impressions. In addition to all this, such programs allow students to get a job during the summer holidays, while there is a good incentive - such work will be paid. At the time when I was studying, the most popular countries were the USA, France, Finland, Turkey, England, Germany. Now the thought very often came to me that I needed to go somewhere. I would very much like to go abroad. This, firstly, will allow me to look into other places, and, secondly, I will be able to earn more money and gain more experience in my profession. The fact is that by my profession, people in our city earn little money. In general, our salaries are small. And I want to be on my feet and make good money. My friend told me today that some friends live there and stayed there forever because they liked it there and that they live and work there, in Germany. After all, once I could also go somewhere. But I don't even know yet if I can go or not. Of course, I really want to try myself in another life. After all, this is an excellent prospect and you can achieve a lot in life. But I think that everything is still ahead and I will still go abroad. Dear friend, to be honest, it is so good and pleasant for me to communicate with you. I feel good and warm at heart. I would really like you to live closer to me. I hope that we will continue to communicate. Tell us about your business? What interesting things happened in your life? I wrote you everything I wanted. Have a nice day. I'll be waiting for your letter . Take care of yourself . Oksana.
Letter 8
Hello my dear Richard. How are you? How is your mood? I missed you. All day today I have been thinking about ending my work day and finally returning home to read your new letter. Every time I look forward to your letter and think about what you wrote to me today. It gives me pleasure to read your letters, and now I finally get to him and can read your letter. Now it is very difficult to find such a person in whom you are completely confident and ready to make contact with him. But this comes with time, when people learn more about each other, when they discuss issues of interest to them together. Or just talk about life. They begin to understand if they have something in common. I think not in vain. I am very pleased with our communication. You write me letters that I really like. Sometimes, when I am alone and think about you, how you live now, what you do, what you think about. I thought about how far apart we are and how a little sad I am. After all, if we lived nearby, we could meet every day, walk down the street in the evening and talk about different things, spend weekends together, it would be just great! Richard, I spend my days at work every day, and I try to spend weekends with my parents. They help me in difficult situations, and I always help them, both around the house and in the garden. Mom taught me a lot in this life, of course, I would feed you if I had such an opportunity. I like to cook porridge in the morning in milk, add fruit, but sometimes I can eat fried eggs or potatoes. Sometimes I don’t have time to cook or I’m too lazy after work, so I buy breakfast cereals, usually a sandwich. I think we have different dishes, I don't know how culture is, but Russian people are very different, it depends on the place of residence and upbringing of a person, of course, first of all, upbringing and education. I know little about your culture, but we all say that Russia will not begin to develop soon, they are engaged in foreign policy, make money, but they don’t care about ordinary people. People are forced to work for enough wages to pay for food and bills. My mother earns 18 thousand rubles, and all her life she works, passing on knowledge from generation to generation, it is not appreciated at all, 250 dollars, the same pension for pensioners, this is obscenity for such a country. I don't even want to talk about it. When I get tired at work, I sleep well, but there are many thoughts in my head and it is difficult to fall asleep. Even our acquaintance would begin with our meeting, just to sit and chat, it would be so great! I want to communicate with you more, because when I read your letters, I am very glad. I am very interested in reading your letters. It is so easy and joyful in my soul that I have such a friend. Sorry, but I need to finish writing you a letter. I will look forward to hearing from you again. Oksana.
Letter 9
Hello my dear friend Richard! As always, I am happy to see your new letter! Of course I would like to taste your dishes, your preparation. I think we can come up with our own dishes if we are in the same kitchen, I think it will be a delicious dish, I would love to cook our dishes for you, I think you would like it. My mother always says that men cook better, but they are lazy, they blamed everything on their wives, women bear a great responsibility in this life, I don’t know about you, but our woman takes care of all the housework, cleaning, washing, cooking. Since childhood, my mother taught me to cook and keep clean in the house, this did not stop me in adulthood, I understand that she just cooked me. Mom and I are like best friends. How is your health? How are you feeling? I really like our communication. And I feel more for you than just friendship, you are always in my head and I want to quickly read what you wrote to me! It seems that we, in principle, will not succeed, because we are at such a great distance, but at the same time I understand that I really want to see you and I want to see you in the future. You have told me so much about yourself, and I understand that you are a good man. But at the same time I remember that we are very far from each other and my soul does not immediately calm down. We cannot meet and talk. You know, I've always dreamed of a man like you. And now I am very glad that I have you, that we communicate with you, and I hope that in the future we will also communicate. Thinking that we are so far away, it makes me sad because you are so far away, and I don't feel you near, I can't touch you, talk to you. It is very difficult and sad. I am often sad about this. Reading your letters, I understand that you and I are getting closer, and I noticed that I began to become attached to you. When I see your letter, it becomes easier and calmer for me. I cannot explain all this to you in words, it is very difficult to convey it. I very often think about you, about our communication, about what will happen next. After all, I really don't want to lose you. I haven't been so attached to anyone for a long time. And I want you to tell me how you feel about me? What do you think we will have next? Is anything possible at all with you and me? I think you will be honest with me. I will be waiting for your early reply. I kiss you. Oksana!
Letter 10
Hello my dear Richard! I am very pleased to receive your new letter. Each letter of yours fills my life with joy, and my mood rises significantly. I think this is because you are a very good and kind person. You make me happy with your letters, and every time I look forward to your new letters. I am very attached to you. When even I don't receive your letter, I start to get very worried, I really don't want to lose you. You have become a part of my life for me. I don't know if you will understand me, but I would really like to become a part of your life, wake up next to you, see your smile, support you in difficult moments, spend time with you. I am very pleased with your letter, and I feel the reciprocity between us. Yesterday I could not write to you, as I was with my parents in the village, there is no Internet, a very bad connection. I talked to my mother about you, I said how close you became to me and she said it was love. My dear, I hope you will not judge me very harshly and will not think badly of me, but I want to tell you. I'm in love with you . I was afraid to tell you about it, because I don't know how you feel about me. I am afraid to be rejected, but I understand that I can no longer live without you and can no longer be silent about it. Mom nudged me, and said no need to be silent about your feelings, because in the future, you can really regret it! I hope our feelings are mutual. Well, I wrote to you about my feelings and it became easier for me, now my conscience will not torment me. I didn't want to tell you about it. I thought about you all night and wondered if I should tell you about my feelings or not, and yet I decided to tell you about my feelings. After all, if I had not told you about this, I would have regretted it all my life. And now that I told you, I can safely say that I confessed my feelings and if you feel something like that, please let me know, because I do not want to lose you, much less that something hide from you. I believe that everyone should take at least one bold step in their life. I confessed my feelings to you, now I can say that I took this step, and now, if you refuse me, I will not think that I did it in vain. I count on your understanding and hope that you will reciprocate my feelings because I am so tired of being alone. I feel warmth in your letters. Well, my dear, I wrote you everything I wanted to say, and now I can only wait for your answer. I will go to the goal of our hearts with you! Your Oksana.
Letter 11
human values, but it seems to me that you are a good person, your letters bring me a lot of warmth, there is no need to say that love is made of several letters or words, I look at your photos every day and read your letters, it seems to me I am already starting to feel you and there was a connection between us. I really want to tell you words about love while looking into your eyes! For me all this is the first time and all this is given to me with great difficulty to say. Then I did not know what you wrote to me, and I was very worried. In the end, I had never confessed my love to anyone before, and therefore I was very afraid that you would not understand me and condemn me, or simply would not write to me more ... And it scared me very much, because I cannot live without you I really miss you and want to be with you. And if you refused me or did not write to me, I do not know what happened to me then. But when I saw and read your letter, I realized that I am not indifferent to you, and moreover, you have such a wonderful feeling for me. When I read your letter, my heart began to beat even faster, because now I am the happiest girl in the world, because my love met you! I want to scream with happiness! I want everyone to know that I love you. I told my parents that it doesn't matter to me what others think about us, my close people know about my feelings, and this is my support in any situation! It's so beautiful, you can't even imagine how happy I am now. If you were there, you would see how happy I am now. It's bad that we are not close now, but I am not upset because I believe in the power of love and I know that there is a real connection between us. Yes, we can talk on the phone, but nothing can replace our real life, our meeting! I really want to see you! I believe that love is the most enduring power in the world. This creative power is the most powerful tool available to humanity in its pursuit of happiness. And to love means to feel pleasure when you see, touch, feel with all your feelings next to you the one person whom you love and who loves you. My dear, love is the most beautiful thing in the world, without love there would be no life on earth. My love, I love you and I do not hide it. I miss you. And I want us to be together. I feel very bad without you. Richard you are the most beautiful and gentle prince in the world, you are a miracle that heaven gave me. I love you. And I want to always be with you. I want you to be happy with me, my feelings for you are real! I want you to show me your real feelings too! I am looking forward to your next letter. With love, always yours Oksana.
Letter 12
ello my dear Richard! I was looking forward to your letter. I missed you very much, waited for you to answer me, and I am very happy! I love you! I am incredibly glad that our feelings are mutual, I felt reciprocity from you and I am glad that I decided to confess everything to you! I am both happy and very bad because you are not with me. Your words pass through my heart, and there is a big residue from this, I do not know how to meet with you and be near ... I do not need other men, do not doubt me, you are mine and I will never give you up! I want to become one with you! Tell me how are you? How is your mother? I think she will treat me well and we can find a common language. What do you think? When there are no letters from you, melancholy and loneliness fetter me in icy shackles. But today I am in a very good mood. I am very glad that our feelings are mutual, I am glad that I found such a close and dear person. You taught me to enjoy every day. Everyone says that I have changed, I began to bloom. You are all I need in my life to be happy. You are very pleasant to me. I can trust you completely. Now I understand that no matter what happens, I have the most important person who will never leave me, who always supports me. My love ! I feel very bad without you. Since I met you I have lost my peace. I want to always be there, I want to support you, no matter what happens. I am very sad that I do not see you, I touch you. After all, if we were close, then everything would be different. I want to be with you forever . I want you and me to meet as soon as possible and understand how we will continue with you, and discuss everything. I didn't write much to you today, but I hope you enjoy reading this. I kiss you . I love you very much . Email me as soon as possible. I'm waiting for your answer . Oksana.
Letter 13
Hello my love Richard! How are you? How was your day? I am fine. I am very pleased to receive your new letter. My prince, this is not a dream! I also thought about you all day, I really want to meet you in real life, I realized that I miss most of all now in my life, this is meeting you! I told my parents that I love you and I want to be with you. I have never felt such feelings for anyone. I always think about you! And that I cannot live without you, that I want to be near you, to feel you. I told all this to my mother, and she told me that it was love, and told all about it to my father. She was very happy and said that you and I are great, that we can find each other at such a distance. Mom told me that if we love, we should see and be together. My dad didn't react very well, but pretended to be happy. Maybe you don't want me to come to you? I will try to do everything to make you and I happy if our feelings are mutual. You are always at work, I can interfere with your daily routine. Tell me about your wishes too. Whatever I do, I will try to do everything in my power to be with you. To make everything we dreamed of become a reality. You know, I don't need anything, just your love. I want to be in your arms forever. I want to kiss you, feel your kisses, enjoy our passion and love. I just want to hold your hand so we can be together. This is the most important thing for me. I want to wake up in your arms, I want to wake up from your kiss, I want to see your happy eyes. I want to meet you at home, give you a massage, prepare wonderful meals and enjoy our love. I want to see you, my love. I wanna be with you. I want to taste you and your dishes! Hope our dreams will come true soon. We will be together. I will go and find out all possible ways, how and when I can come to you, I probably need information from you. What do you even think about it? Am I out of my mind? We really live in the 21st century, I think it won't be difficult. I love you very much. I'll be with you. With you forever. I promise you, I'll try to do everything in my power to keep you and me together. I will be waiting for your early reply. Your Oksana.
Letter 14
rthur, my prince! I'm losing my mind, I really wanted to see your answer today, I can't find a place for myself and I don't know what is happening to me. I fell in love with you! I think I've lost my head, but I'm in control. Now in my head the thought is only of our meeting. You know, I read your letters, and I understand that you can never hurt me. My heart tells me that you are a very good person. It seems to me that we have a lot in common, we are getting closer and closer. I love you too! I'm already tired of being alone, I'm tired of being unhappy. I don't want to spend the rest of my life alone, without you. Our spiritual closeness is getting more and more every day, but what do you think about physical closeness? What do you think of our meeting? I thought about it a day, but I didn't know how to tell you about it. I would like to see you! And your city, your country. I can only dream about it, but we can make our dreams come true if we want to. I do not think it will be too difficult, I will try to find out the information tomorrow, I will have free time at lunchtime. When I have information, I will tell you everything I know. I read the information, I have to do a lot of documents, I need to clarify everything, I do not understand this. I have never flown on airplanes, this will all be the first time, I think it will be more convenient for me to fly to you to get used to each other. I would like to fly with you to my parents in the future, I have already made a promise to my mother, I will definitely introduce you. I hope I can find a common language with your mother, I am worried about that, but when you are next to you, I will be more determined. I really miss you, I want to be with you in these minutes. Write to me as soon as you have time. My kiss! Your Oksana!
Letter 15
Hello my love Richard. I did not wait for your answer, I wanted to see a letter from you, I really miss your support today ... I feel like the happiest woman and all thanks to you! Realizing this, it makes me worse, because I understand how attached I am to you and how strong our feelings for you are. And the thought that we would meet soon made me jump with happiness, because I realized that I would soon be able to see you. And the thought that I will soon be able to hug you, snuggle up to you, feel your warmth, feel how our lips touch in a passionate kiss, how we will press against each other and never part. But now I understand that this is just my dream. My heart is bleeding from the words that I have to write to you. Today I called your embassy to find out everything I need to come to you. During my lunch break, I had very little time, so I immediately ran to find out what I needed for the trip. The travel agency explained to me everything that is needed to come to you. On the one hand, it turned out that it is not as difficult as I thought. To come to your country, I need: a visa, passport, health insurance, medical certificate, vaccination certificate and coronavirus test, now they issue special passports. In order for me to be able to complete all the documents without any problems, I will need to fill in all the points. Well, it looks like this is all I need to come to you. First of all, you need to think about getting a visa, not all citizens can get it and an application is submitted several days in advance. I came to work and could not contain my emotions, I told my work friend and she told the boss everything! I haven’t even gotten ready yet, but she conveyed in all colors and they crumpled to me. You will not believe, but we had a scandal because of the meeting with you. My boss started cursing and insulted me and you. I did not tolerate this and expressed everything to him! I will not allow anyone to insult me, he also spoke badly about you, not even knowing you, who allowed him to treat you like that! I was very upset and scared. I needed support, it's good that clients came and separated us, he even tried to hit me ... I wanted to tell my dad about everything, but he would have killed him, I will not upset my parents and I don’t know how to get back to work. What should I do now? I don't know ... No matter how fate turns to us, I will always love you, because I don't love anyone so much anyway. And I will prove to you that these are not just words. I'll be waiting for your letter. I hope everything will be fine and we will be together soon. Every day I think about our meeting, and I think that it is real. We must use this chance of fate. I love you . I will wait for your reply. With love, always yours Oksana.
Letter 16
Hello my Prince! Richard, I don't understand what's going on. I don’t know which letters you read and which didn’t ... Your letters have become very short, as if your feelings for me have cooled down. I wanted to feel your support, I told all my parents, and they said that I did everything right. I will not allow myself to be humiliated, even if this is my boss, he has no right to treat me like that. Why aren't you showing me your photo? Are you not answering my questions? How is your mother? My parents say hello to you, I told you about our plans with you and they support me, my mother wants us to meet, but I don't know what you are thinking now. Do you need me at all? Our meeting is not imagination, I learned everything, we can meet with you, we need to plan everything, but how to plan? Do you think I'm in a hurry with our meeting? I'm tired of my thoughts, I need to meet with you and understand how serious our relationship is, so that we can think about the future. Please tell me what you think of our meeting. I have already told my parents about everything, I really want to meet with you and will do my best to make our meeting as soon as possible, of course, if you give your consent. I think you've changed recently, maybe because you didn't receive my letters, but I sent them just like everyone else, I don't understand why you didn't read them ... Write me as soon as you have free time. I think we need to talk to you very seriously. Tomorrow I will go to work, I don’t know how it will end, but I think I could be fired for a scandal with my boss. My kiss!
Letter 17
Hello my Prince! I am very glad to see a new letter from you! How are you? How was your weekend? I hope your mom is doing well too, did you try to see a doctor right away? Do you have long queues? I know what a toothache is, it hurts a lot ... Richard, today I was at work and I had to quit. When I came over me they started laughing again, asking when I would fly to you, they said that I was like a **********, that no one needed me and they insulted you, I just turned around and left. They brought me to tears. I will take an evening bus to the village, no one supports me, no one needs me here, and only my parents support me in all situations. Of course, mom and I can talk more than with dad, dad has his own character, he looks at many things in his own way and cannot be convinced, such people are called old school, I am sure that he would hit the boss if he insulted me in him presence or I told him about it. Why is the world so not fair? I know that we have cruel people, but why can't you just support a person, it doesn't matter, in my place any person could have done it, I just wanted to share with them my feelings for you. It's my own fault, they were never my friends, but we worked together. Richard, I really miss you. I can not stop thinking about you. What have you done to me? My heart Belongs to you. I do not know for what reason, we had delays in letters, I received letters that my letters were not delivered to you. Now all is well, I saw your letter. Of course, it would be better for us to talk via Skype or WhatsApp, but I need to take courses, it will be difficult for me to speak your language and English too ... I taught him in school days. I will have to study again. You will be my teacher? My love for you is the most sincere feeling in my life. I want to share this love with you. I want you to taste at least a piece of this great feeling. I think you will like it. My beloved, I really want our meeting to take place as soon as possible, if you want it too. We could touch each other, enjoy evening walks, love each other at night. I can only dream about it now, but it is reality. Most of all I want to look into your eyes, see your gaze and kiss, to feel your touch, to honor your warmth ... I love you with every part of my body and soul. I love all your virtues and I will love all your flaws if you also give me your love. I see how you care about your mother, I am sure that you are a good and well-mannered person, I will be your assistant in all matters. If we get along with your mom, I will help her when necessary, because we will be one family. My dad always called my mom's mom, also mom. I want to create my family with you. I will always love you, I will be by your side when you want it, I’ll go aside if you want to be alone. I will support you in everything. I will always be on your side, even if you are wrong. I want to give you my care. My heart is forever yours, and it will always be yours from now on. I hope that the day will come when I will hear these words from you. I want you to say these words to me, looking into my eyes. I want this so much ... I will say hello from my parents when I come to the village, I'm sure they will also say hello to you. I am very glad that we have such a relationship, I want them to develop along with our meeting, but I don’t know how long you want me to come to you, I will have to do a lot of documents, maybe quarantine for 10 days, I was not given accurate information, vaccination is in progress now, it is possible that the rules will change, but everything is only becoming more expensive. I don't know how much the whole trip might cost me, I might have to go to the embassy, I need to prepare for everything if I make such a decision, but I cannot do everything alone. I was worried in the days of your silence, there were different thoughts in my head. Do you understand what I'm going for? I will have to leave my parents, leave everything I have and fly to you. I want our closeness, I have already decided on this step, and I am ready to leave now everything, I have no job, I will not go out anymore. I need to look for a new job or meet you, and I will only have to look for a job with you, if you let me stay with you, I only need work in your country, but I don't know if I can find it or not. What do you think? Maybe you can help me with my job search in the future? I do not know how seriously you talk about your love about relationships, I miss you next to me to feel everything with my own eyes and understand how compatible we are. I am very sad to talk about this, but I am finishing my letter now. Please answer me as soon as possible. I will be waiting for your answer. I love you! Yours, Oksana.
Letter 18
Hello my Prince! How was your day? How are you? I am worried about you and I hope everything is fine! I know that you are a good man, I donated blood once, but I felt bad and did not dare to go any more. I hope your mom is having a tooth ache tomorrow, it is very painful, and you do not need to endure it, but go to the doctor right away. Richard, I really want you to be by my side now. I can't wait for the moment we meet. You are my guardian angel who came down from heaven in order to make me the happiest. I found you, and you found me. Yes, I know that my words are now like the words of a little and ****** girl, but you made me like this. I lost control of myself, you made me the happiest. My love for you is much stronger than my mind. Know that I will always love you! I took my documents from work, they wanted to force me to work 2 weeks under our legislation, but I decided to just leave. I will not tolerate humiliation, but there is no teuy next to me, a loved one who would protect me, support me at such moments, but I have parents. I asked my mother to help me with the paperwork, I have almost no money left, and now I need to think about the future. If you are ready to meet me, I will do all the paperwork and come to you. I found out about the cost of the trip, and all the details. If you help me find a job, and you have such an opportunity, I would really like to meet you as soon as possible! I feel very bad without you ... I can spend my last money on documents, but I was told that I need to go through 10 days of quarantine, a lot of cash costs, I may need about 150,000 - 200,000 rubles. I asked my mother for help, but she said that we should deal with our problems ourselves, she scolded me that I left work, my mother is very worried about me, and I don't know what to do with uncertainty, I really want to be with you, but I can't decide it on my own, I miss talking with you. Will you support me in my arrival? If I don't have enough money, can I count on your support? I remember that from the first letters you spoke about money, I know how you feel about it, but I have no one to turn to for help. I know that you can now treat me like a liar, maybe you will think of me that way, but I love you. I don't want to lose everything and I really want to be next to you! I've never been bored with you. Your letters have brought so much happiness into my life that sometimes I can't believe our acquaintance. My dear, we met recently, but we are already so close. I know that a happy future lies ahead if we achieve this. We will share with each other the happy moments of our life, we will share the sad moments. We will fight all difficulties together. I talk so much about loving you that sometimes I repeat myself. But I want you to know that I will never stop being grateful to you for everything you do for me. We still keep going towards each other, we still have so much to go. But sooner or later, we will meet. It won't be long before you can hug me. You will give me my favorite flowers (red roses), I will hug you and whisper words of love in your ear. Our meeting will make us happy, even from this thought I am very happy! I can not live without you! My letter is written by my heart, not my mind. My heart dictates every line of the letter, and my fingers obediently type letters. I cannot control this process, because I love you too much. I need you. You know, I've confessed my feelings to you many times. I want everyone to know about my feelings, and I am ready to confess my love to you for the whole world, if you want it. I should probably finish my letter now. I hope that we can meet soon.
Love, Oksana.
Letter 19
My prince! I miss you so much! I can't stop thinking about you, and as if I felt that you wrote to me. Why do you need all my information? My full name is Kuklina Oksana Narkulovna. My registration address. Russia, Chelyabinsk region, Kaslinsky district, village Allaki, peace street, house 10. My phone number is + 7966 304 7968. I need about 2500-3000 euros. With all expenses paid, depending on the departure date, I will have to do a lot of paperwork. We will have to wait about another month if we have the money. Can you help me? Do you think this is possible? I was shocked when I found out the full cost, but they promised me the maximum help and advice, saying the approximate cost. I knew that there would be expenses, but 10 days living in your country in quarantine is included in this amount. Richard, my parents are already old, I cannot rely on them again, I really need your help to come to you. How can I do it? I really need your support, if I need to, I will return this money to you, I just need time to stay with you to make the documents to stay forever, of course with your approval. I would stay with you for the rest of my life, I have not experienced such feelings that you awakened in me for a long time, I do not know how you managed, but I really want to see you, you are in my head all day, in my thoughts. I feel bad without you ... Write to me, I will wait for you. With love, Oksana!
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