Scam letter(s) from Alina to Shaun (UK)

Letter 1
Hi Shaun, it is very pleasant to me to receive the answer from you!!!
Frankly speaking, I didn't expect it. I want to tell you that for me this is the first communication on the Internet therefore I am little worry. I thought that on the Internet I can receive the letter only from nonexistent person, but it has turned out that you exist in real life. I am glad to it. But I am not up to the end confident in it. I hope, I won't seem to you persuasive, but I want to hear your voice. I want to be convinced that you exist. Can you give me your phone number with your the code of your country that I could phone to you? I will call you in the next few days. Sorry for my English, I use the translator. I can speak English well. I don't know from what to start the story about myself. I think it is necessary to begin with the most important. My name is Alina, I am 28 years old. I was born on May 19, 1989. I am a Taurus zodiac sign. I have a blue color of eyes. My height is 176 cm, weight is 63 kg. I don't drink, I don't smoke, I play sports actively. It is promoted by my work in police. I was born in Kazahstan, in the city Almaty. I still live in Almaty and work here. I live in the dormitory the address Almaty, Uraza Isaeva St., 158, quarter 33. You can tell about you also? It wasn't possible to have private life to me. Because my life I have lit to study in a military college and work. I was an excellent student. I do not have computer in the dormitory, I write you from my girlfriend. I won't be able to write often because I spend the most part of time to my job. I think that you have many questions to me I will answer with pleasure. I wait for your letter very much. It is time for me to catch criminals. Bye.
Letter 2
Hi my distant friend Shaun! I am very glad to receive from you the new message, now I at the girlfriend's house write you the message and on my face a smile. How is your day?
How is your mood how is the weather? We have a wonderful weather, we with the girlfriend gather for work. My girlfriend name is Rita. She lives with parents in the 3-roomed flat.
Rita's parents are very lovely people. They became my family, they help me with everything and steel for me dear people. My parents died when I was 13 years old.
My father and my mother very often were in Moscow. It was demanded by their work. Everything went usual life. I went to school, on the street there was already late fall. I as now I remember this day on October 23, 2002. On the street was very damp. The father and mother were in Moscow.
I have come home from school and have turned on the TV and have seen that in Moscow terrorists have taken hostage the audience of JSC Moskovsky podshipnik Recreation center. That day there was the musical "Northeast". As I have learned, later that among hostages there were mother and the father.
Then agencies of guardianship have sent me to orphanage. I cried, for me this tragedy forever was engraved in my memory. After that my life has changed forever. And in that moment I have decided to work in police. I love my job because I understand that my job depends safety of people. Yesterday at work there was sports day.
We were engaged in tactical firing and hit qualifying standards on physical culture.
Tell me where do you work? What do you like to do in free time?
tell me a little about your life... tell about your family.
I Hope for your quick reply!!! Sincerely yours, Alina
Letter 3
Hi my friend Shaun. I am so glad to our communication because I thought earlier that on the Internet normal communication is impossible.
But you have proved the return. It seems to me that we with you have similarity.
Tell me what are your loved color? I like deep dark blue color, and white color is pleasant too. From music I like classical music. I like to run in cool weather on the embankment and to enjoy creativity of classics. And what is pleasant to you?
Tell me about your preferences. It is interesting to me to know what is pleasant to you and what you don't like. There is excellent weather outside today. Today I patrolled the embankment. Young people walk in couples it looks so lovely:3 Sometimes I am lonely, but my friend doesn't allow me to be bored. On last weekend Rita with the guy have called me to the bowling. We have spent time perfectly. But for me was not enough strong male shoulder. I looked at Rita and her boyfriend Igor and I saw that they are so happy. I am glad for Rita because she could find the happiness, the love. By the way they will have wedding soon. At such moments I feel lonely and defenseless. Maybe loneliness is my constant satellite. Generally I have had a good time with them in last weekend. Tell do you have many friends? Maybe you have your traditions and rituals with friends? I hope that I haven't strongly puzzled you with the questions. Just I want to know you better. I really want to speak fluently with you, but I am little confused. I hope for your honest answer.
Shaun I hope you will understand me correctly. I don't want you took offense at me....
I look forward to your letter!
Your new friend Alina.
Letter 4
Hi my friend Shaun! I am really happy today to receive your letter again. My communication with you, becomes for me business of all day. As soon as working shift in police comes to an end I go to the girlfriend and I write you the letter. I like to communicate with you.
I have such impression as if I know you for a long time therefore it is easy for me to communicate with you. It is good that now there is opportunity to use the translator and to communicate. It really gives an opportunity to which people divide language barriers better to understand each other.
It is a pity that I have no opportunity to use Skype, simply Rita has no webcam. Communication through e-mail it it is very lovely because this communication reminds me communication with use real mail. It is very romantic. And what you think about it?
Perhaps I didn't speak to you, but I like to sing. It is my hobby too.
Even I would tell that this my hobby. When we with colleagues see off that I often sing any action to the guitar. My favourite song to the guitar is Scorpions - Wind Of Change. It is pleasant to friends as I sing.
Today I need to take up in night watch. Today I am waited again by night full loneliness, but I hope that my workmate won't allow me to miss.
Tonight the city can sleep peacefully because today my working shift =)
If honestly I like my work, I like to help people and to do good things.
So I was brought up by my parents and aunt to whom I am very grateful. I think that at you has arisen a question why the fragile girl works in police in the head? Why I still have no guy? The answer is simple. The matter is that all the time I
I have devoted to study and I couldn't meet that only man on whom I will be able to rely and in which I will be able to trust completely.
I want to learn how the situation in your life is? Now it is time for me to gather for night watch. I should finish the letter. from it to me becomes a little sadly. When I write you the letter i feel that you are near me. And now it is time for me to say goodbye to you, till tomorrow Shaun. Alina
Letter 5
Hi my dear friend Shaun! I am very glad to receive and to read your letters every day. Because it is unusual to me and thanks to you and your letters. I feel by that in a different way.
I had such feeling that something has changed in my mind.
Tell me how are you? It is very interestingly to read your letters.
Today I have a day off and therefore I have decided to spend this time with advantage.
In my city there is an orphanage, and today I with colleagues have decided to arrange day to good deals. We have packed toys and some things to children to feel more happily. Our management has charged to us to buy sets of a football form and give it to children. You don't represent how children rejoiced. It was so lovely. I like children, it is interesting to me to spend with them time to play with them.
It is pleasant to me that we have made life for this children little better.
I looked on kids and smiled and be touched.
I want to have children. There was a wish that baby ran on the house and also called me "Mom". I consider it so fine to have children and to be engaged their education. Do like children? Whom you want more the boy or girl?
Forgive me, but I need to finish the letter and it is necessary to gather to cinema. The girlfriend, says that if today is day off, then it is possible to go to the cinema and to have a rest a little. I can't but agree with her. By the way she give you "Hello". I will wait for your answer.
Letter 6
Today I have again received the letter and was very happy. Today I was special day. Today my friend Rita had a wedding. She was very happy!
I rejoiced for her. At a ceremony of wedding there were not many guests, there there were only closest people. Tomorrow she with the groom will go to honey month to the Black Sea. In Kazakhstan there are traditions of holding weddings. I think what it will be interesting to you to learn as there take place weddings at us. At first the groom with friends by cars come to the house where there lives the bride. Near the house to the groom it is necessary to redeem the bride . It is very interesting and cheerful. Then it is necessary for the groom to pass tests to see his bride. After all tests of the groom the bride's parents with a grain loaf in hands and icons meet. Then parents of the bride give the favoring and newlyweds go to Wedding palace.
There already the official part begins. Marriage is registered also newlyweds officially become the husband and the wife. Everything passes very beautifully and romantically.
Musicians play musical instruments. Then guests and newlyweds go on one of city bridges to attach the lock to the bridge. It is such tradtion, and the key from the lock is thrown off from the bridge in water. It becomes that marriage was strong.
Guests drink champagne and bjt wine glasses with the words "For Luck!" it is such tradition too, it becomes that newlyweds were happy in marriage. All ceremony looks very romantically. I dream that also my time will come. I hope in the future I will be able to be happy mother and to be with the person in whom I will be able to trust. Tell me how celebrate a wedding in your country? It is interesting to me to know about traditions in your country.
Now I need to finish my letter. When I write you the lines, me it seems that you nearby!!! See you soon:)!!!
Letter 7
Hi my man Shaun. How are you? I hope that to you was it is interesting to learn about tradition Russian wedding. Today at it was very unlucky and intensive day for me. Today on the person on duty panel was the call about beating of the girl. I and my workmate was directed on a call to fix this situation. When we have arrived to the place, that I could hardly constrain tears. The situation was that the husband beat the wife. The husband was strongly ***** and has staged a massacre. He beat the wife on to edges so far she lay and cried. At this time their small children watched all this.
They cried and looked helpless. It is very much cruel.
Their neighbors have called the police. I was overflowed feelings. I don't understand how the man who have sworn love in love can to raise a hand against her. It is very brutal. On to this reason I am still lonely. I haven't found yet the person with whom I am ready to divide the life. But I have strange feelings to you.
I never before feel something like that. It seems to me that I know you a lot of you years. When I read your letters, I feel protected and becomes quieter me. It seems to me that I could trust to you.
I think that I could let you in my heart. Maybe it sound strange, but I miss you. It seems to me I have done right thing, that has written you what I feel at me at heart. I need to go with newlyweds to the station. Today they go to a honeymoon to the sea.
There is no time to write more, I need to go. Bye for now. Your Alina
Letter 8
Hi my darling Shaun!!! Today I woke up with excellent mood, I woke up with thoughts of you. But for a second to me it became sad from a thought, that you are absent nearby. It can be strange, but for me there is no other joy, how to think of you, to represent you nearby and to dream of our future. I long ago never felt such feelings. Sometimes it seems to me that I go crazy.
I represent us together walking in the park. I never thought, I will be able to have such strong feelings to the person. We so know each other a little, but you already took the place in my heart and my life. I am grateful to destiny and the to curiosity for the fact that we know each other. I remember how I strongly was nervous, and even felt some mistrust when wrote you the first letter. I was afraid, that you not correctly will understand my thoughts and intentions. Or you will just reject me.
But now I see that we understand and we feel each other. Do you feel it?
Possibly it is our destiny. You only ponder, we live for thousands of kilometers from each other. We speak and we think in different languages, but all this didn't prevent to us to get acquainted. I want to learn you more. Knowledge you it as reading fascinating book. Reading each page of which I change... This letter is possible to consider the real revelation. I was always careful at communication with other people, possibly it because of my work. But when I communicate with you, I feel ease, I feel that I can trust you. You can consider this letter present revelation, but I don't want to hide the feelings in the depth of the soul any more.
Tell me and what is felt by you? I will look forward to your sincere answer. Your Alina
Letter 9
Good afternoon my friend Shaun!!! Yesterday I long thought what at you there will be a reaction to my letter. I am glad that you understood me. I couldn't to sleep. I was afraid that you will reject me. When I came to the Internet the cafe to check mail, my heart beat as if a hammer. I tremblingly in soul I read lines which you wrote for me. Today I have a day off.
And I decided to descend on a visit to Rita's parents. To visit them. I to you already I wrote in the letters that they became for me the family. We are long spoke about my work. Rita's mother is called mother Liouba. I spoke to her about us with you.
Of course, she was surprised that I communicate with the man from other country.
She worries about my future. The strutter of questions of you is a lot of. I asked, what do you think of my work and to the fact that I am an orphan? I learned how we will solve problem that we live in the different countries? I said that we learn so far each other also didn't think of a meeting. She very much was delighted that in my life there was a man. She gives you greetings!!! I hope I arrived correctly. Write, what do you think of it? Still she spoke about honeymoon of Rita. She says that now at the sea it is good. I told as I was on the Black Sea in the Crimea a year ago. It was magnificent! It there was first time when I was at the sea. I remember this warm sea breeze.
I had several photos from the sea, I send them for you.
I hope that nobody sees my letters except you. I trust you for this reason I write you in the letters on my feelings for you.
Code I went to an Internet cafe I long thought of our conversation with Liouba.
I thought over her words about our meeting with you. She's right we we live in the different countries. And, to meet we should apply huge efforts. Of course in letters we can know each other better, but that to experience each other we need a meeting. We need to look each other in eyes. Only looking in eyes it is possible to understand the person. But it seems to me, that I already know you all life. You become for me native person. I begin, every day to worry about you. I think that you now you does? What did you eat? What mood at you? To me everything is important, what occurs in your life!!! You are very dear to me. I miss you very much also I wait your letter. I kiss your Alina
Letter 10
Hi my dear man Shaun! Again I write you the letter. How are you doing Shaun? I hope that my letters to you are also loved and important as your letters for me. I value ours with you communication. I feel that I am also important for you. It is so fine to feel that I am necessary to another of people.
It is fine to feel that for my life the man, for which at me worries there are strong feelings. Today I had an excellent day. Today my group I participated in strengthening on a football match. It was very cheerful, good that football fans in Russia not aggressive also go for dialogue with police. Well that everything passed without collisions and riots. By the way, today you dreamed me.
In a dream I ran to you, and moved away from me. I tried to run quicker and quicker.
But nothing was impossible. Then I ceased to run and you approached me.
I can't remember up to the end what was in this dream, but it is impossible to me.
It was so similar to reality. I felt wind whiff. I felt as your heart fights. The sun was in a decline and warm wind, I remember warm sea breeze. It can't be mixed with anything. It was the wonderful dream! To me at all not there was a wish to wake up, but alas it was only the dream... Today after football match, I went to a human resources department to write the official report on holiday. As I work in police, I need to declare the holiday in advance. It is rather strict procedure.
One day to consider my official report and to receive the answer will be required. Therefore tomorrow in the letter I will write to you on what number me will allow to receive holiday.
I took a step on the way to our meeting. I laid the foundation. I hope that you not you will reject me. To be honest, that to me is a little terrible. Probably I am frightened by uncertainty.
But I arrive for soul. As they say in our country "Heart it is impossible to order".
It is very important to me to know your opinion. Because our meeting has to be mutual.
Probably I fell in love with you Shaun!!! I keep thinking of you.
I represent how you come to my city. We are with you together!!! But then I begin to think that you is far from me. Also is never possible we we won't meet. From this thought I have tears in the eyes. I am absolutely one and only your letters heat to me heart. I am very glad that you I appeared in my life. I want to believe that you are my Destiny that we are created for each other!!! Sorry, that I am so frank. But me not with whom to share the feelings to you. I wrote you it and me calmed down. I would like to embrace you now and to kiss. I trust you.
I hope that my feelings are mutual. I very much want that it was so!!!
I hope that it is not game with feelings. Tell me always only the truth.
I will look forward to your answer and your photos. I very much want to see more your photos.
Your Alina
Letter 11
Hello my dear Shaun !!! How was your day? How are you? I am very much I missed you. Today I went to a human resources department and at me is good news. My order on dismissal will be in 5 days. I am so it is happy to tell you this news. Tell you is glad that will be soon our meeting? I have an excellent mood. Today I was very good weather, and right after change we with colleagues we bought a water-melon. Simply there was a wish minute of pleasure as in the childhood. I remember as in the childhood the father I brought a water-melon and we with all children from our yard ate this water-melon.
I remember these times with nostalgia. I feel heart that our meeting will be soon.
I don't know how to us to meet and how many all this will cost. I never I wasn't abroad. And I don't imagine that it is necessary to make that to arrive to you! What do you think about our meeting with you? Do you want, that I arrived to you? I very much want to meet and check ours feelings. very much attracts me to you!!! Heart prompts to me that you that person with whom I will be all the life! We are adults.
I consider that to us no letters will replace a meeting. When we are together, we will check the feelings and we will think of ours with you future. if you agree that I arrived to you, then it is necessary for me to begin to work on our meeting. I need to receive particulars about my travel to you. I love you Shaun! I know that having read this letter, you will test and you will experience what is felt to you by me. You not you represents how I want to approach you, to cling to your strong courageous ****** to feel heat of our bodies. My dear, native! These words go from the heart, my words sincerely and are full of love to you. I hope that it is mutual. I need to finish my letter. To appointments, my dear. I very much wait for your letter. Kiss you also I love very much!!!
I will always be only yours!
Letter 12
Hi my love Shaun!!! I am very glad that you wait and is ready me to meet in your country. Tomorrow before work I will begin to process documents.
But I need to know to what city I need to fly, I need to know name of the airport. Write me the name of the airport where to me to arrive. I represent as you meet me at the airport. It will be very romantic moment. This meeting as in novels which I read in youth about knights without fear and reproach.
I want to feel your look. I represent as you embrace me and you kisses.
From this thought on my eyes tears of joy appear. I will be with the soon beloved!!! With the man in whom I am ready to trust. This moment will be it is beautiful and at the same time disturbing. I am glad that our feelings are mutual. This happiness of which I am ready to shout for the whole world! But along with it I am afraid to tell to someone else about ours to our meeting. Because I am afraid of envy from other people.
Tomorrow morning I will check mail that you will know at what airport me to wait.
I hope at me everything will turn out tomorrow and we will be together soon. I will write to you all data on my trip. I need to go to myself to the hostel.
I love you very much and I miss, your Alina
Letter 13
My favorite I am glad to get your letter.
Today I wanted to go to a travel agency, to make documents and to know what I need to travel to you.
But you did not tell me, are you ready to meet?
Can you meet me at the airport? Can you tell me the name of the airport?
From where will be convenient to you to pick me up?
I really want to meet, soon I will have a vacation and this is the most convenient time for me to fly to you.
I'm looking forward to meeting with you.
I am filled with feelings for you, my heart is filled with love and is being torn apart.
Why did you ignore my questions in my last letter? Do you not want to meet?
I believe in our future with you and my heart tells me that we will succeed.
Letters can not replace our meeting. We can communicate via e-mail for a long time!
But we can not check our feelings without meeting!
You hold a special place in my life and in my heart.
I love you very much and I want to be with you.
All of our letters, all of our feelings do not justify our meeting?
I do not want to believe it. My feelings for you are sincere.
I want to be near you. I want to love you for the fact that you are in my life.
I want to prepare delicious dinners for you, see off to work, meet from work, enjoy success with you and share grief with you, support you in difficult times. I want to fall asleep on your chest, to wake up and see your dear face first thing.
I dream to wallow and luxuriate in your arms.
I very much hope that you will answer me soon ...
I love you. Your Alina.
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