Scam letter(s) from Maria Chetverikova to Richard (Germany)

Letter 1
Good day!
My name Maria. What mood at you?
What is your country? To me 26 years and I free the woman.
I dream to meet the present, careful the man, the leader healthy lifestyle.
For my chosen one has value comfort, have a price warm relationship and understanding of each other.
I wish to meet adequate the man who it will be fair with me.
You can to write to me to my primary address:
I will wait your answer with huge impatience.
Kiss, Masha
Letter 2
Hello my new friend!
In addition to my native language, I speak in English. In what city you live also what at you a full name? As you remember, my name is Maria and I live in Rus. I am very glad, that you, nevertheless, have answered my letter, and it means, that you are interested in me, and it really is very pleasant. I hope, you liked my photo) If you do not understand in English I ask you to take advantage of the online translator, it is not difficult for finding by means of Google Translate, therefore write only in English. Now I will tell a little about myself. I live in the city of Norilsk, speak, know, where it? I think, that if you wish to learn, you will find photos of my city in the Internet without problems. In the street the present winter, very coldly, blows a strong wind and simply blizzard, I not so love winter, I prefer summer and heat but what to do, I here was born. To me of 26 years, my growth of 170 centimetres, my weight of 54 kgs, I the sports girl, and at leisure I like to spend time on employment by fitness or easier to walk. I also conduct a healthy way of life, I do not drink and I do not smoke. I think, that in a life a lot of interesting, I like to communicate with interesting people with whom always is about what to talk. You are interested in sports? If yes, what? Tell to me about the interests, I wish to learn you better, I wish to understand for myself, that you for the person, write everything, that consider it necessary. I also like to read different books, I do not love a party, I do not love night clubs and vanity, I the house girl, I like to prepare and receive visitors of the house. I like to experiment meal, I like to prepare various dishes from the different countries, and you love what meal?) that you like to eat every day? Or it is very frequent... Tell to me) I simply wish to notice, what I can write and speak in small English language and ask you to answer me only in English, I hope, what it not a problem for you?) I think, that you are very interested that I search in the man!?) I search for kind, warm, gentle and romantic relations, I want love, I wish to love and be favourite, I wish to give all I to the beloved. Who knows, it can you?) excuse for my sarcasm. But today all is possible, you agree? I wish to wake up in the morning and to see my beloved nearby, to see its care and attention. To see its gentle hands and kisses, to see and feel in me so much tenderness and love, I will look for serious relations to construct a family, happiness, the house loving centre) If you my photos interest only, and than more you ask about my bared photos we do not compare each other, it means, that you search for something else if it is better not to write to me. At least, we only have started to communicate, and to ask the bared photos somehow indecently, you agree?) I have intimate photos, but not so, but it will be later if, of course, you suffer a little) And than more I hear much about a deceit on the Internet, that people from the different countries to ask a photo of girls to place them on the forbidden resources, pornosites, and so on... (( I also read much, that on the Internet it is a lot of deceit, that many girls from my country, and not just from my country, ask money from men to arrive to the country, and eventually simply disappear. I wish to tell, that I not such, I the present girl, with the present feelings, not a forgery and anything else, I search for real relations, serious relations, I search for the present love and feelings, I hope, that you too! All these negative emotions, which people describe about such histories, not for me, and I hope, I really hope, that you compare me in them, because I absolutely another, absolutely another. I the independent, self-sufficient girl whom simply has not carried to meet the decent man in the life, to meet the lover, I hope, that soon all will change, and I will be happy. I will welcome, love and present so many my love, tenderness and the most pleasant feelings for my unique favourite person, my best and most reliable person. You know, your age is absolutely not important for me, that for the person in me, what its internal beauty, its private world, instead of the size of its purse or success in a life. For me it is important, that with the man it was comfortable, that it was reliable that I felt the most irreplaceable, the most favourite and the most necessary every day to the life if fairly is my dream! I think, what in this letter I will answer the majority of your questions, and in the following letter I will tell to you much more about myself, the hobbies and work, I hope, what to you it is not boring?) I also send you some of my new photos, I think, what it will be pleasant to you to see me more open, to see my eyes and the general condition of my body, say, to you it it is pleasant?)
I will look forward to hearing from you, I wait for your letter, reaction and the most beautiful and positive emotions. Do not keep me waiting long... All right?) Kiss you, Maria.
Letter 3
Hello my friend)
I prefer to write in English. By the way, for translation it is convenient to use Google translator. I send you my new photos. Hope you like me? How are you? I hope you're fine. I'm fine. I will tell you a little more about myself. I work as a nurse.
This is a rather difficult job involving people. I look forward to your vacation. I have not decided yet which country I will go to.
Maybe you have.) I will have a vacation in summer, in June. I rent a room in the apartment and save a little on vacation. At the weekend I do sports. I'm going to the fitness center. Streamers, Pilates, and yoga attract me more from many areas. I believe that a girl should keep herself in shape. Femininity and smoothness will underline any girl. Cigarettes and alcohol, I prefer tea with sweets and fresh juices. I'm not interested in people who drink too much alcohol. You are not one of them, are you? Our winter is harsh, often strong winds and blizzards. Like the north pole. But there are, of course, some advantages in the winter season. For example, in good and not very frosty weather you can ski, with an ice slide, skate. On the night of December 31 to January 1, all of Russia celebrates the New Year. This is a fun holiday with the smell of Christmas trees, tangerines and sweets. This is very similar to Christmas, which is celebrated in America. We also have a Christmas, we celebrate it on January 7th.
Tell me about your happy new year holiday. What is he like? Our winter lasts almost half a year. Snow falls in November, and it melts only in April. I always look forward to spring. Spring is a romantic time when flowers bloom, the sun shines, birds appear. Well, now is the time to pick up a book, make tea with lemon and sit by the fireplace, wrapped in a blanket. In many homes, instead of a fireplace, we have Russian stoves. This must be funny for you. I remember my grandmother making pies in the oven as a child. I do not remember my childhood. My grandmother brought me up. I loved my grandmother very much. She always smelled warm pastry, and she was very kind. She herself knitted me socks, mittens and scarves. I never saw my father, my mother left me with my grandmother when I was almost two years old and left. I was still very small, I do not remember anything. My mother and I do not communicate, I know nothing about her. These are very sad memories. I finished school and wanted to go to the doctor, but my grandmother suddenly fell ill. So immediately after school, I went to work. At first I worked at McDonalds, then my only friend helped me get a job in a hospital. I really appreciate our friendship with her. You know, sometimes the desire to speak out and immediately becomes easier. Tell me something interesting too.) I am very glad that we began to communicate with you. I hope we will continue further communication. I look forward to your letter.
Kisses, Maria!
Letter 4
Hi there my prince I wanted to send you this to say Merry Christmas.
Before the holiday remains very little, and this wave of buzz around you every moment growing more and more.
But let's just close our eyes and remember my childhood ... Remember how you were writing a letter to Santa Claus asking for some kind of gift?
Mom checked the error in the letter. It is not good because if Santa Claus will parse grammatical errors.
And then under the tree with trepidation you were waiting for him ... Christmas - a holiday that brings us back to childhood.
And waiting for holiday sometimes gives us happiness more than even the celebration.
Not the last role is played here by the careful selection of gifts to friends and loved ones.
After all, to give - this is happiness! And what are the must have gifts for Christmas?
The same as the holiday itself: kind, chosen with love. The more love you put into your gift, the more joy you see in the eyes of loved ones.
Is not happiness ?. Traditional gifts - symbols of Christmas are all the angels, stars, Christmas wreaths with candles in Catholic countries - Santon figurines newborn Christ, manger, Mary, Joseph.
And finally, just Christmas cards. One of the nicest gifts for Christmas are candles.
They come in a wide variety: large and small, gel and wax, in the form of New Year and Christmas figurines. In general, for every taste and color.
At Christmas candles set in the center of the wreath, mindful of the crown, placed upon the head of Jesus.
They are lit each; Yule evening. In general, "On Christmas" Christmas can make any gift with an appropriate design.
Decorate yourself or a gift package Christmas angels, stars, Christmas decorations, especially in the red, golden, green Christmas colors.
These decorations can be done by, for example by cutting a stencil and covered with foil.
You can run Santa Claus and present a gift in a striped white and red stocking with a charming patch on the heel.
Stocking can be very easy to make yourself out of a striped tie or rag. In late December
Sometimes we hurry in vain -
Commotion in the New Year
To think is about right! His Christmas present
As more than a gift, like magic.
Yet it will bring you
Many joyful trouble Warm rich heart,
Love has no end,
Luck, tenderness and comfort ...
All that people are waitin
Your Maria.
Letter 5
Hello my dear Richard!)
I am glad that we support communication. How are you? I warn you in advance that you did not ask me for **** photos and did not offer me money. I am an independent girl, despite the difficulties that exist in my life. I pursue communication or further serious relationship. If you agree with me, we can continue communication. I work almost without days off this month. My colleague got sick and now I work 5 days a week. I'm very tired, but there's nothing to be done and I have to work a lot. There is no time to miss me at work. This has its advantages, the more hours I work, the greater the bonus. Yesterday I found a little kitten on the street. He was alone and mewled mournfully, was very cold! Probably he was lost or cruel people threw him on the street! I took him to my place, fed him and he fell asleep on my knees. This is a very cute animal. Do you have any pets? If so, tell me about them. You probably wonder why I'm lonely. I had a boyfriend almost a year ago. We broke up with him in February. He did very badly to me, left me alone. We met in the summer of 2015. We began to communicate, then he offered me a serious relationship.
Everything was good, we went on a picnic together. He introduced me to his friends. We were happy. Then, last fall, our relationship began to deteriorate. I stopped recognizing him, he began to give me less time.
Later he began to linger at work, became rude and began to drink. I supported him as best I could, but he did not need my support. Then I found out that he started talking to his ex-girlfriend. It hurt me, we began to swear. He first raised his hand to me. I was hurt and hurt. I cried and only my friend supported me ... One day, he came home ***** late and we started to swear. He hit me and threw a vase at me that broke. It hurts me to remember all this, but it all sits firmly in my memory. I had nowhere to go, I lived in his apartment. With the work I did not succeed at that time. This went on for some time. Then my friend rented me this room in which I live. I started working in a hospital as a nurse. Where I work to this day. Gradually, thanks to my friend, I got to my feet. I feel better. I became involved in fitness.
You know, training is very uplifting. After only 1 hour of class, you leave in high spirits. After a workout, you can take a shower or go to relax in the sauna. I like to relax body and soul. I hope you are a good, kind and reliable man. I do not want to experience negative emotions anymore. In Russia we rarely meet a good man. Most here do not want to work and support their family, abandon their children. On weekends, many people drink alcohol at noisy parties. Most women tolerate a bad attitude of men. I am not like this. If they treat me badly, I leave. You know, now I sit with a cup of cocoa and look outside .. We have snow falling, very beautiful and magical. It is a pity that we are far from each other. Could walk together, holding hands.Time will tell where our communication will lead. In the summer I plan to fly to visit you) I want to see your country. I have time to save my money on vacation. I got used to not depend on anyone, I don’t know if this is good or bad. Sometimes I want understanding, support and just being close to a strong man. Age, as I said, does not matter.
Well, if only I am not interested in guys younger than me. I hope that you and I will continue our warm communication. I'm sure you read my letters carefully. I am waiting for a new letter from you. I want to apologize in advance for not responding immediately to your letter. I do not always have access to the Internet. At the first opportunity I will write to you.
All the best to you, your Maria.
Letter 6
Hi Richard !)))
What is your mood? I am glad that we get to know each other better and we have a mutual understanding. I'm sure you are not playing with me! I'm sad, I'm very lonely. Many look at my appearance, not noticing my inner world. For me, the main thing in man is the soul. Age and appearance as a cover for me do not matter. I have a dream. I want to have a family. I want to feel the care and affection of the beloved man and hear the children's laughter in the house. Perhaps because of my age, you think that I am still ready for family. But in my 26 years I already know exactly what I want from life. The last letter I wrote to you about my relationship is rather difficult. I would not like to repeat it, what if we have a relationship with you? I want them to be filled with joy and reciprocity. What about your holidays? I do not have plans. It's pretty cold here. Summer would come soon. I'm waiting for my vacation to fly to your country for a couple of weeks. I already save money. I have a passport, but it will expire soon. I do not know how this procedure is going on with you, but here in Russia this process takes almost a month. I think we will have fun. My laptop is very old, as I wrote to you earlier, I plan to buy a good laptop soon. Then we could chat with you on Skype. I think that the new phone will also need to be purchased. I have a day off tomorrow, and my friend and I are planning to go to some interesting movie. After we will bake pizza!) I love to cook. I think that when I have a husband in the future, I will feed him in “fatty” ha ha ha) I remember last summer we went hiking with friends. We slept in tents, sat by the fire at night, roasted meat. My friend's boyfriend played the guitar. In the morning we cooked fish soup. This is such a fish soup on an open fire. It is easy to cook, boil river fish with vegetables in broth, then at the end add a little ***** if desired and put coal from the fire. Coal, of course, will be removed later) Do you cook such a dish?
You know, if you and I began to communicate closely, you could visit each other. The distance in our time is not a hindrance. The main thing is to have a passport, time and money. I would be interested to see your country, and you mine. Everything is real and depends only on us. Right? You seemed to me an interesting person who is interested in me, and not just in my body! I hope that our warm relationship will eventually grow into something more. It is also very important for me to be the only one. I know that you will most likely receive many letters from other women from Russia or other countries. I made my choice - it's you. I do not want to communicate with other men, I hope that you also do not want to communicate with others. Of course, I do not see anything bad in communicating with friends. But, to be honest, I do not really believe in the friendship between me, a man and a woman. I'm waiting for your answer. Have a good time!
I hug you, Maria.
Letter 7
Hello me dear Richard !!! I wish you a Happy New Year! I wish you happiness in the new year! I apologize for not writing to you for such a long time, the whole point is that my laptop broke down and I finally bought myself a new one) I hope that you did not lose me and thought all the time about us and our communication, admired my photos and thought or even could imagine how we would meet with you !?) Is that so? How are you? Do you have some new? I am so interested to know everything that happens in your life. And I want to ask you about that! who am i for you ?! friend? Or more than just a friend!?) on the street we have a real winter and almost -40 C, and I feel very lonely every day, because no one is waiting for me at home, not wanting to warm me, not giving me my love and care and tenderness: (( I really like to communicate with you and see some moments of your life, your stories about your day and your plans for the future, I am very glad that you share all this) as you know, I dream of having a family of my life, I want children and I want to have a beloved husband, to come home from work to hear children's laughter, to send out my favorite words of love) mine, I'm already starting to fall in love with you, and maybe I just vsechetsya?) maybe I just lost my mind?) don't consider me a ****** girl, I'm independent and independent! I save money for a trip to you, I haven’t guided you about it?) So now you know an oboe about it) say you are glad?) I am very glad that I could see you in reality soon) until I can say for sure when I am going to network you in your own country, because I don’t have enough money for the trip, but say you are glad to hear it ???)) I will try very hard to make money for a trip to you as soon as possible, and once again I want to repeat that I DO NOT NEED YOUR HELP WITH MONEY! Except that only I will need your help to meet me at my airport, in Tove city, write your nearest airport, and write me your exact address of residence. So that I know exactly where to fly and calculate all the rahods for a trip to visit you) Are you waiting for me? Do you want to see in reality?) I think that you are really looking forward to it)!
It is so?) I would like so much to hug you at the meeting and say that I am very glad to see you in reality! To touch your hand, sit in a cafe and talk) hmmmmmm)) In this letter I will send you some more of my new photos so that you can enjoy the thought about us, about our meeting, about how it will be! say you're glad?) I am very happy) I repeat once again and write in large letters so that you don’t forget)
WRITE ME YOUR ACCURATE LIVING ADDRESS AND THE NEAREST AIRPORT TO YOUR CITY! Do not forget) I want you to separate this data in a separate line so that you can clearly see all this and write yourself in a notebook for travel, okay?) The main thing is not to forget) I hope you're not stunned by the fact that I want to visit you soon? I think that you would really like this hope as much as I) I really want to see you! Smother in the eyes! Watching how you are embarrassed) are you trying to communicate with strangers personally?) I'm embarrassed, but only the first time, of course. And so I become relaxed when I recognize a person closer) I will be waiting for your answer with great impatience and I will wait for your data, I will wait for a lot of love and warmth in the letter, I miss you and think all the time. I so want to see you as soon as possible, because live communication is much more than just letters, I really would like to go to you even now, but for now I can not! But very soon I will earn money and I will immediately tell you about when I can fly to you! I miss you all the time and think every day!
Mannyyyyyyyy kissssss for you dear, Maria.
Letter 8
Hello my dear Richard!;)
How are you there? What is your mood? You probably think that I forgot about you. I'm sorry I can't be in touch all the time. I have some problems that I solved. I do not want to go into details, everything has already been adjusted. I think of you. Do you think about me? I found a part-time job to earn extra money. I help students with essays and reports. I'm good at it. I rather wait for my vacation to buy a ticket and fly to you. In the past, I asked about the airport. Want to see you ;) I have everything still. Work-home-work ... Well, workout.
It's very cold outside. Sometimes I like to walk alone or with a friend, but the walk is short. Snow and cold wind will be at least until April. Sometimes, when I don't want to go to fitness or walk, I turn on my favorite music and dance. Well, or buy a lot of sweets, turn on an interesting film and pour myself some tea. I recently purchased a coffee machine. I like to drink coffee in the morning. We have an interesting expression in Russia: "Favorite man like coffee - strong and hot." You interest me as a man. If at the meeting I understand our reciprocity, it will be great! Is not it? Now I have some free time and I write to you right away. At the weekend, I think we could chat on Skype. In social networks, I do not sit, as I wrote to you earlier. You know, distance is not a problem in our time. Age also matters little if two people are comfortable together. It does not matter whether they are friends or love each other. A cozy person is so cool! I'm still a little sad not only from winter and cold, working days, but also from the fact that my best friend leaves with her boyfriend in Moscow for about a month on business. I'm so sick of loneliness, I think that soon everything will change when I come to you. Waiting for your response letter from you. On the weekend we will call on Skype;)
Kisses and hugs, your Maria !: *
Letter 9
Hello my lovely Richard!
It is very unpleasant for me to write you such a letter, but I have to do it now. Unfortunately, our meeting does not take place, I have very big problems, which I think you will not be interested to hear. I like you very much and I really want to come to you and see you live, ****** your face and see how you smile. But now I have a very difficult situation in my life and, probably, we do not need to communicate anymore. Hardly you want to listen to my problems. It is so? I have so many thoughts in my head now. Everything got messed up and I do not understand a little what is going on, you probably do not want to know what exactly? Are you interested in? It is a pity that I have to say goodbye to you and stop our correspondence, probably you are used to me? Yes? I am very accustomed to you and so would like to see. But now such difficult times, people do not trust each other and I just do not want to burden you with my own problems. After all, everyone does not need other people's problems. Everywhere everyone is looking for a catch. Everyone does not want to listen to other people's problems in life. Or are you also interested in knowing everything? Do you want to hear everything !? I do not know what else to write in this letter. I am very glad to have a connection with you, to write each other beautiful letters. But now it's over. I wrote only to you, but now these problems, and I do not know what to do. Probably it would be better if we stop writing to each other. I will really miss you and think, and I think all the time. But I think that we had better not communicate. What will you say about that!? Without any claims and other negatives. I just want to thank you for all that you have done for me. All that you brought me, a smile and the joy of communication. But I really need to collect my thoughts now. And to understand what to do next, I have big, very big problems. I miss and will miss you my dear. I am very sad.
Goodbye, your Maria.
Letter 10
Hello my dear Richard!
I wrote the last letter on emotions. Understand, I am now morally bad.
I do not even know where to start. But I think that if I speak it will be easier for me. We communicate with you for some time and I think that you can trust. To begin with, this year for me began not very successfully. I lost my stable job. There was a staff reduction. In general, I was left without work. My side job is writing essays and this job brings small income and takes a lot of time. The room in the apartment that I rent I will need to pass at the end of the week. The owner decided to sell this apartment. Good thing I have savings to rent a new room. Of course, it is more convenient to rent an apartment, but to rent an apartment you need to have twice as much money. And now I am looking for suitable housing. And I will continue to look for a new job. In our city it is difficult to find a job without higher education and experience. And a little of this, my dear friend moves with her boyfriend to another city. That is, in fact, I'm alone in this city! Me here holds nothing, to be honest. A friend of course supports me as much as she can, but she has her own life. She leaves me her old car, as her boyfriend bought a new car. I was embarrassed to accept such a gift, but she insisted. I got a driver's license at 18 years old. I love cars. I like listening to music and just going somewhere by car. In general, that's how it all came down.
Do not think that I am complaining or something else. Understand me correctly, I DO NOT NEED FINANCIAL HELP FROM YOU. All I need is to know that you understand me and support you morally. Despite everything, I will try to find a way out of the situation. I can handle it myself, life has taught me that. Despite the loss of work and other difficulties, I try to think positively. I think about working in a taxi. You can make good money, but men are easier in this area. How will the opportunity, I will get in touch with you on Skype.
I want to see you and talk. Let even through the computer monitor. As soon as I deal with the problems, I will buy a plane ticket and fly to you. You're waiting for me, aren't you? At the moment we will communicate here. As I wrote earlier, I do not sit on social networks.
I’m worried about my security, so I don’t expose my photos and have no interest in communicating via social networks. I can't call you. Call up is very expensive, my tariff limits the reception of incoming, if they are paid. Well, I think that we are satisfied with communication here for now. Right? Do not lose me, and do not miss! I hope that you understood everything correctly and will support me morally and also very much want to see me in reality. I send you my summer photos to brighten up this winter.
Hugging Richard, your Maria:*
Letter 11
Hello my dear Richard!
I am very glad that you did write me a letter back, even though I said "goodbye" to you in my past letter. Despite my optimism, I sometimes feel very sad. With work, nothing comes out at the moment. Mostly men work in taxis in Russia, so they turned me down in several places. In one place they first said that they would take me to work, but then my car did not suit them. He turned out to be old for them. I also left my resume in one pharmacy for the vacancy of a pharmacist. They said they would call me back. I'm waiting and it tires me ... every day I feel very sad about it. But I never despair, because I am a strong girl.
I am very grateful for your support and for offering help. Sorry, but I used to solve my problems myself. I will try to find a job to pay for the room, accommodation and save money for coming to you. I wonder what our meeting will be like. I like you very much and I like your approach to women, that you only communicate with me, because I communicate only with you now and I really want to come to you and feel the warmth of your hands, see your smile and just want to hug you so sincerely. My friend left, I spent her. I felt so lonely in my heart .. I remembered moments when my grandmother was alive. When she was gone, my friend was my only support. But now I have no one left.
Nothing holds me in this city. Therefore, I decided to come to you. I hope my life will change. To begin with, of course, I have to find a job. My savings are not enough for all expenses with a flight to another country. I am inconvenient to accept financial assistance, simply because I do not have this habit. Because I am a very strong and independent girl. DO NOT OFFER ME YOUR HELP - THIS IS HARMFUL FOR ME. I DO NOT NEED YOUR MONEY AND DO NOT NEED HELP FROM YOU. I hope you understand!I will try hard to earn money for coming to you. I will make every effort for this and will do so to be able to come to you as soon as possible. Are you happy about it?There are so many corrupt women in our country who have *** with men just for money. I AM NOT LIKE THIS. I AM INDEPENDENT. I myself make money, and I will come to you myself. SO WHAT ELSE PLEASE DO NOT OFER ME YOUR FINANCIAL AID.
Are you waiting for me??? Are you ready for my arrival soon? I hope that you no longer write to anyone except me, no other woman! This is true?
I really want to see you. Do you want?I each imagine how our meeting will be, I think about you all my time, I don’t have anyone here, I’m all alone, I really want to come, and I will come to you without fail, only I will solve my problems.Every day I will try to make our meeting take place as soon as possible. I miss you and your romantic letters, do you love me? Do you like me?) I think so) I send you some more of my new photos, I hope that you will be glad to see them, and will often admire them I open them on a telephone or on a computer) Well, how are you my photos?Tell me what you think about all this? Are you glad that I will come to you soon? I am very happy about this, because I really want to see you and feel your warmth and love.I also want to see more love in your letters and see more feelings in each line of your letter. I miss you all the time and think constantly and write only to you.I only have you, and I treasure it very much. I have no one at all. There is only us, and our love for each other, I dream to see you very soon, and I will do everything for this.As soon as I receive news about my work, I will write to you. I had to sell my laptop to solve some issues. I use a computer in the nearest Internet cafe. I will try to answer you as soon as possible. The Internet is not far from my home, so I will try to write to you every day and share news about my successes regarding work. So don't lose me. I'm near) All I ran for an interview for work, I will write to you as soon as possible, so that you will be aware of my news regarding work. I think about you and miss you all the time.I hope that you are very happy to see my letter, and I am very glad to see my great desire to be with you soon, to see you in reality. Looking forward to the answer. I hope you are not tired of my letter. Have a good time! I hug and kiss you Richard.
Your Maria:*
Letter 12
Greetings my love Richard!:*
I am very glad that you send me a message and that my life experiences are important to you, and that you listen to me and my problems. This is so important in the relationship of people, is not it !? First of all, I want to tell you that you would write to my email in the future: and ID: live:.cid.6755abce40712acf
This address is also associated with my Skype. Add me Skype.
Only please do not call me, because I am not there. I'll call you myself.
And please send me your nickname on skype again.
I have some problems with this old mailbox ... so write to me at my new email. Good? I'm desperate, I can't do a job. Today I went to the next interview. They told me that an internship was required for a whole month. This month they are ready to pay me only $ 125 a month. I do not like it. Also, they called me from the organization where I filled out the application form and were told that it was required to study in another city. It is paid and on a competitive basis. So I can spend the money and not the fact that I was definitely taken to work. I will not do it because I have no money. It is very difficult for me to be alone. In our city, and in general in Russia, it is difficult to find a good job without higher education, experience or connections. But still I will try to make money. I am probably selling a car. I have no money for his service. I need to make a new passport, since the old one has expired. Also get a visa and purchase a ticket. In a short time and without queues you can do everything through the agency, of course there will be more expensive. But for now I dona€™t have money even to simply change documents to new ones. So, I will fly from Norilsk airport. I need to know specifically: your airport, your contact details, your address. We will keep in touch by mail. Other ways, unfortunately, I do not know yet; ( Today I paid the rent. I have a little time to do all the work here. After buy a ticket and fly to you. I do not know what awaits me in your country. But one thing I know for sure, I will not be alone there. After all, there are you!
You know, I talk ONLY with YOU and hope and hope that YOU ARE COMMUNICABLE ONLY WITH ME. I know that many girls write to foreigners, but many of them only need money. I think you had a good impression of me. And you realized that I did not intend to play. In response, I ask you to communicate only with me. Good? If this is not the case and you also communicate with another girl, then you can only write to her, but forget about me! I'm not going to be in the background! Hope we understand each other. Ita€™s going to be enough that from today you will only communicate with me. Good? I'm so tired of all the problems, of loneliness. Soon it will all end, and I will freely sit on the plane and fly to you. The distance between us will be less and less ... You will meet me? And even if you do not meet, I will have your data, and I can independently get to your house. I understand that you may have affairs, work, and any other activities. I also hope that you are waiting for me very much and you really want to see me. Do you want to kiss me?) And washes not only kiss) Because I WANT ....
I imagine how I fly to you, you meet me ... I can finally look into your eyes and hug you;) After the rest, you will show me your house, take a tour of your city, show me interesting and ... secluded places. In the evening I will cook dinner for us, we will sit and talk already in person. Anyway, I want to see you friend first? but I like you madly. I do not know how my heart will behave. One thing I know for sure - age does not matter if two people are comfortable with each other. I will try to answer you every day. You are to me like a ray of sunshine in this cold winter! And I want to thank you for all the warmth that you give me every day and in every letter. I am very happy about it!!! Tomorrow I will have to go again to try to find a job or just to look for money, I will inform you about it every day. I will try to do it every day. I promise. And you, in turn, promise me to wait for my letter and respond as quickly as possible. Because I will see your support and I will see your most sincere attention. Waiting for an answer, kisses Richard.
Your Maria!
Letter 13
Good day, my dear Richard!
In the afternoon I am busy looking for work. Today I left a couple of profiles, they said they would call me back. Situation with work in our city is pichalnaya. The weather is terrible. Very cold.
Happy to -30 degrees. I dream of leaving here as soon as possible.
Since apparently I will not be able to find a good job here, I decided to sell the car. Put it on sale for $ 700. My savings with the loss of work and other difficulties around $ 100 .... this is picchalno. I don’t have to wait for help, so I’m trying to handle the situation myself. After selling the car, I will submit documents for the replacement of the passport. I decided to do this through a private agency. They promised $ 150 for 7-10 days to make it to me. After that I'll take care of the rest of the documents and choose the flight and the date of the flight to you, my dear. You're waiting for me, aren't you? I really hope that my life will change, after our meeting with you. If I do not manage to stay in your country, then I plan to fly to Moscow. There is a lot of work on duty, where they provide accommodation and meals. I see no reason to go back to Norilsk. Well, let's not talk about it yet. Now I will solve my questions and after buying a plane ticket, we will be closer to each other;) Tomorrow I will write to you as I will have the opportunity. I embrace you gently and gently and kiss you: *
Kissssss, Maria!
Letter 14
Hello my sweet Richard!
I am very glad to see your answer. So you constantly think about me and miss you. I also wait every day for the time when I can write to you. I'm alright. And how are you? Are you happy?) There are so many problems in my life, and it is so grateful to you that you stay with me and read what I write to you, and worry about me. Don't worry, I can handle it. I am a strong girl! I hope that you now communicate only with me. This is true? I only write to you alone and really want to see you in reality. I want to see your attention and kisses and a lot of care! I put my car on the site for sale and they immediately called me. A young man called me and expressed a desire to buy it. But the fact is that he is in another city and cannot come. He also said that he would transfer half the amount to my card. His nephew will arrive and pick up the car. In the evening, he promised to transfer me the rest of the money. At first I doubted his words, but after all we have a contract for a car and there is a nephew's passport information. That is, I actually sold him a car. I got $ 340 for lunch, handed the car to the young man, and we signed a contract. But, unfortunately, there was no translation of the rest. I went to the police, but they told me that these passport details do not exist !!!
My dear, I AM IN FULL DESTINY; ( I don't know what to do now. As for work in Moscow, there is a lot of deception there. I feel like a kitten that is alone on the street. I have one hope - YOU EVERYTHING I HAVE. No matter how silly it may sound, the only thing I want is to be yours. In your caring hands, I want to feel the warmth and comfort. I will give you home comfort and more in the future. I do not mean ***.
I can give you a lot more my good. Sorry, I can't be in an internet cafe anymore. I want to cry. I will come home and splash out my emotions, after I take a hot bath and go to bed ... I am very sad now, but I have already decided that I will no longer stay in this terrible country and will come to you very soon. You're waiting for this, are you? I really want to see you. I really hope that I have enough strength and ability to not come very dear to you. I have almost no opportunity for this. But I will try very hard to do this as soon as possible. At the moment I have about $ 360. I intend to apply for a new international passport tomorrow. I have no desire to stay in this city anymore, there is too much sadness here and nothing holds me here. If possible, I will write to you. Sending you my new photo. I kiss you gently. Wait for me, my dear, I will soon be in your embrace.
Skype: (live:.cid.6755abce40712acf)
I kiss you in the nose, your Maria.
Letter 15
What is your mood? Today I went to the police again. I was told that they could not help me. It was my mistake that I behaved naively and gave the car without full payment. Now I was crying, I feel so offended, and you will probably think that I am a complete fool ... or is it not? People are cruel creatures, how could they do this to me? I do not understand. It's horrible( Despite this, I remain positive and I know that my life will soon change, all because you are in my life, that you do not forget me and write to me every day. Thanks so much for this my dear! I was terribly upset by this fact. But apparently, nothing can be done. In our time, apparently people can not be trusted... Today I go to the agency for issuing passports, paid state duty and filled out a questionnaire. I was promised to do it next week from Monday to Wednesday. After receiving the passport, I can proceed to visa. I hope you are waiting for me, my sweet: * At night I didn’t sleep well, but in the morning I had a beautiful dream ... I saw how we were walking along the seashore at night. A warm breeze blows, the sound of waves and you kiss me and slowly take off my light dress ....) Then I woke up. I was a little embarrassed by this dream. I have not had a man for a long time sexually. I hope that I will not confuse you with this story about my dream) Already this month we'll see you, I hope. But, unfortunately, I have only about $ 200 in my pocket. With the work does not work. We have a hard time finding a job in the winter season. I hope for some sort of side job, but I'm afraid to stumble upon a deception. Basically, all part-time jobs are unofficial and it’s not a fact that you will be paid the whole amount or at least something. I do not dare ask you for financial assistance. I am very embarrassed for the fact that I was in such a situation. But if you help me to come, I will be very grateful to you. Tell me would you like to help me? tell me this! I am not in any way forcing you to do this, forcing you to help me, not forcing you to send me money. But tell me would you like to help me? YES OR NO? What do you say! It’s just that I am in such a situation in my life now, that nobody holds me here and nothing holds me. I am all alone and I very much want to you, my love, I very much want to you! And I want you very much!
Please answer my question, will you help me, I will calculate everything. all my expenses on documents, taking into account the money that I have left. But it's important for me to hear that you want me too! I lack only $ 380 in order to complete all the documents and complete all as soon as possible. At the beginning of the next week my new international passport will be ready. It's great. And now I will need money only for a visa and some small costly expenses for the trip, and a small part of the money in order to buy food and livelihoods. I wrote. I only need $ 380 to be ready to go to you, do you want me? do you want to see me? Want to be together next week? I really want this. Everything will be ready. All my documents will be ready early next week. You understand? Do you want to help me?
Although I write to you about the fact that I do not need your help.
But still, what do you say? There is just a little time left and we can be together, I have absolutely no one but you. I have nothing here, I already wrote to you about this above in a letter. I fully calculated all the expenses in order to apply for a visa to your country, I only need $ 380 for all expenses for this. Will you send them to me? Do you have such an opportunity? say yes! I do not ask you to do this, you must decide for yourself and tell me about it. Tell me that you really want to see me in real life, and not through the monitor screen. Not via the internet. For me, real life is to hold your hand, give love and attention, care and tenderness, and for you?
Do you think so too? say you want me and you want to see me soon.
Tomorrow I will come here as soon as possible and I will wait for your answer, and I really want to see the warmest words of your support and the words of your understanding and desire to see me as soon as possible. I hope that this letter did not make you bored, and I hope that you, just like me, are insanely keen on seeing me in real life.
Let's do it, let's meet soon! I will find a safe and fast and convenient way near my house, in order for you to send me money, the main thing is that you want this. I will do my best for that too. Unfortunately, in this letter I will not be able to send you my photos, as I simply do not have them anymore. I think that the very fact that I will soon come to you should please you very much) After all, the photos will not replace our spiritual conversations, they will not replace our real feelings and emotions that we will experience being next to each other. I want so much to you my dear!
Very little time is left and we will be together. Only I need your little help, which I really expect. Because I do not have time to wait. I want you and I want you! I miss you all the time and think about us every day of my life. I hope you think about me all the time too. Gently, gently hug you and kiss you.
Your Maria
Letter 16
Hello my love Richard!
I so am glad that you have agreed to help me) These are such remarkable news) We soon will together. I am very glad that in my life there is you, the man which to me so to treat kindly. It so is pleasant! I remind you the sum which it is necessary, it is necessary for me exactly 380$ for all expenses on documents. It is not necessary to send me more quantity, well if certainly you want that can make it, I not against) I have found near to the house branch westernunion through which you can send me money. To me have told that I have written you a site of service of this company. Here their site you can send money to me Not leaving the house. To come on a site and to find the nearest branch for itself To find the nearest branch at itself in a city both to go there and to send me money. It is very convenient. To me have told in bank that it is all very safely, and that you can send money even through the Internet. I have written to you on points all data which will be necessary for you that you could send money. Near with me there Money Gram and Contact. Here my data which will be necessary for you: Full Name: Chetverikova Maria
City: Norilsk, Krasnoyarsk region
Street: st. Soviet, 14 As to me have explained that I will need to know to receive money from you, data your, given about a reode. Namely, all data concerning a remittance, data of the person which sends money, precisely same as at sending. I need to know all data about you, from Western Union and the exact sum of money which you to send code MTCN. Not to forget to write to me about it. Remains to very few time and we with you will be together, these are such huge news to me, and to us, tell you it is glad? I am very glad. I ask you to do all quickly and not to hesitate, help me directly today. Directly today go and to send me money. And to write all data. As I ask to write again to me the most nearest airport, to write the exact address of your residence. I do not have time to wait. I can is fast take off very soon already to you. It so is healthy) I wait for your answer with huge impatience. Also I wait all data for reception of money resources. And not to hesitate. To do it as soon as possible. Set of the most gentle kisses only for you my dear Richard. Yours Maria.
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