Scam letter(s) from Olga Rynina to Marcus (Australia)

Letter 1
Hello my dear Marcus. I wish you a good Monday! I am back at my work and I am writing my letter to you. As you remember, on Saturday I submitted reports to the authorities from Moscow, and I hasten to please you. I handed over my reports on the work done for an excellent mark, I was praised by the bosses from Moscow. I am very pleased to receive praise for my work done, which means that it was not in vain that I tried to work all these months. Today I went to my job in a good mood. Now I have a little privilege from my boss. But I will not abuse it, and exalt me in front of other colleagues. I understand that a good relationship with the work team is very important to me.
Plus, my colleagues are very good friends to me. All the girls in my work team always support each other, you can even say that we are a small family. Therefore, my colleagues were sincerely happy for me and told me that there was no envy in the team. On the contrary, my colleagues told me that I give them the motivation to work better and strive for greater work success. I was very pleased to hear that. I am also pleased to say this, because you will be proud of me. Well, that's enough about that.
Dear Marcus, today can be called a fasting day because I did most of the work on Saturday and today I don't have much work to do. It would be more accurate to say that today I have a lot of work, but compared to Saturday working day, it seems to me not difficult. I want to ask you how was your weekend? I hope you were able to relax and have fun this weekend!
I was sad to learn that you severely tore one of the ligaments. It really doesn't work out well if you lose the opportunity to work for 6 months. On the one hand, if an operation is needed, it will be good if you have it done and you get better. But on the other hand, we will have to postpone our meeting for half a year, and this is a huge time, I am afraid that we may not be able to cope!
I really hope that the surgeon will give you good news and we will meet with you not in winter according to your time, but in summer!
Dear Marcus, I will now finish my letter and continue my work. Tonight won't be any different from the rest of my evenings. I’ll come home, eat, drink hot tea with sweets and get ready for bed. Every evening I dream that soon I can be by your side! I imagine every evening how you will kiss me tenderly and wish me good night. I'm ready to melt like sugar in hot water if you just touch me. I believe that sooner or later my thoughts will become material, and all my dreams and fantasies will soon be real. I want to be by your side, and I believe that fate will be favorable to us. One thing I know for sure is that the invisible thread that binds our hearts despite the distance will never break. I love you!!! I wish you a good continuation of the day, and I will wait for your answer. We will succeed !!!! Yours and only yours Elena
Letter 2
Hello my dear Marcus !!! How are you? I have not yet received your letters and your sweet and tender words, but your voice constantly sounds in my head and it gives me a lot of warmth and care! I want to be by your side as soon as possible! There is nothing left and we will merge into one whole, like two rivers that made their way to one day become one big, strong and powerful river!
You know, I think for a long time about what to write to you in the next letter, how to answer your questions correctly, and so on.
Sometimes there are so many thoughts that I even miss many things that I wanted to write to you and forget some of your questions. Forgive me for leaving your questions unanswered sometimes!
Today I have a new product arriving at work. I will try to make out a huge number of things. Of course, I do not do this alone, but with my colleagues, but there is really a lot of work. Now I want to have tea with a sandwich and will continue to work. Tell me how is your day today ?? I believe that everything is fine. Tomorrow I'll be waiting for your letters again, and good news. I miss you so much!!! Your Olga
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