Scam letter(s) from Anastasia Rudskaya to Steve (UK)

Letter 1
Hi my friend I was lucky enough to write to u, excuse me early if I'm had disturbed you. In reality, I am tired of my lonely and agreed to try out Net dating site! I expect that this action will be a new page in my future lifetime. So,to know me better I want write u a little bit about myself! I want, that the correspondence between us will proceed, and u are interested and read my e-mail. I don't sure where to start my description. I'm never tried to write to somebody my individuality in the letter previously. I am can describe my person as the positive, active, true person. I'm a open woman though at the same time I'm a self-confident, woman. I have usual admired heartiness openness and frankness. I want you're interested, that our letters will not interrupt. In a future letter, I would like to read more about you, your outlook on life. I am sending u my photo. I rely on that u like it, and we can get acquainted more. If you are interested Please write ONLY to my regular Goodbye, Antonina.
Letter 2
Hello my new friend Steven . I hope you don't mind that I to call you my friend??? First of all , I want to say thank you for your time and answered my email and most importantly answered my question from previous letter.
It was very important to me . Now , I know what are you looking for on the Internet. I see our intentions are aligned . You also , like me , looking for a serious partner, for something more than friendship. As you know that only after the meeting you can build serious relations.
I hope you agree with my opinion. Now to us it remains to get to know each other better . A little about me, I live and work in the city of Saratov all my life.
Now, I'll tell you a little bit about my city and its landmarks. The city of Saratov is located in the South East of Moscow, the distance between Moscow and Saratov, is 850 km. Of attractions, I can highlight the temples. One temple , located on the Museum square is the Holy Trinity Cathedral. + In in the center of Saratov is another Church of St. Basil. That is all that I told you briefly about my city. But if you interested in the attractions of my city, then you can follow the link and learn more in the city in which I live. Here is the
reference: After I told you in the city I live in. Now I won't tell you much about my profession. I work as a surgeon cranial-maxillofacial in the state polyclinic. To you they didn't know much about my work. I'm treating : - Diagnosis of tuberculosis, syphilis or other specific diseases in the **** cavity, - Implantation of teeth, -Treatment of diseases of the trigeminal nerve-the Treatment of inflammation on tissues of the periodontium, - Treatment of diseases of salivary glands and nerve endings in the **** cavity, - Treatment of tumors of the **** cavity,-An incision of the gums over the wisdom tooth, - Plastic and regenerative jaw operations, - Preparation for prosthetics. And so on. This work it requires a lot of effort and patience. If you are Steven, something specific interested , you can read about my profession on the Internet . + Supplement I will write to you that I work in two shifts ( day and night) for 12 hours every day except Sunday . Sunday is my day off, which I use in most cases on vacation. To complete your letter . I want a little about myself even tell, you had a little idea of me, apart from the photos I send you. I am a girl of little Stature, my growth is 1, 68 cm and my weight is 48 kg. My native hair color is blonde , but I love it with the color Hair to experiment, then you find according to my Photos. The color of my eyes is grey. It still remains, about my Age to speak. I was born 28.05.1990, which means I'm 30 Years old. Chances are you think I'm very young I look and I'm not supposed to be 30 years old . As A Proof I can send your passport . Funny:) just trust me the Word. It really my real age. In order to write to you yet, have I there are no bad habits (that is, I do not smoke and don't drink alcohol). After I told you about me . I would like to see a similar a story about you Steven. Please tell me about yourself . In that Dating the Agency where I'm registered doesn't say anything about you or me. I really wanted to meet you and learn about you, how more as possible. On that note, I will finish my letter because I we need to get back to our work. I hope that soon you write me. I look forward to your next letter. Your friend Antonina
Letter 3
Hello my dear Steven. I think it's a good idea to meet next year and spend Christmas together. I've had a hard day today. There were a lot of customers and so there was a lot of work. Pfffffffffffffff.... I'm tired.... After I went home to work. You know what happened to me? On my way home I met my sister Marina. We immediately went to the nearest cafe and talked over a Cup of tea + ate pizza. Marina noticed during the conversation that I have a lot smile and voice my tone was joyful. After that, Marina asked I have an interesting question , why am I smiling ??? I didn't hide from my sister and said that I communicate with you Steven. For Marina it was a great surprise that I communicate with a man from abroad. Although .
I will remind you that it was Marina I was advised to use Dating Agency ""RussianCupid. EN" , it is thanks to Marina I found you :) I don't know if it's fate or coincidence , but I I am grateful to my sister that she advised a Dating site. Marina asked to tell about you , in what city you live , where working and most importantly asked for a photo of you. I said I I'll try to tell her and show her your picture next time . Marina agreed and gave you a big "Hello". After I told you about you . Marina told me that too I met a man from another country. Their story is similar to ours. But the difference is, she met him at work. She herself he works as an English translator in a construction company... They communicated as well as we.
Imagine!!! I was so happy for her. Marina told me that she recently went to visit him. To get to know him better, get to know his culture, country. See how he lives. She told it all so emotionally that I couldn't tell her. stop. =)))... Ohhh... I'm so glad she found her happiness... Steven, I think that we can take an example.. Don't you think? This proves it again, that there are no boundaries to creating a relationship... Distance is easy numbers... do you agree? That's how I spent my day. I hope you don't mind if I I'll tell you about you and show you your picture???? I hope you don't be against it. Steven, we've been talking to you for days. You I like you. I noticed we have something in common.. What you think? Steven, I very much hope that between us there is something serious and once we also organize our meeting. Do you agree? I I think that this or next month I will have a vacation. But, about I'll let you know when my vacation starts. On this I will finish your letter. Your Antonina
Letter 4
Hello my dear Steven! In this short time that I am writing you. I got used to you very much and look forward to receiving your letters watch every day. Your letters lift my mood and make my day. I sat at home last night and thought all night about you and us. I thought it would be nice if we together. I really want to meet you. My In the opinion, the Person fully know you can only with him communicate personally and see a Person's eyes. I have found you. many qualities I've been looking for with a man. I like your open mind and good heart. From your E-Mails I can see how you take care of me and respect me and me appreciate it. We can write each other 1000000 letters, but we'll never really know each other. I want us to be together and our relationship continues to develop. I'm not in the circle to go around and say directly, you want me to come to you???? If your answer is positive, then in for a few days I will contact the travel agency is going to find out the cost of documents for the Arrival in your country. I am pleased to learn that you meet idea support and wish me also to see and spend with time for me. I think that we are in our following messages they discuss in more detail our meeting and establish time and a Place for this. At the end of his letter . I want to tell you dear, that very nice for a woman to make sure there is a man who is her he waits and wants to hold his hand. This idea affects the views of women and their behavior. So thank you Steven! that you made me feel it. And that you have ideas and fantasies about the day you meet me? Let me know, please. Dear, I have many ideas like us we can spend our time together. I am also going to surprise you and I I think you will be pleased. I should be telling you, Steven! , about some ideas in the following posts . But you should know that when you'll be in my hands.
it's not fast. you can get out of mine. embraces'. Now I will not write about these things that I will do with you, but you'll remember him for a long time. !!! Now I'm done letter. I'll be waiting for your messages . My tender kisses! Your Antonina
Letter 5
Where is this information from ??? Did they tell you on TV ?? If the boundaries really were closed, then the planes did not fly! Then tickets airlines did not sell !! You must understand, there are flights to countries, when countries started quarantining. But, the only thing they did all flights were cut several times. Planes fly only 1-2 once a day. You understand what I'm trying to convey to you what information ?? Or will you torment me every time with your letters about ban ???
Letter 6
Hello my dear Steven. Today, I went to the Bounty travel agency to find out the cost of all expenses (visa, tickets, insurance, etc.). first I started with a visa. In a travel agency, I Called the price of a visa. I was offered two types of visa: National visa - category "D", (that is, it is a long-term visa, giving the right to stay only in the country for 180 days). I crossed out this type of visa from my list, due to the fact that visa will be more expensive + will be done within six months.
After This travel agent offered the second option, make tourist - category "C", (This type of visa - gives the right to be in the country for a certain period, and travel throughout territory) This visa allows you to stay in your country from 40-90 days. In this case, when you repeat the trip, you can extend visa at the embassy. I think this type of visa is very suitable for me. for travel to your country.
I think you agree with this ??? Travel agent offered me to use the package of services (FPS.) FPS includes additional payments for visa category, consular services, preparation for interview with the commission. BUT!!! Tourist visa agency removes all problems and thus increases the likelihood of obtaining a visa without long delays. That is, I can get a visa in 10 days). + To all this Pretty cheap in my opinion, the price of such a visa will cost me 22 000 rubles. My health insurance will cost 7,000 rubles. + To me I will need to be vaccinated, since I will be the first travel to your country. The cost of vaccination is 2 000 rubles.
+ I will need to undergo a medical examination which will cost me a
tidy sum of 5,000 rubles. Here is such expenses expect me in addition to the cost of tickets. After I found out the cost of a visa and other expenses. I asked about the cost of tickets. Here, I was a little shocked by prices. My dear Steven, the fact is that tickets to your country to me will be very expensive. According to travel agent cost ticket together will be from about 10 000 - 20 000 rubles (for EUROPE). Prices are very vary + it all depends on the course gbp. Exact ticket price, I can tell you only after we set our dates meeting Most likely I will have to buy tickets for two weeks in advance. At the moment, I do not want to pay all the expenses related to the trip. First of all, I am waiting for a salary from my clinic. The clinic must pay my salary for 2 months. If the clinic pays full salary in a few days. I think that I should be enough to pay all the costs associated with a trip to your country. Here is the news, my dear. I hope that you are waiting for our meeting with impatience ??? I would very much like our meeting to come true. I will be looking forward to your next letter. I love you Steven. Your love Antonina
Letter 7
Hello to my sweetheart Steven, How are you feeling my love? I care for you so much Steven. You mean the world to me and I love you more than anything. I want to express my feelings to you Steven. I want to tell you that I love you and you have changed my life for the better. I want to tell you that it hurts being away from you. I love you that much that being away from you hurts me. You are my best friend and I love you so much I just want to kiss you and hold you! I look at your photos that you have sent me and my heart gets a very warm feeling.
You are a true vision of beauty Steven. You are so lovely not only on the outside but on the inside as well. I love the way you write letters Steven sweetheart. You have the soul of a poet and I am so lucky to have a chance to spend my life with you Steven. I see a great future for the both of us together. We both love and have respect for each other. We will be equal partners in life and we will be there for each other. It will be so wonderful knowing that I have an amazing beautiful man to come home to everyday. A man who I will love more than anything. Your happiness Steven is the most important thing to me sweetheart. I just want you to be happy my love. I know that I can make you happy sweetheart. In my heart I know that we will be together soon and I will give you the biggest hug at the airport! I cannot wait for this day Steven! I just love you so very much! I send you hot kisses and hugs because I love you Steven! Bye for now my love. I will be thinking of you my love! Your love Antonina
Letter 8
I am glad that you agreed to help me pay for the ticket. Favourite Steven, I was very afraid that you would not agree to help me pay ticket. After I ask you for help. I thought that mine the letter was offensive to you. Because you are with you not when not saw each other and most likely you will not trust me. For this reason I thought that you would not help me with paying for the ticket. I am very glad that you didn’t start doing that and not think badly of me. I'm glad that our meeting will come true. You are acting like a true gentleman. I promise you that you will never regret having who introduced me. I will not bring you any trouble. I promise. After I have received your letter I went to the tourist agency. Upon arrival at the travel agency, then I asked your agent how my love can help me. travel agent told me that you could transfer money for a ticket into account travel agency, or in my name and you could go to my own account. But there is one but !!! Transferring money will take 5-7 days. At the moment I don't have that much time. It is now necessary pay for the ticket as soon as possible. The faster to produce payment for the ticket, the faster I can go to Moscow to receive visas. Therefore, if you plan to send help to my name. Then i provide you with a bank account: Beneficiary’s complete name: Surname-Bautina , Name-Antonina , Midlename- Vladimirovna.
Beneficiary’s account number: IBAN: 40817978903000211873 Swift Code: : RZBMRUMM Beneficiary's Bank Name: Raiffeisen Bank Beloved Steven, I hope that today you will go to the bank and will send help to pay for the ticket. Necessary as much as possible rather pay for the ticket, because every day everything remains less and less time. Please don't make a mistake when you write data. This is very important, because if there is 1 single error, then I cannot get your help. I hope you understand this ???? there is another option is how to send help. You can use Money Gram services for sending money. Money Gram deals with quick transfer of money. You will not need no where to go all the actions you can do it on the internet. If you use the services Money Gram. Your help will come within 15 minutes. You can send help .. If you want to use the services of the branch Money Gram.
I will write you information at the end. If you send help . Then I can get your help without any problems. + I can pay for a ticket on the same day and then go to Moscow. I think it's better to use Money Gram services. This is the most convenient way. Here is the information on Money Gram: 1) The country Russia.
2) The city of Saratov.
3) Chapaeva , 28. My post code 410056
4) To pay for tickets you need 328 eur. I will be waiting for your letter. I love you. Your love Antonina
Letter 9
I am very surprised how ****** you are! You understand, don't need believe 100 sites such as "Anti-scam" !!!! Of course there is a useful information so as not to be deceived. There are real scammers who really cheated people. I looked at this site. But there is one, BUT !!! There are many fake accounts where people only started communication. These people didn't even ask for a cent !!! But why is it many girls are called "SCAM" !! It is foolish to believe a site where not evidence that this person was cheating on the internet. How can you write such things !!! If you have not provided any evidence, that I am a "cheater". Is it really hard for you to just check information on authenticity ????? Tell me!! I consider it an insult with your side. Do you know what "SCAM" is ???? I think you have no idea have, what nonsense is spread on this site. You went to the site, you found my pictures with the words "SCAM" there. And you think that I I am a fraud ???? I looked at this site carefully. There is many women, it was a great surprise on my part that there is men are scammers !!!! Before you put the SCAM label on me check the information carefully !!!!!! Because there are many fake addresses that are not reasonably stuffed on this site and on other sites !!! By the way, I can send your information to the moderator and write that you are Steven. You are an extortionist, a scammer, a pervert, and most importantly a ******. Do you think the moderator will check this information ???? Of course not !!!! If you think , that I am a fraud.
So be it . I will not be in front of you make excuses. I told you my point of view. It's up to you now believe me or not believe .. I just ask you to check the information. Good??? Write things like that before. Your love Antonina
Letter 10
My dear Steven, Here is my picture with your name. I'm not even sure about that you will respond positively. But, in my heart there is a place for hope. I don't even know how you will react to all this is the situation. My love, if after all we've been through you have warm feelings towards me, and most importantly, trust. I want to continue our relationship and bring our meeting to an end as long as my visa available. I hope to receive a letter from you soon. Still I love you and I want to be with you. Your love Antonina
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