Scam letter(s) from Alena Rusnac to Chris (USA)

Letter 1
Hi. I'm from Ukraine. I'll introduce myself right away so you know how to address me. My name is Alona. I don't think you're surprised by my letter. Your email was provided to me on the website of the marriage Agency. This means that once you were looking for a girl. Are you still alone? How long have you used Dating sites or marriage Agency sites? I hope that you are a free man and I didn't cause you any problems with my letter? I want to know if you're still looking for a relationship? I'd love to get to know you more closely. I won't write much, as I do not know if you are a free man at the moment and whether you plan to look for a life partner at all now? Please give me answers to my questions. I will wait for your letter. If you are also interested in getting to know each other, we can find a common language and make friends. I will check my email tomorrow, I will be happy if I get your response in a short time. See you later. Alona.
Letter 2
Hello. I hope the acquaintance will be pleasant for both of us. My name is Alona. I live in the city of Slavyansk. The country in which I live is Ukraine. I am a purebred Ukrainian. Ukrainian girls have a lot of golden qualities that are valued by men of other countries. I heard about this in the news of a cognitive foreign program. Ukrainian girls are the most beautiful, economical, sensitive, wise, endowed with great qualities of maternal feelings, endowed with capacity for work, talent, intellect, respect for religiosity, and most importantly, they have a great desire to be a wife. But now is not about that. I want to tell more about myself. This year I will be 32 years old. This is a great age and for this I do not want to delay the search for a decent man. I was born on 27 December, 1988 year. According to the horoscope I am Virgo. My height is 169 centimeters, and my weight reaches a maximum of 53 kilograms. I work as a gymnastics and yoga coach. I like my job. For the past 9 years I have been working in the sports center "Athlete". I've never been married. I do not have children. I have no relatives. I was brought up in an orphanage. They told me that my mother died in childbirth, but no one knows what about my father.
That's why I got to the orphanage. But still I have a good upbringing and I have a lot of moral and spiritual values. On this I will end my letter. I want you to talk more about your life, just like I did.
Please write me more information about you, so that I can imagine much better with whom I communicate. Write about your age, your name, about your country and about your work. I will be glad if you send me a photo. See you later. Alona.
Letter 3
Hello Chris. Nice to meet you. You have a beautiful name. I wonder if you were named after someone? Write about it. To be honest with you, at first I thought that it would be difficult to communicate over such a huge distance. But then I thought about it well and decided to write to you all the same. Because communication by letters has many features and great advantages for creating any kind of relationship.
Because the person who is writing the letter can think over and express their thoughts clearly. Most often, people during live communication have embarrassment and are not always able to express their thoughts in an accessible way. When a person writes a letter he is in a comfortable environment. Therefore, he experiences less anxiety and embarrassment. This allows you to give a clear answer or express your thoughts more clearly. If a person writes a letter, then in this case he often does not forget about important things about which he wanted to write or ask his interlocutor. And also we are just ashamed to ask some things during live communication. In letters you will not write and you will not use prefaces. You will clearly express the important points that you want to write or learn about your interlocutor. Reading letters you remember much better information about your interlocutor. Therefore, you know much more about a person.
Banal phone conversations most often occur in the empty space. On the phone, people talk much less about important details. More often than not, people on the phone try to appear to be who they are not. Very often, when people receive an uncomfortable question, they begin to lie or avoid the question due to the fact that they simply do not have time to think it over. Communication on the phone often happens quickly and without much sense. And also most often a person is afraid to express personal feelings, and in communication through letters he is more relaxed and more sociable. Through letters, you can pay closer attention to the values ​​that people transmit through Internet communication. Also, thanks to communication by letters, it is much easier to understand whether there are common interests between the interlocutors. Marriage statistics are higher when people meet on the Internet and recognize each other on the Internet, as scientists prove. Because from communication on the Internet people get to know each other much better. And by deciding on a relationship, they achieve great success. Since they were able, through communication, to give a complete understanding of who they are, what they adhere to and what they strive for. By communication, you can more clearly understand the spiritual and moral qualities of a person. Therefore, I want to communicate with you and get to know you better. I hope that our communication will work out and we will be able to find what we are looking for. The main thing is to be sincere and mutual in communication. And also you need to show respect and not ignore each other. Then communication will turn out in a pleasant way. Do you agree with me? If you do not want to treat our communication with respect and reciprocity, then it is better not even to start it. I hope you understand me and my opinion. Now I will interrupt and wait for your answer. See you. Alona.
Letter 4
Hello Chris. It's very nice to see your answer. You are a very interesting man and I wonder why you are alone? Why don't you have a second half? In my life, I have tried to build a serious relationship three times. But all these relationships did not end well for me. In this relationship, I did not experience happiness and did not feel love. My first relationship ended in betrayal. I accidentally learned from my friend that my man is dating another girl. He traded me for a rich girl who, in my opinion, bought him as a thing. She gave him expensive gifts and money for entertainment. The second relationship lasted less than one month. All because the man with whom I had mutual sympathy was only talking about ***. He was only concerned with ***.
He didn't pay me enough attention, he didn't compliment me, he wasn't polite to me, he wasn't loving. All he was interested in was getting me to bed as soon as possible. But I was not ready for this, since I was not sure of his sincerity. Therefore, we quickly parted. The third relationship I did not work out because the man with whom I tried to build them was addicted to alcohol and to constant meetings with friends. Because of this, he missed work. Because of this, he was constantly fired from his job. He can't last long at one job. He kept forgetting me. But at the same time, he did not forget to ask me for money that he drank with friends. I sat all day and called him, but he very rarely answered me, and then when he answered he was intoxicated.
All these failures have discouraged me from all desire to build relationships with the men of my country. Of course, I drew conclusions not only from my relationship. I also took into account the relationships of my colleagues, my old friends and just my housemates. Out of 100 percent, only two to three percent of girls find genuine relationships with local men. I saw a program on TV that Ukrainian girls marry foreign men. And out of a hundred percent, only 2-3 percent of marriages happen without successful ones. The statistics between our countries are completely opposite. Also from this program I learned that foreign men are more serious. They are family men and appreciate the housewives who have maternal feelings.
Most of the Ukrainian girls are endowed with these qualities. This is also one of the reasons that made me think of finding a man for myself outside my country. Hopefully by now you will understand my serious intentions to create a relationship outside my country. I will write you a more detailed address of my residence, if you want to write me a letter. ha ha ha (just kidding) At this address you can look through the maps to the place where I live closer, maybe you are interested: st. Universitetskaya, 43 Slavyansk, Donetsk region, Ukraine, 84122.
According to these coordinates you can see my house: 48.852242, 37.602310 I'll finish. See you. Alona.
Letter 5
Hello Chris. I sent the same letter since I did not receive a reply to my last letter. and I changed my email address because I used my email at work. I forgot to log out of my mail. And the director was very angry with me. He took and blocked me. To avoid trouble, I changed the name of my mailbox. I will be glad if you answer my letter. Alona.
Letter 6
Hello Chris. Are you all right? I have everything still. Today I want to highlight the fact that I admire your country. She is very developed and progressive. Your country is the complete opposite of my country. Free and independent people live in your country. Your government is doing everything to ensure that people have greater opportunities, more freedom and greater opportunities for development.
But here everything is completely different. The government of my country is doing everything to make life harder for people. Here people's pensions are so small that they don't even have enough money to buy medicines. They barely have enough money to pay for utilities and food. Here taxes are getting incredibly high every year. Interest on loans is very high and people don't know how to pay them back.
Mortgages are issued by banks at incredibly high interest rates and people do not know what to live on. Products become more expensive every year, and wages do not rise. This is terrible. Our government binds its own people hand and foot. our government does not allow us to breathe freely and enjoy life. Here the government is driving its people into a framework from which it is difficult to get out. It is because of this that crime is still progressing here in large numbers.
It is because of this that people are fleeing their country. It is because of this that people get several jobs and after which they have health problems, do not have time to devote time to themselves and their family. I live in the poorest city of Ukraine and it is hard for me to watch how my people are suffering. All this is the fault of the government and the local mayor. We live like in the Stone Age and this makes it very hard for me. here medicine is not developed at all. And in order for a person to undergo treatment, he needs to go to large cities, for which people simply do not have enough money and they have to measure themselves. Theft of mobile phones is still rampant here, here teenagers still steal bags from the elderly and earn pickpockets.
This is terrible and you really do not understand how serious all these problems are that are taking place inside my country, namely my city. To understand all this, one must live and see the real life that is happening here. All modern technologies reach us with great delay.
It is not a developing city at all. People live well here only in big cities such as Kiev, Kharkov and Odessa. These are the cities that are developed and more successful, they are still developing. And all the rest, in place of development, degrade. Probably so beneficial for our government. I don't want to live like this and this is also the reason why I want to find a man outside my country. I don't want to drown in this swamp in which my country is drowning. I am not ready for this and I do not want to live in such terrible conditions. Your country is thriving and developing, but here everything happens in reverse. Here 80 percent of the population cannot fully feed themselves. It hurts to look at people who live below the cost of living. Because of this, there are many children who live on the streets. But nevertheless, this cannot be avoided, since the Ukrainian government is to blame for this. Now Ukrainian lands are going to be sold to foreigners in order for them to organize business and other commercial movements here. And they also do this for cover so that Russia does not attack Ukraine.
This is now constantly talked about in the news. The government does not give its people such a chance, but for foreign citizens they make such privileges and are ready to give their land for almost nothing.
It's terrible and I don't want to stay here. Of course, if I could build a relationship here, then I would live here, but I haven’t succeeded for many years and I don’t intend to wait any longer.
Therefore, I want to build relationships outside my country. I hope that we can make friends with you much closer and come to exactly what we are looking for. I will finish and await a letter from you. Alona.
Letter 7
Hello Chris. Nice to see a letter from you. Our communication is going very well and I could not even think about it. You really are an interesting man and I am glad to have met you. I am glad that I decided to write to you, although it was difficult and I didn't even know where to start. But taking a step towards acquaintance, I overcame my shyness and worries. now I am glad because I really like to communicate with you and our communication is going well. I have already written more than once that I do not want to stay and live here in Ukraine, since I could not find a relationship here.
Therefore, I understand that you can grow old this way and remain lonely forever. I don't want my life to go like this. I want to have a caring, loving and loyal man. I want to live in a country in which there will be no such government and in which there will be no constant wars. Military conflicts are still going on here. Ukraine is indeed in terrible conditions and for this I would like to start a new life outside my country as soon as possible. I want to have a caring man next to whom I will feel completely safe. I want to have a man who can give me a happy life. For me, happiness lies in spiritual and moral qualities, and this is the most important thing in my opinion in life. Therefore, I very much hope that my dream will come true and I will meet a decent man with whom I will build a strong relationship.
Of course, this decision is very difficult to make. Such a decision is difficult to make without personal meetings in real life. But still, now from our communication, I already well represent you and understand your views on life. I know you as a person and I like it. I am a little sad that we live so far from each other. Because if we lived closer to each other, then we would have already met. Of course, this is not difficult to implement, since now any distance can be easily overcome. But still this is a serious step. And in order to take such a step, one must weigh all the pros and cons. Nothing keeps me here and therefore I can easily leave my life here and start a new life in another country. The main thing is to have a decent, caring and loyal man next to me. Everything else matters less. I really like you and I really hope that you appreciate me for my inner qualities. I will interrupt now and write to you later. Alona.
Letter 8
Hello Chris. Yesterday, after writing my letter to you, I thought about what I wrote to you. I really thought about our meeting. I have weighed all the pros and cons. I found a lot of pluses, but I still cannot guess the minuses. I understand that we are looking for a sincere relationship. We both want this with all our hearts and souls.
We have gone through many difficulties in life both in relationships and in life itself. It is really very difficult to be alone and therefore I believe that we need to meet in real life. We are not children at all and we have come a long way behind our shoulders. We shouldn't act like teenagers as we are old enough. Why should we waste time in organizing possible relations between us? I think that we do not need this. A meeting in real life can dramatically change our life. Of course, a meeting in real life can have several endings. But still, today I will honestly say that I really like you and I would like to build a relationship with you. But of course for this you need to organize a meeting in real life for at least a few weeks. During this time, you can understand a lot about each other, and then you can make a deliberate decision about our future. We won't get any worse from organizing a personal meeting. On the other hand, we will thereby push the development of our relations and it will be great if everything goes in a favorable direction exactly as we would like it.
It is much easier for adults to build sincere relationships that will lead to a long, happy life together, since a large stage of life will pass behind our shoulders and we look at all things from a wiser and more deliberate look. I hope you agree with me. Therefore, I would like to know what do you think about if we organize our meeting?
I will not invite you to my city, because here is really a complete mess and visitors are not liked at all here. Even Ukrainian people who come from other countries are beaten and robbed here. They are considered traitors to their homeland. Therefore, I do not want to invite you to such a mess, as I will be ashamed of my people. I don't want you to see all this wildness. And also I want to look at life in your country, because if we succeed, then I will have to be ready for a complete move. And for this I will need to know how and what I can do to move to your country forever. And for this you need to visit your country. I will repeat once again that nothing keeps me here. I have no one here. Yes, I have several friends, but we have not spent time together for a long time as it was in our youth. Because we are already adults and each of us has his own personal life, his own problems, concerns and interests. Therefore, I will leave my country without any problems if we really have a warm relationship. Here I have only my apartment, which belongs to me personally. If we decide to build a serious relationship after our first meeting, then I can always sell or rent it for a stable income. But it's too early to talk about it now. Now I ask you to answer my questions and write your opinion on my views and plans for our meeting. I will stop and write you tomorrow. Alona.
Letter 9
Hello Chris. I am very glad to read your letter and your opinion on my proposal. Now, having received your letter and your support, I want to deal with this issue more closely. I want to know what it takes to visit your country. I want to know how much it will cost. I want to know during what time I will be able to prepare the documents and whether it will be possible to do all this for me. I will deal with this issue today and will inform you tomorrow about what I learned. I will tell you in more detail whether I will be able to visit you or not. And now I want you to write me a more detailed address of your residence. Write me your full name and of course the name of the nearest airport. Write me more detailed information so that I can learn about the flight to you in more detail and more accurately. I will expect all this from you in the near future. I hope that you will write me a letter as soon as possible. this is important for me, because this step towards our meeting can completely change our life.
We must already forget about loneliness. We are good people and we must be happy with strong, sincere relationships. Ukrainian girls are valued for their qualities for creating a family. We, Ukrainian girls, value family and relationships. The main thing for us is stability, honesty, loyalty and dedication in relationships. We understand moral and spiritual qualities and value it first of all. We are created to create a family. And of course, Ukrainian girls do not exchange for men. In most cases, any adequate and decent girl is monogamous. If in my life there is a loving man who is faithful, caring, loving and will pay attention to me, then of course I will never let my beloved man down in my life. I have heard a lot about how men in your country are very serious about creating relationships. I understand that the men of your country are exactly the same as the girls of my country in the creation of a family. Therefore, I think that we will have a great future. I really hope so. I don't want to waste time on empty relationships. I do not want to waste my years and exchange for most men. I want to have one single man in my life once and for all.
Therefore, I very much hope for the development of our relations. I really hope that you are really sincere with me now and are not trying to pretend to be someone else just to get a girl for your needs. But of course I don't think so of you. But still, I heard that many visiting girls are sent into ****** slavery by men. But I am confident in you and now I see your sincerity. Therefore, I will fly to you because I trust you and trust my life in your hands while I am your guest. Now I will finish my letter and will write to you tomorrow as soon as I learn more and more about my flight to you. Your Alona.
Letter 10
Hello my dear Chris. Thanks for your letter. I am very pleased to receive a response to my last letter. Thank you for writing me your full address. Now I can prepare my flight without mistakes. And now I want to write what I managed to find out about the flight to your country. Unfortunately, I need a visa to visit your country. But nevertheless, I was informed that nowadays residents of Ukraine receive visas more often than it was several years ago. I was informed that now more often they approve a visa for Ukrainian citizens.
Therefore, I became calmer. My dear Chris, I have already found out how much money I need to fly to you. Namely, how much will everything that I have listed to you in my last letter for my flight cost. I have enough money to spend on the trip to your country. Documents for a flight to your country are drawn up in about one month. But I do not intend to wait that long and be constantly nervous. Nervous because of the thought of whether my documents will be approved for the flight to your country or not. It will really be nervous for me. Therefore, I decided to pay for the urgent paperwork. Now in our time it becomes easier to do it every year. Therefore, I will not have any problems with paperwork. I will prepare documents for my flight within one week. Since I paid for an additional service called "urgent paperwork". I have already filled out a form for a foreign passport and visa. And tomorrow I will go to the hospital to undergo a medical examination. I need to get health insurance, so I need to undergo a medical examination before that. I'll go through it tomorrow. And one day before my departure, I will take out travel medical insurance. I plan to prepare for my flight in about one week. I hope that in a week I will fly to you. It will be great if I succeed as I plan. My dear, I ask you to ask me questions if you do not understand something about my flight. Good? Now I will finish my letter. I will wait for an answer from you my Bryan. And now I'll finish. I'll write you tomorrow. See you later. Alona.
Letter 11
Hello my dear. How are you? Chris, are you all right? I have everything still. I'm very well. I am very pleased to write you my letter. Because I feel the warmth of our communication. I'm glad I met you. I feel a warm attitude towards me from you. It's great and I've dreamed about it all my life. I missed a man like you. You have become close to me and I can't wait to see you. I want to experience more real feelings. Our meeting will help us in this. I am really used to our communication and I see the future in it. I know that if we both have the desire to create a family life, then we will definitely achieve it. Our entire future is in our hands and if we really have a sincere desire, then we will definitely achieve everything. There was disappointment, pain in my life, and I am sure that there was a lot of pain and disappointment in your life. Therefore, I believe that the very moment has come for us that will completely change our life and which will bring us happiness. Every person deserves it and I believe that this moment has come for us. Therefore, now we only need to take the most important step, this step is our meeting. Do you agree with me? My dear Bryan, I like everything about you and I can safely say that I would like to live my whole life with you. I do not doubt you and I like you the way you are now. Therefore, from my side, I will say right away that I am ready to spend my whole life with you. I hope you have the same opinion. The main thing is a common goal and one outlook on life. And this desire is also important in a relationship, and if we both have a desire to spend our lives with each other, then we will definitely do it. We are separated by a huge distance at the moment. But soon it will be gone and it will be easier for us to speak and understand each other. It's great. We will be able to speak more closely to each other about this when we are together. And now I am doing everything for the fastest flight to you. Therefore, now I strive to implement my plans. I hope that you will support me in this.
My beloved Chris, write me your opinion on my letter today. I will wait for a sincere answer from you and hope for your moral support in my path. After all, this is the most important thing to have support from a loved one. Love really works wonders and I believe in it. I will now finish my letter. Chris, write to me as soon as possible.
Your letters bring me joy and support. I hug you tightly, your Alona.
Letter 12
Hi dear Chris. Thanks for your letter. How do you feel? Are you all right? Are you preparing for my arrival? I am preparing for this day very well. This is our first meeting and we must be ready for this day. Tomorrow I will go to the shops, I want to buy some small gifts.
I cannot fly to you empty-handed. I think if a person goes to visit, then he should not come empty-handed. This is important to me and I want to buy something for you. My beloved Chris, so I will feel better on the day of my arrival. Our meeting is important for me and for you.
Our future depends on this. This is great and for this I am ready for any difficulties. Of course I am worried about my move, but still I trust you with my life. I trust my life in your hands, as I am sure that you will not give me offense. I will trust you that I will always be under your protection while I am your guest. I believe that you will be kind to me and will have a warm attitude towards me. I hope for the best development of our relationship. I wonder where our feelings for each other will lead us. Are you also interested in my beloved Chris? But I hope that everything goes exactly as we want it ourselves. I believe that each person is the blacksmith of his future.
And if you make every effort and action to create your dream, then everything will definitely work out. We have an understanding for each other. We have a strong liking for each other. We have common goals and we have the same views on family life. And most importantly, we trust each other, since we took such a serious step. Therefore, I think that a happy future awaits us. Do you agree with me my Chris?
And I also think that the main thing is to support each other. It is support that will bring us closer together in life and then we will be the most reliable and close people for each other until the end of our days. My dear, I ask you to write to me if you disagree with me in any opinion. We must discuss everything that we write to each other and then we can better understand each other. This will help us understand more about each other. Now this is exactly what we need, since we are already ready to meet each other. Chris, I will finish my letter. I'll write to you tomorrow. With a warm embrace, your Alona.
Letter 13
Hello my dear Chris. I am very happy to read your letter again. I hope you are doing well. I'm all right. I have been in a good mood for several days. All because every day I am closer to my flight, my Chris to you. It really brings me a lot of happiness and joy. Today is the end of the fourth day after I submitted all the documents for obtaining a biometric passport and visa. Therefore, I think that the other day I will definitely get a call from a travel agency. My beloved Chris, this morning I came to work to write a vacation application at my expense. I did this and took the application to my boss. He approved a 35-day vacation for me, and he also gave me two certificates that are necessary for my flight to you. Today I received a certificate of my employment, and I also received a certificate of my average monthly wage income for the last six months. These certificates will be required from me at the time when I receive a biometric passport. Now I am on vacation from today. As soon as I took a vacation and received the necessary certificates for my flight, I immediately went shopping. I bought small gifts and souvenirs for you.
Because it will be more pleasant for me if I come to you not empty-handed and please you and your loved ones with souvenirs from Ukraine. I hope you appreciate this when I arrive. My Chris, today I also had a thought in my head. I'm flying to you for a month. My vacation is 35 days. I took it with a margin to spend 30 full days with you. Therefore, I will not be in my country for a little over a month. I don't want to leave my apartment unattended. Therefore, today I thought about renting out my apartment for a whole month. That's why today I went to a real estate agency. I want to rent my apartment to them so that they can look after it for the entire period of my vacation. Thus, I can not worry about what may happen to my apartment.
Since she will always be under supervision, and also I can still earn extra money on this. Any money will not be superfluous for me on my flight to you. That's why I learned everything about renting out my apartment. Tomorrow I will fill out all the necessary paperwork for renting out an apartment. And also tomorrow I want to go to the spa to relax a bit and put myself in full order before I leave for you. Today I want to go through all my things and choose what exactly I will take with me to your country. Therefore, I will now finish my letter. I'll send you a couple of photos from today. I'll write you tomorrow my Chris. Warm regards, your Alona.
Letter 14
Hi darling Chris. Today I have coped with all my plans. I managed absolutely everything I planned. I have a good news. Today I received a call from a travel agency. My travel agent informed me that their travel agency received a notice that my documents were ready.
Therefore, the travel agent immediately notified me. My travel agent told me to prepare for my trip to Kiev. my beloved Chris, tomorrow I will have to leave for Kiev. Today my travel agent booked me tickets for the bus to Kiev, at 20:00 my time. I already paid for the bus tickets today. I have everything ready for my trip to Kiev. Tomorrow evening I will leave for Kiev. I will be in Kiev only after tomorrow.
My beloved Chris, I hope that everything will work out quickly with obtaining a biometric passport and visa. I'm not going to stay in Kiev, so I plan to do it in one day. In my plans I want to fly to you on January 19 or 20. But this is not accurate information. I can write you more accurate information as soon as I receive a biometric passport and visa. As soon as I pass the interview, I will immediately buy tickets. Then I will send you the full details of my flight and I will wait for departure. Hope everything goes well. I will always write and keep you informed of all the events that are taking place about my flight. Therefore, I ask you to check your mail more often these days and more often to answer my letters. I am very happy and delighted. Everything is going well for me and it turns out exactly as I planned. Yesterday I went to the shops again and bought some small gifts. I'll send you a photo again. My beloved Chris, today I managed to get into a real estate agency and submitted the necessary documents. The real estate agent has successfully accepted my application and today she must come to me with a client who wants to rent my apartment. I rent my apartment for only one month, namely 30 days. There are few apartments for rent here and therefore the demand for free living space is too high. My beloved Chris, this is why a tenant will be found quickly, since the real estate agency has a list of a client base of people who are waiting for an apartment for temporary rent. Today we will agree on the price and terms of delivery of my apartment. Therefore, today I will receive money for it and tomorrow I will leave it. I am very happy about this. This is very important for me, since I do not want something to happen to my apartment and it is better if people live in it during my absence. And now I will prepare more thoroughly for my flight. My beloved Chris, I have to put all my documents and all my things. I don't want to forget anything and have problems. Therefore, I will now collect absolutely everything that I need during my flight, all documents and necessary things. Today I went to the spa with my friend and took a special photo for you. I will send them to you. Now I will interrupt. I will write to you tomorrow before leaving for Kiev. And now I will finish my letter and will wait for your prompt reply, my Chris. With a warm embrace, your Alona.
Letter 15
Hi darling Chris. I am very nervous today. Today my trip to Kiev will take place. From this I am a little confused and worried. I am doing all this for the first time and it seems very difficult to me. All this is due to the fact that I am a lot of nervous and worried. It even takes my breath away. Now I have such sensations as if I ride the most terrible and steep roller coaster. I can't even imagine what emotions I will have when I get on my plane and fly to you. I understand that I need to treat everything easier and then everything will be fine. But still it is very difficult to collect my thoughts, since the upcoming journey is something new for me. I can't wait to fly to you as soon as possible and breathe in the air of calmness and freedom. My beloved Chris, I have a lot of worries now. But when I get to you I will feel lightness and comfort. Because I will understand that now I am under your protection and care. When I am next to you, I will no longer worry and worry. Since this whole flight will already be behind me. I am looking forward to this day. In recent days, every time before going to bed, I imagined our meeting with you in real life. Because of all these thoughts, I even had dreams with you. When you think about something very often and all this has a lot of meaning in life, then very often it comes to a person in a dream. And also here in Ukraine they say that dreams from Thursday to Friday are prophetic. I had a very good dream from Thursday to Friday. My beloved Chris, I dreamed about our meeting you at your airport. I clearly saw you in my dream. I saw a large number of people walking in different directions around the airport. They chatted something, someone spoke on the phone. I saw how the kids ran and played with some toys on their phones. But the most important thing is that I saw you. In my dream, you did not immediately recognize me. When I saw you, you were standing and looking at another woman. I saw you walk up to her and take her bag. It looked like me. But this woman wasn't thrilled that you took her travel bag. Then I ran up to you to avoid a conflict with that girl. I ran up and started telling you: "here I am, your Alona, ​​this is me Alona". I apologized to that woman and said that you confused her with me. That girl said that there was nothing wrong with that. My beloved Chris, at that moment you froze and could not understand anything, and at that time I took you and hugged you very tightly and whispered in your ear: "finally I got to you my beloved Chris, this path was not easy" ... You pushed me with your hands behind my shoulders. You examined me from head to toe and pressed me tightly with the words: "finally, my love, you are next to me, I will never let you go." My smile was all over my face and a tear ran down my cheek. You gently wiped my tear away with your finger and kissed me. All the people looked at us and smiled. They looked at us with burning eyes, as they saw a lot of love in our kiss. That was great. I was overwhelmed with emotions and I was greatly delighted. After a long kiss, you took my hand and led me outside. When we went out into the street, some of the cars honked strongly without stopping and at that moment I woke up. it turned out that it was not a car, but my alarm clock that prevented me from watching my sweet dream. I was a little upset that it was all a dream. It all seemed so real and I refused to believe it was just a dream. I tried to fall asleep again to watch my sleep. But unfortunately I could not sleep anymore. My beloved Chris, I believe that it will soon come true, as I have heard more than once that dreams from Thursday to Friday are prophetic.
Therefore, I think that all this will come true in the shortest possible time. And if everything is exactly as it was in my dream, then I will be shocked and greatly surprised. But still, I want it to happen that way, because it was very romantic and great. My beloved Chris, now I will finish my letter and write to you as soon as I get to Kiev. And now I will prepare for my trip to the train station.
After that I will leave for Kiev. I ask you not to worry or worry. I will be careful and discreet during my trip. I'll finish now. I love you Chris. Your Alona.
Letter 16
Hi darling Chris. I am very glad to read your letter. Today I have successfully reached Kiev. But unfortunately with the receipt of the documents, everything did not go according to plan. That's why I am very upset now. I didn't get my biometric passport in time. Upon arrival in Kiev, I immediately went to look for the head office of the migration service. In order to get to the main office of the migration service, I had to use the Metro. I couldn't figure it out the first time in the subway. I got on the wrong train and went to a completely different part of the city. When I realized this, I got out of it and tried to find my way back. My beloved Chris, it was very difficult. I even asked passers-by to help me, but unfortunately they were not kind to me and did not want to give me even a couple of minutes. Still, I did it myself and was able to find my way back. When I came back I started all over again. I began to study the movement of the subway more closely. I coped with it and found the right train. When I got to the required station, I got off the metro and went to look for the head office of the migration service. My beloved Chris, this again took a long time. The migration service was 20-30 minutes walk from the station where I got off. I again got lost in these tangled streets several times. When I got to the main office of the migration service, its doors were already closed. My beloved Chris, I am very upset. I immediately started looking for the nearest cheap hotel. I found it about 30 minutes ago. I paid for a hotel room and left all my things there and now I decided to write to you. It was the hardest day of my life. I was under a lot of stress and a lot of nervousness. My beloved Chris, now I will not write a lot because I am very tired for today.
This trip to Kiev and the whole day spent in stress and in search of the migration service took all my strength away. I am very tired and I want to sleep. So now I will go to my room and go to bed. I want to sleep well before tomorrow. I was upset today because I did not expect to stay in Kiev for the whole night. But now nothing can be changed, and therefore I have to stay here. I hope that tomorrow will be more successful for me. My beloved Chris, I will finish now and go to bed.
Love your Alona.
Letter 17
Hi darling Chris. How are you? What do you do? I have everything still. Today I walked around Kiev on foot as all organizations are not working today. Therefore, I decided to while away the time by arranging myself a short walk around Kiev. I walked around the city and looked at this city through the eyes of a tourist. But that was boring alone. Now I came to the Internet cafe to write you a letter.
After which I will go to the hotel and go to bed. My beloved Chris, tomorrow is Monday and tomorrow the migration service will finally open. tomorrow I will receive my biometric passport. I hope that tomorrow I can fly to you. I do not want to stay in Kiev for a long time and therefore I hope that tomorrow I can already fly to you. I will definitely keep you informed of all developments. And as soon as I receive my document and purchase tickets to your airport, I will immediately inform you of the full flight details. Now I will interrupt and go to the hotel. I love you Chris. Fondly, your Alona.
Letter 18
Hi darling Chris. Today I am upset again. Again, I had no success.
Today, as soon as I came to the doors of the migration service, there was already a long queue and I was shocked by this. The Migration Office opens at 09:30 am my time. My beloved Chris, I arrived here at 10:00 and was very surprised. One of the girls told me that the queue starts to take up here from about 07:00 in the morning. There are always long queues of people here. Therefore, by 10:00 o'clock my time there was already a long queue. I could not even imagine that there would be so many people getting biometric passports. When I was in line, one of the girls told me that there are always long queues. My beloved Chris, she told me that now many people leave Ukraine for Europe to work or to study. Therefore, there is always a large flow of people who want to get a biometric passport. And many do it a second time, because they could not get a biometric passport for the first time. I even got a little nervous because I heard from this girl that not everyone is given biometric passports. Yet this girl calmed me down. My beloved Chris, She said that most often the refusal to obtain biometric passports is received by those people who did it on their own. And I used a travel agency and therefore my chances of getting a biometric passport are high. My beloved Chris, after that I calmed down a bit. But unfortunately, I was upset again when I realized that I didn't have time to get my biometric passport today. When the main office of the migration service closed, I went to eat. Since I haven't eaten since morning. I even cried a little today, as I have to stay one more night in Kiev again. This was not in my plans and I did not want to accept the additional costs of living in Kiev. My beloved Chris, Kiev is a big city and it is expensive to stay with meals here.
Prices are twice as different from my hometown. That's why I'm very upset. But now I have become smarter and now I will not make such a mistake again. Tomorrow, as soon as I wake up, I will immediately go to the main office of the migration service. My beloved Chris, tomorrow I will wake up as early as possible and am going to come to the door of the migration service by 07:00 am my time. Therefore, tomorrow I am confident that I will receive my biometric passport. I underestimated the time it took to get the document and now because of this I have a little difficulty. But still tomorrow I am sure that I will have time to get it. I will now finish my letter and go to bed.
I'll write you tomorrow as soon as I've done everything. I love you Chris. Your loving Alona.
Letter 19
Hi darling Chris. Now I have mixed feelings. I have two news for you.
The good news is that I was finally able to get my biometric passport.
Still, I was unable to obtain my visa. After receiving my biometric passport, I immediately went to the embassy. When I arrived at the Embassy, ​​there was already a long queue. My beloved Chris, of course I took the line. But I already understood that there was no point in this, since the number of people to obtain a visa was too large. But I did not lose hope and stood in line until the end of the working day of the embassy. Unfortunately, I never got my visa. tomorrow I will go to the embassy in the morning and therefore tomorrow I hope to get my visa. There are far fewer people to get a visa than there were to get biometric passports. But still, the queue is not small here either. My beloved Chris, tomorrow I will come as early as possible and therefore I will definitely have time to get my visa. Today I had no success in obtaining a visa as I had not been at the embassy in the morning.
Since in the morning I was on receipt of my biometric passport. Now I am glad that at least with obtaining a biometric passport, everything went well today and now it is in my hands. My beloved Chris, so now it only remains to get a visa. this is the most important document for me and I am a little worried about it. people in the queue say that it is very difficult to get a visa and some of the people in the queue have been trying to get it not for the first time. But again, those people who issued it on their own cannot get a visa. And those who did it through a travel agency received visas without problems. Therefore, I am a little calmer, since I also did everything through a travel agency and they gave me guarantees that I could get it. My beloved Chris, I trust my travel agent and therefore I trust that I can get my visa without any problems. I hope that today I will spend my last night in Kiev and will be able to fly to you tomorrow. I hope everything will end tomorrow. Now I will interrupt and go to bed. I want to wake up tomorrow at 06:00 in the morning and come to the embassy by 07:00 in the morning. I want to come before the opening of the embassy and take the line. I will do this so that I can get my visa tomorrow. My beloved Chris, and now I will finish my letter. I love you, your Alona.
Letter 20
Hi darling Chris. I have two news for you again. The good news is that I was finally able to get my visa interview. Unfortunately, I was unable to get my visa. The consul explained to me that for the flight I use a tourist visa. According to the conditions of obtaining a tourist visa, any person must have fully paid tickets to the country of visit and return tickets to their country. My beloved Chris, That's why the consul told me that the first thing now I have to pay for the tickets and only then will he issue me a visa. He said that today I will not have time to do it and advised me to pay for tickets for tomorrow. He also said that I will be able to get a visa without waiting in line, since today I have successfully passed the interview.
And now, in order to get a visa, I have to pay for tickets in both directions, and only then the consul will issue me a visa. My beloved Chris, After I left the consul's office, I immediately informed my travel agent about it. My beloved Chris, my travel agent will send me a flight booking tomorrow. Tomorrow I will pay for my tickets. My beloved Chris, tomorrow I am sending you the full details of my tickets to your airport and return tickets back from your airport.
Tomorrow I have to pay for my tickets. With the tickets paid, I will go to the embassy and get my visa. After which I will prepare for my flight. I ask you to check your mail more often tomorrow so that you know the full details of my flight in time. So that you can meet me at your airport. I am very happy now that tomorrow everything will be finished with the receipt of documents and I will be able to fly to you. I am very happy now and today I will go to bed in a good mood. My beloved Chris, I won't write much right now. By the way, today when I was buying food to cook a meal, I bought two lottery tickets. I registered one ticket in your name as a small gift for you. It happens that I play the lottery and even won small amounts several times. I won two times. I won 530 dollars once. I donated this money to the orphanage. once I won 270 dollars, I spent this money on myself. Maybe we'll get lucky again. I have registered two tickets. On one lottery ticket, I indicated your details. Therefore, you may receive an email with an electronic ticket. But now is not about that. I'm going to bed now and want to wake up as early as possible. I want to prepare for my flight more well and arrive as early as possible at the embassy in order to get my visa faster. After which I will immediately go to the airport. My travel agent informed me that check-in closes 40 minutes before the plane leaves. And the registration of the flight begins at least two to three hours before the departure of the flight. My beloved Chris, my travel agent advised me that it would be better if I arrive early at the airport. She knows that this is my first flight and it will take me a while to figure it out at the airport itself.
Therefore, she advised me to come to the airport as early as possible.
I follow her advice and will go to the airport early so that I have time to sort things out and check in for my flight. My beloved Chris, I will now finish my letter and write to you tomorrow. With great love, your Alona.
Letter 21
Hi darling Chris. I'm very upset now. I had a little difficulty paying for my tickets. Today, as soon as I woke up, I immediately went to get mail from my travel agent. When I received the booking of my tickets, I realized that I did not have enough to fully pay for the tickets.
And also the nearest departure was only on January 26. Therefore, I had to pay for the accommodation. Now I don't know what to do. My beloved Chris, today, as soon as I saw that I didn’t have the full amount to pay for my tickets, I immediately wrote to my friend that I had a difficulty and I needed a loan. I hoped for her, that she could help me. My beloved Chris, I turned to her for help in the morning and waited for a letter from her all day. Now 20 minutes ago she finished work and sent me a letter. She said that at the moment she could not help me with money. She said that she could help me only in the middle of next month, after receiving her salary. But I can't wait that long.
I've already spent too much time in Kiev. This is the whole problem.
My beloved Chris, if I could fly to you on the very first day as soon as I arrived in Kiev, then this problem would not arise for me.
Unfortunately, getting a biometric passport and visa turned out to be much more difficult than I thought. It is for this reason that I had to stay in Kiev for a long time. During these days in Kiev, I spent 470 dollars on accommodation, meals and travel around the city. This was not in my plans. I did not expect that I would stay in Kiev for such a long time and I would have to spend so much. But unfortunately I had to stay here because of the long receipt of my documents. My beloved Chris, this is what gave me the problem now. It is because of the long delay in Kiev that I now do not have enough to pay for my tickets in full. Now I don't know what to do, because I don't know where to find the missing amount. I hoped for my friend and hoped that she would help me. But she can only help after receiving a salary, and I cannot wait that long. Therefore, I have no other choice but to ask you for help. I have a hopeless situation and for this I now ask for your support. I can't do it without you. My beloved Chris, my tickets to your country are only 770 dollars. This is in view of the fact that the travel agency makes a good discount for me in paying for tickets.
I have now deposited 500 dollars with a travel agency for booking my tickets. And now, so that I can fully pay for my tickets, I need another 270 dollars. My beloved, so that I can get my tickets, I need to pay an additional 270 dollars to the travel agency. I am very ashamed in front of you for the fact that I have to ask you for financial support. But I have no other choice. Only you can help me with my flight. Since I have no one else to count on. Therefore, I ask you to help me as soon as possible so that I can fly out of here as soon as possible. My beloved Chris, I have no money left to pay for room and board. I don't have enough money for my tickets anyway.
Therefore, I cannot stay in Kiev. I have to manage to pay in full for my tickets, which are due to depart on january 26. Therefore, I have very little time. After paying for the tickets, I still have to get to the embassy in order to pick up my visa. I ask you to support me, as I myself cannot cope. My beloved, help me pay for my tickets. I am flying to you and I need your support. Besides you, I have no one to turn to. Therefore, I ask you to take action as soon as possible so that I can have time to do everything before departure. I will now finish my letter and await your prompt reply. I love you Chris. Your Alona.
Letter 22
Hi darling Chris. I'm glad to read your letter. It's already morning in Ukraine, I woke up about 30 minutes ago. I went to the shower quickly and immediately ran to write you a letter. Because I have a difficulty that I must have time to solve in order not to lose the flight. My beloved, in your letter you wrote that each time my flight was postponed for a whole week. Yes you are right. But this is not my fault. Now there are huge queues and everyone was trying to get the documents done faster before Christmas and New Year. Because of this, there is simply an incredible number of people here. And also due to the coronavirus epidemic, a large number of people were not allowed into the building itself. For this, the whole process of obtaining documents took a very long time. And also tickets were only for January 26. My beloved Chris, but this is no longer important, since I have already solved all the questions with the documents. Now all I have to do is deposit the remaining money for my tickets and collect them. After that, with the tickets already paid, I will take my visa and fly to you tomorrow at 14:05 my time. My beloved, for this we need to be in time with the payment of my tickets. We have a big time difference, and this is a slight inconvenience. My darling, I hope you write to me as soon as you wake up. We have to be in time with the payment of my tickets. In your letter you write about the currency used in my country. You know that there was a war here for many years in the Luhansk and Donetsk regions, military and military operations still continue. Since the war began here and the US government has supported Ukraine. Trump started supporting Ukraine and US dollars began to be used here. Now dollars have become much more popular and more often used than Ukrainian hryvnias. Therefore, you can not spend money on commissions during conversion and transfer money in dollars.
The travel agency accepts payment in dollars, so you don't have to worry about that. My beloved, how do you want to transfer money? I only know one way. here in Ukraine MoneyGram is very popular. It is advertised on TV, it is on advertising posters, and it is available almost at every step in Kiev. if you could use it, it would be very convenient. write to me about it. Now I will interrupt and wait for your prompt reply. I wish you good morning and a good day in advance.
I love you Chris. Fondly, your Alona.
Letter 23
Good morning my dear Chris. I'm glad to receive a letter from you. Now I won't write much. I want to give you data with which you can send me money through the MoneyGram system. For this you need my full name: Name: Alona, ​​Surname: Rusnac, Country: Ukraine, City: Kiev. This is the data with which you can send me money. My beloved Chris, my details are also indicated in the details of my flight that I sent to you. Now I won't write much. I will finish my letter and wait for your prompt reply. Write to me as soon as possible. I'm at the internet cafe and I'm waiting for your next letter.
I love you Chris. Fondly,
your Alona.
Letter 24
My beloved Chris, forgive me for being silent for so long. I don’t want to stay here. When I wrote you a letter, I didn’t free the computer. I just sat there waiting for your letter. The man in the line at the Internet cafe did not scold me. He was rude to me and pulled me away from the computer. He got mad because I didn't do anything and was just waiting. I was very scared of him. even no one stood up for me. I had to go looking for an internet cafe elsewhere.
Now I have found an internet cafe. It turned out to be even cheaper.
My darling, I won't write much. I'll send you my passport and wait for your answer.
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