Scam letter(s) from Elizabeth Hudson to Frank (USA)

Letter 1
Nice Dear,my full name :Elizabeth Hudson :Date of birth :May 22, 1986 Age :34Gemini sign Height :5ft 6" (170 cm)Weight :135 lbs lbslb. Country :Ghana.Town Nsaba: ,Religion ;Christianity, Marital status :single with no kids . :Occupation ;i work in a School as a Caretaker.I live with my mom as well as my little sister .I can say that I am a real person, with a sober outlook on life. I am positive and always look forward to every day. I am very goal-oriented, and also direct. I am loving, affectionate, honest and sincere. In fact, I think that all forms of art deserve respect.Dear the site was given to me by my cousin in Canada to try it but i don't know much about the site ,like i will change my profile and description,Thats the main reason why i asked you to give me your email address so that i can mail you for you to know more about you Dear.Not into games
Letter 2
Frank like i said the site was given to me by a cousin to try it but i dont know much about it thats why i asked you of your email address so that we can chat more there to know each other more .I am not here for games or play any tricks Frank
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