Scam letter(s) from Julia to Steve (UK)

Letter 1
Hello dear Steve what day do you think it is? That's right, luck looked at my door and said that you were looking for me My name is Julia, there are many versions and one of them is that my name came from the Roman family name Julian or Julius, does this mean that I am Roman? of course not lol I, like all women, want to find my man with whom we would walk through life on the same wavelength and understand each other perfectly I'm not looking for a pen pal, I'm looking for my happiness, I think you will also agree with me on this, right? I didn't think that I was brave, but I decided to write to you and something might come of it. I put my soul into the letter, do the same for me I want to get to know a person, his inner world, hobbies, hobbies, his favorite pastime, and what he just loves. A little spoiler about me, I'm a crazy cook lol I was born in Ukraine in the city of Alchevsk, you are probably hearing this for the first time I rent an apartment and live alone with my cat, which I picked up on the street. I decided that it was enough for me to talk to the cat, I needed a man about whom I would take care and support him. Steve if you want to become my cat, I will look forward to your letter He-He Kiss
Letter 2
Hello dear Kasper, I'm glad to receive your letter, which means you want to become my cat? Hehe this is a joke) For me, to correspond by letters is something unusual, I immediately remember old films where two loving people sent letters to each other, it's romantic and unusual, isn't it? Wow, you're a DJ that's cool) how long have you been doing this? And why did you choose this particular profession? It would be nice to be together in the same kitchen;) I work as a correctional teacher, I really like this profession, although it is not highly paid, I chose it myself and do not regret it, every day I do a good job, I help children with birth defects. I have a kind and open soul, I always try to help people and perhaps this is my curse, many people take kindness for weakness. I really love to cook, as my friend calls me I am a "mad cook" lol
When I'm in the kitchen, it always means that something is already being prepared) and the next thoughts are born in my head what to cook)) hehe I already mentioned my cat, I took her from the street, it was a funny story, I was walking home from work and I saw this little miracle, completely alone without my mother, I wanted to feed her, but she decided to run away from me to such a place, where a woman shouldn't go, it's a basement, and what do you think? I followed her with a flashlight, and when I caught her, I decided to pick her up) Relationships on the Internet are a new discovery for me, I am doing this for the first time on the recommendation of my friends)) They are sure that I can find a good man here, do you think this is possible? Honey, it's time for me to get back to work, otherwise the boss will eat me)) lol I look forward to your letter, I hope I did not offend you in any way. In one of the photos it's me in Moscow, I was sent to refresher courses))
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