Romance scam letter(s) from Maria to Edward (Canada)
Letter 1
I hurry to write you my letter.
Mariya my name.
In my 35 years I haven't been married. I live in Moscow.
I am looking for a serious relationship forever.
I am interested in how you spend your free time and what do you do at work?
I look good in the photo?
I would love to take a look at your photos.
Reply to me at this address:
I will wait for your answer.
Letter 2
Hello my dear Edward, thanks for writing to me!
I am very happy to answer you, I even got in a good mood !!! You know, I never corresponded with any man on the internet, you are the first man I started communicating with.
It is very interesting for me because you can write a lot of thoughts and feelings in letters !!!!
I hope you are a serious person because I have really serious intentions! Now I want to tell you something about my life!
I was born in Moscow, it is a very beautiful city and the capital of Russia! Have you ever been to Moscow?
I hope that it is not a problem for you that I am from Russia? I want to be honest and open with you!
I am a decent and sociable girl! I have no children and I am not married!
I live alone. My parents live in their house. The house is in the suburbs. It's more like a dacha. and almost every weekend I go to see my parents.
I am 35 years old. When is your birthday? Tell me! I've been involved in dancing and sports since I was a child, I've always tried to keep myself in good shape! and i did it! I think every girl should always look good, be smart and always be feminine !!!
I also studied at the university and got a college diploma !!! I work as a restaurant manager. There is a lot to do and you need to follow the work of each member of staff and be kind to every guest. I work 5 days!
Many of my friends and acquaintances already have happy families and children! I see her happy in marriage!
I want to be happy too!
I am a very serious and decent woman and want to build a serious relationship and a happy future! I really want to have mutual love in my heart, I want to enjoy love with my loved one !!!
for the sake of true love i am ready for anything, because without true love it is difficult for a person to live! What do you think
Yes I understand we are far apart but I think this is not a problem these days, just a couple of hours.
on the plane and we're already a few steps away from each other
I don't think distance is a problem for us !!! The main thing is to have a desire to meet !!!!
Yes, I forgot to say I will be on vacation from work soon!
I have never been to your country but I want to go there!
I like to constantly develop and see new things and learn new cultures.
I don't know much about you yet, but it's only a matter of time! Feel free to tell me how you live and what do you like to do? I'm really looking forward to it and I'm very interested! I will send you some of my photos! Hope you will like them and smile on your face! I am very happy to have made our acquaintance and I am curious what will happen next! I look forward to your answer, please email me soon, I'll be waiting for it!
Sincerely your sweet and beautiful wife Mariya
Letter 3
Hello my dear Edward! Thank you for your letter! How is your mood today
In every new letter I send you my other photos to have a smile on your face!
I have a feeling that you are a good man and I am happy to communicate with you! I really want us to succeed!
I don't mind if we talk on the phone too. write me your correct number. I have WhatsApp. We can communicate more.
As soon as I have more time, I'll write to you on WhatsApp. In this letter I will tell you how my everyday life is going.
I start my day with a cup of fragrant boiled coffee with milk !!!
I like the way my mom cooks, every day she gives different delicious healthy breakfasts!
Usually it happens to different cereals with fruit or cheese curd pancakes with honey or sour cream! My mom is a good cook and she taught me how to cook various delicious dishes! but I'll tell you later! she always says that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach!
My working day starts at 9 a.m. and always ends at 6 p.m.
My work is not so difficult for me, I feel good all day and therefore go after work three times a week
Fitness training! I love doing sports and being in good shape !! Do you do sports?
To be honest, I was already tired from this everyday life, from work, home and training. I want to fall very much in love and have mutual love!
Unfortunately I haven't found the right person, maybe you will become one? Who knows? Lots of men try to get to know me, but I don't see it seriously!
Sometimes men give me flowers and show that they are not indifferent to me. But I know that you don't need real feelings !!!!
I really want to have sincere mutual love and a serious real relationship!
Making love is good, but when there are really sincere feelings of love between a man and a woman and then making love is much more pleasant!
Love is a great feeling and if it is mutual you will be a happy person! I would love to be happy! And you?
If we strive for each other and have serious intentions, I am sure we will succeed!
I also travel to the village with my mother and with my father!
They have their own lovely garden where they grow lots of lovely different flowers, as well as vegetables and fruits! It's very nice in summer!
I completely forgot to say that my vacation will be soon and I want to spend these days in a romantic atmosphere !!!
maybe in your country that would be great! but for now it's my dream! I am sure that my dream will come true!
the main thing is to strive for your dream and it will definitely come true in reality! I think it!
I really hope you answer me soon! I like you and I want to get to know you better!
I hope to see your other photos in your next letter!
I kiss you on the cheek and hug you, your Mariya
Letter 4
Hello my dear Edward, I am very pleased about your letter! your letter lifts my spirits!
I never thought that communication on the internet would be so nice! Many Thanks!
and I ask you not to worry. I will write to you in WhatsApp. and I promise to call you. I only ask you one thing. Do not hurry. I want to know as much about you as possible. I want to see your photos every day. and I believe that we will communicate well and respect one another.
What is your favorite meal? Which products do you like and which don't? I often cook cottage cheese cakes myself with berries and light salads made from various vegetables!
But there can still not be 2 cooks in the house and therefore I cook very seldom !! but i would like to cook delicious dishes for my beloved man but he is not here yet! I think you could be everything is in our hands !!
I want to be your dessert, would you like to try it?
I am a sensitive girl and please don't make me sick because I don't want a broken heart! I really want to open my heart to a decent man who will fill him with love and whom I could be happy with! I really want you to be that man!
please tell me for the love of it all that you ready
I have a younger sister.
do you write to other girls or just me ?! tell me the whole truth! How serious are your intentions What are your future plans? Please answer!
I want to live my life with a man of good faith. With whom can I always feel absolutely safe !!
I want to love and receive mutual love !!!!
I will do everything for my beloved man, the main thing that we were good together!
Most of all, I value friendliness, understanding and attention in a man. A man who understands the importance of trust and honesty and who respects himself and his loved ones !!!! I think these qualities are very important for a man and a woman! Only then can a couple build true love! What do you think? What qualities do you value in people?
I really hope we will be good friends and maybe a lot more than friends! I want to be lovers! I think you understood what I was trying to tell you!
Don't forget me and write as often as possible! I hope you enjoy my photos! I look forward to your letter!
I kiss you on the cheek, your Mariya
Letter 5
Hello my dear Edward!!! Thank you for your reponse! How are you?
I am very happy to correspond with you! I am glad that you like my photos
but I feel even better in life, and you will be convinced of it when we meet!)!
I beg you don't worry. I will definitely write you in WhatsApp. and we will definitely speak and hear the voices found. You are a beautiful man and I want to communicate with you.
You know, I would really like to share my life with a good, serious person who can trust in himself and who knows what he wants!
I want to feel a gentle female girl and have mutual love in my heart !!! I want to wake up and fall asleep with the only person I will truly love and respect !!!!
I am always responsible for actions and words because I am an honest and decent girl! I don't like it when they promise something and don't keep the promise!
My parents raised me very strictly, but with love! And I am grateful to you for that! I met you on the internet and inside myself like something had changed! I started smiling and always in a good mood when I get your answer!))))
I want us to be successful and we met!
As I told you, I exercise several times a week to always be in good shape and looking beautiful. Exercise is also very good for your health. To be athletic, I eat the right healthy food every day so as not to gain too much! Much depends on the right diet! Keeping in shape makes you feel good! My favorite food is a variety of fruits and vegetables, yogurt and cottage cheese! I also like red fish and turkey chicken! I also like to make fresh carrot apples !!!!
but sometimes you want to eat something unhealthy and very calorie! for example a kind of cake or a fatty piece of meat! sometimes i take a day off from exercise and proper nutrition! When I come to my grandmother in the village, we and my mother organize a festival of the belly.)))) My grandmother bakes very tasty different Russian cakes with different beginnings: with berries, apples, meat and cabbage! It tastes very tasty vegetables with meat in a cast iron saucepan over low heat in a Russian stove !! We enjoy this meal and get a lot of joy! and then every week a strictly healthy meal begins!
I like my life and I enjoy it, but in my heart it is very sad and it wants to love and be loved !!! I want to live fully and have a decent man who I will be fine with! I really want this man to be you!
I will be happy to see your new photos. Send me more photos! OK?
and in the next letter I will send absolutely different beautiful photos of myself !!! I am sure you will like them!
Don't forget me and write as often as possible!
I'm looking forward to your letter, kiss you, your dear Mariya
Letter 6
Hello my dear Edward, thanks for your reply. I was looking forward to your letter.
Your letters make me happy and a smile appears on my face. I am very happy that I met such a wonderful person like you.
I know we haven't known each other for a long time, but I notice my life changing for the better. I think that's because of our communication. I smiled more often to be happy. I forgot what sadness is and all thanks to you. I want to take you for a walk in the park. I want to penetrate your strong and tender hugs and enjoy every day they spend together !!!
I look forward to meeting you. I sincerely want us to really love each other. Do you want it? I want us both to
be happy and to see love for one another in our eyes. Dearest, I have an important question for you, what do you think of me? Would you like to be with me one day?
This morning I got up early and made myself a delicious breakfast: scrambled eggs with fried bacon. You just can't imagine how tasty it is when mine is boiling. I got dressed and went to the bus stop to wait for my bus.
At the bus stop I noticed a couple in love with a man and a girl. A man hugged his girlfriend so tenderly and whispered in his ear for a moment, "I love you." I was a little sad, I immediately thought, what a shame that
it's not us. Then I came to work, I was very busy and very tired. I worked without a break until the evening. When I got home my mother and I started dinner. I made rice with vegetables and steamed salmon! This is healthy and tasty food. I love healthy food, it helps me stay in good shape. After dinner, I saw some delicious Chinese tea. It's also very healthy. and after dinner I thought of our romantic time together!
Today I'm going to take a bubble bath and do some spa treatments!
I hope you and I succeed. I send you a big kiss and wish you a nice evening.
Please reply to me as soon as possible. Your dearest and beautiful Mariya
Letter 7
Hello my dear Edward! Thanks for your answer! How are you today?
I am very happy that you like my photos! But when you meet you will understand that I am much better and more beautiful in life!
I'm sure we could become a wonderful couple because I'm just drawn to you!
I want to open my heart to sincere mutual love, I want us to build a great love! Are you ready to open your heart to me Let's fill our hearts with love and be happy together ?!
I am writing to you very seriously about my intentions because I am a sincere woman!
I think we will succeed. The main thing is to strive for it! The inner values ​​of a person are important to me,
I respect it when a man is decent and responsible, when he keeps his promises and keeps his word! I need a man with whom I will feel like a real woman, who will protect and love me with all my heart. again I will give
my beloved man completely! I will take care of him and love him as he will, I will pamper him with delicious dishes (after all, the way to a man's heart lives through his stomach)! and I will always support him in good times and in difficult times what happens in life !! My beloved man will be proud of me and we will respect
me !!!! and what do you think about it what do you think of me are you serious about me?
What do you think of my vacation, which is about to start? would you like to meet me? please don't worry,
it's not my turn, I'm just curious to know!
You know, every day goes by with thoughts of you because you really took my whole head off! I am asked at work that I am not my own! I'm kind of getting lost, but something inside of me has changed for the better!
My mood has been wonderful lately, you seem to influence me so much!
Please do not grieve me and never make me sick because I am very sensitive to feelings!
I'll send you some more photos from life, I hope they bring a smile! I send you a warm kiss to warm you up a little !!! I would like to receive your reply very soon! please write to me!
Sincerely, Mariya
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