Romance scam letter(s) from Tatyana to Jean (France)
Letter 1
How s it going my man! I do hope you get my e-mail and will carefully read it. It s my last effort to find my beloved using the network because all my previous attempts appeared to be a failure.I m looking for strong relationship. If you r a futile man who looks only for sex and naked pictures, I am begging u to skip that mail.I d like to introduce myself. My name is Tatiana.I live in a good-sized city in Ukraine.Have you ever heard something about it? Time to time I m thinking about changing my country. I m already 35 y.old and I know that I want to split my life with a good-hearted and witty man. So I don t want tp waste time playing games.I will not even try to prove something because I am a literary, kind-hearted lady. I have no difficulties in financial sphere as I am a private dentist.It was some general info about me. If you are interested in my letter, then I am waiting for your reply. Therefore, I want your next letter to tell as much as possible about yourself, your city and your lifestyle.. In the coming days, I will check my mail and you may have already answered me. Interested? Please write ONLY to my regular email: Looking forward to hearing from you, Tanechka.
Letter 2
Hi my sweetheart I hope you get this message and will read it from top to bottom. This s my last attempt to find my valentine on the net because all my early approaches were unsuccessful.I m searching for reliable relationship. If u r a tinkering human who needs only sex and naked photos, I would like u not to answer my message.I d like to tell you something about me. My name is Tanechka.I live in a great city in UA - Ukraine.Do you know something about my county? I often think to leave my country. I m already thirty-five years old and I am sure that I want to have relationship with a kindly and clever man. So I am not going to play any games.I will never try to prove something to someone as I am read person. I do not need any financial assistance as I am a dentist.There was the general information about me. Whether you get appealed by this mail, I am looking forward to your answer. That s why I would be glad to know as much as possible about you, your thoughts and your lifestyle. In the coming days, I will check my mail and you may have already answered me. If you are interested Please write ONLY to my private mail box: Looking forward to hearing from you, Tanechka!
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