Romance scam letter(s) from Anna Maria Bielawski to Paul (USA)
Letter 1
Today is a terrific evening, maybe you cheer me up, your answer?
During this troubled time, all become relatives, do you agree?
Did you open my photos? I will wait for yours too please have you seen Holland once? I live in this country!
It will be very nice to talk through my personal
Letter 2
I am very pleased to see your answer. Now I don’t write to you a lot, because I don’t know anything about you. But I hope that this path will be opened. What are you looking for on the internet ??? I'm looking for a second half or a sincere friendship. Now it is difficult to find something sincere and pure for a relationship. I am a simple woman and have an ordinary life with ordinary joys and problems. If you are interested in continuing contact then tell us a little about you. Today I am sending you a photo. I hope that you will also send me your photo. I'm waiting for your answer.
Letter 3
Hi Paul!!! Today is a great Saturday afternoon and I have a day off. I will tell you about my workplace later. It was not an expectation for me to see your letter in my email.
I was warned to be careful on the Internet.
I hope you have only bright and positive intentions for our acquaintance.
Before, I talked on the Internet only on business matters.
And I didn’t even think that the Internet is a great platform for meeting new people.
I was advised to use the services of a paid dating agency.
That's how I got your email address.
I hope that our acquaintance with you will be successful and will bring us a storm of positive emotions.
Now there is a smile on my face and I'm not much shy.
Of course I would like to know a little more about you so that I can imagine your image.
Have you been using the internet for dating for a long time?
Do you have any experience?
I also want to ask you how often do you meet girls on the Internet?
I like to communicate with people, it is very exciting.
I don’t know what to add to this letter.
I will try to write you more in the next letter.
Send me your pictures.
I will try to answer you quickly. =) P.S. Nice to see your photo. You are a handsome man. )))
Letter 4
Hello Paul!!! Thanks for the answer.
I usually only use the internet for my workplace or to watch TV shows.
If my answer is delayed, don't worry!
I will try to answer your letter as soon as I have free time.
Now life has changed because of covid19. Restrictions give stress. People are really dying. It is to give pain.
There have been fatalities in my circle of friends and relatives. It is to give pain.
Life has become a little harder. But there is always a way out. Some rules must be followed to be safe for the virus. I hope that you follow all these rules and at least use a medical mask everywhere.
I keep working and do not look back.
I'll tell you a little about me. Hope you find it interesting.
I was born not far from Amsterdam (about 130 km). My birthday is June 20, 1982.
My parents have lived in Amsterdam all their lives.
Unfortunately, my mother is no longer in this world.
She died of cancer. This is very sad.
When I grew up, I lived in London for a while to learn English. I can speak well, but write poorly. I studied a lot and attended different courses.
I often visit different European countries and often visit USA 3 years ago. My firm pays all my business travel expenses.
I do not like to sit around. I spend a lot of time at work.
I have been working in real estate for 5 years and selling houses, apartments, commercial real estate. When I visited USA I was arranging real estate for a large Dutch company. My job brings me a steady income.
Everything seems to be fine in life. But I don't have my own family. A year ago I bought my own apartment and take a mortgage for this. My apartment has a living room, large kitchen, toilet and bedroom. Now my tty lives with me to decorate my loneliness.
I miss the love in my life. I want to find the right man. With whom we will have a lot in common. And it will be easy for us together.
I like men older than me, because in his youth a man thinks only for his pleasure and forget about the desires of a woman.
I want to feel like a woman and spend time with my man.
I was advised to meet online. I paid the agency money. To help me find you ...
I don't need a big wallet. I can make money myself. My family spend a lot of money for my training.
I make enough money and I can afford whatever I want. My main desire is to find a man who will respect and appreciate me.
I love swimming, fitness, sex, travel, sea and sun. I recently returned from vacation.
If we want to meet, this is not a problem. I can always come to you. I just need to find the time for this.
I have the opportunity to visit different countries, both tourist and professional.
I listen to music, mainly jazz, blues. I don't like loud music.
Tell us about yourself and don't forget to send me your photos.
I hope this letter will open the veil. And you can see my life a little.
I respect any job and can do a lot myself. I love to dance :-)
I wanted to know more about you and your character. tell me
about it? I consider you a sociable and romantic person ...? :-)
Now I'm finishing my letter and waiting for an answer!
If I don't answer you quickly. This does not mean that I have lost interest.
As soon as there is more free time.
I will try to give you as much attention as possible.
I hope that after reading my letter you will smile. :-)
I will wait for your reply. I wish only positive thoughts for you.
My motto is for life. Never regret the past. And I only believe in a wonderful future.
I hope that our acquaintance is proof of this.
Letter 5
Hello Paul!!! Today is Friday and the weekend is ahead. Today my girlfriend and I want to bake a pizza. Only I don't know what to use chicken or bacon. :))) I love to eat deliciously, but I really regret that because of the food my stomach grows, but not my boobs. :))) Due to the virus, all entertainment venues are closed. Wanted to visit a restaurant with a girlfriend, but it didn't function. On the weekend I will stay at home and do some paperwork for my lawyer. My firm cooperates with a Greek law firm that handles the affairs of the firm where I work. It's cheap and professional. Due to the virus, many contracts fell through and have a collapse. This will affect my income a little. But I'm not worried, because there is some savings. On the weekend I will visit my aunt to clean her house. She is an old woman and her children are far away and not able to help her. Hope you had a good week. What do you usually do on Friday? How do you usually spend your weekend ????
I am very pleased to see your intentions for me. I received many messages from men who demand erotic photos, sex, there were messages where I was accused of a crime. I don't understand why they call me a fraud. They say that I only need money. I was very surprised. I have a good job and my honor and upbringing will not allow me to commit a crime. I know Eastern Europe has a lot of scammers, but my country has strict laws and the police work great. Probably in Eastern Europe, the police are absent or corrupt. Well, in general, I closed all these contacts. Hope our relationship will have the right track. I realized that the Internet has a lot of dirt and even wanted to delete my mailbox, but you look adequate and I decided to give a chance for our contact. How is the weather? what is your mood. I want my messages to lift your spirits. I understand that now you only see my words. I think that in the future we will resolve the issue for real contact.
But now I have a lot of things to do for the workplace and free time I spend for rest. I want to take a few weeks off in December to enjoy Christmas in peace. This is my favorite holiday. My boss said that I would have a business trip to England and after that I could take a vacation. I travel a lot and sometimes I get bored with it. I love sea sand and sun. :))) Hope your week was calm and you don't have any stress. Tell me about your thoughts. What do you think about, what immediate plans do you want to implement. Do not forget to send your photos. It is important. On the weekend I will look for good and beautiful pictures for you. I'm waiting for your answer. My thoughts about you. Our contact is to give something new. Your Maria.
Letter 6
Good afternoon Paul!!!! I live near the town of Utrecht.
On this beautiful day, your letter gave me joy. It seems to me that there is good energy in your letters, it is very pleasant. There is always a smile and joy on my face when I read your words. This is something new for my life. It's a shame that now I have very little time. I want to read your letters every day. I promise you will deal with my affairs as soon as possible. And I can pay much more attention to our acquaintance. Due to the virus, many issues need to be resolved remotely.
I recently registered Skype but was unable to configure the drivers for the webcam as I was new to the computer instructions for this program. I will also make sure to find time to chat on VIBER or skype.
Are you able to use this? Sorry, work is time consuming. In the workplace, we are prohibited from using this due to safety. Recently the firm where I work had a hacker attack. In the coming weekend I will resolve the issue for our contact via viber or skype, and we will be able to chat. To be honest, I'm a little worried. I promise that I will try to resolve this issue quickly. I believe that the Internet cannot replace live communication. But at the same time, the Internet is a great tool for communication, but there is no smell and touch. In general, I will try to fix the problems with my computer. I really want to find a man who will love me, appreciate and respect me. And he will see in me not only a body for sex, but also a wonderful inner world. I get a lot of looks from men. But I don’t feel their sincerity. I want to see and feel that a man wants to see my soul, inner world, but not only the vagina and boobs. The most important thing is that a man has goals in life. because if there is a goal, then there will be a result. A man should be interesting, have a sense of humor, be sure to be able to look after a girl. These qualities are very important to me. And most importantly, a man should be himself.
Because it often happens that a man puts on a mask to conquer a woman, and when a woman is in his arms, the man becomes completely different.
Do you understand my thoughts ???? Give me a comment for this question. I think I'm too demanding. And so I never found my soul mate. I hope that our acquaintance is not accidental. It is easy for me to write my words to you, and I really like it. I think this is very important about relationships. I look forward to your next letter. I wish you all the best and take care of yourself and do not forget to wear a medical mask and try not to visit public places. I got some bad news recently. A colleague of my girlfriend from university died due to covid19. It's very scary. I'm waiting for your answer. My thoughts are near. Maria !!!
Letter 7
Hello Paul! Thank you very much for your story about your former woman.
I am pleased that you are opening your life to me.
Your letter is always a surprise to me, because my mailbox only gives me a routine for a workplace. This year has been very difficult due to the virus. It is necessary to resolve many issues remotely, which is always very inconvenient. And your letter is like a ray of sunshine. It is always very pleasant. Today is a normal day and I work at my aunt's home. She is a little sick and in between work I help her. Her stomach is in trouble and she needs to prepare special light meals. But that doesn't bother me. When I bought my little apartment, my aunt helped me pay the first installment for a bank mortgage.
Sometimes I think it will be very interesting to see your life in the real world. This is not a problem in the modern world. Airplanes flew every day to any point in the world. But now due to the virus it has become a problem. How does your country receive planes now? Can you get this information? Of course, I can do it myself, but there is very little time. I stare at the computer screen all day and I already hate the computer. Only your letters give me pleasure. ))) I'll tell you a little about my past. I grew up in an ordinary family. Dad worked at a meat farm with his uncle. My uncle was a farm manager when he was young. My mom worked as a teacher in an elementary school. I think I grew up in love. I think that I have the right ideals for family and family relationships. Now Europe has changed and changed for the worse. There are many homosexuals and lesbians around, drugs are legalized. The government is promoting this, because, for example, there are homosexuals and lesbians in the government of my country. It is very sad. Now in schools and kindergartens, boys are forced to be girls and girls are forced to be independent as men. It is easy for women to leave children to men and seek a new life. How can a child grow up normal without maternal love? This is all very sad. Many men raise children without a woman. You probably know that. I think that only the fire of war or a flood can fix this. Sometimes I read the Bible and understand that there is only one way out. I delved into philosophy a little. :) What do you think about this? Tell me about the situation in your country. I have an interest for this. If we dream of a joint future, then I need to study your country. You will be a good teacher. Don't be lazy to give me these thoughts. I am finishing my letter. Sorry if I give you sad thoughts. I want. So that my letters give you only joy. But working with the brain is very useful. :) I'm waiting for your answer. Your Maria.
P.S. I am sending
you a photo of a summer walk on a forest lake
Letter 8
Sorry for not giving an answer for a long time. Yesterday morning at breakfast I broke a tooth and wasted all day for the dentist. Took a special day off from the workplace. After an anesthetic injection and stress, I had a rest and slept all day. now everything is fine and my tooth is like new. But these were unforeseen expenses. :) In the morning I finish all the chores for the workplace. Forgot to say that I was successful in the workplace. All my documents that I had been preparing all week were sent for processing to our lawyers and they will accept all documents. I am currently designing a new commercial property for 120,000 meters. The customer of the company where I work wants to locate a workshop for the production of agricultural machinery. We have a home stretch for this facility. Now the work is being done by estimators and engineers to get the final cost of the building. Sorry to dunk your head in my affairs. :)
I hope you had a good time for your week. Now I will be visiting my aunt. I'll drink wine tonight. My director will give me a nice bottle of red wine. I love wine, but only 2 glasses maximum. I do not like intoxication. But I love light wine relaxation. My thoughts will be about you. My friends (a married couple and their children) will visit me in the evening. I promised that we would have a walk together. I am finishing my letter. I won't write you much. Because of the tooth, my head is empty and I don't have a lot of thoughts, because my repaired tooth is giving me discomfort.
Letter 9
Hello my dear friend Paul! My tooth is fine. The doctor will completely restore my tooth and now I already forget about it. Thank you very much for your thoughts on this. I am very pleased.
Hope you had a good time for the weekend. I had an ordinary weekend.
Listened to my aunt's chatter. He loves to talk about her youth and often criticize me for the little things in life. But I have patience because she is a sick and old woman. I, too, will someday have old age and listen to it with patience. 2 years ago my aunt helped me a lot to buy my apartment. She gave me money for the first installment to the bank and in her youth paid for my college tuition. I am very grateful to her. I told my aunt about our contact. She got excited and spent the whole evening asking me about my intentions. She does not understand how it is possible to have contact with a man on the Internet. But I told her about our good friendship, which can turn into love. She said it was very romantic.
This week my boss is solving an issue for my business trip. The company where I work now has few employees. A colleague of mine went on maternity leave and many fell ill. Now the question is being decided: either I will go to England to register commercial real estate or I will go to Turkey to inspect some objects for sale. I have already said that the firm where I work is a law firm from Greece. A lawyer from this firm will travel with me. The lawyer will be arriving in the Netherlands next week. The secretary of the company will begin to process the travel documents this week. Our company has a special person who can handle documents for a business trip.
I hope you are doing well. I propose to fantasize a little. How do you see our meeting? What will your friends or family say for this ????
How would you organize our time? I understand that our contact flows like a quiet river. I know that it is easy for men to say a lot of words to a woman. This is the nature of a man. But I respect determination and courage in a man. My life motto is: It is better to do something and regret than to do nothing and regret it. Do you understand ????? Let me know your thoughts on this. How do you see it?
Is your river of life ready to have a stormy stream or do you not want to disturb this river ??? Hope you understand my thoughts. Consider these words. I think I am a brave woman and ready to change my life.
Hope you have a good time. I'm waiting for your answer. I will try to give you an answer quickly. Sorry if I can't answer right away. The workplace take a lot of time, especially due to the virus. Because many counterparties are closed due to a virus and some must be done by myself. I'm waiting for your answer. Your Maria
Letter 10
Hello Paul!!! I hope you were waiting for my message. I was also waiting for your answer. Or to be more precise: I waited for a moment for free time, in order to have calm thoughts and rest, to write this letter to you. Now I have idleness, because all my business for this year is over and I am waiting for a business trip. My boss will give me the weekend until next Monday. Many employees have weekends or work on-line due to the virus. There is little work now because because of the virus, many companies simply do not work. This is of course stressful for the country's economy. But I hope that 2021 will give us something new.
I am very happy that I found your contact. It's nice. I think about you every day. For example, before going to bed, I think about how you go to bed, how you have breakfast, think about various household little things. I want you to take care of your health. For example, I drink special tea 3 times a day. This recipe was given to me by my dad. All his life he drink this tea and have vigor for the body and never catch a cold. The recipe is simple: finely chop the ginger root, finely chop the lemon, green tea and dried rose hips. Brew all this in a thermos for one night and drink like regular tea. The drink turns out to be a little prickly and sour, but very tasty. If you can find these ingredients, then try making this tea. You will like it. (Smile)
Tomorrow my dad will be arriving at my apartment. I asked him to renovate my toilet. Some pipes leak and give off a damp smell. My dad has golden hands and can do any job. I also know how to use tools, but I'm afraid I'll ruin something. Downstairs, neighbors will be unhappy if a pipe leaks over their heads. (laugh) I'm finishing my message to you. I recently changed my phone and on the weekend will my girlfriend's husband set up my phone for viber? To enable us to send short messages on-line. For example, to wish a good night before bed.
(smile) I hope you are doing well. I am sending you a photo from last year. I was visiting a very expensive hotel in Bulgaria. My firm always pay for expensive hotel rooms when I have a business trip. My thoughts of you are near. I'm waiting for your answer. Maria
Letter 11
Hello ! I don't like your thoughts about your age. I like you and I want to have something more than friendship. Have respect for yourself.
Hope you had a good week. My week is giving me a lot of idleness. I don't like being idle. This weekend, as usual, my aunt will be visiting to help her clean up. And have female chatter. My aunt is a very smart woman, but she is already very old and you need to have patience to listen to her stories 1000 times. ) My family decided that my aunt would move in with her daughter after the New Year. She is able to do this because she lives in a huge house. And Aunt will help to sit with my nephew. My sister found a good job and after the Christmas break she will start working. The nephew is 5 years old and the aunt expressed a desire to sit with him so as not to hire a nanny. This will ease my family responsibilities.
I hope you are doing well. My thoughts are near. I often think of you and think that I was lucky to find you among the internet rubbish. You have no idea what kind of dirty letters I received. I will never again use the internet to search for something for friendship or love. I am fortunate to find your contact and I am proud that our friendship is moving in a good direction. I hope that we will find something more.
Maybe love. But without chemistry and real touch, it won't move. Hope you understand. Time and patience will answer this question. This Sunday I am planning to attend church to have prayer. My aunt asked me to take her. My boss allowed me to use the company car to do household chores. I love this car. (Audi A6). It is always clean and smells delicious with natural leather. He is like a man to me at this moment in my life. (joking) I love going to church. I grew up in a Catholic family. In the church you can always have prayer and this gives ease for thought. Always after church soul have lightness and bad thoughts disappear. You are a grown man and you can probably feel it.
I'll tell you about my little dream. My dream is to have a garden and vanity for a garden. The Netherlands is a garden country. My country has huge plantations of flowers and all these flowers grow to bring joy to people around the globe. My country is the largest exporter of flowers. You probably know about this. I dream of having a small garden for flowers and vegetables. The earth gives special energy to humans. If a person invests labor and good in the land, then the land will give strength and health. I hope that my letter is to give you something new. I can have endless chatter. My dream is to give it to you in real life. I am a woman and love to have conversations. Some men don't like this. But that cannot be fixed. (laugh) I wish you a good time for this weekend. This weekend I will resolve the issue for the phone, so that I have another way to contact you. I wish you good health. I have a prayer so that the virus does not touch you. I am finishing my letter. My thoughts are near. Let me know your thoughts.
It's interesting for me to see everything that happens in your life.
All milkweed. Let me know about it. Maria.
Letter 12
Hello Paul!!! Please excuse me for not giving an answer for a long time.
Had some not good events for Monday. I had a good weekend with my family. I visited my aunt, on Sunday I visited my dad and we all together helped my aunt to move to my cousin. Now she will help and take care of her aunt. On Monday morning, I went to see an ophthalmologist to have my vision checked. My right eye has some kind of discomfort. When I was at the doctor's, an African expat broke the glass of my work car and stole my bag. I am losing some money and my phone. I thank God that my documents were themselves. Today I will buy a new phone and will retrieve the phone number. It gives a little stress. Emigrants from Africa are constantly committing crimes and the police are powerless. It is sad. Most importantly, my documents were in my bag and the bag was with me at the hospital. Now everything is fine, the eye is normal. The doctor checked my eyesight and after visiting the doctor I could not use the computer, because my pupils were dilated and I had difficulty seeing the bright computer screen.
Hope you haven't lost me.
I see that you want to celebrate Christmas together. Do I understand this correctly ??? If your intentions are serious, then I can come into your hands immediately after a business trip to Turkey. I will be able to take plane tickets directly from Istanbul to arrive in your hands on December 23rd. Consider this option. And send me the name of your airport. I'll tell the secretary to look at the plane tickets.
And let me know about the restrictions that your country has due to the virus. It is important.
My thoughts are always with you. I often think about you and your letters. I read your letters very often. It is always to give something new. I think I was lucky to find your contact. This is luck.
There are few sincere ways on the internet. But I think that we willhave this and the future will open us happiness and serenity. I am finishing my letter. I'm waiting for your answer. Please excuse me.
That for a long time did not give an answer. Now I will put on a mask and visit the supermarket. The refrigerator is empty. I want to buy fish and I will cook fish pie. My sister promised to come to my house in the evening to pick up some things for my aunt. We will have female chatter, because on weekends we will not be able to be alone in silence. I'm waiting for your answer. Your Maria
Letter 13
Hello Paul! I hope you're doing well. I have a normal working week. Send me the name of the airport that will be convenient for you to use to meet me. I will buy tickets on Monday. I took money from my bank for this, so as not to wait for a bank clearance. Immediately buy tickets through the travel agency. My secretary has issued a work visa for 30 days from my firm. Please don't waste time for the name of the airport.
Yesterday I sat in the office all day and did different things. Yesterday, your boss told me that due to the virus, the Christmas holiday in my company will be blocked and because of this, all employees will receive additional pay for the December salary. This is approximately +400 Euro. This is good news. I will spend this money for gifts. I have a bank account and will not touch it this year in order to continue my savings. It is difficult because of the mortgage for my apartment. But I already have a good financial cushion if I suddenly lose my job or something happens. This is a very difficult time due to the virus. Many friends of mine have lost their jobs because they worked in a business that was hit hard by the virus. For example, my dad's friend had a good restaurant, but because of the virus he has huge losses and now he has a collapse. The state will support it, but the restaurant cannot be returned. Hope this viral panic is over soon. I have a prayer for this.
I often think about our contact. I think we have a good friendship and my feelings are starting to have something new. It is very nice. I'm always thinking on you. I draw thoughts in my head for a real meeting and that is giving me butterflies in my stomach. I think that you are a correct and adequate man and will not offend me. I want you to feel my words. I want to give you some questions. What do you feel when you read my letters ????? What changed in your life when I appeared in your life ??? Give me the answers for these questions. I give this to you because my life has changed, because your contact has changed this. I always have the joy of reading your messages. Always have the joy of sending you my thoughts. I want my letters and my thoughts and our contact to help you have positive and happiness. I'm not a sorceress. But your name is always present in my prayers. Hope you feel it.
I am finishing my letter. Waiting for your answer. My thoughts about you. Your Maria.
Letter 14
Hello my dear Paul!!! Hope you had a good time for your weekend. I had a family weekend with my sister's family. The aunt really enjoyed living with her daughter. Detached house, separate room on the ground floor. ... My aunt is 86 years old. But she is a strong woman and has vigor for her year. We had chatter about you. I told about you and about your letters. Everyone was happy. The weekend was lovely. The weather made it possible to be outside. My sister's husband used to grill fish over coals. I was grilling vegetables. I love charcoal vegetables.
It's nice that you are ready to have a real meeting. I spoke to my director about a journey into your hands. He said he would help me quickly get a work visa for 30 days. When do you want to organize a trip ????? I don't want you to have any difficulties from your workplace. Can you have free time ???? Who will buy tickets ??? I can pay for it myself, but it will be expensive. I have savings in the bank and have the opportunity to do so. But the most important question is are you ready to have responsibility for this event ???? I am a living woman and I am afraid that all this could be a game. Maybe you invite all women from the Internet to your house. (smile) I am a brave woman and I am ready to change my life. Are you ready to change your life ?????? This whole event for my journey must have a huge responsibility from your side. Please think it over again. This is all very serious.
This week I need to prepare everything for my business trip. A partner law office from Greece has already completed all the documents and their representative is ready to fly out. I hope that everything will be fine. I will have a flight to London early Friday morning. I decided to go out for a few days in London because my firm was paying the expenses for the hotel. Hope everything goes well.
I wanted to ask about your friends. How many friends do you have? Do you have old friends from youth or childhood? Tell me about it. Unfortunately I don't have many friends. All my friends are my family and not many college friends. In general, I want to see all the little things from your life. I have an interest for this. I often think about you . For example, before going to bed, I think about how you go to bed. When I wake up, I think about your morning. I have a lot of thoughts about you. I think I was lucky to meet an adequate and correct man like you. I had a prayer for this and God would hear me.
Soon New Year 2021. What plans do you have for the next year. Tell me about it. Probably every person has some business and some dreams, some plans. Tell me about it.
Now I am at my workplace. I'm sitting in the office. Many colleagues sit at home and work on-line. The office is almost empty. Now I can hear my boss talking loudly on the phone. My boss is a very strict and serious man. He is 58 years old. He is originally from Israel (Jew). He has a huge family and very often tells us about his brothers and sisters. He has a lovely wife of children. I am always amazed at this. His wife often sits in our office. She is a very beautiful woman. But I haven't seen her for a long time. He said that she went to live with her relatives in Israel.
I am finishing my letter. I'm waiting for your answer. My thoughts are prayers for you. I'm worried about your health. The virus doesn't sleep. A lot of people get sick around. Be careful. Yours and only yours Maria.
Letter 15
Hi my Paul!!! I am very offended to see that you think that I need your money. I have never raised this question. I do not need your money. It hurts me.
My cell phone will not be able to receive calls from USA this will bankrupt my phone bill. Install the TELEGRAM program on your phone and we can have a chat through this program. Everyone in Europe use this for chat.
I have a prayer every day so that your health does not touch the virus. I'm all good. The working week has regular days. Today is my last day at the office this year. Tomorrow I will have a day off to prepare for my trip. I will not take a lot of clothes, only the essentials. If I need something, I will buy it in the store. I'm a little worried, but it's okay. Business trip is a common thing for me.
After a business trip, my favorite holiday is Christmas. I love this holiday from childhood. Probably everyone loves this holiday. This is a reason to start something new and have a total for the year. This year has been very bad due to the virus. Hope next year will be a relief. But I don't think the virus will go away. But humanity will find the right medicine or something similar. Now I don't think the vaccine will do anything good. But you need to have patience and caution.
Nice to see your intentions for a meeting. I suggest that we start organizing my trip after the Christmas holidays. What will your say for our meeting? Did you tell anyone about me? I hope that everything will be fine. But now I need to channel the energy for my business trip. I can take 3 weeks to spend with you. It is now too late to place the journey in your hands. Tickets are expensive and documents must be prepared. No offense. It takes time for this.
And I promised my family that we would be together on Christmas Day.
Yesterday I visited the medical center to have a test for the virus.
This is a must for the journey. Tomorrow morning I will receive a result and a medical certificate that I do not have a virus and can travel freely. I hope that everything will be fine. I often think about our contact. I repeat to you that I think we are lucky and our friendship is developing and have good energy. Your letters and thoughts about you give me something new and pleasant. I know you feel good about it too. I remember getting your first message filled with doubts. Everything around us has a mask and fragility. To find something right and good, you need to listen to your heart. It will always give us the true answer for our doubts. The soul will always see the truth, and if a person has pure intentions, then the soul will always see the truth. My soul is telling me that you don't have bad thoughts for me.
How are you? How are you heading towards Christmas? Do you have a New Year's mood? I have already bought all the gifts for Christmas and New Year. Yesterday I bought a very nice and expensive set of tools for my father. He loves making garage furniture. The last time he gave me a very nice cupboard. ) I think he will like it. I bought a set of branded cosmetics for my sister, and a new case for his fishing rod for her husband. He loves fishing very much. For my nephew, I promised to bring a gift from a business trip. For my aunt, I will give a natural cotton bedding set. She loves to sleep and it will be relevant. (smile) Tell me about your preparations. It is very interesting to me.
I am finishing my letter. I'm waiting for your answer. My thoughts are near. Have patience for our contact. Time will provide answers to all questions. Only your Maria
Letter 16
Hello Paul! Sorry for not giving an answer for a long time. I had adventures for my business trip. On Friday evening I had a flight to London. But on Saturday night I had an emergency evacuation from London. I managed to get on the last plane. I canceled a business meeting. I sent all the documents by courier and will wait for a postal reply. My lawyer left London on Friday evening. You've probably heard that the UK had a complete lockdown and isolation, lockdown. All planes were blocked and no country accepts planes from the UK. This is called a lockdown. If I hadn't gotten on this plane, I would have been blocked in London. I saw people leaving London urgently. It was very scary. But I was very lucky. It's all thanks to my secretary. She reacted in time and was able to catch the last ticket for the last plane to the Netherlands. Now the Netherlands is also blocked. I went to the hospital to get tested for the virus. I'll get the result tomorrow.
How are you? I hope your health is normal. All day Sunday I had a rest. Today I sit at home and solve some cases via the Internet. My business trip was ruined. The client from London also has stress. But he offered to pay for my work without my firm. I don't know how to arrange this. But I will solve this issue. Most importantly, I was able to leave the UK. And now I'm at home. This Christmas was saved. I was very likely to have a lockdown at a hotel in London. It would be a disaster. But it's okay. I thank God for helping me. Its OK now. But tickets from London were very expensive. I gave about 1500 Euros to urgently return. My director said he would compensate me for this. Hope he doesn't cheat.
I'm waiting for your answer. I think only about you. I hope and pray that your health is normal.
Your Maria.
Letter 17
Hello my dear friend Paul! I thank for your answer. I got a little cold from the stress I got in London. I was really very lucky to leave the UK on time. The business trip to that country was organized at the wrong time. My boss said that he would not send anyone to other countries for the next 2 years. The virus situation is losing control. Many countries restrict transport contact with my country. I hope it will be over soon. This is the only wish for 2021. Received the test result for the virus this morning. Everything is fine and my health is normal. I don't have a virus. Now I can safely have contact with my family. Tomorrow early in the morning I will be visiting my sister to leave to help prepare for Christmas. My sister bought all the groceries in advance. This Christmas will only happen with the family. All Christmas markets and shows have been closed due to the virus. On Christmas Day, I will write you a separate congratulation and send you a postcard. Hope you can wait. I hope you too will have a good time for your Christmas. I think this is the kindest and most magical holiday.
I am very pleased that you are inviting me for the New Year. Traveling to your country will be very expensive. I do not want to spend money for this. I have some responsibility for the mortgage and decided to close it next year. Don't be offended, but I don't want to give you any financial difficulties. I realized that you have financial problems and do not want to put it on your shoulders.
I am finishing my letter. My thoughts are next to you. I think about you very often. I have a prayer for your health and I want you to have a good mood. I hope that New Year 2021 will bring something new to our contact. I want all the bad things to stay in 2020. This year is really stressful. I forgot to tell you that the doctor who took the virus test broke the news. He said that 2020 is just the beginning for the virus. The worst will happen in 2021 until 2023. The doctor said that 90% of people around the world must have the virus to be immune. I hope that humanity will find a solution to this problem.
I wish you a good time for this Christmas. I ask you to stay at home and not go to public places and do not forget to wear a medical mask when you go outside.
I'm waiting for your answer. Your Maria.
Letter 18
Hello my dear friend Paul! Sorry for not giving an answer for a long time. Hope you had a good time for Christmas time. I had a very good Christmas with my family. I am very fortunate to be back from London and not be blocked alone. I really remember the situation with my business trip to London. It's like a bad dream. I thought that everything would be fine and I could make money, but the business trip was a failure. Our partners just fled London so as not to be infected with the new virus. But most importantly, everything is fine now. Christmas was calm and quiet. We don't drink a lot of wine, have a festive table, an evening walk in the street, festive fireworks, family chat and memories of the past. Everything is as usual. Sorry for not giving an answer for a long time. Wasn't able to use the internet. My nephew took my phone to play and wasted all internet traffic. I'm home today. Until January 4th I have a vacation. Today my colleagues and I want to arrange an evening for the joint celebration of Christmas and New Year. This is a small tradition. We usually visit our director's house. He's having a holiday barbecue. Our working team is about 10 people. Thank God everyone is healthy. My country's government has imposed strict restrictions again due to the virus. All restaurants, clubs and public places are closed.
I want to send you congratulations for this Christmas. I wish you good health! I wish you good health for your relatives and friends. It is most important! I want you to always have strength and vigor. I want you to have happiness! I want you to be successful for your business. I want you to have peace of mind for your soul. I want 2021 to give you something new and good for your life. I want your dreams to come true. I want you to have happiness! I had a prayer for this. Hope God hears me.
I am finishing my letter. I'm waiting for your answer. I think only about you. Your Maria.
Letter 19
Hello my dear Paul!!! I immediately apologize for the long answer. Had a vacation at my sister's house. I was just resting. All public places have been closed due to the virus. I just sat at home and sometimes had an easy run into the woods. I had a good time for the New Years holiday. I want to send you congratulations for the New Year. I want you to be in good health. This is the most urgent congratulation. I hope that this year 2021 will give us something new. For example a real meeting. It will be very interesting. I think that after 2020 we will be able to overcome any difficulties. My family send you greetings and New Year's greetings. Everyone knows that I have you as my best friend and maybe love. Without a real touch, you can't test it. (smile)
I hope you haven't lost me. I'm waiting for your answer. 2020 was a very bad and difficult year, but this year gave me your contact and this is the nicest gift of 2020. I want to continue our contact. You have become an important part of my life. It's true!!! My heart tells me the truth, because every letter of yours will give me sun and good mood.
I'm waiting for your answer. My thoughts are near. I think of you. Please excuse me for not giving an answer for a long time. Your Maria.
Letter 20
Hi Paul!!! For a long time I could not answer, because I fell ill with a sore throat. At first I thought I had caught COVID19, but the doctor said that I only have angina. I had a fever, a sore throat. For a week I was lying in bed near the TV and drinking medicine and treating my sore throat with medicine and medicinal herbal decoctions. Now everything is fine and I am again at the workplace. You must have lost me. Sorry I couldn't write to you every day. I was really looking forward to the opportunity to write to you. Now I want to have contact every day. I really missed your letters and your thoughts. Your thoughts and words always give me something new and pleasant. I don't feel lonely when I read your letters. You are an important part of my life.
I see your thoughts for a real meeting. How do you see this ??? It will be expensive for me. This year I decided to close my mortgage for my apartment. I cannot have extra costs. Traveling to your country will be very expensive. Maybe you yourself will come to my country ???
I hope you are doing well and your health is normal. I always have a prayer for your health. Everything is fine in my workplace. All colleagues are healthy. According to the government to begin universal vaccination. But many refuse vaccinations because they think the new vaccine will give other diseases. For example, infertility in women in men. I also refused to be vaccinated. I do not trust the government, because I think that a person should acquire immunity himself through illness. But these are just my thoughts. What do you think about this ??? I have a friend who works at the hospital as the head physician. He told me that only the third generation of the vaccine would have a positive effect. Modern vaccines hide many dangers. Let me know about the situation in your country. I have an interest for this.
My director informed me that this year he will not send anyone on a business trip to other countries. All meetings will take place online, and the exchange of documents will take place via mail. It will be long, but safe. I remember being almost stuck in England for this Christmas. These thoughts give stress.
I am finishing my letter. I'm waiting for your answer. Your Maria.
Letter 21
Hello Paul! Thanks for your answer. It's nice that you don't forget about me. Hope you have a good time and a good start for 2021. I have good thoughts for the start of this year. I hope this year will give us a real meeting. Contact over the internet does not give a real touch. I want this.
I visited the site where you see cheap tickets. This is very good, of course. But I already told you that I am not able to buy this because I decided to close the mortgage. You can come to my country yourself. I will not ask you to send me any money for the trip, because I don’t want you to think bad of me. I am very sad that you have contact with scammers. And because of this, I will never ask for your help for our meeting. You are a man and you have to decide for yourself. Many men want to open the door and let in happiness. But you yourself don't want to do anything. Hope you understand. No offense.
This year I am planning to completely close the mortgage for my apartment. I already told you that my aunt helped me buy my own apartment. She paid part of the payment to the bank. The other part of the mortgage payment I pay every month to the bank. This year, I decided to give all my salary to close this case. I'm tired of paying interest every month. I plan to close this case by the end of this year. Unless the virus crashes the entire economy. My director said that this year our firm will have little activity, because due to the virus, many clients stop activities or reduce activities. But I am an optimist and I hope that everything will be fine.
I'm going to have my usual evening at the TV tonight. I started watching a TV series about modern Sherlock Holmes. The series is called Sherlock. Now every night I watch one or two episodes of this film. After the holidays, life returns to normal, but it's too lazy to work. (smile). How are you? Tell me about your affairs. I'm very interested. I am very interested in seeing your life. Don't hide it. You can give me any thoughts. I always openly give you my thoughts.
I'm waiting for your answer. Your Maria.
Letter 22
Hello Paul! Hope you had a good weekend. I spent all weekends at my sister's house. My sister and her husband went to visit them as friends in a neighboring city and I took care of my aunt. I haven't seen her for a long time and we have fun spending this time together. I baked a very delicious trout pie and we don't drink a lot of wine. My boss gave me some very good wine for this New Year. I opened this bottle with my aunt. The wine was really delicious. I don't like alcohol and intoxication, but sometimes I allow myself to have a glass of wine to catch relaxation. On Monday, I had a lot to do in the workplace outside the office and did not have time for peace of mind to write a letter. Don't ever lose me. My thoughts are always near. I think about you constantly and very often. It is very sad that we are not together and I cannot give you real touch. But I have a prayer to give this year to this. I am a patient woman and I believe that only patience and strength for this will give success.
Hope you had a good weekend. How is your life going now? How did your year start? What mood do you have? I hope 2021 will give people a good mood. I hope this year will give us a real meeting. I want to say that you and I will not be able to write letters all your life. Hope you understand this. It is very pleasant that our meeting has a beginning. I spoke with the director, he said that in February I will be able to take a vacation at any time, because now there is very little work. Tickets to your country will cost approximately 1800 Dollars. I can come to your country myself if you buy tickets for me. Or you yourself can arrive in Amsterdam and I will meet you at the airport. We can live in my apartment. But it will be interesting for me to visit you in order to see you at the place where you live without a mask and without deception. I trust you, but it will be real to see you at the place where you live in your world. Tickets must be purchased in advance. I can give you a bank account so that you can conveniently transfer money for tickets. Let me know your solution for this. I hope that you are ready to change your life? how do you see our future after meeting in the real world ???
I am finishing my letter. I think only about you. I thank God for giving me your contact. I know that it is very difficult to find the right person now. The internet has a lot of dirt. But I was lucky to meet you. I am sure that you are a correct and responsible man and will never offend me. Tell me about your latest news. I have great interest in your life. Now your life is an important part of my life. I will eat your answer. Yours and only yours Maria. P.S. I am sending you a photo. I posted a classical music concert last year. Found this photo for you. GUESS YOUR NOT INTERSTED IN ME ANY MORE. SAD !!
Letter 23
Hi my Paul!!! I do not need your money. I have told you many times that if you are ready to have something real, then you can come to my country yourself. I have a separate apartment and you can live with me for several days. It's not a problem. I will never send erotic photos.
The working week is to give a routine, because now there is little work. The working season will start in the spring. Now is a sleepy time. Today I have a day off. The day will be boring. The chief went to Israel to visit his relatives. Tomorrow I plan to attend a colleague's birthday. I have already prepared a gift. I bought a bottle of expensive whiskey. And a beautiful leather wallet for bank cards. My health is normal and my mood is very good. This Sunday I'll be attending church with my aunt. I don't go to church often. But I try to do this in order to clear my thoughts and have a prayer for my relatives and your health. I never forget about you. You are always present in my thoughts. I hope you are doing well. I won't write much today. My head is empty and I don't have new events for my life. You see my life transparently. I always inform you about my time and show you my life and my thoughts. Tell me everything that happens in your life. I have an interest for this.
I wish you a good time. I am concerned about your health. Remember to wear a medical mask. Say hello to your relatives and friends. I think only about you. Your Maria.
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