Romance scam letter(s) from Anastasia to Darian (USA)
Letter 1
Hall oils !;)
I hope you are fine, which region are you from? I would like to get to know them. I want to establish a deep connection through the internet. My name is anastasia. I am thirty-seven years old. I am looking for a partner who supports me in all matters and for whom romance is also important. I registered on the website and answered the questionnaire. Now the agency is looking for a suitable partner who meets my expectations. I also received your email address from the agency. I'm not a teen anymore. I am looking for the man for life. I am looking for a man who will reciprocate my feelings and whom I can make happy. I'm interested in you. I would be happy about your answer. If you're not only interested in a sexual adventure, send me an email. I am only interested in a serious relationship.
Until then, Anastasia!
Letter 2
I hope You are fine? Where are you from? I want to get to know you. I would like to establish an intensive connection on the Internet. My name is Nastiya. I am thirty-seven years old. I am looking for a man who supports me in every way and who is also into romance. I registered on the website and completed the questionnaire. The agency has now started looking for a suitable man for me. The agency also gave me your email address. I'm not a teen anymore. I am looking for the man of my life. I'm looking for a man who makes me happy and who wants to spend his life with me. I'm interested in you. I hope for an answer from you. If you're not just looking for a sexual adventure, send me an email. I am just looking for a serious relationship.
Hope to see you soon, Nastia!
Letter 3
Hi Darian, my name is Anastasia, we exchanged letters and I hope you remember me? I sincerely want to thank you for the mutual response, I am glad to meet you.
Sorry that I answered late. The work is time consuming. I have had several shifts during the last week.
I'll post some photos today. It will be kind to exchange not only letters but also photos. So you and I can get to know each other better.
Please send me your photos as well, I will be happy to comment on them. What do you do and how do you spend your free time? How is your weekend?
Most often on weekends, I meet with friends and colleagues. I live in Kemerovo, Russia.
Perhaps it’s a big surprise for you to learn that I’m from Russia? Nowadays there is rarely an opportunity to meet on the street, in a bar or in a disco.
More and more often people meet on the Internet, I also wanted to try my luck. It doesn't matter what distance separates us. We can communicate remotely and be friends.
Of course, communication in reality would be better, but, nevertheless, acquaintance on the Internet also has its piquant value. I hope that now you have a smile and a good mood on your face. You may be surprised that you received a letter from another part of the world. I think it's important to tell you why I decided to write to you.
I have always been sure that men from Western Europe are very attentive to women. They have a lot of passion in their hearts, they are always gallant and courteous.
I became interested in finding a friend in your country.
I'll tell you a little about myself. In the past, I have never been married and have no children. My last serious relationship with a man ended about 2 years ago.
Now I am lonely, more and more I am focused on my career and work. Sometimes there is a feeling of sadness due to loneliness. A lot of my friends already have a couple.
I also dream of a serious relationship, family, children, possibly a close man nearby. Okay, I hope you were interested. Write to me as soon as you can,
I'll wait for a message, Anastasia
Letter 4
Hello Darian, how are you today? I would never have thought that you were from the USA. Especially Kentucky.
the world is many-sided, but nevertheless I am very glad that we are friends and communicate.
Your words are pleasant and I am very happy to meet you. Today I'm at work, for the past few months I worked almost every day except on Sunday. On some days I have a day off on Saturday if my work schedule allows it.
My job is related to medicine, I am a general practitioner. I work part-time in two medical centers. What is your profession? My work taught me to set clear priorities, never rush and make the right decisions in life. Working with patients makes the heart kind and sensitive.
What else can I tell you about you? If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask, I'll be happy to answer.
Now there are many means of communication, Skype, Facebook and others. I use some of them, for example.
There is also a WhatsApp for chatting with friends.
Write down your number and I will definitely add you in the future.
I want to be open from the start. I only have serious intentions, I have no goals. There's no room in my head for deceit or lies and I want for you to return me. I am not looking for use or money. Not at all! I want to develop an acquaintance based on respect, honesty and sincerity.
I am not smart because I initiated our acquaintance myself and made the first step towards it. I wanted to get to know myself better.
It is believed that a man from Europe is sensual and attentive, that he is romantic and knows how to take care of a woman. Tell me am i right This is my first such dating experience. I went to him for a long time. Do you communicate and meet often on the internet? For me it is important that our communication with you is based on trust. Now we know little about each other. But I hope that trust as well as respect in the course time will occupy an important place. I want us to have a mutual interest in each other. It is interesting to me, you of my life, to tell my story and my culture. In my opinion, it is very exciting to have a friend who is many thousands of kilometers away.
Okay, have a wonderful day, write to me as soon as you can, Anastasia
Letter 5
Hello Darian, here in Kemerovo the weather is frosty and sunny. I love this time because the air smells like winter. Here in Siberia, winter comes early.
The first snow appears at the end of October and November, I love this time of year. In winter, when I have free time, I go skiing. Do you prefer skiing or cycling?
In my opinion, there are many happy moments of joy in any hobby.
Still, my favorite time of year is summer and I like to spend time on the beach. In the summer I try to go to the beach to sunbathe and spend time on the To spend water. But I'm far from a fisherman and do you like to fish? If we lived next to each other, I would not hesitate to invite you to the beach.
Tell me, would you agree to be my companion?
Darian, when I write you I want to tell you a lot about myself. I want you to know better than me Please pay attention to my letters.
I don't want to be left without your answer, so write to me whenever you have free time.
Do you like sports? I really enjoy doing sports. I like jogging in the park, cycling, tennis and volleyball. In my opinion, exercise is not only very useful physically, but also teaches discipline and responsibility. Sport is the best helper in building a beautiful body.
You are probably wondering why I learned German? I bet you're new to Russian (laughs). I started my studies during the years of studying in the School and at the institute. The compulsory program included teaching two languages, the second language I learned was English. Learning is very difficult and I first experienced barriers (laughs). I will apologize for some mistakes in advance. Maybe I can misinterpret the sentence somewhere and you will not be able to understand the meaning of my words. So do not judge me harshly, and if you have any questions, ask them without hesitation.
I love cooking and I am a healthy diet believer. But believe me, nothing in a person's life is as valuable as their health.
I do not smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol. Health is given to us once and for all by our parents. The correct distribution of our vital resources help us to sustain ourselves for many years. Sometimes, however, I don't refuse to have a glass of wine or a delicious beer.
I know there are thousands of beers in your area. It is true? At least it is not harmful to have a glass of wine.
Dear Darian, Please be sure that I will always answer your letter. Sometimes there is a lot to do and I may miss a timely response, but I will definitely write a letter. I like to chat with you. I am sorry that the letter is long. I hope you are tired.
Incidentally, I don't have time to talk about my family today, and in my next letter I promise to introduce you to my family members.
I wish you a good mood, Anastasia.
Letter 6
I hope you are well? Where are you from? I wanted to get to know you. I want to build an intense relationship on the internet. My name is anastasia. I am thirty-seven years old. I'm looking for a man who supports me in every way and for whom romance is also important. I registered online and answered the questionnaire. Now the agency is looking for a suitable partner who meets my requirements. The agency also gave me your email address. I'm not a teen anymore. I am looking for the man of my life. I am looking for a partner who I am happy with and who I can make happy. I'm interested in you. An answer from you would be really great. If you're not just interested in a sexual adventure then send me an email. I am only interested in a serious relationship.
Best regards, Greetings to you, Nastenka!
Letter 7
Hi Darian! Zunachst möchte ich mich dafür entschuldigen, dass ich mehrere Tage nicht geschrieben habe. Es gab viel Arbeit und ich musste eine Kollegin in ihren Arbeitsschichten ersetzen. Daher gab es absolut keine freie Minute. Aber ich habe an dich und unsere Bekanntschaft gedacht. Ich hoffe du bist nicht böse auf mich?
Thanks for the revelation, and it's really hard when your partner betrays you a few weeks before the wedding.
But God does not send us trials with which we cannot cope. Anyway thanks for the question about animals, I also love dogs.
First of all, I would like to apologize for not writing for several days. There was a lot of work, and I had to have her colleague Replace shifts. So there was no free minute. But I was thinking about you and our friend. I hope you're not mad at me?
every new day makes me smile, because I am happy to feel your attention. First of all, thanks a lot for the letter.
I am curious to know something new about you. We get to know each other better, and I like it. After all, you and I in our life speak different languages.
Yes, I speak your native language, but the culture of your country is new to me. I want to get to know you better and know your way of life.
I like self-development, because it helps to take a step forward. Sometimes I am thirsty for knowledge. I always love to read your letters they help me portray your life. Darian, I want to be a real friend to you. Unlike the women you knew before.
In communicating with you, I want to convey only positive emotions, to give joy and a smile. I want you to be proud of me and therefore I try to give only positive emotions. I dream of happiness and imagine it well. For me, happiness is warmth and peace in the house.
Happiness is when I can pick up the phone, call my husband and say: “Honey, you work too hard, I will wait for you at home.
I have prepared a delicious dinner and you should definitely try it. “Do you support me in these thoughts? How are you today ?!
So that you can better represent me, I will give you my details. My height is about 176 centimeters, and my weight is about 60 kilograms.
Don't worry about the difference in numbers, I don't want to attach importance to them. At least the beauty inside For me, the most important thing is peace and soul. Today I will try to send you some files, please tell me what you think. Did you like it?
I want to confess why I wrote you a letter. Why did she do this far outside of Russia?
Here he is desperately looking for his partner. Because I do not receive reciprocity and sincerity from men.
Since many men do not know how to value feelings, they do not value family and marriage. That is why I initiated our acquaintance.
Of course, knowledge of the native language played an important role. Who knows what fate God has prepared for us ?!
If we talk about religion, I am an Orthodox Christian. I don't go to church often, so I won't call myself a practitioner.
Now I live alone in my own apartment. The apartments have 2 rooms, they have all the necessary conditions for living.
But in my opinion, there is nothing important in this. My dream is to come home to be accepted by the man in my heart become and make me feel safe and take care of myself. A foot massage is a good way to end your workday.
My parents are alive and, fortunately, healthy, they are already retired and also live in this city. I have a very good Family relationships. I am grateful to them for their education and training, for the hard work that they put into me.
I have a sister younger than me, who still lives with her parents. My parents are very nice and wise people.
They have devoted their entire lives to raising children, and I can easily say that I am very proud of my family.
Darian, I believe that your future life depends on the love of your parents. Hope you found it interesting.
Always write to me, because your remarks bring me real pleasure, Anastasia
Letter 8
Hello Darian, when I read your letters I am in a good mood. Is this how you feel when you receive my messages? Today I have a little one Surprise prepared for you and a video recorded. I hope you enjoy it and smile and your day will be a successful one.
You told me a terrible story about how you fell through the ice. But I'm glad everything went well and you made it through.
Everyone's life has many stories. I fell a lot as a child too, knocked a lot and now remember it with a smile.
Bryan I've wanted to say for a long time that you have a very nice name. It's romantic and gentle. For example, my name is very popular here in Russia.
Although Anastasia is common all over the world. The only difference is that there are different types of writing or sounding.
Do you like music and what style do you like? Music always has a positive effect on our psychology, it calms and stimulates neural connections.
I like to listen to different music. It largely depends on my mood. Finding a collection of CDs or vinyl records is rare these days.
I dream of having a gramophone and some records in the future. I have such a dream that in the future if I get married, have my own family and there has to be a gramophone in the house i will live in. Maybe a fantasy dream, but I love to dream.
Music storage has now become electronic. Even so, I have a small collection of CDs in my house. The collection is important and valuable to me.
I enjoy listening to classical instrumental music. Very often I hear modern European DJs. My favorite band is Linkin Park, Bon Jovi, Queen.
Have you seen the Freddie Mercury biopic "Bohemian Rhapsody"? I was very impressed by this film and I definitely recommend it to watch.
The movie isn't new anymore, but it's still relevant and modern. I like to spend my free time letting myself be carried away by culture, creativity and cinema.
You may find it boring, but believe me there is something special and useful about this. For example, I often hear fictional autobiographies of famous people, only through them can one learn the way of life and customs of the past. I love cinema and my favorite genre is drama and thriller.
You never know how this or that film will end, the end is always unpredictable. Unfortunately, we have a lot in our daily life Work and different responsibilities. Hence it is not always possible to find enough time to have fun. Do you agree?
We are adults and we have serious concerns. However, I always try to devote Saturday or Sunday to rest and relaxation.
I also love animals and my favorite here are horses. Rarely, but I still like to visit the arena. I wanted to tell you about myself from different sides.
I think it's great when someone tries to keep up with the times. I hope you are bored and do not find my letter a nuisance.
On this cold day all thoughts of you and our beautiful acquaintance. Please, if you want to know something about me, please do not hesitate to To ask and ask questions, ok?
I really like you and I really like our acquaintance. I have a friend who is thousands of miles away and I am very happy.
Darian, I want to wish you a good mood and a better day, Anastasia
Letter 9
Hello Darian, how are you today? Today I'm in a good mood, the weather is smiling with the sun and I'm in a good mood. Of course I would like more warm days but winter with its cold heart and white snow is at hand. However, the sun always shines in the depths of my heart.
cute so what do you make some models out of matches? this is a unique and very painstaking work, I am sure that you have great willpower and patience. Show me some models, I'm curious.
Maybe I'm one of those people who think the glass is half full. Life is the best vacation in the world, after all.
I hope the lyrical and philosophical beginning of the letter is not too strenuous?
I love nature and trekking in all seasons, go into the fresh air to increase the vitality and a helping of vitamin D, what could be better.
It would be great to do tracking together one day. Do you want? There are many routes in my region. You can ski here in winter.
I don't play this sport a lot, but I've always dreamed of skating a lot. Alpine skiing attracted me, but it's still risky and I can't decide for a long time to try. Maybe I don't have a couple and so not much practice.
Darling, I want to surprise you often because I respect our acquaintance. It is not difficult for me to give nice presents because they guarantee mutual compassion. I always see relationships in a couple through the prism of gifts and surprises, even if they don't matter. But their presence shows how important a man and a woman are to each other. What do you think of my opinion Relationship in a couple is trust and understanding, it is passion and respect. I can repeat myself, but they are the most important qualities of every person.
You know I am very curious and interesting to understand where our acquaintance will take us ?! Does he have a sequel?
I hope that one day you will definitely meet face to face. This is the best i dream of Covid-19 now no longer allows life planning, but I hope his reign ends soon. I want a serious relationship between us because I feel that we have mutual compassion and passion.
Darian I've listened to several autobiographies in the past few weeks. I like this genre of literature. It doesn't matter whose biography, athlete or politician, Doctor of Economics or Medicine. But biography is always a window from the past that shines into the future for us. I'm far from politics but these people have gone down in history and part of the time we live in. The story of these people is impressive and interesting.
I also heard Dostoyevsky's novels that year. Some of them are really cool, they are classics. You have a parallel between the protagonist and the Author himself. In my opinion, you can devote a few free minutes to reading or listening to fiction.
This technique helps discharge the mind and relax. For example, such minutes have a fruitful effect on me and give me a charge Vivacity and strength. It is enough just to start, to open a book, to get involved, and it is already impossible to part. I have experienced it myself.
Okay, I don't want to tire you for long. I send you my air kisses. And let the distance between us matter, but the sincerity with which I send kisses, will help to overcome all the kilometers. My kisses are the most sincere and pure, like the water of a mountain spring.
My kisses for you with all love and respect for our friendship.
Ok Darian, today is a busy day and I'm going to get back to my duties, hugs and kisses, Anastasia
Letter 10
Hello Darian, I wish you a good mood. How did your morning start My mornings always start at 6 a.m. I wake up and have a glass of detox water.
In my house there is always a carafe of water in which I mash lemon and cucumber. Have you ever tried it I like its taste a lot and besides it is this water very healthy. Then I arrange myself and have breakfast. For breakfast I usually have an omelette with 2 eggs or congee and a cheese toast.
What do you like to eat for breakfast? At around 7:30 am I leave the house and go to work. Most of the time I come by public transport, because sometimes there are difficulties with the parking lot near the clinic. The working day starts at 8.30 a.m. I go home on some warm and sunny days.
Because I like to go for a walk and breathe fresh air. The road to the house goes through the park, and that's where I find the advantage of walking. What is your daily routine
Of course, it may be different in many ways now because of the pandemic and quarantine measures.
In my spare time I always remember and think of you. I would like to tell you a lot, about my country, about myself, about hobbies, fears and much more.
I want you to know me better I have a feeling that there is attention and trust between us. Do you have similar feelings? And if I look at the Computer and would like to write to you, I am very happy. Undoubtedly, I will be given communication with you with ease.
I see that we understand each other, we have common interests. We always have something to discuss and discuss. Isn't that happiness in a couple's relationship?
There has been a lot of work every day in the last few weeks. But I try to help and to be close to the patients.
The fact is that all doctors now have a great responsibility. Many clinics and diagnostic centers are overcrowded and are in infectious disease departments converted. There are very few specialists and for this reason the workload is very high. I sincerely believe that soon the climax will pass and life will slowly return to its usual rhythm. I hope the details of my work do not tire you.
Darling, I hug you and kiss you tight Write to me as soon as you can and of course ask questions, Anastasia
Letter 11
Hello Darian how are you As I agree with you that sincerity, honesty, love, caring, tenderness and passion. All of these properties are solid Basis for a relationship in a couple. I fully share your opinion on this matter and I am delighted that we think almost the same way.
I apologize for this simple and straightforward question. In my opinion these are manners of good parenting, if you are interested in the mood, wellbeing and life of close friends. I suppose you agree with me? The fact is we are different Have upbringing from different cultures. Therefore, what is considered normal in your country may have a different meaning in Russia. Vice versa.
I want to say that for me honesty and sincerity are the most important and fundamental things in a couple's relationship. I don't tolerate lies Games or deceptions. My mood is great today. I always remember you because you have become an important part of my life.
I am used to you and I feel the joy of receiving your letter. When I write you an answer, I do it in a strange way.
For example, I write everything that comes to mind, maybe sometimes I miss an important question or comment.
But please don't be angry about it. You can repeat your question if it is important and I will surely answer it in the next letter.
Darian, what's the perfect vacation for you? Which do you prefer mountains or sea? Maybe sightseeing tours or city tours?
I like to combine all kinds of relaxation. Of course I love the sea, because the noise it makes is a game of peace for the heart. I also love mountains.
Because at the height you understand how insignificant the problems at the foot of the summit are. That's philosophy, isn't it? I also like to walk through the city and see architecture, Buildings and beautiful sights.
The more we travel, the more wisdom we gain. I recognized that from my own experience.
I have a dream to visit Africa. Kenya or Tanzania, yes yes safari is what I dream of. Nature in its pristine and untouched state attracts me.
What is interesting is the great migration, Africa's Big Five animals. But as long as this point remains a dream, I hope that one day it will come true.
Which places would you like to visit?
The global situation with the Covid-19 virus no longer allows travel planning. But I still hope times will change and everything will be the same.
For me, traveling is always an additional motivation for work. I have visited several countries. Everyone gave me a vision of the world.
I can't choose a favorite because every trip has left me with positive emotions and pleasant memories.
At that moment I thought how wonderful it would be to get new emotions from a journey together and to meet. In my opinion this is an amazing one Idea! I want to visit your country so that you show me the beautiful places of the city and the country. This could be an unforgettable event for me.
I would like to come to your country first of all because you are in my life. Happiness for me is getting to know you personally and developing your acquaintance.
Ok my dear, I wish you a good mood and a lot of smiles on this day, Anastasia
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