Scam letter(s) from Julia to Alberto (Spain)

Letter 1
Guten Abend!!Ich bin Yulya!!!!
Ich suche einen hoffnungsvollen Mann fur die Ehe!!!
Ich hoffe auf eine starke und ernsthafte Beziehung.
Ich hoffe, dass unser sympathie auf Gegenseitigkeit beruht!!!
Ich werde auf Ihre Antwort warten,
Schreiben Sie an meine E-Mail-Adresse und wir werden Freunde finden!!!
Erzählen Sie mir von sich und fugen Sie ein Foto bei!
In welchem Land lebst du???In welcher Stadt wohnen Sie????
Letter 2
hi, i'm Yulia!
I'm looking for the man of my dreams!
I hope for a serious relationship ...
I hope that our sympathy is mutual !!!
I look forward to an answer from you,
Write to my email and we will get to know each other better!
Tell a little about yourself and add a photo !!!
In which country do you live ????? You come from our city ?????
Letter 3
Hi! I'm Yulia ..
I am looking for a man to start a family !!!
I look forward to a long and serious relationship.
I hope our sympathy is mutual !!
I look forward to your reply,
Can you write to me at and we will make friends!
Tell me about yourself and attach a photo !!!
Where are you from? Tell me about your city ???
Letter 4
Ich dachte, du würdest mir nicht antworten und du bist nicht interessiert. Ich freue mich über Ihre Antwort.
Ich habe nicht viel Erfahrung mit Online-Dating. Aber ich werde versuchen, so objektiv wie möglich zu sein. Mein Name ist übrigens Yuliya, ich bin 34 Jahre alt.
Ich suche keinen Prinzen auf einem weißen Pferd. Ich möchte einen gewöhnlichen Mann treffen, ein freundliches Herz und ein süßes Lächeln, das reicht mir.
Ich habe vor nicht allzu langer Zeit die Internetsuche verwendet. Aber ich habe es bereits geschafft, sicherzustellen, dass es im Internet verschiedene Leute gibt, schlechte und gute Leute. Jeder hat unterschiedliche Ziele und Wünsche.
Mein Ziel ist es, einen Mann kennenzulernen und eine ernsthafte Beziehung aufzubauen.
Also erzählte ich über mich selbst, über den Zweck meiner Bekanntschaft. Ich würde mich freuen, wenn unsere Wünsche und Ziele übereinstimmen. Ich werde auf deine Antwort warten. Ich sende ein paar Fotos für dich. Es ist wichtig, Ihre Meinung zu kennen.
Letter 5
I thought that you would not answer me, and you are not interested. I am pleased to see your answer. :)
I don't have much experience in dating online. But I will try to be as objective as possible. By the way, my name is Yuliya, I'm 34 years old.
I do not look for a prince on a white horse. I want to meet an ordinary man, a kind heart, and a sweet smile, that's enough for me. :)
I have been using internet search not too long ago. But I already managed to make sure that there are different people on the Internet, bad people, and good people. Everyone has different goals and desires.
My goal is to get to know a man and create a serious relationship.
So, I told about myself, about the purpose of my acquaintance. I will be glad if our desires and goals coincide. I will wait for your answer. I am sending some photos for you. It is important to know your opinion.
Letter 6
I am pleased to see your letter, I am glad that you liked me. I would like to stay in touch with you. It seems to me that you are very sweet, kind.
You know, I'm a serious woman, I'm not here for ********. I think at 34, there is no time for games. It's hard for me to imagine a long correspondence. I would like one day to feel the male warmth and care. What about you? For me, letters are a good way to get to know each other. In the future, I would like to meet. But I will not get ahead of ourselves, because no one knows what future awaits us.
I want to ask you to send a photo for me. I would be pleased to see your photos. I would be able to better understand your letters, and get to know the culture of your country. I would also like to see you, and how you live. What do you think about it? I will be waiting for your photos.
Probably any single person wants to meet someone on the Internet. I'm not an exception. I decided to find a man on the Internet because my relationship ended a few years ago. It was a difficult relationship, my partner gambled ... started stealing things from home. Once he hit me ... I realized that with such a partner there is no chance for the future ... But let's not talk about sad things. The past remains in the past.
I'm an ordinary woman. There is experience in life. And I want to have a reliable man. I consider myself a reliable woman. Think any relationship starts with friendship? Therefore, to begin with, we could make friends, get closer. Time will tell.
I will try to tell about myself. My date of birth is January 9, 1987. My height is in the range of 168 centimeters. No children.
I live in Serov. My city is located in the Sverdlovsk region, Russia. I hope that the distance will not scare you, because it is a length of time. I do not want us to have any limits or limitations.
For the first time I decided to try to find a man on the Internet from another country, and this is new for me. I myself do not know why I chose the Internet. Maybe a little shyness, or there is simply no time for everyday life. Of course, in the future, I would like to meet.
I used to look for men from Russia, but not have much success. I don't have any serious suggestions. Only ****** sentences, perverts or maniacs, fuuu: (Unfortunately, there are such people on the Internet.
I will hope that you are a good man and that your heart is in the right place.
Now you read about me, my thoughts. Tell me, do our thoughts and desires coincide?
Ohh, my letter looks big enough. I want to end my message. Please answer me as soon as possible, okay? After such a letter, I want to know the answer as soon as possible!
Have a nice day, Yuliya!
Letter 7
I am pleased to see your answer, Alberto! A smile on my lips :)
I'll tell you honestly, I liked our acquaintance, I liked you, and I am glad that there was a dialogue between us.
I hope that in the future our dialogue will develop, and something wonderful will arise between us ... :)
You know I write to you when I'm at work. Unfortunately, I only have a computer at work. There is no internet connection at home. By the way, why don't I tell you about my work?
So, my path to a career, I started by graduating from high school with a gold medal. You don't think I'm showing off now. :)
Then, I studied at the University of Economics. I studied the specialty "primary school teacher". Then, for some time she worked as a grocery seller in the Store. After a few years, I graduated from being a make-up artist. And I really like this job. I made a lot of women happy, they became brighter and left me in a good mood.
I wonder if you like animals? The fact is that I have a pet, a dog, named Tai. Hopefully no dog allergy? :)
Tell us about your work and your hobbies?
For example, I like gymnastics. I try to keep myself in shape. In my free time, I like to watch movies, listen to music, relax in nature with friends. I also like skiing. By the way, is there a lot of snow in your region in winter? It was always curious how it is in other countries.
I also enjoy cooking. I can talk about this later. I am always in a good mood, I try not to lose heart over trifles. :)
I like to watch comedies, as well as melodramas, documentaries, fairy tales. I love listening to popular music on the radio. What movies and music do you like? Maybe we have common tastes? Now I want to finish my letter. By the way, I took the photo at work. And also a photo from my training.
Regards, Yuliya.
Letter 8
Hi Hi Alberto!
Your letter is very interesting to read, we have a good dialogue. You are a polite man. I like it :) By the way, how is your day today? My day started with a nasty alarm sound, and I didn't have time to know how my dream would end: (((
I'm sorry your fiancee did this to you.
This morning, I thought, how does your day start? Tell me about your daily routine? It is very important for me to have a good daily routine. I usually cook oatmeal for breakfast. I eat not only porridge. I like to cook salads.
I like to eat cottage cheese. There is a lot of calcium in cottage cheese, and this is good for health. Also, in autumn and spring, I eat a lot of vegetables and fruits. In order not to get sick during the cold season. But sometimes, I eat unhealthy foods. I'm not perfect :) I like baked goods. Therefore, I carefully monitor my figure. I don't want to look bad. :)
By the way, I do not drink alcohol, do not smoke. I will tell you right away if you smoke or sometimes drink alcohol, for me this is not a problem.
Today, I found pictures of my Tai. This is a very proud dog. If she is unhappy about something, she goes on strike. They may not eat for several days, or just lie on the couch. I have to caress her, talk a little, and again
I am her beloved mistress. Another photo taken at work for a diploma as a makeup artist.
Tell me about your childhood?
I spent my childhood in the Krasnoglinnyi village. Now my family lives in Krasnoglinnyi. I think that now I can
tell a little about my family. I have a father, mother, sister.
When his father was young, he served in the Army. Then, my father worked as a watchman. Now my father is retired. My mother is also a pensioner. And also, if you are interested in the future, I can send you some photos so that you can see my city and village. Write to me about it?
I hope that we will have interesting communication ahead. I start to wait for your letters, and I always try to imagine what your answer will be.
It is important for me that all this is mutual. Mutual feelings, trust, friendship, this is a solid foundation for a relationship.
I wonder where you write me letters from? From work or home? I hope this doesn't make it difficult for you to read my long letters ...
Your Yuliya!
Letter 9
Yes, I am very glad to see your letter. I will take a break from my work to write you an answer, dear Alberto :)
My day today is the most ordinary. Right now, I have finished doing makeup for an elderly woman, her granddaughter's birthday.
I decided to check my mail, and I saw your letter.
No, a traumatic event has never happened to me, I am sorry that you are sad to remember this, thank you for your trust and openness in my direction.
I hope you like my photos that I am sending you.
In the last letter I wrote to you about food. I am very interested, and who should cook food in your country? Man or woman? I am asking you because trends have been changing lately. Before, women constantly stand at the stove and cook food. Recently, men have also been preparing food. How is it in your country? Tell Alberto, do you often go shopping? Hmm .. Who better goes to the store? Man or woman?
Today, I came to work at 8.45 am. My work starts at 9 am. But I arrive early, a few minutes before the start of the working day. I work responsibly. My work ends at 18.00. There is a lunch break. I work 6 days a week.
I wonder how you spend your days off? On weekends, I like to relax. I go to the movies, or vacation with my friends. Also, my sister comes to visit me. We go shopping, go to cafes. Or relax in the park, in nature.
Now, I need to finish my letter. I need to have time to fill out the documentation. By the way! I'll attach some pics today. I took one photo at work last week. The second photo was taken by a friend of mine at her work.
I am very interested to know your opinion :) I want to wish you a pleasant evening. By the way, yesterday I was thinking about you, about what you are to do at this moment. I myself will be surprised at this .. I hope that tomorrow you will again please me with your new letter. I will wait for your answer. By the way, what feelings do my letters evoke?
Regards, Yuliya!
Letter 10
I am very glad to see your letter in the mailbox. Hi, by the way Alberto! :) Hope you slept well at night?
I am pleased to read your letter, you are very romantic!
Yesterday, I had a normal evening. I made dinner for myself. By the way, what do you prefer for dinner?
Then she turned on the TV, watched different programs and went to bed. I thought about you again, and mentally wish you pleasant dreams. :)
Sometimes, in the evening, my family comes to visit me, my father helps me to do men's work in the apartment. But I know that in fact, my parents come to me to feed them with delicious pastries. :)
So, I have a good family. I already wrote to you that I have a sister. Yes, my sister is a happy mother, wife.
My sister has a husband. They met at the university, and they still live together. I'm very happy for them. My sister has a daughter, Alena. She is only 5 years old, but very capable. I love my niece and goddaughter!
Also my sister is an artist and draws pictures and makes portraits. I show you in a photo.
My mother is a very nice woman. She always helps me in my life. I already told you, mom and dad are pensioners, and most of the time they are at home, in the village. My parents' village has a garden. I'll try to find a photo of my family for you, okay?
How do you feel when a woman drives a car? As for me, I have a driving license. I do not have a private car.
But at work they provide me with a car if I need to go outside the city. My driving experience is 4 years.
There have never been any accidents. Probably because I don't travel that often. I travel only 2-3 times a month. I prefer to walk. Ohh ... I remember the first time I got behind the wheel. I was so worried that I forgot to close the door in the car, and drive with the door open ... But everything ended well, no one was
hurt :) I hope that you are not afraid to ride with me one day? :)
Sometimes, I ride with my friends. We go to nature, to the forest. Ahhh, I really miss these times. Now my friends have a family, so we rarely get together. What can you tell about your friends? By the way, you can call me Yulichka. That's what my friends call me. This is a very pleasant name.
You can tell me whatever you want. I want easy and open communication between us. I hope you smile as you read my letters. :)
Until next letter!
Letter 11
Hey Alberto!
I am pleased that you wrote me your answer. I was waiting for your letter. Yes, now I am waiting for your letters, because I am wondering what you will write to me. By the way, your letters give me a good mood. :)
In the last letter, I told you about my friends. For example, I have a best friend. Her name is Elena. Elena has a family and two children. Two wonderful boys. Also Elena is married. Elena and I have been friends for a very long time. Elena is a photographer by profession and she often photographs me. We have no secrets from each other. In general, I am an honest woman. I don't like secrets, or secrets.
On weekends, I like going to the movies, or walking to the park with Elena and her children. On a big holiday, we get together with my family, and Elena. Of course, apart from Elena, I have friends, acquaintances. But Elena is a very close person to me. After the past relationship, she helped me to come to my senses, was next to me. She helped me out of depression ... I am grateful to her.
I wanted to ask you, what do you think, is there a friendship between a man and a woman? Can this friendship grow into feelings? I am very interested to know your opinion.
Tell me what type of women do you like? I ask you because we have been communicating for a long time. So there is a little compatibility between us. :)
As for me, I don't like stubborn men. I don't like stubborn people. For me, the main thing is that a person knows how to listen. It is very important. Otherwise, there is no rationality, rational decisions. I don't like to argue. If there is a dispute, or a scandal, I try to remain silent. Why argue if it doesn't make sense. I am not a conflict person. I do not like to shout, make a scandal. The main thing for me is a compromise, to have a common opinion. All important decisions must be made together, this is the main rule of life. Also, I would not want to be alone in a difficult situation. I want my future partner not to leave me one day, and I want to be 100% confident in my partner.
We have been in contact with you not so long ago, but I feel that you are not capable of hurting me. I think you already understood me, my confidence in you. I openly tell you about myself, my family.
You can suggest your topic of conversation. I would like to know what is interesting for you? What would you like to talk to me about?
I hope you enjoy my thoughts. What are your plans tonight? Today, I want to visit Elena. Do you mind if after a while, I tell Elena that I am communicating with you? :) Of course, today, I will not tell you anything. But in the near future, I would like to share this secret with her!
Now I need to check the quality of the material for the window, I need to work. I will be waiting for your letter soon. By the way, in the photo is my friend Elena. And these photos were taken at different times. :)
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