Scam letter(s) from Julia to Dawn (USA)

Letter 1
Glad that we can continue communication more closer I registered on the dating site for a reason, not for fun, for me this is a serious step and despite the excuses of my skeptical friends, I want to start a new relationship that will go into something more. I'm already quite an adult girl and to be honest, I'm tired of frivolous and not serious guys who only need entertainment. Despite the fact that I am a fitness instructor, and I give the impression of a strong and independent girl, I am gentle and weak and I need a reliable and responsible man . I think this is what any girl wants.
It seems to me that you are just such a man. I would like that very much... Anyway, I sincerely believe that every person has their own soulmate, it can be either a neighbor or a person from another continent, every time I see a shooting star in the sky, I make plans to find my soul mate, and even if it's ******, I will continue to do this Kiss, Julia.
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Age: 35
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