Romance scam letter(s) from Natalia to Albert (France)
Letter 1
Hi!!! thank you for sharing your email address I feel a little worried as it is like a date for me and you. I think that it is pretty romantic to talk this way;)I am little bit shy and a little bit excited to talk to you. Ok, let's see if this message comes to you. Please reply soon I will tell you more, by the way feel free to ask me anything - I am simple and open person!
Letter 2
Hello Albert! Thank you so much for your attention and finding time to message me;) Can i ask you several questions? Where are you from? What do you do for living? Your date of birth? Age? Are you single? Do you have kids? Are you ready for serious relationship? Have you ever been to Ukraine?I also will be happy to receive your photos too:) My full first name is Nataliia, short is Nata, my parents always call me Nata and close friends. Well, my birthday is 13 of March 1986.
Promise you will keep my ages in secret;)))))) I'm 168 sm 54 kg. I have sister and lots of cousins - we all were getting together on weekends, in summer in grandparents house - sometimes even for few months of the summer me, sis and bunch of my cousins were staying together with Grandparents and had so much fun!To tell you truth we were pains in the butt;) Really, we used to run away to the river, have fights with neighborhood kids - not because we were impolite, but just as they were local kids they were trying to establish their rules over us and we were against. Being little girl I had short haircut and was wearing jeans and t-shirt up to middle school, as my Mom says I turned out princess swan from ugly duckling;) I work as a manager in the cloth store in my city Kharkiv, nothing interesting, lots of paper work and lots of people to work with, sometimes a lot of stress. Perhaps as any work:) The thing is that when I finished school I had no idea what I want to do so I just followed my classmate and good friend - she wanted to enter the Economics faculty, so did I. When I finished university my first work was in McDonald's - well, it was perhaps the best experience for first job;) Was lots of fun as there was a good company, but not for long time, I have understood that I need something more serious;) well, in common I think that the most important for the woman not to have a successful career, but to have a successful happy and loving family! In personal life things are pretty complicated, I am single not because I am too picky or I have three hands;) Just, I am little old fashioned, I was grownup in a family with good family values, my parents got married very early, but they still are together and looking at them I see they still are in love. They do care and support each other, they still have mutual interests and hobbies, they stick together in good and bad times. I want the same in a relationship. And nowadays both men and women are very spoiled - no one cares about each other, no one wants to find compromises and work together to make their relationship grow with time. Each one lives on his/her own, it is just not right. Yes, both partners should have their own space and time, their work, but at home and in free time I want to be together with my beloved person, share out lives, do things together, enjoy each others company, be best friends. It is what I am looking for;) and you? Thank you for taking your time to read my message and reply me, hope as soon as possible;)
sincerely, Nata:)
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