Scam letter(s) from Oksana Narkulovna Kuklina to Atle (Norway)

Letter 1
Hei, jeg heter Oksinia.
Jeg ser etter et seriøst forhold, hvis du er ute etter det samme, så kan vi fortsette dialogen vår.
Hvis du også ser etter noe seriøst, vennligst skriv til meg.
Din nye kjæreste fra Russland Oksinia.
Letter 2
Hello (name). I am very glad to see your new letter. To be honest, I was very worried, I thought it was very difficult to get to know a person at such a distance! This is something new for me! Men wrote to me, but everyone was excited, asked me for **** photos and sent their own, I despise such relationships, these are concerned people. I hope we won't have this, I'm looking for a well-mannered person. I would like to know better about you, write about myself. What do you do ? What hobbies? In turn, I will tell you about myself. My name is Oksana, I am 28 years old, my height is 168, weight is 58. I live in a small provincial town of Snezhinsk (Chelyabinsk region, Russia). I studied as a landscape designer for 5 years, and now I do not work, without work experience it is very difficult to find a job in a profession, and the pandemic made itself felt, the virus cordoned off the whole world. In my free time I really like to read books and watch TV. I love spending time in nature. In my city I am very tired and, to be honest, I am already tired of it here. And in the specialty it is very difficult to find a well-paid job, especially during a pandemic. On New Year's Eve, I thought about meeting a man, I was tired of loneliness, I'm not 18 years old and I'm an adult and it's time for me to think about my personal life. My family lives in another city, or rather, she lives in the village. Sometimes I visit her on weekends. I have 4 people in my family. My mom, grandmother, dad and sister. Here is a little story of my life. In the future I will tell you much more about myself, and now I will wait for a response from you. I hope our communication will not end there and you will write to me again. We are waiting for your reply! Oksana!
Letter 3
Good day (name)! How are you? What are you doing today? I was very pleased to receive a letter from you. I found your address on a dating site, I'm not quite clear what I need to prove to you? I wanted to meet you, but you think I'm a scam? I wonder why you think so? Various people wrote to me, it seems that deception has swept the entire planet, people have stopped believing and trusting. We can get acquainted, how can I still prove to you some things? I was really looking forward to the opportunity to read your letter, and I was very worried and thought about how you would react. In the last letter I didn’t talk so much about myself, one might even say that you know almost nothing about me. I am interested to know you more, and I think that you are also interested in our acquaintance. Today I will tell you more about myself, I will tell you about my childhood, I hope you will be interested to know about me. I myself was born and raised not in the city, but in the countryside. I have lived there unforgettable years of my life. Therefore, I really love my village and try to visit my relatives at home as often as possible. I had a very funny childhood. I spent all my time outdoors, playing different games, went swimming in the river, and in winter I went skiing and sledding all the time. Before, everything was different, then children did not sit at computers, as they do now. As a child, I often went with my mother to the forest to pick mushrooms and berries. I also spent a lot of time with my grandmother. I always tried to help mom and dad more, because there was a lot of work. I studied well at school. She graduated from school with honors, there were no problems when entering the institute. At school, I had many friends with whom I communicate to this day. When I turned 17, I graduated from high school and went to college. So from that moment on I began an independent life. After all, I had no one in the city, and I lived alone. I chose a profession that I was interested in and liked. As I said, I am a landscape designer by profession. I love nature very much and maybe that's why I chose this profession. At first it was very difficult for me to get used to it, because it is a strange city, there are no friends and I am all alone. And over time, I began to get used to all this. I began to communicate with new people, I immediately got a job, because it was difficult to live on a scholarship and I had to work. In my free time I went to cinemas, theaters, went to various exhibitions. But the virus stopped everything and only now everything is gradually starting to open. After graduation, I started renting an apartment and living alone. And now I also rent an apartment, but lately I have been trying to visit my parents and spend more time together. Now there is a pandemic and very little work. And now I am all alone, waiting for this virus to end, they say that they have already found a vaccine, I hope that I will find a good job. Well, in general, I kind of told you a little more about myself. Now you know more about me. Tell me about your childhood? How did it go with you? I am very interested to know more about you. I want to get to know you better, get to know you better. You are very interesting to me. I am not used to meeting a person from another country, but it is very interesting and gives me confidence in me. I would be confused if I met face to face with you and never got to know you ... I look forward to your letter. Oksana.
Letter 4
Hello! As soon as I saw your letter, I was immediately delighted! I am very glad to receive your letters and at any free time I try to come and write you a letter! I understand your attitude to dating, I also have a lot of spam from men of various kinds, but is it really impossible to define a person from a deceitful nature? It seems strange to me. I do not have a facebook account, so I didn’t answer anything about him, what does your silence connect with, why didn’t you answer me? Unfortunately, I don't have much free time. I go to the pool twice a week and there is still a lot of work to do. Forgive me if I don't answer you right away. I spend a lot of time at work. As I already wrote, I studied to be a landscape designer, interior designer, took a florist course. Now I work as a florist. The profession is creative, bright, and requires a lot of effort and time. I love her very much and will gladly tell you about her. Florists are made to amaze people. Therefore, with the language of flowers and herbs, I give people joy and good mood. I am engaged in drawing up bouquets, compositions, decorating interiors with flowers and plants, landscaping, decorating weddings and various events. Recently I finished a project of landscape design of a bedroom, now I am engaged in drawing up various bouquets and compositions. I also do landscape work. A landscape designer is an artist, gardener and architect all rolled into one. The profession is difficult, but it gives good fundamental knowledge - it is an excellent command of drawings, the ability to design and a good understanding of plants. An internship in St. Petersburg, Khabarovsk, acquaintance with culture, history, art helped me broaden my horizons. In my profession it is necessary to be both an engineer and an artist. In work, you have to take into account many factors, adapt to them, and take into account the wishes of customers. I have many plans ahead of me. I want to open my own company selling flowers and also travel abroad to gain experience. After all, you can only get a lot of interesting things abroad. And most of all I want us to continue to communicate with you in the same way, and I really hope that we will meet with you someday. Because you have become a very pleasant companion for me, my friend. I feel that you are a very good person, reliable and I can trust you. I want to be open with you and not keep secrets from you. I look forward to hearing from you. All the best to you, Oksana.
Letter 5
Hello my dear ! I was looking forward to your letter. I missed you very much, I waited for you to answer me. How is your health? How are you? I see how you miss me too, you miss me and think of me as I do, our feelings are mutual and I am very pleased! Today I am in a very good mood. I am very glad that our feelings are mutual, glad that I found such a close and dear person. You taught me to enjoy every day. There is no greater happiness for me now than to love you, to be loved by you. Feel your support, warmth, care. You are all I need in my life to be happy. I can trust you completely. My love ! I feel very bad without you. I want to always be there, I want to support you, no matter what happens. I am very sad that I do not see you, I touch you. After all, if we were close, then everything would be different. I want to be with you forever . I want you and me to meet as soon as possible and understand how we will continue with you, and discuss everything. I really miss talking with you, I want intimacy, to get to know you in life, your life. A trip to you would be the best thing that happened in my life! I want to see you a lot! I love you! I also want to love only one and always be with this person. Of course, *** is important, you need to give moments of love to convey passion and maintain relationships. I just want to meet you in me like a fire, I burn from everything I think. I haven't written much to you today, but I hope you enjoy reading this. I kiss you . I love you very much . Email me as soon as possible. What do you think of our meeting? I'm waiting for your answer . Oksana.
Letter 6
Hi my love (Name)! How do you? How was your day? I am fine. I am very glad to receive your new letter. I told my parents that I loved you and that I want to be with you. I have never had such feelings for anyone. I'm always thinking on you! And that I cannot live without you, that I want to be close to you, to feel you. I told my mom all this and she told me that it was love, and told dad about everything. She was very happy and said that you and I are great, that we could find each other at such a distance. Mom told me that if we love, then we should see and be together. My dad didn't react very well, but pretended to be happy. Maybe you don't want me to come to you? I will try to do everything to make you and me happy, if our feelings are mutual. You are always at work, I can interfere with your daily routine. Tell me about your wishes too. Whatever I have to do, I will try to do everything in my power to be with you. So that everything that we dreamed about becomes a reality. You know, I don't need anything, nothing but your love. I want to be in your arms forever. I want to kiss you, feel your kisses, enjoy our passion and love. I just want to hold your hand so we can be together. This is the most important thing for me. I want to wake up in your arms, I want to wake up from your kiss, I want to see your happy eyes. I want to meet you at home, give you a massage, prepare wonderful meals and enjoy our love. I want to see you, my love. I wanna be with you. I hope that soon our dreams will come true. We will be together. I will go and find out all possible ways about how and when I can come to you. I love you very much. I'll be with you. With you forever. I promise you, I will try to do everything in my power to keep you and me together. I will wait for your early reply. Love, your Oksana.
Letter 7
Hello my love (Name). I was delighted to receive your new letter again. I am very pleased to read your letter, because I understand that each letter of yours brings warm feelings to me, and the words you write to me make my heart beat even stronger. I feel like the happiest woman and it's all thanks to you! Realizing this, it makes me worse, because I understand how much I am attached to you and how strong our feelings for you. And the thought that we would soon be able to meet made me just jump with happiness, because I realized that I would soon be able to see you. And the thought that I will soon be able to hug you, snuggle up to you, feel your warmth, feel how our lips touch in a passionate kiss, how we will press against each other and never part. Of course, I understand that you are also worried about our relationship, about our chemistry, it already exists and I really like our chemistry! I don’t worry about your age at all, I thought about it, but our chemistry is strong, I didn’t feel such feelings for people and I want to understand how compatible we are in life, we will not know this until we meet ... But now I I understand that this is just my dream. My heart is bleeding from the words that I have to write to you. Today I have learned the information to find out everything I need to go to you. After work, I immediately started figuring out what I needed for the trip. They explained to me everything that is needed to come to you. On the one hand, it turned out that it is not as difficult as I thought. To come to your country, I need: a visa, passport, health insurance, medical certificate, vaccination certificate and coronavirus test, it's not difficult. In order for me to be able to complete all documents without any problems, I will need to fill in all the points. Well, it looks like this is all I need to come to you. The visa will be ready within 20 business days. I was very happy. After all, in 3 weeks I could come to you, but the cost of the trip will cost me about 200,000 thousand rubles, this is about 2,000 euros to prepare all the documents and have money with me to pay for the hotel if I have to spend some time in quarantine. Then I asked my parents for help, but they said that they have no money now, they help me pay for the apartment and support me in difficult times. I was very upset. Today I will try to ask for money at work. I talked to my mother about this, and she told me to ask for help from you if everything is hopeless. No matter how fate turns to us, I will always love you, because I still don’t love anyone so much. And I will prove to you that these are not just words. I will be waiting for your letter. I hope everything will be fine and we will be together soon. Every day I think about our meeting, and I think that it is real. We must use this chance of fate. I love you . I will wait for your reply. With love, always yours Oksana.
Letter 8
Hello my Prince! How are you? How difficult it is for me to restrain myself ... You have no idea how pleasant it is for me to read your words. My heart is filled with love whenever you say warm words to me. I have already collected all the documents, today I took them to a travel agency. I need your support, I don’t want the entire financial burden to fall on my parents, I don’t want to get loans, they already have it. Can't we find more money together? Don't you even have 1000 euros? This would make everything easier for me, and I could safely count on the help of my parents next month, we must come up with something to move on. I think we will find a way to get out of this situation and arrange everything. I do not need your riches, but how did you imagine then life with me? Are we going to live in poverty? I do not want to live on your last money, to be a burden for you. If you are not ready please just tell me about it. Only you deserve all my declarations of love, because you know how much I love you. Yes, how bad it is that we are so far apart now. But I'm sure everything will change. Be patient a little longer. If everything works out, we will be together very soon! My dear, you are the most beautiful, the kindest, the most gentle and the most caring. I will never tire of telling you that you are the best man in the world. My feelings for you are growing for you every day, with every new letter. I cannot stop this. It’s like an avalanche that is covering me, and I will not resist it. My love makes me stronger, I am ready to fight for our love. But your love takes me to heaven. Your warm letters, your words, your feelings are so sincere and so strong. They give me even more strength, I feel myself a happy woman! Atle, I dream of being able to touch you. Why are we still so far away? I can't wait to hug your strong shoulders, breathe in your scent, feel your warmth. I'm afraid that I might just die of an overabundance of happiness at this moment. But, I know that you won't let me die. I know that you will always protect me, because you are my protector. You are my knight! You are in my heart from the moment of my first letter. You found the key to my heart, you opened my heart and my feelings broke free. My heart belongs only to you now. I hope that you will always protect my heart. I know that you will never break my heart, because it is in the safest hands. I love you! I will always love you! I am very bored here, I want to meet you as soon as possible. Thoughts about you do not let me sleep at night, even during the day I can not concentrate on work. I only think about you. I know that I can no longer live without you. I need you to be there. People cannot live without air, without water, without food. And I cannot live without you. I want to see you! I have never loved anyone as much as I love you. My dear, I really miss you. I have to finish this letter, but I will think of you. I will think about our meeting, and dream about our first night. I want you to be near ... With love, Oksana.
Letter 9
Hello my Prince! How are you? How is your weekend? I miss you so much! I really want you to be by my side now. I can't wait for the moment we meet. You are my guardian angel who came down from heaven in order to make me the happiest. I found you, and you found me. Yes, I know that my words are now like the words of a little and ****** girl, but you made me like this. I lost control of myself, you made me the happiest. My love for you is much stronger than my mind. Know that I will always love you! I do not know of any other ways to send money, if we succeed we will be together, but we need to wait a bit until I have the documents ready. I love you,! You are the most sincere and kind person I have met. I don't want to give you to anyone, I want you to only care about me. Can you promise me that? I know that you can do it for me, because you are the best man. I want to thank you for your letters, because only they now warm me ... My dear, we met recently, but we are already so close. I know there is a happy future ahead of us. We will share with each other the happy moments of our life, we will share the sad moments. We will fight all difficulties together. I know that you will always support me. I talk so much about loving you that sometimes I repeat myself. But I want you to know that I will never stop being grateful to you for everything you do for me. We still keep going towards each other, we still have so much to go. But sooner or later, we will meet. It won't be long before you can hug me. You will give me my favorite flowers (red roses), I will hug you and whisper words of love in your ear. I want you to believe in this as much as I believe in this. Believe that our meeting will make us happy. I can not live without you! I hope you are not tired of reading about it yet. My letter is written by my heart, not my mind. I should probably finish my letter now. I hope that we can meet soon. I am sending you my number and address, I hope I will have yours too. My registration address. Russia, Chelyabinsk region, Kaslinsky district, village Allaki, peace street, house 10. Phone number 89663047968 watsap. With love, Oksana.
Letter 10
Hello my future husband! I was looking forward to your letter. I am always waiting for your letter, but today I was waiting for it with a special mood. I do not know what is happening to me, but I am very happy, my emotions are going through the roof, because very soon we can be together! I also need your phone number so we can always stay in touch. Thank you for giving me your address, nothing will bring me closer to you, except our personal meeting, do you agree with me? Even this thought makes my heart skip a beat! I love you! I really want to be with you right now. I would like to watch how you read my letter, to see your emotions. You know, I always wanted to see your eyes while reading my letter. I know that you can tell me about your feelings, but I would like to see it with my own eyes. You know, I read your letter and I feel the happiest. Because you are also passionate about our meeting, and I am not scared together with you! I'm ready to go to the ends of the world! I cannot contain my feelings when I read your letter. Atle, I love you! I always dreamed of you, I always thought that I would meet a man like you. But I didn't know that I would find you thousands of kilometers away from me. I always think of you, I dream of the days when we will be together. I would like to spend with you all my days, all my hours and even minutes if possible, at least for the first time. My beloved, I want to give you my life, I want to make you happy and build real family happiness! Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and I think about you, I think about our meeting. My dear, I have never experienced anything like it. I cannot imagine my life without you, now we can never return to our past lives. Our lives have changed forever. My full name is Kuklina Oksana Narkulovna. Thank you for your care! Thank you for the happiness you gave me! We will be together very soon, and I can thank you more than once. I am finishing my letter. Until I see where you live! I really miss you! Kiss! With love, Oksana.
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