Scam letter(s) from Julia William to Kantaros (Belgium)

Letter 1
My dear Kantaros,
Thank you so much for your love and understanding,Please, my dear, it is okay, fight for me and for our love, try to help me with the luggage because the money in my luggage is 4.5 million euros. I don't want the company to leave the baggage because I said it was my own cover, credit cards, lots of money, and jewelry hidden in a 51kg box. If I check in my luggage, I lose everything because the content is right for my life. Please note that it is too early to bother you with such a high burden and responsibility that the contents of the luggage will enable us to start a new life in Maaseik. We will build a business in Maaseik while you as director oversee the investment. If I focus on my work on this matter, please help me with your love. You will never regret helping me store my luggage. There is no need to involve third parties in this matter and the company can handle the delivery without any problems. Find it in your heart to help me. First of all, I assure you that no one will check the contents of your luggage for delivery, the box will reach you without any problems, I repeat, no one will know about the means in your luggage if you do not comply with them; The company has diplomatic immunity to keep your luggage at the limit and deliver it without borders and controls. After paying the company's rejection and shipping costs, send the shipment that came with your luggage to your address in Maaseik and deliver the shipment with a delivery time and a delivery fee to cover all shipping costs under diplomatic protection. This means that you will receive a mailbox without anyone knowing. I lost my focus for a few days and I cannot send money from my chair because the Syrian government has blocked all banking facilities. I need your help and I promise that once you have received your luggage I will give you access to it and give the money back. I will also help myself to buy a house where we can live together when I come to Maaseik. Please help me pay the delivery fee. I want you to know that I am in constant communication with the security company and I told them today that they will open up to you. First, contact the company and ask them to release and deliver the box. If you have luggage, you keep the money. Remember that the security company does not know that the contents of the luggage are money. So don't say anything about money and gold. Simply ask for the luggage to be issued and delivered to your address in Maaseik. I really hope that you will communicate with the company and pay a delivery fee to release it and deliver the mailbox to your address. Mr. Charles Ronald, the company's director, promised in my letter that he would write to you and expect him to meet your requirements and give you a box. Contact them at the following address: Here is the company's contact information:
Company name: Capital Security and Courier Services, London-United Kingdom
Directed by Mr. Charles Ronald
Phone: 442031297920
Mobile: 44 7748 711998
Please write to the company at the address given above and the company will also communicate with you. I've already told the company about you that you are my fiance. Thank you and thank you all your life for this help.
Please let me know immediately when you contact the company.
With love and respect
Greetings, Julia
Letter 2
Dear Kantaros,
I guarantee you 100% and i promise you with my life that this money is legal and genuine so you do not need to worry about anything my dear, I wrote to the bank to let them know that I would like you to transfer funds to my account and I was informed that you can change recipients or transfer money by opening a new account with them so they can use deposit funds by making an online transfer. Here are the details of my online account. You can register for free and access my account. It is very unfortunate that I cannot use it because a system is blocked from my location for this purpose. Try to keep this information secret and never give it to anyone. It is based on the trust I have given you and I believe that you will not betray your trust in you. Use the information below to verify which account the money is in. Account name: JULIA WILLIAM
Account number: 54376921000743
Login Username: juliaxxwla
Login password: 12han44#x
Balance: GBP 1,900,000.00 You can always check the account information on the website:, click on Sign in and enter your username and password above. Please Write the bank after you read this mail so that the bank will tell what you need to do so that the fund will be transferred to your account.
Bank name: CAPITAL IFT
Managing Director: Chris Benson.
You only need the following information:
1: Copy of your identity card
2: your home address.
Finally bank details:
Name of the bank:
Name of account holder:
Account number:
SWIFT code
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