Letter(s) from Irina to Murray (New Zealand)

Letter 1

Hi, dear Murray,

Thank you very muh for your reply. How are you? I know than it is probably too early to make any decisions, but it seems to me that we could become very good and close friends. There is something than tells me about it, perhaps, it is my woman`s intuition. Anyway, time will show us...Let`s continue our lettering and see.

And I would like to continue telling you about myself. Well, what I else can I say about mydelf. I think there is a lot I can, but let me strt from the main. I know that you have a question 'Why didn`t this girl decided to apply to the agency just to get acquainted with somebody?' There are many men in Ukraine who would like to communicate with me, and maybe have strong relations with me, and probably in future marry me. It is true and there are really men who wold like to do this. But, I didn`t meet anong them a men whom I would like to have strong realtions with and to spend the rest of my lefe with this man. By my nature I am a romantic person, and as I said, I have a big heart wich is ready to be open to someone who will find the right key to it. But till this time nobody opened it and nobody found this right key to it. Many men have a big bunch of different keys to different hearts, but none of them get the right key to my one. And every morning when I wake up I listen to my heart and expect to hear the sound of opening the door of my heart. Perhaps some day I will hear itan you will come to my hear.

I tell some day, but I don`t mean that it couldn`t be soon, on the contrary, I am ready to open my heart just now. The only thing I am afraid of it is that there are people who come to your heart and then they break it or leave big dirty footsteps there. Thisis the only thing I am afraid of - to be deceived. And what demand from people the best it is honesty. I cannot lie, and I hope this is the only talant I do not have, thanks to my parents.

Now about my interests and hobbies. As I said, my bigges iterests it is reading. I read everything and all the time. I read at my work, at home and even in the bus on the way to my work. I adore reading different magazines and news-papers, because from them I learn not only about what has happened to the hero of one of the books I read, but also about different events in different countries. But my favourite column is the one about singers, actors and the other famous people of the world. As all the peole, I guess, I like listening to music. I listen to all music from pop to rap, because most of the time I listen to the radio. Besides, I know a lot not only about Rissian and Ukrainian famous people, but also about foreign ones, such as Madonna, Michael Jackson, Sting etc... In general, I like everything, my inteterest and hobbies are so many-sided that I can`t even enumarate all of them. But I am not fond of sport, though I visit a gym regurarly, because as every girl I want to be strong and fit, and certainly healthy.

I've seen your photos and I liked them both... And yuor son is a handsome "Little Gentleman". Tell me more about your son and send some photos of nim.

Have to go now, but as usualy I am waiting for your soon answer. And again let it be very soon.

With affection,

Letter 2

Hi, my dear Murray, Happy New Year!!!!!!!!

Thank you very much for your letter.
How are you toay? How is the weather like there? What have you been doing? As for me, I am okay. I work as usual from the morning till the evenig, I am a bit tired, but still I am not upset that I have to work so much, because first, I know that my job helps my family. I know that my salary is extremely low, but still it helps me to survive. And the second, I have already told you, that while working, I have a posibility to do what I like doing most of all - it gives me an oportunity to read everything I want. I am very glad becue of this little fact, as it is almost impossible for me to buy the books because of their high prises.

But let`s stop on discusing my job and let`s talk about us. How do you feel our reletions just now, on this level, after short period of time, but after a coule of warm letters? I know this is not very easy questions, but I am thinking about it rather often, as I would like to develop our relations. As for me, I see out reltions warm and interesting. We know a little about each other, but we are already friends and we do have a wish to know one another better (just now I am talking about myself mostly, but I hope that you feel the same) and probably to develop our relations in future. After a couple of letters we have exchnged I see that you are a kind and clever man, whom with I would like to become very good friends. First we can be just friend, but I we have a great chance to raise oyr relations and to turn them into something much more deeper. What do you think about our relations? How do you see me and our friendship?

Going further I want to tell you that I am a deep philosopher and a great romantic, who moves down the road of life with the help of my little wings of romance, which can bee seen only by me and by the man, which have a strong connection with me. Did you notice these wings?:-)

As I said, I am a philosopher and I have my own philosophy of life, of my own life. I think, that during our life every person tried to become completed. But to become completed, you shouls have both your parts, both halfs of your soul. We are devided into two halfs and during our life we are in search of our second half. Somebody finds his love next to him and life happily together, somebody can find his second half in the other part ofthe worls and then becomes completed. I believe that my second half lives far from me now, but in my nearest future I want to find it and to meet it and to join into one whole.

During rather long period of time I though and hoped that my love lives near me and I just should look around and notice it, but it appeared that there sin`t my second half. Why? You see, I communicated with many men in Ukraine, some of them made a very nice impression on me and seemed to be very interesting people, but very soon I saw that I was totaly wrong. There are a ciuple of reasons: first, men here drink very much, too much, I would even say. Not all the men of Ukraine, but too many. Secondly, I communicated ith a lot of people and talked to many of my friends who mrried Ukrainian men, and I understood, that men don`t show enough care and respect to their women. And as I want to be loved, to feel care and respect, I think that it is imposible for me to find my second half here.

Well, now I think I made you aqcuainted a bit with me, my inner world, my job and philosophy of life. Hope to hear the same from you. And hope to hear this very soon. I will tell you more, of course, but just now I am in a hurry and I have to return to my work, because I came to the agency in my lunch break and I should be back at work and no late, because my boss will be very angry, if I am late.

Hope to hear from you very soon.
Be safe and healthy.

Letter 3

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your letter.

The name of our agency is 'Karina'. Our agency gives the services of translation and using Interenet. Women apply to our agency for help, because they don`t speak English and don`t have access to Internet or just don`t have computers at home. Irina is one of our clients. First she payed for our service, but unfortunately just now she has some problems with money and can not make up her acount with us, that is why she can`t answer your letters. We decided to inform you about this problems, because Irina is seriously interested in you and would like to continue your correspondence very much.

We also hould inform you that 'Karina' is not a marriage agency. We give the services of translationa dn using Internet only.

If you are inetersted in Irina and are ready to help her, contact us, and we will send you all the necessary information concerning our services and payment.