Scam letter(s) from Karina Yudina to Svend (Denmark)

Letter 1
Hello Svend, Thank you for your beautiful letter.
It's a pleasure to meet you.
My Nickname is Ksyusha, and my passport is Karina.
I now live in Russia, city Kazan.
But I was born in Kazakhstan Republic, in the former USSR.
I'm just like you looking for a serious relationship and a family.
I'm not here for games , I'm here for serious relationships.
A little about yourself: not married, do not smoke, do not drink, do not use drugs, work as a financial adviser in an insurance company, Hobbies : cycling, skiing, running, books, music, walking in the woods and the beach , and much more, I spend my free time in the country, or in the fresh air walking in the Park or in the woods.
I send you my photo in the hope you like it. Best wishes and regards to you, Karina.
Letter 2
Hello Svend!!!
It's me Karina! Thank you for responding to my letter! Please forgive me for not responding quickly! I was a little sick, so I couldn't answer right away.
Your letter truly means a lot to me, because I really want to meet a good man before I arrive in your country!
At the end of February, I plan my arrival in your country! I'm going to your country for a little business! And I can stay in your country for 6 months, until my visa expires! And of course I would like to meet and spend this time with a nice, kind and sensitive man with a good sense of humor! The one who respects himself, and knows how to appreciate and respect a woman!
Of course, it's too early to talk about it now, but I would like to have a long-term relationship with a man, because I have been single for a very long time!
And I will be very happy to begin our acquaintance! Now I live in Kazan! I'm 35 years old! I'm single, I've never been married! I have no children!
I love reading, listening to music, watching movies, Cycling, traveling, and of course I love the Sea!
I am very happy to offer you my friendship so that we can get to know each other better, find common interests, and learn to understand each other before deciding to meet and draw any conclusions! I think you'll agree with me?!
And I hope that our acquaintance will be open, honest and sincere!
I got your e-mail from a Dating Agency! I was told that you put your profile on a dating site, and also want to find the other half! And I really hope so!
Please ask me what you are interested in, I will be very happy to tell you about me, and I hope that we will get to know each other better! Ok?
I send you my photos, I hope it will strengthen our friendship! Please send me your photos as well!!
I wish you a pleasant day! And with great hope I will wait for your letter!
Sincerely, Karina!!!!!
Letter 3
Good day Svend!!!
I am sincerely very pleased to receive your letter, and that you have accepted my friendship! And I sincerely hope that we will enjoy our acquaintance!
I will start our acquaintance now with great pleasure! My birthday is February 1, 1985!
I live in city Kazan!!! Very beautiful and old town, with beautiful sights, and good people! I live alone in a small, 2-room apartment!
I work as a financial consultant for an insurance company! I help people solve problems! I work 5 days a week, my working day is from 9: 00-18: 00. From the morning until half the day, I receive and consult people, and then fill out questionnaires and send a resume. I love my job because I love helping people! And this allows you to distract yourself and forget about loneliness! Yes, of course sometimes I get very tired, but then I just wait for the weekend to relax, visit my family, or just do household chores!
I earn enough, I have enough to live on, and it turns out to save a little! But money is not a priority for me, since it is just a means of living and nothing else.
Now, I can only write to you from my computer at work! Since I don't have Internet at home! And I apologize if I can't always respond quickly!
Of course, it would be better if we could communicate via onlinemessengers-Viber or WhatsApp, but my phone is under repair now! And at work, access to facebook is closed! So I hope you don't mind communicating via e-mail until I get my phone back! Agreed?
By the way, I hope you understand my language?! I studied this at the University, and for many years I did not communicate in your language and I need practice! Of course, I hope that you will not have to endure my written language for a long time, and soon we can communicate in person! Of course, it's too early to talk about it, but I hope that it will happen!
2 weeks ago I applied for a visa! So now my visa is under consideration! I expect to be invited to the Consulate for an interview in the next few days! And as soon as I get a visa I can fly to you! Later, I will inform you in more detail about the goals and details of my trip!
Please tell us about you, about your work, your Hobbies , I will be happy to know your thoughts! I want to know more about you!
I send you my photos, and I hope you will enjoy my photos! Please also try to send me your photos with every email! This will help our communication!
I'm waiting for your letter, and I wish you a good mood!
Sincerely, Karina!!!
Letter 4
Hello my friend Svend
I am very pleased to see your letter! Thank you for the good mood that you give me with your letter, and a warm compliment!
I still haven't received your photos! And I hope you send me this in your next email!
I am very happy to meet you, and I am very happy to get to know you! I want us to know each other very well by the time I arrive in your country! And today I want to tell you about my Hobbies!
As you already understood work occupies all my life! But in my free time, I try to spend time with benefits! I consider myself a very cheerful, optimistic and cheerful woman!
I love children very much, and I hope that in the future I will give birth to a child!
I also love cats and dogs very much! I have a cat Lamba and a dog Baikal, a cat I found on the street, a small and sick kitten, and now she has become a very beautiful and gentle lady! She doesn't let me get bored in the evenings, she sleeps during the day when I'm at work, and in the evening and at night when I sleep, she arranges races around the apartment! And she ate almost all my potted flowers! Smiley Do you have Pets?
I also love cooking and learning new culture! Here in Russia they say, "the way to a man's heart is through his stomach"! I love cooking new dishes and I really like Italian cuisine! So have you ever tried Russian cuisine? It's also very tasty!
I don't smoke or drink alcohol often, but I love wine! I like white wine, and sometimes I like to spend a weekend evening with a glass of wine, watching a movie or chatting with my friends and relatives!
I don't have many friends, mostly my colleagues from work!
I love listening to music and watching movies! I love the songs "Adele - Hello" and many other Madonna, Justin Timberlake! My favorite movie is AgeofAdaline and I'm a GameofThrones fan! Like fiction with romance!
I also love to read, because it allows you to dream and of course forget about loneliness! My favorite writer is Ernest Hemingwa! Sometimes read psychology Dave Kerpin!
Every week I go to fitness 2-3 ! I love to ride a bike, and in winter I go skiing and skating! This helps to relax and distract from everyday problems!
And of course I love to travel! I love the Sea very much and every year I try to go on a little trip! I was in Egypt, Turkey, Thailand! Fortunately my brother helps me with these trips! He also pays for my visit to your country in full! Since it is at his request that I am going to arrive! Honestly, I admire my brother and how much he loves me, his sister! Although I understand that we should be primarily obliged to our parents. What do you think?
I was also in Italy 1 year ago, I visited Roma, Milano and Venezia! It was a short week's journey, but it was beautiful and very memorable for me!
Well, here's a little more about me, of course I want to tell you more! But I have a lot of work to do today!
In the next letter I will tell you about my upcoming trip! ok?
And of course I am very happy to send you my photos, I think it will tell you more about me!!!
By the way, my height is 167 centimeters! My weight is 55 kilograms! Hope you had a great weekend.
I wish you a good day and a good mood!
I will wait for your letter!!!
Sincerely, Karina.
Letter 5
Hello my friend Svend!!!
Thank you very much for your letter! This gives me great joy, because I am pleased to learn more and more about you with each letter!
I get very much pleasure from communicating with you! And today I want to introduce you to my family! My family is my mom, dad and older brother, his wife and my niece!
My mother's name is Alena, she is 65 years old! My dad's name is Leonid, he's 75 years old! They are now retired! My parents live in the village of Aro, 60 kilometers from Kazan! I love them very much, and almost every weekend I try to visit them! I am very grateful to my parents for the education and love they gave me!!
And of course I want to tell you more about my brother! Because it is at my brother's request that I go to your country!
My brother's name is Andrea, he is 45 years old, he is married and has a daughter of 3 years!
My brother is a sailor, he works as a chief mechanic on an Italian cargo ship! Almost all the time he spends in reisen all over the world, and only 1-2 times a year he comes home to Russia to visit his wife and daughter! He has been working for more than 5 years, he earns well, and wants to move his family to your country to be with them often! He wants to buy an apartment or a house in your country! But since he is constantly in reisen, he asked me to come to your country and find a house or apartment for him to buy! So it will pay all the expenses for my trip!
Dear, now you know why I decided to meet a man from your country! I don't have any acquaintances there, and it would be very nice for me to meet a good man, have a friend, a good conversationalist, a guide and an assistant in matters I don't understand! And of course the hope of creating long-term relationships!
And I'm glad that I met you, because I really like you, and I get very much pleasure from communicating with you!
At the moment, I am waiting for approval of a visa for 3-6 months of residence! But in the future, I want to stay in your country forever! There's nothing keeping me here in Russia anymore, except my parents! But they support me in this decision! They hope that I will find my happiness there, start a new life and create a family! I want to create my own family! It may not be perfect, but I know that my family will always be surrounded by my love and care!
Charming my, I would be very interested to know your thoughts about it!?
I will finish my email now, and of course I am sending you my photos! I hope this will help you get to know my life better!
Please take care of yourself! And have a good day and a great mood!
I'm waiting for your letter!
Sincerely yours, Karina!!!
Letter 6
Hello my dear friend Svend!!!
I am very pleased to read your letter now! I just finished my chores, and now I'm in a hurry to write you a letter, because I feel like we're getting closer to each other! I have very warm feelings for you!
I really hope you are sincere with me!? Because I still haven't received your photos! I ask you very much, please send me a lot of your photos!
Your letters have taken a very big place in my life! And I want you to know that every time I read your letter, I feel great care and understanding!
I think I was very lucky to meet you! I can say that I recognized you as a nice, honest and open man! And I sincerely want that when we meet, we also have understanding, trust, kindness, sensuality, these are the qualities I look for in a relationship!
I think that no relationship will develop if there is no understanding between them!
Unfortunately, I was not lucky enough to meet a man in a relationship with whom we could achieve harmony! Maybe I was very young and didn't realize that physical attraction isn't the most important thing in a relationship! So we very often had quarrels and scandals! Instead of calm discussion and problem solving! I know that this is my fault, I did not understand how important it is to find a man for the soul!
Also, in my life there was a man with whom I learned love and passion, we very much understood each other, we enjoyed each other's presence! But I didn't know that he was already married and had a son! And as it turned out, he was cheating on me! He said that he would divorce for me, but I didn't want to destroy someone else's family! So I did everything I could to make him forget about me! I have suffered for a very long time that I can't even see the person I love! But I know I did the right thing, because I didn't destroy another family!
Now I remember it with ease, because several years have passed since then! But I haven't had a relationship all this time! Of course, men pay attention to me, but I avoid Dating because I'm afraid of being deceived by my feelings again, and I don't want my heart to be broken again, because it hurts terribly!
But I sincerely really want to find the one person in whom I will be confident, to whom I will be able to fully open up and devote myself! I want to give all my love, all the warmth and passion, all the tenderness and joy! I want to enjoy every day, difficult and joyful moments of life together and be happy!
And I want to admit, I'm glad I met you, I feel like I can tell you all my thoughts, and not be afraid that one day you will use it against me!
How long have you bee single? Please tell me about your past relationships!
Dear, please give me your phone number!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I want to call you in the next few days so that we can hear each other's voice, and of course have a nice chat! I'll call you from the post office! Unfortunately I still haven't received my phone from repair, but as soon as I get it, we can chat via WhatsApp and be in touch throughout the day!
I will finish my letter, and I will send you my photos again, and they will give you pleasant emotions and brighten up your day!
Please take care of yourself and write to me soon!!!
Sincerely yours, Karina!
Letter 7
Hello my dear Svend!!!
Thank you for giving me a smile again with warm words and thoughts! Your sincerity in your letters makes me very happy!
Svend, you didn't send me your phone number! You don't want me to call you? Please send your number in the next email! ok?
Thank you for telling me about your relationship! Yes, our past relationships didn't make us happy! But it gives us a great life experience, and now we both understand what kind of relationship we want to have in the future!
Svend, and now I really want to start my letter with great news! Today I received the long-awaited news from the Consulate! My visa is approved now, so I have to do a lot of work before to meet all the visa requirements and prepare for an interview with the Consulate!
I must confirm my ability to pay, have a hotel reservation and determine the approximate date of departure for buying a ticket!
This evening I will have a conversation with my brother, as my brother said that I would inform him as soon as my visa is approved, so now we have to decide on the amount that Andrea will send me for the trip!
We have already discussed some details with my brother, my brother said that he does not have a preference for the place where he wants to buy a house! He only wants it to be a place with good infrastructure, an intercity airport, and of course he wants it to be close to the beach or pond!
Svend please tell me, do you want to meet me at the airport and be my companion there?!
Are you willing to give me some of your time so we can have a great time together?!
I will not be a financial burden for you, as well as I will not have problems with housing, I will book a hotel! I just don't want to be one vchuzhaya country these 3 or 6 months! And it would be very nice to meet you to get to know each other personally!!!
Svend, please let me know the name of the nearest INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, and the name of your CITY!
And if you can, please find out the name of the hotel closest TO you and tell me the address! Since under the visa conditions I must have a hotel reservation for the first two weeks!
I have to find out the cost of air tickets, know the approximate cost of a hotel room, and tell my brother the necessary amount so that he sends me money for travel and accommodation expenses!
I like you very much, but I understand that you can't be sure that we are right for each other right now! This can only be found out when meeting! But now I am sure that we will be very good friends and pleasant interlocutors and will have a great time together! Maybe I'm rushing things! But I think I found the man I was looking for!
Sorry I won't write much today, I have a lot of work to do, so I'll finish my letter!
And I'm sending you my photos again, so that it will lift your mood even more!
Please take care of you, and write to me soon!
Sincerely yours Karina.
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