Scam letter(s) from Aizhan Ayanbek to Ken (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my dear friend Ken ! I'm glad you replied to my message, so you liked my profile!
I apologize for the long wait for an answer. This weekend I was at my grandmother's.
I want to visit Africa or the Netherlands. I also like documentaries.
First, I want to tell you what led me to on-line dating. I want to find true love! Pure and sincere relationship!
I'm not looking for friendship! Or simple Internet communication. When I was little, a dream came to me, to marry a foreigner.
Are you smiling now? (smile) Now I am 31 years old, and my dream has not yet come true. I believe that love has no age, age is just numbers.
What do you think? I believe that love is the most powerful weapon in the world, along with kindness and sincerity.
You will probably be surprised that my profile says that I live in your country.
When registering, it was necessary to indicate your country so that I could find you.
My country is not in the list of countries offered for selection when registering on the site. I would like to visit abroad one day, I have never been outside my home country KAZAKHSTAN. You can see the location of my country on google mars maps.
By registering on the site "" I received your first message. Which makes me very happy. (smile)
Thanks to this site last year my former work colleague Anna found a man and married him, and they are happy.
Her act inspired me, and I decided to register on this wonderful dating site. But my first experience was terrible.
Receiving short messages without a photograph changes the first impression of a person. In such cases, I rarely answer such a person.
I would like to meet this person first by mail. And only then go to messengers and applications such as Skype, Telegram.
There are many people on the Internet who misbehave. Show obscene things to the camera. Also, I will not tolerate **** photos.
For me, as for a well-mannered girl, such behavior is unacceptable! I hope you will be a decent and well-mannered person!
Who will fully appreciate all my efforts and accept my point of view in communication and acquaintance?
If you have read this message to the end, I want to continue acquaintance. I want to give my heart and love to a man who knows how to love and care!
Knows how to keep a promise. In the next letter I will tell you more about myself and my life.
I hope to read your reply in my mailbox as soon as possible. An interested person will always find time to respond.
I will send you my photo. I will wait for your answer and an interesting photo. Best wishes Aizhan.
Letter 2
Hello my dear friend Ken !
Now I am smiling because I see your answer.
Now my life has become much more diverse thanks to you.
(smile) In today's letter, I would like to tell you more about myself and my preferences.My name is Aizhan, I hope it won't be difficult for you to say my name. (smile) I was born on November 23, 1990,I live in a small city of Alga in the country of Kazakhstan. I hope you have already looked at google mars where do I live? My height is 167 centimeters and my weight is 54 kilograms. As you can see from the photo I am a slim blonde.
I was born into a complete happy family.Unfortunately, my father died in a car accident. I have my mother and my grandmother, these are the closest people to me.My mother lives with my grandmother. Every weekend I try to visit them, they live away from me. I am currently working as an accountant.
I have to rent an apartment in the city without having my own home.
I hope this brief information will be enough for you to get to know me better.
All my life I have been working and helping my family.
You know, when I first opened your photo, I immediately realized that you were in the middle.
You can think of it as a woman's intuition, but still. After reading your message to the end, I seem to have read your life story. I am a sensitive person and I felt in your message all the sincerity and kindness of thought. Reading you today, I realized that our views are very similar.
This is just my second message to you. But I hope I can keep writing to you. I have never been married either.
Didn't even come close. You touched on an ode to a phrase that I especially liked, I'm talking about skeletons in closets. Mom told me. Always be honest with the person you are talking to.
Kindness tends to return. You say you want a queen. Who will fight with you shoulder to shoulder.
I liked your comparison. I believe that a woman should be an extension of the male blade.
A woman should protect the hearth and cover her husband.
In our country there is a proverb "husband and wife are one Satan".
Your photo How long did you serve in the army? it's difficult? I would be glad to see your other photos.
I really want to meet a man whom I will just love. I want to be happy with my future husband.
I don't need expensive gifts and jewelry! The most precious gift for me is the attention and care of my man.
The most important thing is that he love me and make me happy. That we would spend every minute together.
You know, I want to open my eyes every morning and see my loving husband next to me. So that I can kiss every morning and wish good morning.I want to tickle my husband so that he wakes up laughing.
I so want to cook a delicious dinner and wait for my husband to go home.Without love, the world becomes gray and sad. I'm sure you completely agree with me.I think every woman dreams of simple family happiness, like a man. If my age is a problem for you, I ask you to stop our correspondence.
Also, if our distance is a problem for you. In a real relationship, there is no problem bridging the distance.
Now we live in the age of technology and people have come up with airplanes and trains. If we want to meet with you in the future, we can quickly do it.For me, the main issue is trust! When I understand that a person is interested in me, I open up to him 100%.I do not understand people who make you wait 2-3 days for a reply to a message. If a person does not even have 5 minutes a day to answer a letter.It seems to me that such a person does not have time for a relationship either. I like men who can express their thoughts clearly and clearly!I love looking at photographs and works of art. But if I get a **** photo from you, I will stop writing to you. Perhaps you will find my words harsh!But as I said, I had a bad experience with a man from France.
I live in the present, for me there is a motto "only here and only now".I have several close friends, all of them girls. All my friends tell me that my appearance is much younger than my real age.This is very pleasant to me and I am sure that it is due to my lifestyle. I always try to be active in sports and eat tasty and healthy food.
True, I sometimes break down, and I can eat pizza or a delicious burger. (smile) I have never smoked or taken drugs.
When there is a big holiday in my life, I can afford a few glasses of wine. Do you have bad habits, and what kind of life do you lead? I hope for reciprocity on your part. I hope you will not be bored reading my letter.
I am waiting for your interesting answer. Aizhan.
Letter 3
Hey Ken ! I want to confess to you, I was waiting for your message!
I am happy that I can continue an interesting acquaintance with you.
Usually I read your letter at work, and in the evening at home I answer you.
Do not use your computer for personal use at work.
It is very important for me to answer your letter, even if I am very tired.
Wow! Did you prepare everything yourself? Your photos. You are probably a chef.
You probably forgot to tell me about it. (Smile) Reading you today, I laughed several times.
You know how to make me laugh - very good quality. You will be surprised, but in my mailbox there is only your address. I am not in the habit of chasing two birds with one stone, so now you know that I am writing only to you. The words about the neck amused me a lot (smiles).
I am not a Muslim and do not adhere to the Muslim faith. I am of the Orthodox faith.
This is almost the same as Christianity. My mother is Russian and my father is Kazakh.
You must have a very difficult job? In the next letters I will try to tell you more about my national dishes. I understand all your jokes and all your words. It is very good that you share your explanations with me. It suits me. 8 years in the army is a lot, how many army stories do you have? I am glad that you are alive and well.
Today I want to share with you my views on life and my life preferences.
And I also want to talk about my fears and experiences. Most of all in my life I am afraid of being disappointed in a man again and suffering from betrayal again.
I want you to know about my past relationship, and how it ended. Perhaps you will share with me your experience of past relationships?In this case, we will not allow past life mistakes.
As you already know, this is my second attempt to find a man from another country.
It all started like the best romantic movies, we corresponded, exchanged photos and shared our dreams.
Our feelings grew every day. We discussed many different topics and went to bed late.
After a month of communication, he suggested that I move in with him. There was no limit to my happiness.
I had to persuade him for a long time so that we could hold our first video meeting on Skype.
I so wanted to see him smile and just look at him. When I called him, I could not see him, I only heard his voice.He said he didn't have a camera. We talked to him several times, and he suggested switching to communicate in the telegram application.In this application, we could chat in real time and share photos.After a few weeks of chatting, he said it was time for us to meet him.
I immediately went to the agency to find out everything about the trip to you.
The agent advised me to write an application for a tourist visa.
So that I can go to him for several months, this time is enough for the first meeting.
I conveyed the entire dialogue to him, he said that he was not satisfied with it.
He found out everything and said that he wanted me to move in with him forever. That he has already begun to collect all the documents so that I can get a bride visa.You would know how happy I was and could not think of anything else. A week passed and he said there was no big problem.
We need $ 2,500 to pay for the services of a lawyer, so that I can quickly move to him.
I asked why you can't pay the lawyer's bill yourself.He said he had problems with a bank account and was blocked. Imagine, he even sent me a photo of his account, where the money was.
He said there was no need to waste time and rather pay the bill. So that I can fly to him faster.
And when his account is unlocked, he will send me the money. I had 1,500 dollars, which I saved for a long time.I also borrowed $ 1000 from my friends and immediately sent it to him. As soon as I sent him the money, he disappeared.At first I thought that something had happened to him. But several weeks passed, I realized that I was simply deceived.I was worried about this for a very long time, but I realized that I should not be discouraged. It was a lesson for me that you can't trust everyone.
Only I cannot understand how you can play on the feelings of a person in love. My parents from my childhood taught me to be honest and trust people.But I understand that the world has changed a lot.
You cannot trust all people, you must always keep your eyes and mind open.
I hope that you will always be honest with me. I would like our dialogue to have a completely different end.
In which we will recognize each other, and give only a smile and happiness from our future conversations.
I think that trust is one of the important foundations in a love relationship, do you agree with me?
I hope that your mood has not deteriorated after this letter of mine.
I just try to share with you everything that is important to me, all my thoughts.
And I hope that this is really interesting and important for you and that you will be able to answer this letter in the same way as always.Your opinion and your thoughts about this situation and such things are really very important to me.I am sending you my morning photo, I hope you like it.
I wish you a great mood, your friend Aizhan.
Letter 4
Hello my dear pen friend Ken ! I'm so happy that I found you.
You know how glad I am that we can talk on various topics. You will always listen to me and support me.
Shares with each other feelings, and past victories and failures!
With each new letter, I get to know you much better. My new day begins with the thought of your new letter.
Thank you for your message. I think Yahoo is not at fault here. This is my fault and my job, I usually write to you.
In my country, it is already 22.00 or 23.00. Considering that the difference between us is 12 hours, my message comes to you the next day (smiles). But I am very glad that you are waiting for my message. Even in my youth, I watched my mother and grandmother cook. We have one more thing in common (smiles). You surprise me every time you start talking about cuisine or cooking. This is very unusual for a man. But I see that you are a great specialist in this matter. You will be surprised, but I still watch Gordon Ramsey on YouTube !!! I love how he cooks it's just a fairy tale !!! For me, marriage can only be for love! Family values ??are important to me. Money will not make a person happy, like true love and an emotional connection. It's nice to know that our views coincide. I admit only honesty and sincerity!
I really like these qualities in you. I prefer to face the truth. And I am very pleased that you are telling me such correct words in a relationship. Reading what you write, I understand that you value the qualities of a real family. All you need is a relationship of trust, which is the key to creating harmony in the relationship! You speak very intelligent and balanced words.
Your reasoning is full of meaning and correctness. I completely share your views! Only honesty and sincerity will lead people to more!
And I totally agree with your wrestling rule. At the moment you seem to me to be a very well-mannered and calculating person.
I am very pleased to talk to you. You charge me for the whole day with the emotions of happiness and understanding.
For example: "Does my **** grow in this dress / skirt?" I laughed for a long time at your reasoning.
I am very sorry that there were such women in your life. Probably not just being in the same room with them ???
Today I will send you a video of my dish. When I go out, I always cook two dishes. I hope you enjoy it.
With your permission, I would like to start today's letter about an important topic like COVID-19.
The world spends almost the entire year amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The symptoms of the disease are very similar to those of the flu.
According to the HSE Internet survey conducted in my country on January 10-15, 2021.
87.4% of the residents of KAZAKHSTAN turned out to be crown skeptics. These include those who count.
That there is NO epidemic (and that this is the invention of interested parties).
Those who believe that the danger of illness is exaggerated. In my country, scientists have conducted statistics and analytics of this virus.
And this is the statement made by our Minister of Health Alexei Tsoi:
- 90% of those infected with COVID-19 recover.
- 10% of those infected with COVID-19 die at the age of 65-95 years.
Having chronic diseases as the cause of complications.
- 92% of people infected with COVID-19 have recovered and are not carriers of the virus. According to Kazpotrebnadzor data, wearing masks reduces the likelihood of contracting respiratory infections by 1.8 times.
In a recent study, Japanese scientists concluded that a cloth mask retains 10% of virus particles, the surgical three-layer - 37%, and the mask of the N95 type protects by 79%.
At the end of his statement, Minister of Health Alexei Tsoi said!
Don't fall into madness. Maintain sanity. Do not believe false media.
The main enemy here is a false panic of people, not a virus!
As you can already understand, I am a supporter of the Minister of Health. There is no virus in our country and no panic.
Thanks to the well-coordinated work of our president. And great help from our friend and neighbor of the country RUSSIA.
Thanks to the agreed measures. The people of our countries live in safety thanks to sound leadership.
We do not have, and never have been, restrictions. We live an ordinary life. I am glad that our countries are getting up from their knees.
Air flights and tourist routes have already been established. Yes, many countries are still asking to refrain from flying.
But in our country KAZAKHSTAN, as well as in RUSSIA, the population was vaccinated long ago.
According to the Federal Tourism Agency in our country, no country has closed air routes.
Air traffic is functioning properly.
For those with the COVID-19 vaccine, they can travel to any country with safety precautions.
People who do not have the vaccine arriving from Kazakhstan are strongly recommended to have a certificate of PCR test.
With negative results, spent less than 72 hours before the flight.
In the absence of a PCR test, passengers can take it upon arrival at the airport.
I would like to hear your opinion on COVID-19. How is your country fighting this virus?
Hopefully the tourism industry in your country is recovering and starting to work?
It seems to me that political games are involved in this epidemic. Many countries refused to participate in this game.
This shows how such large countries as RUSSIA easily defeated the virus and were the first to invent a vaccine and shared it with neighboring countries. I hope my position did not overwhelm you? And I would love to hear your story of events.
Discussing global topics with you, I feel that we can talk easily and openly.
Exchange reflections not only about life and your plans. But also about questions concerning the situation of the whole world!
I would be glad to receive your new letter. (smile) I look forward to hearing from you. Your Aizhan ..
Letter 5
Hello Ken ). I began to realize that you are the most interesting conversationalist!
I want to tell you that something is happening to me. A sense of trust in you grows in me. (smile)
Our communication is like a little snowball of trust and sincerity. Which grows like a snowball with each letter. We get to know each other gradually, little by little, but after a few letters I think that I have known you for several years. What feelings are visiting you? I hope you are also glad that I appeared in your life? (smile)
You have so much to do. I'm so sorry for you.
I have not received an email from you from Yahoo. Network error?
But I'm glad that you and I always find a way out of the situation.
All your emails from come to me. I want to say that everything that Elon Musk does is worthy of applause. It seems to me that this person has a bright future.
As well as behind his beautiful car. I heard that they want to reinvent the plane.
And I think that Elon Musk will once again win the hearts of motorists. Thanks for the photo.
Is it enjoyable to drive such a smart and safe car? I think yes. I think my English is not perfect, but studying English in school and then in college left me with good knowledge. I think you can start learning the basics of the Russian language, because the Kazakh language is too difficult for you (smiles). I want to reassure you !!! You are my only conversation partner. I'm not one of those women who write to 10 men. I don't think this is normal behavior for women! My absence is fully justified. In the last days I come home to sleep. Reporting at work ***** all my strength out of me. I rest on Saturday and Sunday! If you want to speak on Skype, I will be glad.
We need to agree on a time. Because the time difference is just insane.
I want to tell you as much as possible about myself, about my family.
I believe that all the foundations of life, habits and traditions are laid in us by our parents from childhood.
In our country, old traditions are respected, but time does not stand still. People change, something is becoming a thing of the past, we are separated by kilometers and cities. But my mother and grandmother and I are trying to preserve the common traditions of our people. My mother is Russian by nationality, and my father was Kazakh.
Thanks to my grandmother, we honor the traditions of both nations. I try to spend every weekend with my mom and grandmother. This is the most valuable thing I have.My mother and grandmother from the earliest childhood teach me to cook deliciously. I believe that a girl must be able to cook deliciously. My grandmother always says that a man's heart lies through his stomach, do you agree? I really like to cook desserts: Chak-chak, Bursaki (these are small donuts), Zhent. I will send you a photo so that you understand what sweets look like. Maybe someday I'll cook for you. Do you like ram meat? My grandmother taught me how to cook lamb meat on charcoal, it turns out very tasty. What do you like to cook? What are the traditional dishes in your country?
You know, every night before I fall asleep, I lie and dream. I dream that someday I will marry a wonderful and loving man. With whom I will be happy, and I don't need anything else for happiness. What do you dream about?
I love that I can tell you my thoughts and dreams. I like to be honest and open with you. I am very glad that on our huge planet, I managed to meet such a good man, you!I thought that when dating in life, people get to know each other better. But now I understand that it is through letters on the Internet that real feelings can be expressed.
Here, I can feel free to be myself, to be real and sincere. I can tell you my dreams and desires. I ask you to honestly answer me and tell me about yourself. Then we will both know and understand what we want from life, from relationships, from a partner. Only then can we make each other happy. What could be nicer than seeing a happy husband next to you! Let's dream, let's dream and then strive to realize these dreams and fantasies come to life! Have a great mood! Your Aizhan.
Letter 6
Hi Ken !
Today is a good day to write you a letter. I hope you are well.
Do you smile when you read my letter? This surprises me very much, but I miss your letters.It is very important for me that you read my letters and answer them (smiles).
Thanks for shaking up Yahoo! They definitely deserve it. (Smiles.)
Unfortunately, sometimes it happens. But I am glad that you found my letter and answered.
I am very glad for you that you were vaccinated. I made the vaccine in my country in December, and reading you, I really appreciate your words. It is important to get information from the mouth of the primary source, I do not trust the media. Your arguments and words are what I wanted to hear. And I completely share your point of view. Taking part in hostilities is very scary.
I am very glad that the war is over for you. That you are as safe and sound as your team.
Forgot to ask. Did you like my video? What about the dish I made?
I try to answer your emails every day. Unfortunately, I have a lot of work.
I come home very late and go to bed right away, so sometimes I reply to your emails from my work computer.
Now I will talk about my work and how I spend my free time. I promised you (smiles).
And these promises must be kept! As you already understood, I work as an accountant in a construction company.
My day starts at 7 in the morning, I immediately do my exercises. Then I take a cold shower, I immediately wake up (smiles).After the shower, I eat porridge and make myself a cup of coffee. How does your morning start?
Then all day I fill out documents at work, and in the evening I do fitness or yoga at home.
You have already noticed that in the photo I look younger than my passport years (I am 31 years old).
I closely monitor my body and my diet.Colleagues often joke because I look like a student.
But I take it as a compliment (smiles). In our time, women do not monitor their health and weight.
Women get too *** and men stop loving them. What kind of women do you like Tell me? Tell me about your job, what do you like most about your job?What do you like to do at home in your free time? Do you have a hobby?
I often call my friend Anna, who now lives in GREECE.I am happy to hear his stories about his new life.
Nice to see a woman who made a decision change your life and find love! She radiates happiness from the love that her loving husband gave her.Anna is 35 years old, her husband Alexandros is 57. For them age is just a number.
"AGE" is not subject to true love. Alexandros has a gift shop.During the pandemic, his income plummeted.
He called it the fact that people are simply afraid to travel.People are now panicking over COVID-19.
He said that if not for tourists from countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Belgium and Canada.
He would have closed his business long ago. There are few tourists, but they are there.You know, I'm tired of loneliness, I want to love and be loved by a woman, everyone has to find their soul mate.
Hope you enjoy my letter. And most importantly, it will be interesting for you to write me an answer.
I leave you alone with my letter. Your Aizhan
Letter 7
Hello my dear Ken ! I want to call you that!
I hope you don't mind that I called you dear? (Smile)
Are you smiling now? Are you happy when you read my new letter?
I think that sometimes you need to give free rein to your desires.
I am surprised and glad that you have learned so much about Kazakhstan and their history. When you have described everything that is in your house.
When you describe your double bed with every word, I understand that we understand each other more and more and dream of simple seed joys. Reading you, I understand that we dream of a family. I only dream of family happiness with a man worthy of my heart.
You will laugh, but I can already imagine how you teach me to drive, we laugh and have fun.
For a moment, imagining myself driving, I'm happy. But most of all I am pleased to spend these happy moments with you. (Smiling) Your photos of fried fish. You are definitely a chef! Thanks for sharing the photos. I like your photos. Is this your minibar?
Smile in the photo! When we spoke on Skype, I liked your smile and your voice.
It may be unexpected, but my heart is full of feelings!
I want to write to you that I am very glad that you have appeared in my life.
I think fate gave me a gift when it sent you.I open each letter with admiration, and sometimes I reread the sentences several times.Because I love the words you write to me.
I want you to know what role your letters play in my life.Your letters give me meaning.
Every new day your letter brings me a gift.I am like a child, I hasten to quickly open your letter and learn something new about you (smiles).Thanks for the sincere emotions!
A person needs to experience feelings, emotions and support!
Thanks to your letters, I feel that I am not alone in the world. How do you feel?
How has your life changed since I entered your life? Sometimes when I'm getting ready for dinner.
I imagine that you are sitting next to me. I want to cook a delicious dinner for both of us.
In preparation, I will share my last day of work. You will listen carefully and look at me.
I really want to live this life. Life in family harmony (smiles).
I want to show my love and care, to give my beloved husband the emotions of happiness.
There is nothing more important than love and seed values. I'd like to plunge into a sincere and trusting relationship.Maybe you have more beautiful and interesting interlocutors, fans?
If so, please let us know. I'm only interested in you, so I don't talk to other men.
I do not want to be deceived, so I am not cheating on you.We have written many words in our letters, and when we meet, I will silently smile at you for the first few minutes.
In this silence I dream of seeing you from head to toe. Have you ever heard that the eyes are the windows to the soul?I want to look into your soul when we meet. I want to hug you to feel masculine strength and support, my protection, my knight.
Eyes never lie! Eyes are a reflection of a person's true soul.
I am very interested to know how you describe our communication.
What are your plans? Waiting for your reply. Your Aizhan.
Letter 8
Hello my dear and gentle Ken !!!
How are you doing today? How is your mood?
As usual, I am doing well, work, sports and everyday affairs.
You speak so frankly about the meeting that it seems to me that it comes very easily for you.
If you live in America, why would we meet in another country? You can plan a vacation or weekend tour.
You know that all expenses can be viewed on the Internet. I can't even imagine how much a ticket to this or that country will cost me. You work hard and you can feel it in the letter. If you can buy Tesla you can send money for plane ticket. I think this is very important to you (smiles). People need a life partner, I think this is how a person feels fulfilled in this world. It is important for me to share my life with a loved one.
True emotions and joys of the years lived together are real wealth. Nothing replaces a person with a simple intimate conversation or hug. Sometimes this is what we miss most in life. Morning kiss or hug after a hard day.
How difficult it is for me to start this letter. I think when you read this, you will understand the reasons.
Now I need to gather my courage and start saying everything that I have in mind. How difficult it is, I never thought it would be so.It seems that this is just a letter, text and words, but you and I understand that for us these letters have become much more than just a set of words.For me it is a means to convey to you my thoughts, my feelings, my emotions, my mood and my desires. And I hope I can do it.As I said in my last letter, I discovered a whole new world through our communication with you through letters and the Internet.Sometimes it seems to me that I live in the Middle Ages, like a princess, and am waiting for a letter from another country from my beloved prince.But in my imagination, I stretch the waiting time for several weeks. I can imagine how I have been waiting for your answer for several weeks and really want to read this.
Fortunately, in our reality, we don't have to wait many weeks. Just a few days and I already see your answer
I can write you a new letter and again plunge into this fabulous world. I hope, where there is only you and me, our life, our communication and our feelings.I hope you can share my thoughts on our communication? Now that I look back, it seems like I have known you for a very long time.As if we have known each other for several months or even years. It's incredible how quickly you could do this to quickly our communication grew into something more serious. I know enough about you, I know enough about myself to write to you what I really want to write the last few days. But for me it is very important that you understand all this correctly and do not condemn.As you already know, I have many different feminine fears, and I am very afraid of making mistakes, but on the other hand, I also cannot keep all these thoughts and feelings inside myself.
You should know this, and I will try to describe it in as much detail as possible. I began to think about who you are to me, how I feel about you and what I want from our relationship in the future.These were very long arguments, attempts to analyze their own feelings and actions. I don't want you to think that this is a spontaneous decision what I just accepted and understood today. I went to this decision for several days, and I made the final decision.And after that I have no turning back. And I have no right to keep all this to myself, and I want to tell you this right now.Sweet and gentle person, I love you! I am absolutely sure of this feeling for you. I am sure that this is a serious feeling and I want to support and develop it.After a long pause, you are the first person who could awaken this best feeling in me. I tried to fight this.
I tried to find another name for this or that explanation. But I couldn't do it.And only after I accepted and realized this, many of my worries disappeared. Many of my thoughts and desires became clear to me.And I really want to know your opinion on this matter as soon as possible. I want to know how you feel about me? What your heart tells you.I don't want to know what your mind is telling you. I just want to know how your heart feels. This is the most important thing for me now.
You know that I am always ready to hear the truth and accept it. I'm not afraid of that, it's much better than listening to lies or trying to keep quiet.Therefore, your next answer is very important to me. I ask you not to be afraid to offend and offend me.If you don't already have such strong feelings for me, I will accept it. I don’t know how our communication will continue, I don’t want to think about it yet.If you need more time, I can figure it out too. I ask you one more thing, may I call you my beloved?It is very important for me. I do not know what else to write to you in this letter of mine. I still don’t believe that I can write you all this. It's like a different me.I, whom I myself do not know yet. But I'm sure it's the best I can be. And I want to be that way for you. I really want this.I feel completely different with you. With you I am always frank, with you I am not afraid of anything, only your refusal or that you can disappear.You have brought into my life so many beautiful things that have long been forgotten and that can make me truly happy.Only the best, worthy man is capable of this. I used to meet different men.I have met those whom I would never call the word "man". And I've met such people before.Those men who saw my appearance, my beauty, figure and wanted to own me. They tried to buy me with expensive gifts to show how much money.They have expensive cars, but I have always refused such men! I have never accepted their gifts! I never reciprocated them!And it was a pity to look at such men, because apart from money they could not give anything to a good girl!They only knew how to make money, how to buy things, and I'm sure they thought the girl was the same thing and they could have bought it.Of course, there are many girls in this world who are willing to sell themselves for money in order to have a beautiful life. But I'm not like that.For me, peace of mind, a clear conscience and high self-esteem are important. I can't love a man for his money!For me, the inner world of a man, his attitude towards me is important. And if you don't feel mutual desire, care and love,then it will be easier for me to leave right away than to try to change something. As I said, now I really value my time. And I don't want to waste it.Now I have met and love you. I have such a feminine feeling that you also have warm feelings for me.And so I will try to do everything on my part to strengthen and develop our relations. I feel that you are a real, worthy man, and I want to be with you.I love you and will look forward to your prompt reply with the strongest excitement I have ever had. I kiss you on the lips. Your Aizhan.
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