Scam letter(s) from Ludmila Ureva to David (USA)

Letter 1

Mine dear David!!!
Thank you to me have answered to you that! Unfortunately I do not know concerning you much, but I hope that I shall learn you more more. I have no what experience in use of the computer and message through the Internet with other people. But I hope that at me all will turn out. Whether first of all inform me can you understand me. I am not so sure that mine English is very good. I was not the best student in our group, who in perfection knows English. But I hope that you will understand me and there can be you will help me to study the English language better. I want to inform concerning myself: I the Russian woman, live in city Cheboksary-this not the large city, his arrangement approximately 1300 km from Moscow. Near to it are available of what large cities. Largest - Kazan. About my city there is a large river Volga. I very much would like slightly to know about culture of your country. To me 28 years, my birthday will be October 10 . I very much would like to find out when you will have birthday? How you will see off it? I have finished State university, which is located in Kazan very known university, which occupies 7 places on education and experience. My speciality - ecologist. Me very much to like this trade. I search for such man with which it is possible to share to a mountain, pleasure and love. The man which will support difficult minute. I search for the real man for love, and I hope that it will be you. It it is a little concerning me, and I hope to know more concerning you. It will be very pleasant to me to receive from you news!!! I shall wait for it with impatience! Luda
Letter 2

Hi mine dear !!!
I am very glad to receive from you mail. Also is very pleased to see that you has received mine and has answered. And I am very happy that you have understood my letter. I would like to continue our correspondence, and I hope you too. I shall write to you slightly concerning my situation. As you know, that I live in city which refers to as Cheboksary. It not the large city, with difficult economy, and not all in a condition can afford the telephone and access to the Internet. But we have in city the Internet of cafe, it is very popular. A unique way for me to write to you is is the Internet of cafe. Certainly it would be desirable to continue it not free-of-charge, but me very much with you the correspondence. I think that I should inform you more concerning myself. I can not describe myself, it is not easy, but I shall write all that my friends speak. I think as you can it make when will find out me on closer. They speak, that I am by the very cheerful, attractive and devoted woman, and that I when shall not throw the friend in a trouble. I do not smoke, I drink only wine in good conditions and only in holidays. Such fault as Grapevine. I am single and I have no children. I love only honour and open people. My father works the driver in hospital. It has many business trips, certainly it goes not so far, but sometimes has trip to Moscow. Many people know it in our city. Unfortunately I have no the mother, it is not easy to me to speak concerning it. She has died when I have appeared on white light. For my father this was the very large loss. I know concerning my mum, only under the story of the father slightly. Now my father has other family, but we like each other, and I always visit him in a day off. Now I live with my aunt. When I was the young girl, I lived with my father, and all home efforts depend on me. For this reason I think that I - independent woman. I am proud, because it has helped me to find out how to prepare and how to do home harvest. I very much love to prepare. I love to prepare always something unusual. I love to prepare something delightful for my visitors and visitors of my father in day off. he always calls me to itself to help it, because he knows that on kitchens I simply foreman. And I would like to find the good man, to give him all my care both love, and which will concern to me also. Now I shall finish the letter and I shall write to you tomorrow, it is very pleasant to me to write to you the letters. I expect to receive from you the letter. Luda.
Letter 3

Hi David!!!
Thank for your letter. To me very much to like that you me write. You can write to me more concerning the work? That is interesting in it. How you spend your free time? I love the city Cheboksary, as we have a lot of beautiful places. Our city very green and good. I have no the brother or sister. I have only of cousin, she lives in Moscow. Her call Nadia. I very much for a long time her any more did not see. I work in ecological organization, which helps city to be always clean, that the coast of the river Volga were clean, it is possible to tell that this work is pleasant to me, though pay not so much. Simply I very much like a nature environmental us the world. I would like to inform you, how I have received idea to write to you. The reason - I has met one of my old girlfriends, which was my schoolmate. We spoke with her much and she was very happy and has told to me the history. She with the girlfriends has gone to one perfect day in the Internet of cafe. They have asked the manager the Internet of cafe, that them can interest. he has shown them the international club of acquaintances, then my girlfriend Galina has written only one serious letter to the man from the united States, state of Illinois. She did not wait that serious. But she began to go each day and to write to him. In month of correspondence he has invited her to itself. She has gone in USA during two months, when she has come back, she was the happiest woman in the world. I did not see her such happy before! I was really shaken. It reminded a fairy tale. She has told that long will not linger over, and soon leaves back. Then they have got married also she has remained in USA. I have asked it why she has not chosen the Russian man. She has told, that the American people are better, they more polite, cultural. They more focused to family. She has told that she had no what problems with residing at that time when at us In Russia one gangsters and drunkard. I certainly support her. Its future husband call Stephan. To him 54 years, and Galina is very happy with it. She speaks that distinction in the age of not the large problem. She certainly advised me to choose only American man. I thought above it the whole year, and only now I think that is ready to the serious attitudes. To me is very sad that I have no electronic mail of my girlfriend Galina, at me a plenty of questions to her! Unfortunately I never never was outside of Russia, but I hope sometime... But I am so happy, that has met you, and I hope to know more concerning you. I wait for your letter with impatience. Luda
Letter 4

Greetings my dear David!!!
I am very pleased to receive from you the letter. I am very happy, that I have met you in this life. I never so was not happy. I need only in your letters when I receive your letters in me, even I increase from mood. I thought about our of the attitude and concerning our feelings. Yes I have fallen in love with you. Gratitude, that you. Dear in last letter you it is valid, propose to me, that I to visit you. Yes my love I too very urgently want a meeting with you. But understand me, it is expensive, for me it - a serious step. It - very much a shame to me to speak about it, but to me has no any means for trip. Love, if you it are valid to want, helps me with trip, I can to take a holiday . I can go to travel agency, and studying learns concerning charges. How you look at it? Dear please there there has arrived to me a phone number, I shall cause you, and I want to hear your voice! With impatience I wait for your letter. With love Luda.
Letter 5

Hi my love David!!!
I'm happy to receive your letter again. I thank Lord for his granting you to me. And I want to be with you very much. Just dream of visiting you one day. I went to agency, they have told me what documents I should settle. They inform me that I should to bring by him the information from a place of work and medical information. I can make these documents in 2-3 days. After I give the documents back, they will prepare the visa (in 3 - 8 days it will be ready). This visa will be valid during 90 days stay with you. If we see that we compatible with each other, that we can marry and I'll remain with you for ever. This visa plus expenses costs 318 USD. I also leart about the tickets, in order to reach you it is necessary to go to Moscow. >From Moscow I can fly to you. My agent as will inform me that the tickets to prepare to me too firm of travel as the visa to do they. And it as the tickets will inform to me more cheaply that as the firm already for a long time is engaged in it . I want to begin making the visa and buying the ticket to fly to you. What are your plans? I to want to know everything what you to think of it. We should trust each other because we like each other. I imagined our first romantic evening many times. Dinner in the candle lights, table with fruit and soft grape wine. Slow music. We're dancing. You touch me gently, and we merge in a long tender and passionate kiss. You drag my hair with your fingers, we hug each other, feel the warmth of our bodies, you take me into your arms and carry out to bed .......... . I miss you very much. Yesterday I saw ****** dream about us with you, I liked it very much, so I want to tell you about it. I dreamed that I met you, you took me on your arms, and we went home to you. At your home we at once went to the bedroom and you began undress me, our hearts beating synchronically, we passionately kissed and you began to teach me to all pleasure! s of ***. I love you and I begin understand that love this such a strong feeling, I am glad that I could experience it thanx to you. With love yours Luda .
Letter 6

Greetings my love David!!!
I am very glad to receive such good letter from you to me it was very pleasant to read him . My lovely I to want to inform you that I to not have phone, but I shall try to buy a telephone card and to try to cause you. My dear today I to go to firm of travel and to me there informed pleasant news that my documents already to be made out and will be shortly ready. It is very inconvenient for me but by a weekend it is necessary for me to pay to agency 318 $, for the visa, the passport for travel abroad and the insurance. My lovely I to ask you to send to me the data up to what airport to me better to fly. As soon as you to send to me these data I at once to go in firm of travel and to book a ticket up to you. My dear I also with impatience to wait for a meeting with you, I to represent our meeting at the airport as I to see and meet you, to embrace you, to fall in your embraces and to give you a sweet kiss. My lovely on it I shall finish the letter as at me time comes to an end paid in the Internet of cafe. I with impatience shall wait for your letter. Whole yours Luda.
Letter 7

Hi my love David!!!
I am very glad to receive your letter. Mine dear today I to go in travel agency and there to me to inform that in the beginning of the next week should pay 318 $ for the documents and in a weekend they will be available. Mine lovely in the beginning of week I shall wait for your help. Also I to inform them that the ticket up to the airport London Heathrow (LHR) is necessary for me. They will speak me what to search for flight up to this airport and tomorrow or after tomorrow together to me result. Mine dear tomorrow I shall buy a telephone map and to try to cause you. I as well as you very strongly to want to hear your vote. Mine lovely I as well as you with impatience wait for our meeting I constantly to think and to represent our meeting and as we pleasantly we shall lead the happiest time in my life. I with impatience shall wait for your letter. Whole yours Luda.
Letter 8

Hi my love David!!!
I very much liked your ****** imaginations, I very strongly as soon as possible to carry out them. Mine dear I too have a lot of imaginations concerning us, but will be constrained to speak about them. I very much to want as soon as possible to arrive to you and to carry out them!!!!!! Mine lovely for me is very inconvenient but au ? of time to speak you that it is necessary on October 12 to pay to me up to firm of travels 318 $ for the visa, foreign passport and insurance. Mine dear I shall wait for your help in the beginning of week. I shall ask them a copy of the visa and to send you. At once as I to go to pay the documents, I shall learn concerning the tickets up to you and at once to inform you it. Mine lovely I to ask you to not pull with the help, as with a travel company at me the contract is made and to be late with payment to me it is impossible. I think that you to understand me correctly. My love I to prepare to you a pleasant surprise and I to think that to you it very strongly it is pleasant. On it I shall finish the letter and with impatience to wait for your answer. I to send you a photo which I speak about that as strongly to wait for meeting with you and as strongly to me to not suffice yours are strong of hands. Whole I dream I embrace yours Luda.
Letter 9

Hi my love David!!!
I was afflicted slightly with your last letter, but I to think that for our feelings it not a problem. I to understand that at you businesses at work. I simply to ask you to help me by money till October 12, as I to you already to explain that with firm at me the contract and is made if I will not pay in time from me to take the penalty. I to ask about the help you see me there is no money and soon already it is necessary to pay. I to think that you will help me difficult minute. Mine lovely I to ask in firm that as soon as you to come from Germany I at once to fly to you. I think that you to understand situation . Whole yours Luda.
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