Scam letter(s) from Irina Nikolaevna Ilyukhina to Richard (Germany)

Letter 1
Hi, my name is Irinochka.....
I am looking for a good man to create romantic relationships.
I am a little nervous, but if you are interested in my letter, I will be glad if you reply to my email
and we will make friends!!
Waiting for your photo and story about you..
Letter 2
Hello Richard !
Thank you for your reply, I am glad to see your letter. To be honest, I didn't think that you would answer, but deep down I still believed.
I'm probably an old-fashioned girl because I recently started dating online. I hope you will understand me that it will be more convenient for me to communicate only through e-mail.
Why did you start dating via the Internet?
A week ago I met my old friend. It turns out that she now lives abroad. She told me a wonderful story. She decided to meet a man from abroad. She chose a man from another country. She signed up on a dating site. As a result, she met a man from America. First they corresponded, then, after a while, they decided to meet. They met in America. Their relationship after the first meeting grew into mutual feelings. Now they have been living a joint, happy life for a year now and are expecting a baby. Now she has moved to live in America.
It was this happy story that prompted me to turn to the Internet for dating. And now I am writing you a letter.
I know that you live very far from me, I understand, and it does not scare me. There is some kind of romance in this.
I was very tired of living alone and therefore decided to find a life partner myself. I am interested to know a little about you, what kind of person you are, what kind of character you have, what do you love and what are your hobbies !?
I'll tell you a little about myself so that you can imagine with whom you communicate. I am Russian by nationality and live in Russia. I was born on February 25, 1991. My height is 165 centimeters, weight is 54 kilograms ...
I live alone, I rent a one-room apartment in a small area of my city. I have no children.
My mom lives separately from me. She lives in a village 90 km from the city! I do not have a father. I hardly remember him ... He died when I was still little. I don't like to think about it ...
At heart I am a cheerful, calm, sociable girl. I love order, sequence of actions, balanced. I approach everything with a sense of humor and responsibility. This is little that I can tell you about my character in this letter. I would like to see your photos. With this letter I am sending some of my photos so that you can see me too! Hope you like my photos! I would like to write a lot more about myself, but one letter will not cover everything.
I really hope for your answer and for our further communication ...
Letter 3
Hello dear Richard! Thank you very much for your compliments. I am very glad that you like my photos. I will try to send you as many photos as possible in the future. From your kind words, my cheeks began to turn red. Thanks for your wonderful photos. I really liked them. It's okay that you are a little older than me. Adult men have more experience in serious relationships. Adult men are much more experienced than young men. Grown men know how to treat a girl better. I prefer to be around a man who can take care of me. Young guys have only wind in their heads and fun. I want to have a serious man next to me. So you don't have to worry. I only understand English. I made friends with the English language at the university.
I read your letter with great interest and a smile on my face, I am very glad that you answered me. I myself could never imagine that I could get to know a man like that. To be honest, I'm a little worried. And don't know where to start .... Hope you can help me.
In my letters I want to write to you about many things, but sometimes I forget something. In the last letter I wrote that I live in Russia, but I forgot to write about my city, now I’m even a little ashamed, sorry for my inattention. I live in Kazan. It is a small and ancient city. As far as I know, the distance between Kazan and Moscow is almost 850 kilometers. There are a lot of monuments, churches, various museums in this city. This is a truly beautiful city. In all my life I have not yet seen all the sights of my city. Are there any attractions in your city? I would like to tell you about my work. I work as an administrator in a cafe. Our cafe is located in a small shopping center. In addition to our cafe, the shopping center has many clothing, footwear, and other stores. I like my job very much. Since with the help of it I can translate all my thoughts into reality. Which I am very happy about. A lot of people come to me to consult in the choice of food. People trust me! So I take my job with full responsibility! What is your job? Do you like her? As my mom says, "Work should be fun." And then you can achieve great success in it "Does your work bring you pleasure? I hope that in your next letter you will tell me about it. I am very interested to know more about you!"
I have already told you that I have a very poor command of the Internet. I have had very bad social media and mobile app experiences in the past. It pains me very much to remember this. Therefore, I completely abandoned social networks and mobile applications. I am not registered with Skype, Facebook or other social networks. I also don't use WhatsApp or other mobile apps. It is much more convenient for me to communicate here. I hope for your understanding. But I want you to completely trust me. Therefore, we will periodically have a video link. I think we need to get to know each other better. In a few days we will be able to communicate via video communication. In the future, I will be glad to see your new wonderful photos! I will look forward to your letter.
Letter 4
Hello my dear Richard! Thank you for your kind words. I am delighted that you like my photos. I will try to send you as many photos as possible in the future. Your compliments lifted my spirits all day !! Thanks for your photo. I really liked it. My city is Kazan. It's a big city. The population of our city is over 1 million people. This is an ancient city. There are many attractions in our city. We have many churches and temples. I also have many boulevards and parks. We also have a big river in the city. There is a large bridge across this river. They make bad coffee in my cafe. I do not like him. The food in our cafe is delicious and some of the drinks I don't like. Our boss wants to fire the bartender because he is not doing his job well.
I was very pleased to read your letter now. I am very glad that we have found each other. I think you are a very interesting person. I am looking forward to learning more about you. I hope that you will not hide anything from me as I do from you. I know that you and I can find a common language and many common interests.
How are you Richard? I hope you are doing well. Today was just a beautiful day. What about the weather there?
Do you do any sports? Do you have a hobby? I love spending time in the kitchen. I really enjoy cooking. I often delight my mom with exotic dishes prepared according to recipes from my favorite recipe book. This is my little hobby. I prefer tea and also a cup of coffee in the morning.
My favorite salad is "Olivier", "Greek salad" my favorite dish is "Fish baked in foil", my favorite colors are white and pink.
I think we still have a lot to learn about each other.
Basically, I like to do whatever I like, for example, go to the forest and pick mushrooms and berries. This is the only thing I can do in the village with my mother, and only in the summer. 3-4 times a week before bed, I take a walk in the fresh air. Sometimes I visit the pool. Swimming greatly strengthens the body. We can say that this is my favorite sport. Since childhood, I love water and sometimes I visit the pool once a week, it's a pity there is not enough time to do it more often.
Yesterday was a difficult working day, many visitors came to the cafe. After a busy day at work and an evening walk, I fell asleep in a sweet dream, saw some kind of dream, but which one, I can not remember. Do you have this? How often do you dream?
How was your day, what did you do? Today I went to the pet store. I have long dreamed of buying an aquarium home and having beautiful fish. They cheer up, it's nice to watch them. What do you think? I love everything exotic, but I don't know who to get it, I also really like parrots or rare species of cats. But most of all I want fish.
I would like to know your opinion, maybe you can tell me? Do you have any pets?
I really love nature and I love spending a lot of time in nature ... I hope you like it. This concludes my letter and I hope to see your reply soon.
Your dear Irina!
Letter 5
Hello my dear Richard! Thank you for your beautiful words. I am very glad that you liked my photos. I will try to send you as many photos as possible in the future. Your compliments started to blush my cheeks ... Thanks for your photo. I really liked it. Yes, I agree with you. I don't mind sharing my cooking skills. I will cook for you and you will cook for me. Of course I will teach you Russian. And you will teach me your language. I will also believe that we will be a great couple.
I am very happy to see your letter.
There are such paradoxes that you cannot remember dreams, but today I remember exactly. Yesterday I said, being impressed by the beautiful fish in the pet store, I dreamed of a large beautiful aquarium that stood next to my bed. It was so beautiful that I remember its smallest details, the only thing that I hardly remember is the fish. There were many of them, both small and large, some swam, and there were those that froze at the bottom of the aquarium. I started to feed them, but then my alarm clock rang, which, as luck would have it, interrupts many sweet dreams.
How are you? How is your mood?
We had a holiday at work today. My friend had a birthday. Our cafe was the place for a birthday party. Many guests came. It was my friend's family. Many relatives and friends came to her. Many gifts were presented and many congratulations were said. It was a wonderful evening.
How do you spend the holidays of your close friends and relatives?
How do you spend your free time? I prefer to spend time with friends and I hate being alone because I am a very sociable person, I have many friends. We meet each other two or three times a week - usually at the end of the week, and together we go to a cafe, cinema, sometimes bowling, or just take a walk down the street. We also love going to karaoke! We spend a lot of time in nature, in the park. I will send you some different photos.
With each letter I learn something new about you, something interesting to me. I really like our communication and would like it to be intense. We need to get to know each other better, I hope that everything will be fine with us and we can meet with you in the future. I meet each of your letters with a smile on my face and a pleasant feeling of happiness.
I will look forward to hearing from you.
Your dear Irina!
Letter 6
Hello my dear Richard! Thank you very much for your kind words. I am glad that you liked my photos. I will try to send you as many photos as possible in the future. From your kind words, my cheeks began to turn red. Thanks for your photo. I really liked it. No, I don't work as a model. This is not my job. I prefer quiet and calm work. Yes, I would like to play bowling with you. This is a very interesting game. We could compete with you. Now I know that your Aquarius sign is a fish.
I hope you will be pleased if I call you gentle words. I am pleased to express my sympathy for you, a man who amazed me with his beauty, sense of humor, decency, manners and his sincerity. I am pleased to see your signs of attention, gentle words. It is impossible to convey your feelings in a letter, feeling like floating in the sky while reading your letters!
Yesterday, at my friend's birthday party, I thought about you, I would really like you to be near, my dear.
My friend celebrated her birthday just wonderful, there were many guests, we all danced to wonderful music, talked, gave gifts, congratulated.
I spent a long time choosing a gift for her, but settled on a wristwatch, she really liked it! Time flies elusively, all people grow up, but in our hearts we will always be young, with wonderful memories from our childhood!
I think I can write to you how I imagine a man who should be next to me. I need to feel safe with this man so that I can relax. I want to get it once and for all! Maybe you are the man I've been looking for all the time? I'll be honest, you got my attention. You seem reliable, smart, and kind. But I don't know how you feel about me? Am I afraid that you will see me as an object to satisfy your carnal desires? I would like you to see in me not only my forms and beautiful face, but also my inner world. I am ready to give everything to such a man: love, respect and all my years of life. What do you see in me?
I will be happy to see your answer soon.
I wish you all the best.
Your dear Irina!
Letter 7
Hello my dear Richard! Thank you for your compliments. I am delighted that you like my photos. I will try to send you as many photos as possible in the future. Your beautiful words lifted my mood for the whole day ... Thank you for your photos. I really like them.
I am very happy to see your letter.
Today is a great, beautiful, sunny day. I hope you have it as successful, easy, interesting. How are you?
An unpleasant incident happened today in our cafe, a woman tried to escape from our cafe and not pay for food, I noticed this and told the guards to detain her. This woman was taken to the police station, and I was thanked for my attentiveness. It turns out that this woman often went to other cafes and also ran away without paying. What was that woman thinking when she tried to eat for free and not pay? I am very sorry that she received such a bad upbringing from her parents, I do not like people who can afford to steal something. I would never allow myself to take someone else's and not pay for food! But all this is work and simple everyday life ... Most of all, I am glad to see you, dear, our acquaintance, this successful year, which turned a lot in my life, it's like a book of life in which I turned a page. I am overwhelmed with emotions, I don’t know how to express my attitude towards you, every day, with every letter you write, with every photograph you take, you become closer, more interesting, dearer. You become a person who takes up more and more space in my life, space from which breathes with warmth of soul, care, tenderness.
All this reinforces the opinion of my mother, last night we had a conversation in which I talked about our acquaintance, told about your life. It was a surprise for her, but she was in solidarity. From her eyes and demeanor, I saw how our story touched her. My mother is very happy for me and wished you and me all the best.
My story came as a surprise to her, but she is not going to get into my personal life, that was her opinion. She trusts me and is sure that I am very careful in choosing my friends, and if I tell her about you, it means something, my dear ...
All the best Richard!
Your dear Irina
Letter 8
Hi dear! Thank you for your beautiful words. I am delighted that you like my photos. I will try to send you as many photos as possible in the future. Your kind words lifted my spirits all day !! I thank you for your best photos. I really like your new photos. Send me more of your new photos.
We had good weather today and it's wonderful. How are you? How are you feeling?
I would like to wish you a successful, good day, although I do not know when you will read the letter, maybe in the morning, or maybe in the afternoon or evening, this day will be successful! I'm so happy to have you on my mind all day. How often do you think of me?
Before I told my mom about you, I thought maybe to postpone this conversation until a later time, when we meet, but could not resist, I wanted to share with my mom as soon as possible! She teaches me that I must always be open.
I want to tell you that my heart began to beat faster when I think of you. I would like to feel you Richard, your gentle look, your smile, your hands. I really want warmth and care, and I think that I am not asking so much. I am looking for pure love and romance in a relationship. The desire to have a family, a loved one by your side, to feel care and constant support in difficult times. This is what every person in life strives for, and so do I. Therefore, I sincerely hope that our friendship can grow into something more than just friendship. I am 29 years old, and now I do not have anything that I wrote to you. I was close to happiness in the past, but my trust led to my heart being broken. I have to trust the person with whom I will be all my life. There is so much meanness and deceit in the world now that it is necessary to show attention to the people who surround us. I don't know you very much, but I can say that you are very fair and open, and I really like it, it is interesting to communicate with you! I want to know as much as possible about you. We are far from each other, but this did not prevent our dialogue and I believe that in the future we can meet and create a joint happy future.
I will be waiting for your letter, and I hope that you will write to me. I promise that I will think about you every minute and wait for your letters and your new photos!
Your dear Irina!
Letter 9
Hello my dear Richard! Thank you very much for your kind words. I am very glad that you liked my photos. I will try to send you as many photos as possible in the future. From your beautiful words, my cheeks began to turn red! Thanks for your wonderful photos. I really enjoy receiving your new photos. I really look forward to more new photos from you.
I am happy to see your letter Richard !!! You know for all the time that we have known each other, we have already learned a lot about each other. What do you think Richard ??? I got the feeling that I've known you for ages. I just want to know how you feel about me Richard ???
I began to perceive you as more than just a pen pal. I am imbued with trust and respect for you. What is not less important. You know, I wanted to talk about you and me! I think we are good for each other. What do you think Richard? I think we could be a pretty good couple in the future. But for now, I just want to make sure we really want to be with each other. It is very important for me. I don't want to rush things. Because when two people are in a rush in a relationship ... They can hurt each other!
And I don't want us to hurt each other. And so I want to know about your feelings for me. I can say with certainty that you are a very kind and sympathetic man. you can safely rely on. And you can always help in difficult times. Such a man is not enough for every girl. And I am very grateful to fate that she brought us together.
Are you happy about that, Richard ??? I hope that you will be as honest with me as I am with you! I opened my whole soul to you. And I hope my heart will not be broken! I will wait for your letters Richard !!! And especially
I will be looking forward to your beautiful photos !!! I'll wait!
Your tender Irina!
Letter 10
Hello my love Richard! Thank you for your compliments. I am glad that you like my photos. I will try to send you as many photos as possible in the future. Your compliments lifted my spirits all day. Thank you for your wonderful photos. I am very glad to receive your new photos. Send me your photos often.
I think that during the time that we correspond with you, a feeling has appeared between us, I think that we need each other.
I constantly think about you, you have taken a place in my heart.
At work, I became a little inattentive, and my friends say that I have become not like myself ... They say that I fell in love)))) I don't know what to answer them. I've never been so happy.
It's all because of you :-)). I seem to be flying in the sky ... I don't know how you will react to my letter, maybe you will consider me frivolous. But I want to write this to you, I am a very romantic and impressionable girl and I think that I LOVE YOU Richard!
I think about our relationship and our feelings. I'm already so attached to you that I miss you every day. I often think about you. I can’t help myself, I think I’m in love. Yes I love you !!!!!
I told my mother about this, and she says that it is good, she really wants me to be happy.
I told my mom that you are the nicest person and that I completely trust you. She tells me that I must not be wrong. She says that we should study each other more closely. I think you understand me. She wishes us happiness and great love.
I want to be with a unique person with whom I will feel great. I will give myself to him completely, both in soul and in body. Together we will explore all the depths of pleasure.
I was alone in this vast world, but now I have found you.
I want to tell you that my feelings and words about you always contain love and respect, I always felt that we trust each other and that fate brought us together not by chance. We can be together to enjoy each other all our lives until the last moment of our existence.
I feel that our hearts are beating in the same rhythm, and how do you feel Richard?
I will send a photo for you, I hope you will appreciate my photo.
I am waiting for your letter, it is very important for me to know if you share my feelings and thoughts !!!
I kiss you ... Forever yours .... Irina!
Letter 11
Hello my love Richard! Thank you for your compliments. I am very glad that you liked my photos. I will try to send you as many photos as possible in the future. From your kind words, my cheeks began to turn red!
How are you doing today? I hope you are doing well and you are smiling now. I love it when people smile.
In general, kindness attracts me in a person.
During the time that we have been communicating, you have become very dear to me! You have become a very important person in my life!
Now you are already an integral part of my life. I think about our relationship and I hope that we are not playing a game with you, I hope that we create our happy future together.
And I hope that you only write the truth to me. I promise that I will never deceive you. I hate it when someone cheats on me. And I think we are serious about this. I feel sincerity in your letters. My soul tells me that you are a fair, honest and decent person.
I would not like to repeat the mistake of the past. I don't want us to have trust issues. I just want to have a happy future and I think you want it too. I really want us to trust each other. I want everything to be sincere.
I want to say that I am an adult who does not like hypocrisy and deception. Do you trust me? It is very important for me. I want you to believe in my love. I am very happy that you are in my life!
I want to touch you, feel warmth and tenderness, feel your love, and so that you feel mine.
I LOVE YOU!!!!! I hope you're not scared by my revelation? This is strange to me too, but I swear that my feelings for you are real.
I love you, and when I think about you, I become the happiest. And I want you to feel the same.
How do you feel about me my beloved? It is very important for me! For me, the truth is better than sweet lies.
Please write to me about your feelings.
I will look forward to your reply! I think you will like my photos :)
I kiss you!
Your love Irina!
Letter 12
Hello my love Richard! Thank you very much for your kind words. I'm glad you like my photos. I will try to send you as many photos as possible in the future. Your compliments lifted my spirits all day !!
More and more I began to be convinced that I was attached to you and could not do without your letters.
Your letters help me to forget about all the bad things that happened during the day. They bring me a lot of positive thoughts.
Each of my letters to you is a small love story, and I think that a small story may soon grow into a big one.
Your image more often excites my consciousness, I more often think about you. I often imagine what you are doing at the moment.
It seems to me that our relations began to develop very rapidly, and this is a plus. I have long been convinced that I can become a good wife.
I, as a woman, are ready to make sure that my man is never deprived of anything. He will always have my attention and my love.
I'm ready to give my love, but do you need it? If my love means more to you than just a word, then we will inevitably get closer soon.
We are two healthy and mature people, I think that we can create a strong family in the future. But again, do you need it? Do our desires match?
To be honest, nothing keeps me here in Russia, except my family and friends ... but true friends will be happy for their friend if she finds true love. The family, I think, will also understand because moving to another country will not disrupt our communication, I will be able to call and come to visit.
I think I won't have any problems with work either, I can find her ... All my life I dreamed of finding a good man for myself! I really want to live for my beloved person whom I will love and he will love me. It is very important for me that you Richard understand me correctly. Understanding is very important between people when they want to have a relationship.
It seems to me that with each letter written, we begin to trust each other more, we become closer ...
I believe with all my heart that this communication will lead us to great happiness !!!!
I wish you a good mood, my dear Richard!
I will wait for your letter and I miss you !!
Your Love Irina!
Letter 13
Hello my love Richard! Thank you for your beautiful words. I am delighted that you liked my photos. I will try to send you as many photos as possible in the future. From your beautiful words, my cheeks began to turn red ...
Richard I am very happy to receive a letter from you again today, and it again gave me joy and a smile on my face when I saw your letter.
I was very pleased to read your letter. How was your day today? I hope your day was very good today Richard and you had a smile on your face? Today I had a very good day and I was thinking about you. I constantly think about you, I think that I am very happy that fate introduced us. I would really like to see your smile now Richard. I want to ask you one humble question. What is the first kiss for you with a girl for whom you have feelings? Do you remember it for a long time, or is it an ordinary kiss for you? How could you imagine our first kiss Richard? I think that for me this will be the most beautiful moment in my life, and I will never be able to forget it.
I imagine how this will happen, you will slowly come to me and gently hug me and tell me that you love me and then you will kiss me passionately but tenderly. I am sure it will be perfect and I would like to experience it now. I would like to kiss you now. Would you like this Richard?
Richard, when we were not familiar with you, I felt a great pain in my heart, and I thought that I never will experience again the feeling as love. But now that we have met you this feeling has passed, and it seems to me that I can love and give love again. When I receive your letters, I receive along with this a part of you and I feel great joy and for me it is great happiness when I see it every day Richard.
My affectionate Richard I really miss you and life seems to me gray and gloomy without you! When can I see you and I can hug you tight !? When can I gently kiss you and tell you - "Hello my love Richard !!!"? I sleep and see you in my dreams! I'm in love! I'm in love with you my dear Richard! This is a wonderful feeling! This is the feeling that you gave me! This is the feeling that unites us! This is Love! I believe that! I know it! And you gave me this feeling! You gave me love! You gave me a fairy tale and a dream! You gave me your love and this love and thoughts about you warm me and do not let me freeze in this cold and, in part, cruel world! Seeing you is my main and most desired dream! To see you, hug you, kiss you, and say to you - "I love you" - this is all that I strive for, this is all that I desire! I've been looking for you all my life and now found you! I was looking for my happiness and found it! My happiness is you! My dear Richard I love you very much! My dear Richard I miss you very much! I will wait for letters from you!
I am yours and only yours! I will forever be only yours and will always love you!
I will finish my letter and wait for your reply with impatience
I kiss you
Your love Irina!
Letter 14
Hello my beloved man Richard! Thank you for your compliments. I am delighted that you like my photos. I will try to send you as many photos as possible in the future. Your beautiful words lifted my mood for the whole day ...
I hope you are in a good mood and enjoy life. Today I am in a great mood.
For me, every letter you write is very important. Without your letters, I do not feel complete. I miss you a lot lately.
Now my feelings are not what they were at the beginning of our correspondence. I rethought a lot, learned a lot about you, and I concluded that I want to be with you.
At the beginning of the letter, I wrote that I was in a great mood, but did not write why.
The thing is that a few days ago at work I asked for a vacation and today they signed my application for a three months vacation.
I'm going on vacation from next week. Everything matches very well, don't you think?
Perhaps this is a hidden hint of fate for our first meeting.
I believe that our personal meeting will only strengthen my faith and my desire. You began to occupy an important place in my life. I wanna be with you!
At first I thought that my feelings were false, since we were just texting and did not even see each other in person.
But you must admit that if you constantly think about a person, if you want to read his letters over and over again, this means something more than just correspondence!
I toss and turn for a long time before going to bed, painting pictures of our first meeting. What it will be, even I can not say for sure.
But one thing I can say with certainty, this meeting will be a turning point for me. I think that for you too?
I think a lot about what will happen to us in a month, in a year. Of course, I paint the future only in bright colors.
We spend time together, hugs, kisses every day! My head starts spinning when I think of something like this.
Our relations need to be developed, we need to raise them to a new level. I don't know how serious you are about my words now, I think the coming days will show me that.
I tell you that we need to move on, this is the only way to create strong love.
We must feel each other, talk, because through a letter we cannot convey everything that is needed.
I don't want to impose myself on you, I just want to be happy with you. Any insecurity only harms the relationship, so I thought a lot and firmly decided what I want.
I am not mistaken in my feelings, I am sure of this, and I do not want you to be mistaken. I want to believe that all the beautiful words you wrote before are true, and they were written from the heart.
In any case, we have to say all the most important words looking into each other's eyes.
I want to participate in your life, and for you to take part in my life. And we will cope with all life's difficulties together.
How do you like this prospect in our future?
I am ready to move to a new level of communication. I thought about our meeting for a long time.
And I decided that if we want a serious relationship, then we need to meet!
My dear, I am looking forward to your reply very much. I kiss you a lot!
Your love Irina!
Letter 15
Hello my beloved Richard! It will be great to cook together and also play sports. These will be the best emotions.
My sweetheart, I will start this letter by saying that I love you infinitely and will love you, no matter what happens !!!
I hope you are doing well. I'm great!
There are different ideas in my head that I thought you were not ready for this.
I always knew that sooner or later we would need to talk about the meeting, but I did not know how to do it, and what would happen then.
And now I read your letter and realized that your opinion agrees with mine.
I have no words to express happiness! I am in seventh heaven!
This was an important step in our relationship, and we made it, and now I will not go back anymore, I must be with you to the end!
To be honest, I thought a lot that we needed this meeting and how nice it is when you see me. All these ideas do not leave my head! But I told myself that I believe you and believe in your words, since all your words are true!
And I'm sure when we meet, you will not change your mind about me.
My sweetheart, you need to think about all the details of our meeting. If I go to you, then, most likely, I should fly to you by plane from Moscow.
I have to make sure that you meet me at the airport anyway. You have to promise me that I won't get to you myself. I am a little worried because I have to be in a country unfamiliar to me, where of all people I know only you.
Also, you need to find out all the costs of travel, visa, ticket and passport!
I think that in the next letter I will write you full information about my trip to you. Tomorrow I will go to a travel agency, and I will find out all the information about my trip to you, my beloved.
I so want to meet you, my beloved! All my life I dreamed of a man like you. For me, thinking about you every minute is a great pleasure!
Thinking about a loved one is a great pleasure !!! My ideas about our meeting keep me awake !!!
I want to see you so much, my love !!! I love you very much!!! I love you my dear!!!
I really want you to be there when I open my eyes in the morning !!!
I really look forward to the day when I see you, my love !!! I want to give you full pleasure from our first meeting with you !!!
Would you like that too, my beloved? My love for you is growing every minute !!!
You are the owner of my heart, my heart is now forever BELONGS ONLY TO YOU, MY LOVE !!! I miss you very much, my love!
Every day I think only of you and cannot sleep, because I want to be next to you.
I really want to be with you! Every day, every hour, every minute. I think and dream only of you, my lovely !!!
I love you and I cannot live without you !!! Finally let's meet and kiss each other! I love you! I adore you!!!
I will look forward to your reply.
I kiss you!
Love, Irina!
Letter 16
Hello my love Richard!
I am pleased to receive your letter again! I really miss you. I very love you! Being without you is very difficult for me.
You are my life, I want to hug you so that I feel your warmth, examine your eyes, feel how happy you are.
I'm sure everything will be fine. And we will be happy together. I often think of us and try to imagine our life together.
Sometimes it seems to me that you are next to me, I even feel you in the distance. I can feel when you are happy and when you are sad.
When you are happy, I am happy with you. I want to be with you so badly and am looking for ways to meet us
I went to a travel agency and learned what I would need to get to your place.
First, I need to collect all the necessary documents:
1. Foreign passport,
2. Two black and white photographs, size 3.5x4.5
3. Completed application form,
4. Documents showing that I have a job in Russia,
5. Documents confirming that direct relatives remain in Russia,
6. Insurance.
7. Air ticket.
So, in order to fly to you, I have to do some paperwork and get a visa.
It will take some time to make these documents. It will take approximately 5-7 days to receive these documents!
I will do everything in my power to obtain a visa. A Tourist Visa is ideal for us. We are very lucky!
My good friend works in a travel company and she will help us quickly apply for a visa.
I thank fate for this opportunity! Perhaps I can get a visa within 7-14 days !!!
I also need to buy a ticket. Since I am flying to you during my vacation.
I can stay with you for 3 months. I think that during this time we will be able to strengthen our relationship and test our feelings.
I need to know your residential address. Since we are going to be together, I need to know your exact home address and the address of the airport closest to your home. I ask you to send this information as soon as possible.
But there is one thing that upsets me very much: since they will get me a visa as soon as possible, I will need more money, to pay for it, I also have to go to Moscow to register my visa.
My dear, my trip will cost about 865 euros. I expected the trip to be much cheaper. I was given vacation money. This is roughly my monthly salary. I was given only 200 euros. This is so little. I'm very embarrassed. Can you help me? It turns out that I am missing only 665 euros. Is that a lot for you? Do you have an opportunity to help me? If it's expensive for you, can we divide the amount equally? I will try to borrow money from friends or from my mom. But I can only find about half. What do you say? I will wait for your decision.
I so want to come to you and only money separates us from each other. I very love you!!! And I don't want to lose you.
I am completely sincere with you, I hope you understand my situation,
I so want to see you, but I cannot do it, because I do not have the full amount of money, only a small part. I'm sorry dear Richard if this upsets you.
We must trust each other and overcome all difficulties. Just imagine that soon we can be together!
I very love you! You are the best in my life! And our meeting could be the happiest day for us!
Yours forever Irina!
Letter 17
Hi my love. I am very glad to receive your letter. I love you. I am very glad that you understand the whole situation. I want to thank you for your help. I am very glad that you did not refuse me. I am very glad that you are ready to host me. It is wonderful. This is noble of you. You are a real gentleman. I am very glad that I made a choice in favor of you. I was not mistaken. You are the best man. Of course I give you all the information about me.
My full name is Irina Nikolaevna Ilyukhina.
My home address: Safiulina Street 42, Kazan, Russia
My phone number: +79878830012
I do not have an electronic passport. My passport is: 8821 069442. The passport was issued by the Department of the Federal Migration Service for the Republic of Tatarstan in the city of Kazan. The passport was issued on March 10, 2011.
The exact amount I need is 865 euros, but I have 200 euros. These 200 euros were given to me by my boss so that I could have some money on vacation. This is called vacation money.
I also send you many kisses. I love you.
I also want to tell you that my mom's sister works for Western Union. My mom's sister said it was the best way. It's fast and safe. She will be able to help us if need be. I love you. I will wait for your letter.
Letter 18
Hi my love. I am very glad to write you a letter. I also very much want to come to you to live the rest of my life with you. I very love you. I can't live without you. You are the best. You are the best thing in my life. Of course I will send you a photo of my passport. My passport is at the Russian embassy. A passport is needed to make a visa. Therefore, I will go to the embassy in the coming days to collect my passport and take a passport photo. Don't worry, I'll send you a passport photo. I love you very much. I will do it for you. Kiss you. Your future wife Irina.
Letter 19
Hi my love. It turns out that getting your passport back is impossible. Now my passport is at the embassy and they will not be able to return it to me. Are you upset? But not worth it. I persuaded them to take a passport photo and send it to me by email. I am sending you a photo of my passport. Hope it cheers you up. I love you. By the way, today is a holiday. It's women's day. I kiss you.
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