Scam letter(s) from Maria to Michael (Germany)

Letter 1
It appears in my opinion that you are an individual I'm searching.
Tell me more about yourself.
Drop me your images as well. I am Maria, I'm thirty eight yod.
I wonder your real age?
I am just looking out for a man who is older than me.
live and as well was created in Russia.
What area you live in?
I'd like to get to know someone with whom i may find in common likes and dislikes.
I'm want a guy with goals as a concrete.
I would really enjoy to start out a chat together with you.
I am hoping that you're attracted, and so the following note doesn't stay with no attention.
I have to ask you to remember to forward me the snaps, thus we could start to learn each other noticeably faster.
With this letter I will mail a photo of me personally, and perhaps you're going to adore it.
If, perhaps you will not like it, you may delete my message.
Letter 2
I think it is the perfect time to start the brand-new season with true love.
Now don't you think that I'm correct?
Possibly we can meet someday.
I was given birth in The germany, I stayed there right until I was nine, and today I reside in Ukraine.
I haven't found a man inside my place and simply wished to try to go looking on the web.
Tell me just what area you now live in?
It is actually awesome that using the help of the internet, we may become familiar with one another better.
Currently I'm thirty two years, already an adult for the honest relationship, I don't wish any person to play with my feelings that's no doubt.
I am Leonore by the way, but you can just call me Leo.
If you're attracted in getting to know me much better, then we can easily carry on our conversation.
How do you enjoy the photo of me, that I've enclosed?
You actually aren't required to reply if you did not enjoy it.
I'm planning to discover a man who's older than me, certainly not aggressive, gentle, and who can really look after me and treat me proper.
I am going to additionally be happy to obtain your own personal image with your message if you're attracted.
I'm hoping you won't really make me wait around very long and will respond shortly.
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