Scam letter(s) from Alexandra Evgenevna Ekimova to John (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my dear John! How's your day? I hope everything is OK. I was really looking forward to your answer. Thank you for your letter. My dear John, sometimes I do not understand you. You tell me that you love me, you want me to come to you, but you are afraid to send me help. You know perfectly well my seriousness towards you. Dear John trust me. I sent you a copy of your passport and made various surprises. Why don't you trust me? Hasn't shown you enough of her honesty, her seriousness? For me, your letters become pain, because my man is afraid to confide in me. I tried to find money on my own, but nowhere else to take. My dear John, you must understand that now I cannot come without your help. My dear John, I have everything ready for the trip to you. Now I just have to get permission from the migration service and I can fly to you on November 7. Dear John, understand that the sooner you send your help, the sooner I can get permission and be with you on November 8th. Now our fate, our relationship is being decided. My dear John, answer me honestly. Are you going to send money? And write when. My dear John, I understand that you are worried about the past, but you have to look ahead, and you know that not everyone is the same, you know my honesty and love for you. If I didn’t love you, I wouldn’t fight like this. I hope that you will understand everything and do everything for the sake of happiness. I really hope that your answer will be very quick. Because now we need to get permission to fly to you from the migration service as soon as possible. I really hope that you, as a man, will not leave your girlfriend alone with a problem, and will do everything possible so that I will be with you as soon as possible !!! I really hope that you will do a noble deed. I love you John! I wish you a good day and good mood! Your love,
P | s I am sending you photos of my air tickets, it once again proves my attitude towards you really and honest.
Letter 2
Hi John! How do you ? I hope all is well !!! Dear John, understand that I have a debut card ent. I have a bank account that I have sent you more than once. This account is working and everything works well. Dear John, you need to go to the bank and give all the information in full and then you can send your help for me without any problems. I think that you yourself cannot figure it out and you need to go to the bank and the bank employee can send your help for me through the bank without any problems. I really hope that today you will go to the bank and give my information in full and the bank employee will help you parse your help for me. I believe in you !!! Dear, dear John, it seems to me that it will be unpleasant for any person when you promise, but don't. Let's say, for example, that you would ask me out on a date. In the morning I tell you yes, let's go with pleasure. In the evening I already tell you, I can't. Here is a small example of your deed. Of course, I understand everything, you have difficulties, but you must also understand your girlfriend. What she did for the sake of meeting and love, and this should be appreciated. Only now you will have to hurry up and that's it. I hope that there will be no more unfulfilled promises. If you can't do it, you better not promise, tell me the truth. When you send it for sure. The only way. No more lies in our relationship. Do you agree with me? Honesty is the key to success in our relationship. I hope that you will understand all this and will do everything for the sake of our happiness and love. Dear, you need to go to the bank and completely ask the bank employee for help. I believe that everything will work out and tomorrow you can easily send your help for me to my bank account without any problems. I believe in you !!! Dear John, tomorrow morning I will wait for your answer. I love you John! Your love, Aleksandra
Letter 3
Hello my dear John! How's your day? I hope everything is OK! I don’t see your answer today. I'm starting to worry !!! When I see your letter, I start to rejoice and start smiling, but today I came and did not see your answer. YOU are probably busy and haven't had time to write yet. I love you John !!! I woke up early this morning. We have excellent weather, +6 degrees outside. Dear John, I am very worried about our meeting and yesterday I canceled the flight because we have not resolved the issue with the migration service. Now it is very urgent to resolve all issues as soon as possible so that they cannot cancel the mob trip to you. I hope that you understand me. Now we need to resolve the issues as soon as possible. Dear John, I really hope that you will help me in the very near future, because now it is very urgent to get permission from the migration service to fly to you. I really hope that just the other day you will send your help for me in 4 pieces of 550 US dollar, so that there will be no problems when sending and receiving your help. You need to parse 550 US dollar for 4 days through the Money Gram money system and then you can parse the entire amount in installments without any problems and I can easily go to get a permission to fly to you and immediately book the nearest flight to you and fly to you the nearest flight. I really hope for you !!! I love you John! I believe that everything will work out and you will start to act today and send the first part of the post 550 US dollar today. I believe and hope for you !!! Dear John, I want to be with you as soon as possible, hug you and kiss you! We can be happy and love each other. Every day I look forward to our meeting more and more. You are the best man in the world! I am very proud of our relationship! I really hope that one of these days you will help me and we will be together !!! I hope for you !!! I have to go now! I will be waiting for your reply with good news! I wish you a good day and good mood! I kiss you! Your love, forever Aleksandra
Letter 4
Hello John !!!! I read your letter and was still very upset. To begin with, I am now in a very difficult situation, I cannot find a way out of this situation. I cannot find money to come to you, and this is the main problem now. I understand that you are worried that I am not real, and therefore you do not want to help me. It makes sense, the point is, so you can make sure that I exist before you trust me completely. I thought about that for a long time yesterday. How can I prove to you that I really exist, and I have only one way. I decided to take this photo to convince you that I am real. If even this cannot convince you of my sincerity, and does not help you to start trusting me, then I think that our relationship with you in absentia is doomed to failure. There is no relationship without trust, and if we cannot build a relationship with you, then everything was in vain. Understand that you do not need to give up and you need to do everything for the sake of our meeting. Understand that we can be together this week in the very coming days. I really hope for your understanding and you will do everything to resolve this situation and we will be together forever! I love you John! I kiss you and I expect your answer soon. Yours forever Aleksandra
Letter 5
Hello dear John! How's your day? How are you feeling? I read your letter and I want to say, I am not happy with your answer. Dear John, if I had the opportunity to find money, I would not even turn to you for help. I understand there are questions to send money. I don't even know how you can do it. But still, I want to say that this is our problem, and it must be solved right now. Today or tomorrow. We have little time. You have to buy tickets now. I have a contract with a travel agency. According to which I am obliged to pay for air tickets in the very next few days. If I do not pay, I will be sanctioned and my trip canceled. After that, there will be serious consequences so that in the future she can leave the country. Why create problems? Dear John, I asked you for help as your girlfriend. I thought that as a man, without question, you would do everything possible to help me, so that I was by your side. I did my best for our meeting. I spent everything I had. And now I am in a desperate situation and therefore I ask for your help. I told you yesterday, I will understand you if you refuse. But you can't just give up. You must understand me and do everything possible for the sake of meeting and love! For our purpose. I started and did a lot. I put in the effort that cost me money. And what is it for? So that you tell me later, try to find me, you understand me, and then, as soon as I am with you, you will give me money. Dear John, isn't that ******? Why do I need money when I'm with you? What for? Tell me. This offended me a little. Dear John, before you write me such things, you better think a hundred times. Good? So that this does not happen again in the future. I'm not with you for the money. I want to be with you for the sake of happiness and love! And for all this I do not feel sorry for anything! I love you John! And you must understand now, if you do not help me now, then we will not be together. And the fact that I have spent my efforts for the sake of happiness and love, everything will be in vain. Therefore, I ask you to think well now and do everything possible for the sake of meeting. Dear John, let's decide everything now, soon. Write to me, please, will you help me? Answer honestly, yes or no. If yes, how? I have not encountered such cases and therefore I do not know how you can send me help. Now our meeting is in your hands. It's up to you to decide. I do not force you, I ask you as your girlfriend, for the sake of meeting, for love…. your love and future wife Aleksandra.
Letter 6
Hello my dear John! How's your day? I hope everything is OK! Thanks a lot for your answer! I want to say that you made me very happy with your answer. I didn’t sleep all night, I was worried, thinking how to solve this situation. But at the moment I have no options. I came to work in a bad mood, but as soon as I read your letter, I began to smile, rejoice. You are the most wonderful man! I promise we will be great! Dear, everything will be fine and we will be together on November 27. I believe that you will decide everything before November 27. I understand that you were looking for a bank yesterday and found the bank that you need. This is good news. I see how you fight for our love and our meeting. You are the best man in the whole world. I love you John !!! I believe that we will solve everything and will be together on November 27. As soon as I receive your help, I will fly to you on the very first flight. After I receive your help, I will need 1-2 days, and I will already be with you! Maybe even faster. You don't have to worry about this. I will come to you and will be with you, I will immediately give you the money! I am happy that I have a man like you! I love you John! I am very proud of our relationship! Dear John, I say it again so that you understand. As soon as I have the full amount, I get a permit from the migration service that I can leave my country, after that I fly to TBA on November 27. And then I'll be with you! I am very happy to be hugging and kissing you soon! You made me the happiest girl! You changed my mood one hundred percent. I believed that everything would be fine! I am happy that I have a man like you! I love you John! Dear John, I want to say thank you! If not for you, then I would never have coped with this task. Together we can move mountains!)) The main thing is to have the desire to be together and we will succeed, and we will achieve success in our relationship! We will be the happiest in the world! I promise you! You will rejoice every day that I will be next to you! Dear John, thank you again! You're the best in the world! I love you John! I'm going to work now! I'll write to you again later! I would be very glad if I see your reply with good news soon! I wish you a good day and good mood! I kiss you! Your love, Aleksandra
Letter 7
Hello my dear husband John! How do you ? I hope all is well! I am very glad that I have such a wonderful man like you. You are my future husband. You are the kindest and most intelligent and good in all this world. Dear John, today I was at a travel agency and I immediately booked flights for November 27th. Dear John, I just booked a flight for November 27th. this is the most comfortable and the nearest flight that the airline has found for me. Dear now, I want to write the details of my departure.
Airline - Aeroflot
Flight SU-1251
Departure from Nizhnekamsk, Begishevo, Russia at 06:10, November 27.
Arrival in Moscow, Sheremetyevo, Russia at 08:10, November 27.
Next flight with Aeroflot: Flight SU-102
Departure from Moscow, Sheremetyevo, Russia at 14:05, November 27.
Arrival in New York, John F. Kennedy 16:30, November 27.
Delta Air Lines next flight: DL-5598
Departure from New York, John F. Kennedy at 19:29, November 27.
Arrival in Washington at 21:06, 27 November.
My dear John, today I have done a lot and I am very tired. I want to see you as soon as possible. My dear John, on November 27 at 21:06 minutes I will be with you. I really hope for you that you will meet me at the airport. I believe in you ! Now I urgently need to get permission to fly to you, otherwise I will no longer be able to fly to you. I can't do anything. Now we need to solve everything as soon as possible. I believe that today you can send your first part of 550 US dollar aid to me without any problems via Money Gram money transfer system. I really hope for you! I love you John !!! I am very happy. Soon I will come to you and hug you! I'll be with you! I love you very much John !!! My dear John, I really hope that you will be pleased with such news! I believe that you will succeed today and you will send your first part of 550 US dollar to me as soon as possible today. I really hope for you! I wish you a good day and a great mood! I miss! I kiss you! Your love,
Letter 8
Thank you for your moral support . Thank you for your email ! My dear John, I do not know how to start this letter because I am in a terrible mood. I've never been so angry and upset in my life. I was at the Bank, I talked to the head of the credit Department. Our conversation lasted almost a whole 3 hours, I tried to explain our whole situation to them. I cried, I swore, but it was useless. The head of the credit Department asked me to calm down and listen carefully. He confirmed that the Bank did contact the bailiff service and they imposed a ban on leaving the country while I have credit obligations to the Bank. I asked about the legality of such a ban , and the Head of the Credit Department explained to me that the Basis is an overdue debt obligation. Technically, this is one small delay, which I wrote to you about in my last letter. This was the reason for the legal ban on departure. He gave me some statistics for the past year: 190,000 people were unable to leave the country in the first quarter of last year alone. And more than 70% of them are debtors. The forecasts are even more depressing. It is expected that this figure (190,000) will be increased to 530,000 in the very near future. According to the legislation of the Russian Federation, a person who has overdue financial debt obligations to a Bank is a violator of the law. In response to this violation, Bailiffs may take an appropriate decision that does not allow such a person to leave the country. So, the restriction on departure is a legitimate measure. This explanation was given to me By the head of The credit Calving. We talked a lot about what I could do about it, and he said that he understands the complexity of the situation, but he doesn't have the authority to overturn the Bailiffs ' decision and allow me to go to you. This is no longer in his competence or even in the competence of the Bank's Director. Now I have to provide the bailiff's office with a certificate of repayment of the debt or the availability of a collateral amount that can cover part of my loan. . At the moment, I have to pay 372.165 rubles, which is about 4800 US dollar. From which the monthly payment will be deducted every month while I am away. And when I return, the entire amount will be refunded to me, minus monthly payments, and I will continue to pay my loan further until I fully repay it. John, I'm at a loss right now . I also talked about how I could sell the apartment to pay off the loan and come to you, but when the Bailiffs impose a ban on leaving the country, they automatically impose a ban on registration actions with the apartment until I bring a certificate from the Bank. Thus, it turns out that I will not be able to sell the apartment or go abroad until I pay the entire loan amount or pay the collateral part. It turns out a vicious circle. It turns out that I am locked up in my own country, I am a ***** who has to pay off the loan, otherwise I am in shackles. It's so terrible that I can't even say anything. I understand that you can't live in this country. It is very difficult to leave this system of slavery and humiliation. I don't have any words at all. Dear John, I am sending you a copy of the letter of guarantee agreement from the Bank, which I took from the Bank today ! Dear John, I hope that now you understand that I need to pay off the loan. I hope for you !!! Most importantly, I feel very ashamed in front of you. We make Grand plans, but everything is falling apart now. What I can do now I don't understand. My love, I've given you all the news I have, and I don't know what else to say. John, you've already done a lot for me ! You're helping me a lot, and there's still hope for our meeting if you don't leave me in this situation right now . I love you John ! I look forward to your letter . Forever yours Aleksandra P / s Dear John, I translated the entire text of the document into English for you to understand that I am telling you the truth . 08.12.2020
Borrower N dog. 017 / 11-167 / 258
Ekimova Aleksandra Evgenevna
N dog. 017 / 11-167 / 258 I hereby confirm that on December 4, 2017, Ekimova Aleksandra Evgenevna
Born on August 20, 1991. Passport: series 9211 number 151857
Issued on August 12, 2011.
Entered into an agreement for the provision of a mortgage loan in Russian rubles for the purchase of an apartment N dog. 017 / 11-167 / 258. For a period of 12 years until 04.12.2029. On the basis of the agreement, the borrower is approved / a loan was issued in the amount of 372.165.000 (three hundred seventy two thousand one hundred sixty five rubles zero kopecks).
In accordance with the loan agreement N dog. 017 / 11-167 / 258. The loan was not repaid. As of 08.12.2020 under the loan agreement N dog. 017 / 11-1670258 there is a debt of 372.165.000 (three hundred seventy two thousand one hundred sixty five rubles zero kopecks).
In this regard, Ekimova Aleksandra Evgenevna has no right to travel outside the Russian Federation, for the provision of a pledge in the amount of: 372.165.000 (three hundred seventy two thousand one hundred sixty five rubles zero kopecks).
1. For our part, we undertake to provide all the necessary documents after payment of the loan or by leaving a pledge to the bank in the amount of: 372.165.000 (three hundred seventy two thousand one hundred sixty five rubles zero kopecks).
2. For our part, we undertake to provide all the necessary documents, all certificates and all receipts after payment of the loan or provision of collateral in the amount of: 372.165.000 (three hundred seventy two thousand one hundred sixty-five rubles zero kopecks). In order for Ekimova Aleksandra Evgenevna to have the right to leave outside the Russian Federation.
3. For his part, the director of the bank fully undertakes to fulfill all the conditions upon returning to Russia Ekimova Aleksandra Evgenevna, the deposit will be paid in full to the borrower within 7 working days days. Please note that the information provided in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation is a bank secret and not subject to disclosure. OA "BANK RUSSKIY STANDRAT"
Head of the Credit Department
on work requests / Kerimov Alichussein Anvarovich
Letter 9
Hello dear John! Thank you for your honest and frank letter. I understand that you are asking me to write you my phone number. This is: 290-56-48. But I want to tell you about my telephone connection. I have a local telecom operator that only serves the city of Nizhnekamsk. I have a local number, not a federal one, so you will not be able to call me or write an SMS, because it will not reach me. Dear John, I want to say that I will call you tomorrow night as soon as I get the opportunity. I will also come to you for 90 days on a tourist visa, but if we decide to be together, then I will stay with you forever. I approve of your action and respect your opinion. It was very interesting for me to read this letter. Yes, I understand you completely. It is very difficult to completely trust a person whom you have never seen. Only letters, photographs. It is very difficult . But it's hard for me too now, don't get me wrong, we were heading towards our meeting. I wanted to arrange everything myself without your help, but unfortunately I could not do everything myself. I am very uncomfortable and ashamed to ask for your help, but this is the only way out now to be together! Our love and our future are now in your hands, and it is only on your decision that we will meet or not. I respect your opinion and actions! It's all no surprise to me I love you John! And I want you to trust me. Without trust, it will be very difficult for us, because we are now far from each other and are faced with a problem that must be solved for the sake of our meeting and love. Now everything depends only on you and me! I hope my surprise will give you confidence and you will make the right decision and can help me. Now I miss 365 us dollar, this amount separates us from happiness and joy. I would be very pleased if we organized our meeting together. In this difficult situation, I have no one else to turn to. Unfortunately, my friend could not help me and now, I have no choice how to ask for help from you. I do not persuade you, and only you can make a decision. I will accept any of your decisions, but always know that I have always been honest with you and sincerely love you and want to be only with you !!!. If it were possible to do without it, then I certainly would not ask for your help. You have a difficult decision to make. I really hope your decision will be correct and we will be together soon! I will look forward to your letter! I believe in our love and our meeting. Dear, I'm ready for anything, just to be with you! Feel your breath and how your heart beats! I love you and I am very glad that we found each other and gained love !!! Now your letters and our love are saving me from loneliness !!! Thank you for everything you do. The day of our meeting, it will be the happiest day in my life, I dream about it and have already imagined it in my head many times. I really hope that we will do everything for our meeting and will be the happiest people together !!! You are the nicest man and deserve to be loved! I am ready to make your every day more joyful and happier! I want to take care of you and help you in everything !!! Soon we will be together our dreams will come true ... I will wait for your answer. Gently kiss !!! I wish you good mood !!! Forever yours Aleksandra
Letter 10
Hello my dear John! Dear John, tonight I'll try to call you. I really hope that you will answer my phone call. I miss and want to hear your voice! I hope you answer my phone call. I began a break, and I immediately rush to write you a letter. Thank you for your answer! It is very interesting and fascinating to read your letter. Thank you for taking the time to answer me! Now I especially need your support and care! Every day we take great steps towards our meeting. During this time period, it is important for me to receive your letters every day.
Each of your letters warms my soul and gives me the strength to work on organizing our meeting. With each letter we get closer to each other. Soon the day will come when our closeness will be maximum: we can sit opposite each other and slowly talk; we can hug and kiss each other; we can give tenderness, care and love... What could be more joyful than such moments... John, I am overwhelmed with emotions! In a letter, it’s difficult to convey all the feelings that I feel now. It seems to me that my wings have grown. It’s easy and joyful for me.
What a pity that i can’t flap these wings and fly to you now. How much needs to be done for our hearts to come together. This morning I took some inquiries and documents to a travel agency. I took the photos that are required for an international passport. Dear, the preparation process is going well. I do everything they say to me at a travel agency. My agent asked me to say today when I can definitely make the remaining of the cost. I said that I will give an answer the next time I come to a tourist agency. Now I don’t have enough money to pay for everything. I need 365 us dollars. Tonight I invited my friends and colleagues to a cafe to talk about us. I will tell them that I plan to fly to you soon. I wrote to you that I plan to share with them the joyous changes in my life. Maybe I should talk to my best friend Ekaterina if she can borrow this money so that I can fulfill the terms of the contract now! Or even better, I’ll talk with my Boss to give me this money now and in the future, gradually deduct this money from my salary! So I will not put anyone in a difficult position! For example, how can I ask my sister for help if her husband drinks half his salary and my sister and my mother spend all their money to pay bills and feed my nephews? In addition, the salary at the Post Office is as small as the pension of my mother. Solved!! I will talk with my Boss, but today I will tell my friends and colleagues about you!!) But John, please do not worry about anything. I myself decided to come to you, so I will try to deal with this problem myself. Darling, I want everything to go well and our meeting will take place. I believe that I will succeed and soon we will be together! It will be the most wonderful time in our lives. I thank fate for giving us the opportunity to meet each other. Unfortunately, not everyone manages to find their half in life and find love. We had such an opportunity and I am very happy! Despite the great distance we are together! You are always in my thoughts and my heart! I think that the difficulties associated with traveling give our relations an even greater impetus for development. Having overcome them, our feelings will be stronger and stronger. And then the joy of meeting will give us even more magical emotions. Darling, I do everything to be together. I do all this with joy in my heart. And thank you for giving me this joy! I look forward to the day when our hearts are united! And then, in reality, we can together do everything we dreamed about. I thank you for making our dreams come true. I found a man with whom I want to connect my life. This is the greatest joy in the life of every girl.
John, when we meet you will see how happy I am! Thank you for everything! Unfortunately, I have to go to work. The evening will also be eventful. Please write to me, and I will try to talk to my Boss as soon as possible and solve the problem! I wish you good mood! Gently kiss! Yours Aleksandra
Letter 11
Hello my dear John! How's your day? What is your mood? I hope all is well !!! Dear John, I want to say that the telephone code of my city is 8555. Sorry, I could not write to you, as there were holidays in Russia, and therefore I did not have an Internet connection. Now all is well, I can write to you. Once again, I'm sorry I couldn't write to you. You cheered me up a lot. You caused a smile on my face and joy in my soul !!! Honey, thank you for that. I was very worried about the fact that I would not have enough money to pay for tickets and we would not be able to meet. You, like a real man, understood me and did not refuse to help, thank you very much, my wonderful John! I am very pleased that together we are doing everything for our meeting, this is great. I am very happy that you understood my problem and you do not refuse to help me. Dear John, I have never encountered such cases before, but we need to find out how you can send me money. If you know, write me everything in detail! OK? Also write me, please, when exactly will you help? I definitely need to inform the travel agency. I believe that when we go through problems together, our love will be stronger and stronger. My thoughts are only about you John! Now I imagine how we will meet at the airport. We will look each other in the eye. Let's hug tightly so that you can feel our hearts beating with joy! And we will kiss tenderly! My love, I want this moment to come faster and we were the happiest people in the whole world. I liked you as a man, and I am very proud that I have a desire to be with you! Now this is my dream, and the main goal in my life. I am very serious about our meeting. And I need such a smart and good man like you to be with me! Which will delight me every day, and I will reciprocate! Everything will be fine with us! For you, for our future, I am ready to overcome this huge distance between us to be with you! And you will be convinced of this when I am with you! You have become a part of my life, and I want to be with you as soon as possible! I am very glad that you understood my situation and offer me your help. I will hug you, and I will be very happy, because you help in everything. Together, we will be together and we will be happy. Most importantly, I like that you are the best man. A man who deserves my heart !!! And I am very grateful to my fate that I have a man like you !!! You are the best man. You gave me hope for a happy future, and now my goal is to be with you !!! It is most important! We will be fine! Dear John, now I have to go to work. I really hope that I will see your letter soon! I'll wait. I wish you a good day and good mood! I kiss you! Your love,
Letter 12
Hello my dear John! I'm at work again, and I can write to you again!
How's your day? How is your mood?? John, you know that I went to the village to my mom, and I must say that my trip went perfectly! Of course, I got to the village late in the evening, but we didn’t go to bed right away! We drank tea with a cake, which I specially bought in a supermarket and talked for a very long time! Of course, as I expected, my sister already told my mom a little about you, so it wasn’t news for my mom that I found you on the Internet, and that our relationship is developing rapidly! Of course,my mother listened with great interest to my story about how we met, about how our relations are developing, and even about the fact that we started talking about meeting in reality! I told my mother that you are exactly the man I represented in my dreams. I told her that you are interesting, honest, caring, serious, fair. And this is only a small part of your advantages that I listed to her)). John, I know that you really are the man I dreamed about! Every day I thank fate for the fact that we have the opportunity to meet and get to know each other closer! You do a lot for me. You give me a lot of positive emotions. Through your letters you show your concern for me. Worried and most importantly think of me. It means a lot to me! Our feelings and emotions are mutual! I also constantly think about you, imagine our meeting. I worry and worry about you. In my letters I try to convey to you all the feelings that are in my soul. I want to take care of you and make you a happy person! I told all this to my mother, and when I finished my story, my mother didn’t ask a lot of questions, but she looked into my eyes for a very long time! Then she smiled at me and said that for a very long time no one had seen my eyes shine with such happiness!
The eyes are the mirror of the soul, and if we really experience happiness, then it is very easy to determine by the eyes! My mother said that I did the right thing when I decided to look for happiness abroad! As you know, she has already experienced the betrayal of my father and does not wish me such a fate! Like any mother, she wishes me true happiness and believes that you are the man who can give me love and respect! She told me that she fully supports my desire to meet you in reality! I said that at the moment we did not make specific plans about our meeting, but I am pleased that my mother and sister will support me if we decide that I will go to you !! John, are you glad? Dear, I'm very happy! This is the most important thing that I wanted to hear from them! They are sincerely happy and happy for me.
For them, the most important thing is that my life be happy! I am sure that my life will be happy next to a man like you, John! Even being far from each other, you have already changed my life for the better.
Imagine what will happen when we meet)). I think we will swim in the ocean of happiness and joy. You probably think now that I look at life in pink glasses. But, No, dear, it is not. I can imagine that in life both happiness and sorrow happen. Life gave me different lessons. I well understand and realize that in life together there are difficult and difficult situations that we may encounter. I believe that the most important thing in any life situation is always to be with a man and to support and help him as much as possible. Whatever happiness it is or some kind of difficult situation. I want to always be your support and support. Dear, know that you can always trust me, and I will try to do everything so that you feel like the happiest person!
We have made a big step forward in our relationship. I hope in the future we will also have excellent mutual understanding and respect for each other! John, I'm overwhelmed with emotions. I am very glad that visited my mother . I am very pleased with her reaction to our communication. We also had a very pleasant time. If I tell you everything in detail, the letter will be very large!) I don’t want to take too much time with you! I want us to be able to slowly talk about everything while being next to each other! Dear, now all the circumstances to organize our meeting are on our side, and we only need to make a decision! Darling, tell me, please, are you ready to receive me in your house ?? It will be easier and calmer for us to be with you. It’s very important for me to see where you live. I want to see your life in reality, to see the area where you live, to get acquainted with people close to you. Perhaps in the future I will have to move to live with you forever, if at the meeting we realize that we can no longer without each other. This is also important in choosing a venue for our meeting. Of course, now it’s too early for us to talk about my moving to you forever, but at the meeting we will discuss this issue. Now the most important thing is to organize our first meeting. I hope you agree with my thoughts? John, please think about everything very seriously! Write all your thoughts about our meeting.
Please write, are you ready to host me? I will now finish this letter of mine and wait with awe in my heart for your decision! Now our future is in your hands, and it depends only on you where we will go next! I am sending a couple of photos from the village where my mother and sister live!) I am always waiting for your reply. Your Aleksandra
Letter 13
Hello my beloved John! Thank you for your letter . Dear John, I want to say that I cannot send you copies of my documents, since my documents are in the process of preparation and first I have to pay for air tickets to fly to you and after that I will be given all my documents. I hope you understand me. I also want to say that I will definitely make such a photo for you that you ask for, as soon as I have the opportunity. Yes, I know that you love me. But it hurts me a lot and it’s bad to read that you don’t trust me yet to send the amount that is needed now. I feel very bad now. But most of all I feel bad now from the fact that you wrote that you do not trust me to send such an amount. If you have it, it kills me all the more. For my part, I did everything I could for our meeting, but you helped me a lot too. I am very grateful to you for everything !!! But when we had one step left before our meeting, we could not take it. It was very difficult for me to collect the entire amount, if I could have done everything, but alas. I am sending you a copy of my Russian passport, it once again shows my attitude towards you and that my love for you is real and honest. John dear I don't understand why you can't trust me to the end. If you helped me now, we would already be together. Yes, I love you very much and am ready to wait as long as you like. But if we now make another visa, then this again is an extra waste of money and time. We have already done a lot for the meeting and there is only the last step that we can take and find our happiness. Dear John, I ask you with all your heart, please accept the right decision now and if you really have the opportunity to help, do it and soon we will be together. I do everything so that you have no doubts and I dream to be next to you now! I feel bad now! I have tears in my eyes from the fact that we are missing our love! I really need your love and support! I love you John !!! Please, let's do everything to be together now ... Forever yours Aleksandra
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