Scam letter(s) from Aizhan to Eric (USA)

Letter 1
hi!, I am writing to you from the distant country of Kazakhstan. I am very lonely and my world lacks a strong and loving man. The world is very lonely for me. I realized that I can no longer and do not want to be alone in this lonely world. And I decided to write you a small letter. Now it is very difficult to meet the man of your dreams because of this terrible disease that has swept the whole world. This makes me scared and I try not to think about it. Now in my life only work, short walks along the streets of my city do not make me happy. I want to love and be loved and decided to write to you. I hope you will not be put off by my letter, and you will read and answer me. I will wait for your message and photo. I hope that you will quickly answer me and we will start communicating with you. Can our messages make us happier? I live in Kazakhstan and I am 28 years old, my name is Aizhan. Now I will be checking my mail and hope to see your letter with your photos. I wish you good mood and good health.
Letter 2
Hello my new friend Eric, I want to apologize to you for not being able to answer you quickly. I have a lot of work in the last few days ... It is unusual for me to receive a letter from a man who lives in a far away country. But I am very glad to see your answer. You are probably wondering where I got your email address. I contacted a specialized international dating agency located in my city. This dating agency has a constant exchange of contacts of people looking for a soul mate, between various sites on the Internet, newspapers from different countries and similar dating agencies. I just came to the office of this dating agency, told them that I wanted to find a single man from another country, paid them little money, and they gave me several email addresses of men who are single. And now you answered me! Hope the agency isn't cheating on me and you're really single and looking for a serious relationship too? You are a complete stranger for now, but I am sure that one day you will become a person close to me. I will not hide, but for me this is the main goal. I want to build a serious relationship with a worthy man with whom I will be happy. I hope that you and I can continue our communication and get to know each other. Maybe our communication with you will lead to something greater.
I will be glad to see some suggestions from you in your next letter. If I see your interest in me, I will continue to tell you more about myself and my life. Now I can only offer communication on the Internet. This is the easiest way for me.
When our relationship develops, our communication will go to Skype and by phone. I will be very happy to wait for your answer. I will send you my photo and video so that you get to know me better. I will be pleased to see your photo. Aizhan.
Letter 3
Hello Eric!!! You cannot imagine how unusual this is for me, and I am very glad that you answered my letter and that our correspondence continues. I had doubts if you would like to write to me. I thought that maybe you would think that I am some crazy woman who writes letters to you.
But now some of my fears have disappeared, and I can continue to write to you about myself, my life, my plans and also get to know you.
I really hope that all this will be possible. I am very glad that I contacted the right dating agency. The name agency is Anulle , and they did their job and now we can communicate by e-mail.
Well... Let me tell you more about me. I was born in Russia in the city of Samara on October 23, 1992. My zodiac sign is Libra. What is your sign? My mom left Kazakhstan for go to Russia to stay with relatives in Samara. She went to study and met my father. The funny thing is that he also came from Kazakhstan to Russia. But they met in distant so far.
I was born when my mother was finishing college. When I was born, my parents decided to return to live in Kazakhstan. My father is Kazakh and Muslim.
Kazakhstan is a Muslim country. But I can say that there are many different and interesting people of different faiths in Kazakhstan. When I was born, my parents argued a lot about religions. My father wanted me to convert to Islam. But my mother and our relatives insisted that I be baptized into Christianity. And since then my religion has not changed.
I have respect for all religions, but I believe in God. Maybe my faith is the reason that I am still alone.
I will tell you about this in the next letters. And can you tell what your religion is? My mother gave me an education for which I am very grateful. She devoted her life to my upbringing and education, she does a lot for me in her life.
Thanks to my mother, I was study in the specialty "Tourism and hotel business". I have always liked the ability to manage time in the service complex.
I had several jobs, but for now I work as an administrator in a beauty salon. I love my job. I take care of every employee of our salon and of our guests. I had a wonderful loving family, I was a happy child. But one day my mother found out that my father had another woman. Mom immediately divorced and went to live in Sarkand, where her mother lives. When I finished my studies, I was forced to leave my father's house. Due to the fact that there were many conflicts and misunderstandings with my father. Now I live in the city of Sarkand. I rent a small apartment close to my mother and grandmother. Can you tell me what kind of childhood you had, were you happy? Where did you study, what education did you get?
I have various hobbies, but I will tell you about that in my next letter. I have several close friends, all of them girls.
All my friends tell me that my age is much younger than my real. This is very pleasant to me and I am sure that it is due to my lifestyle.
Since I really love sports, proper food and a minimum of harmful substances. I have never smoked and rarely drink alcohol. When there is a big holiday in my life, I can afford a few glasses of wine. Do you have bad habits, and what kind of life do you lead?
My height is 168 centimeters, my weight is 53 kilograms, I hope I'm not small for you? I will try to answer your letters faster, but it does not always work out. Now I have the opportunity to write to you only from work.
My home computer is broken and I cannot buy myself a new one. When I get to know you and start to trust you, then we can talk to you on the phone and see each other on Skype. I hope it works for you.
I hope so. And I will look forward to your answer. I hope that I did not tire you with my letter and that you could get to know me a little better.
I hope for reciprocity on your part. Aizhan. p.s please send to me your photos
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