Scam letter(s) from Maria Evgenevna Nikolaeva to Stefan (Germany)

Letter 1
What Are You Doing?... Im Mariya. I am 32 y/o.
I am sole qirl from RU.
Hope to find honest man for serious.
I visited marriage agency in my city and they adviced me with contact.
I never communicated with a man in online.
This is my first trial. I wish that our communication will be interesting and we can get happy chatting.
I'll tell a little about me in next.
I am honest with no bad habits from usual family.
I am sociable girl looking for happy relations.
I don't tell lie and want when with me are honest too.
I live in interesting lifestyle. My work is medicine. When I can I do reading.
Will write you more about my life in my following letter. Will miss for your reply with photo if possible.
That is all for now. Are you interested.
Letter 2
Hi Stefan:)
Thank you for mail. How is your day?
Don't know what need to write first about myself. Will try to introduce more.
Want you to know that I am looking for strong relations and do not wanna to waist time on playing games.
Hope you are serious man and we will have a good talking.
I had no experience in mailing online before and wanna search a good person or maybe my soul mate.
What about my life in few words?! I 'm 32 y/o, live in Russia in town Kstovo, Nizhniy Novgorod region.
Despite my age I be never married and do not have children. Before I was busy with study and work.
I dreamed to make a good career first. But now I understand that family is best in life and my thoughts I was need to have a strong family and childs first.
I'm not in relationships long time. Will be so glad to know more new about your life.
Wanna hear your voice very much! You can give me your phone. Want call you.
Have a good day. Hope to hear from you soon. Maria
Letter 3
Hello Stefan! At work now, have a free time to write. I am really glad to receive your letter. How are you? So glad to know about you.
Just received a batch of Covid-19 vaccine. There will be a lot of work today. I got vaccinated a month ago.
How are you doing with vaccinations? Why did I ask that?! To be honest, I'm tired of this topic. I don't want to talk about it...
Usually I spend the most part of time at work. Sometimes I work at night, I have irregular working hours. Most of time I work at morning and till evening. Have a good paid work, I like it so much. I work in medical center Eva Family Clinic on position - doctor therapist. I like my work because it gives me a lot of pleasure in communicating with different persons and I can heal people.
I studied in Volga Medical University in city Nizhniy Novgorod.
What about me in small details:
my birthday is January 18th, zodiac sign - Capricorn. My height is 166 cm, weight is 56kg.
What about my character, I'm optimistic, friendly and don't tolerate lies. I am very kind with open heart girl.
What about my hobbies: like walks on open fresh air after work. Solitude with nature gives strength especially in summer. Once a week I go to the pool and to gym. Like reading books, listening modern pop music.
Don't like to watch TV, but like watching romantic films.
What is your likes in music, cinema?
Every morning I wake up by sounds of my favorite songs and it charges me during all the day. That is because I am alone and no one with whom I can talk at home.
How do you spend your free time?
What is interesting to you?
Live alone few years with cat by name Anfisa. She is my little baby :)
Will be glad to know about you and your life more. Hope to see more your photos too.
Want to write more and more about myself but I need to work right now...The nurse called me.
Hope to see your reply soon.
Have a nice day.
Letter 4
Hello my dear friend Stefan!
I waited for your letter very much.
How was your day? What about the weather there?
I want to know about you and your life more and more... This is very interesting.
I live in Kstovo about 5 years, but I didn't born here.
Have arrived from village Oranki where are my parents now. In this village has passed my childhood and my youth. Then I studied in Nizhniy Novgorod.
Now I live in grandmother's flat and she lives with my parents, her name Larisa. I am single child of my parents. My mum is 60 y/o, her name is Olga, dad Evgeniy is 62 y/o. All their life they are farmers. Mum is a milkmaid, father is an agronomist. Have attached you a photo where I came to visit them.
Love them very much and try to visit more often. They are very good and kind people.
I am single for a long time and don't have any relations now. Never been married. I had a boyfriend about two years ago, but he had looked for a job during years, didn't work, then he drank a lot, even cheated me. He never hit me, but with such man I have not seen the future. Of course I would be happy to meet a good partner for life. What are the main thing in relationship for you?
Hope to hear from you soon.
Best wishes and good day...Maria
Letter 5
Hello my friend Stefan!
I like cats and dogs. But I cannot have a dog at my flat. Small, and with dog need to go for a walk every day twice a day.
How are you? I'm great. Even though a lot of work has appeared due to the pandemic: vaccination, analyzes, etc., it does not spoil my mood. With your appearance in my life, I got a second wind, new powers appeared. Now I rush to work, every day to open my work computer and check mailbox in hoping to see your answer.
I am very glad to read your new letter and get a great pleasure from your attention! We can know each other better, so good!
The feeling that we have known each other for a long time.
I want to completely change my life and start something new.
I am very glad that I found such a good friend! So glad to know more about you.
Right now I was distracted to work. Will continue my answer again...
I started an independent life early enough and have been living alone for many years.
It made me learn to cook. I watch much videos about cooking. I like to cook different dishes all depends on my mood. So I really love household chores and the kitchen. Like to cook banana or apple cakes for friends.
I don't know what else to tell you... Today is such a busy day so I am constantly distracted. I started writing this letter an hour ago:)
During my work when I was out I kept thinking what to ask you and what to write. So interesting... Just imagine what you are doing now?
Very strange feelings when a person does not go out of your head.
Have to finish this letter need to work now. I look forward for continuation of our correspondence, your friend from a distant Russia Maria
Letter 6
How is your mood? What about weather there? It's cold here today, I got frozen while walking to work...
Your letters improve my mood and make me smile so I immediately warmed up :)!
Thank you for your attention. I hope you really like reading my letters... So amazing that simple communication can bring much joy for soul. I am lonely person you know and I really miss communication at home.
Too much work around us and not enough time for ourselves. I am glad I can communicate with you, for me this is very interesting.
Few days ago after work day when I was going home I got ticket to concert. This concert was given to medicine workers in honor of our fight against the virus.
It was some special singing concert. We loved it! I will try to explain. It was not a concert of pop stars. Was performance by little-known musicians and singers who independently compose and perform songs! It was real music and real singing. I like it so much.
Each singer sings in own voice. Perfect! Have you seen something similar? Hope you understand what I am talking about.
...So this is a time to say goodbye for today, have to get down to my responsibilities.
Imagine that I hug you tightly in friendly way and wish you a good mood and successful day! Missing...
your friend Maria
Letter 7
Hello my dear Stefan!
Thank you for improving my mood. Thank you for your attention and warmth!
I waiting for your letters every day and your attention is becoming necessary for me!
It's incredible but I can feel you despite the huge distance separating us. I like what you say and how you look like. Do you think so? I am grateful to fate for giving us the opportunity to know each other.
You are a very amazing and kind person so you are not only a good friend for me also a person with a huge kind and open heart!
I understand that now only letters give us the opportunity to be in touch communicate and know each other better.
In me is growing a great desire that our correspondence can become something more! I want to meet you personally! Sure in life you are better and more amazing! Will be so glad to meet you in real.
These ideas become my dreams and I think about them all time! But my main desire is when all dreams become true! Do you think so?
You are type of such man with whom want to be and see near.
But the most important thing is you are a very kind person and I am so glad you are my friend!
I have always dreamed to find such a wonderful friend like you. So, dreams become true! :) Quite recently we started to write letters, but it seems to me we know each other many years.
I definitely want to get to know you in real!
What about me I work with great pleasure and days passes easily and unnoticed. Want to check my mailbox more likely to see your new mail.
I told my work colleagues that found a friend on Internet. They were very surprised and happy for me! Also asked me to send you their greetings and best wishes!
There is great heat and tenderness in me! This is a very amazing feeling!
I feel myself happy! I haven't felt anything like this in years!
Of course, it will be better to get to know each other and do it in real. I understand this is not a game or just words, I am serious about getting to know you better. Who knows maybe this is possible ?!
Awaiting your reply....
Maybe this letter seems to you very frank, but I wrote all my thoughts about not holding back, not playing with feelings, and ask you not do this to me.
I chose beautiful pictures for you. I found pics that I took at my parents' bathhouse. I love the bath, perhaps you know it as a sauna. It's time for me to finish a letter.
Have a nice day,
Your Maria
Letter 8
Hello my dear Stefan!
How are you today? Thank you so much for the answer.
I want you to know that since the day we met and talk many things in mails I have a feeling that you are most special for me..
There are no words to express the gratitude I feel in my heart for coming into my life like a good friend, and how you make every day so special. I really appreciate our conversation and will be glad to know about you and your thoughts more. Always wait for your letter, wish you good luck.
Thinking of you makes me smile and mood better. When I don't see your answer I am little sad.
You make me feel happy and give me the strength. Every moment when I spend a time to write a letter for you I am feeling warmth.
You are really good person and I hope we can become a close persons to each other. Just don't forget to send me your mails with part of your mood and photos will be good of course. I know you are a good person with open heart. You are kind and never will make bad. Want to share my feelings and thoughts with you.
Thank you for giving me all this good feelings.
Know that I'm always your friend. You can write me what you want. I just want you to know that I'm thankful for coming into my life and I will be glad to continue being keep on friends. My friendship for you will never fade.
Will be waiting for your soon answer. Have a nice time!
Letter 9
My dear Stefan!
I am very glad to receive your answer. With your mails my heart is filled by warmth and respect for you!
Begin to understand that I can be truly happy because your letters bring me a lot of pleasure and happiness.
I can write you what I really think and you understand me. This make my day better. Thanks for attention.
I think now my mood partially depends on you. Will be good to meet you in real so we can know each other better. Time will show....
So nice to start a work by knowing, that one person think of me. I am sorry if I cannot write you every day. Hope you understand I have much work now... But when I can I try to find a free time for you Dear.
I think you are really kind, sympathetic, caring and gentle with a big and open heart!
Wish to know you more and more...
Your MAria
Letter 10
Hello dear Stefan!
How are you? How are your days? Was missing you so much! Your new letter brake my loneliness.
You know how to make me happy! I read your lovely letters and my eyes burn!
Your attention is necessary for me always and I always wait your reply with impatience!
Before this I could only dream of such wonderful feeling! But now I have it inside me!
Our life is really surprising! I am grateful to destiny that it connected us! Want to know you more and more and to spent time with you. We have many things about what can we talk. Maybe my thoughts are very frank and you can think so. But I write from my heart and what I really think.
I know you are a good person! And I will give you all my tenderness and attention if we can be together!
My Dear, now with me is only one desire! I want our hearts will be together! I want our correspondence will give us chance on meeting in life! Our letters mean for me much, but I don't want to be so far from you!
I would like to see how do you live, to know about you more! But most important for me is meeting you in person! I want to be with you! This is all that necessary for me now!
I would like to prepare for you the most tasty Russian food! Maybe you will cook for me something. We will speak about everything seeing each other's eyes. It's easier, then now. I know we will find our common topics and things we like to do together.
Want to make you the happiest man!
Our correspondence is all what I have now, but this is valid less for me! I am adult woman and I want to have the real life with you my dear! Only our meeting will enable us to learn completely each other!
Know I can trust you, you will not make me hard and any bad things.
Will be waiting for your answer with impatience!
Have to go now ... Have a good day.
Kisses and hugs, Maria
Letter 11
Hello my dear Stefan!
My sweet man I missed you very much! Your new letter is all what necessary for me now! Much thoughts about us ...
Your attention and care are very pleasant to me and I thank you for this!
Today I have woken up very happy with thoughts on you and our meeting!
Give you my sweet kiss!
Even when I go to bed, I fall asleep with ideas on you.
Everything is good with me, my parents and my work.
I have just re-read your letters again and this is the best what I can have today!
Your letters are necessary for me very much! There is a big smile on my face.
Your gentle words make me happy and I smile for pleasure! Seems like you speak this personally! I have a good imagination! :) your energy of heat and love fills me!
I want to transfer you a particle of my good mood! ............................... Did you receive it?
I really hope that soon we will be able to talk to each other by holding hands. So much work...I am sorry if I cannot answer back soon. Vaccination is to blame. At the end of the working day I stop feeling my legs. Hopefully this will be over soon.
Letter 12
Hello Dear Stefan! how are you? how is your mood? Hope everything is well and you sleep good and have a time for rest.
Today I have a little headache. This is probably due to the sharp change in weather.
But in general everything is fine with me! I am working as most of time. My cat miss me at home.
Today I wanted to ask for vacation from the chief doctor of my hospital.
But in the morning I saw that he was in a bad mood.
I haven’t taken a vacation last year they are obliged to let me go.
So tired of this pandemic mentally and physically. Need a rest.
As more you appeared in my life I cannot work at all.
All thoughts are only of you. it would be super to have a vacation with you.
It would be a fairy tale. Now I present our meeting and my head started spinning.
...a time for me to work...I am sorry need to go.
Have a nice day and good mood!!!
Your Maria
Letter 13
Hello my dear Stefan!!!
How are you? Hope all is well. I'm fine too, I'm glad to answer your letter.
Thank you for your kind words. I am very pleased.
I don't have time to answer, I'm sorry if my answer comes with a delay. Working hard. Work leaves no free time at all.
But thoughts about you give me a lot energy.
Want to tell you good news. I just found the right moment today to ask for vacation.
The head doctor said that this is not a problem, since I have not rested for a long time. He'll tell me exactly when I can go on vacation tomorrow.
I need to find a replacement. They will have to draw up a new work schedule. But this is no longer our problem.
I'm honestly very tired of work. I want to take a break from the hospital.
How about spending my vacation together? What do you think about it?
I hope you don't think I'm frivolous? I trust you, you seem to me a very decent and honest person. I'm sure you won't do me any harm.
Don't worry about the virus! I was vaccinated against it. I must be admitted to any country in the world.
I have a colleague at work, she arrived yesterday from vacation in Turkey. I want to visit her.
Probably wants to show off spending a great time.
I’ll ask her how she prepared travel documents. Although in our time, you can find everything on the Internet.
Need to go...
It's okay, I hope I will soon be able to tell you everything personally, looking into your eyes.
I miss you a lot and think about you. I hope we succeed. We can build a meeting.
Kisses, your MARIA
Letter 14
Hi my lovely Stefan! How are you? How is your mood ? I was in a hurry today to read what you wrote and answer.
Sorry for the delay in answering. I was able to talk to the head physician.
He said that he would only be able to let me go on vacation in 6-9 days.
We must wait until one of the doctors comes to work and replace me.
In general everything is going according to our plan.
I talked with a colleague who was on vacation in Turkey.
She bragged about her vacation. Showed me a lot of photos. How beautiful is there. But many institutions and museums have been closed due to the pandemic.
She said the main thing is to do a test for covid-19 in 2 days before flying to another country.
No quarantine threatens me. Since I was vaccinated and I am a doctor.
For travel to Turkey she did not need to apply a visa. Therefore she just bought plane tickets and flew to Turkey.
She also said that now it is possible to send a visa application via the Internet.
But we'll have to wait, so we have a time. She said she would help me do this.
You need to tell me the name of the airport in your country where we will meet.
I am very glad that our life with you is changing for the better. I believe that I can become a good life partner for you.
I'm very glad. so exciting! Really I will soon be able to touch you in real life ?! Today is a very good day!
Have a good mood! Your Maria
Letter 15
Hello Stefan! After work I came to my friend who was in Turkey for rest. Tomorrow is a rest day.
We have been trying to apply for a visa online. Didn't work... On the Internet it seemed to us difficult :)
So, I decided to go to Nizhny Novgorod tomorrow and apply for a visa there through the tourist office in travel agency. Hope everything goes well.
They will help to draw up all papers for obtaining a visa.
Imagine our meeting at the airport...
I'm finally happy, someone needs me. Just really want to be loved.
I really want to get out of this loneliness in which I am. I want to be with you...
Write you more tomorrow. Need to go home now.
Miss you, kisses, your MARIA
Letter 16
Hello Dear Stefan! Glad to write you, I've been thinking about you all day!
Just arrived from Nizhny Novgorod.
There is so much to tell you. I need to calm down :)
I have been in travel agency and applied for visa. Now I will be invited to Moscow for an interview before getting a visa.
In 1-3 work days I will have to go to Moscow.
I also had to take a photo, got nervous there :) I started to do my hair, it was funny to look at me :).
The employee of the visa center explained everything to me, even several times.
They are not willing to give a visa to your country now. All because of COVID-19.
But since I am a doctor and I was vaccinate I can get visa, all depends on interview.
To get me a 100 visa I was offered to use a volunteering program for doctors.
When I arrive in your country I will need to work for 7 days in any clinic working with COVID-19, which is in your country.
I can start working at any time while I am there.
Another huge plus of this - the clinic in which I will work can hire me after without any problems because I will be doing an internship with them.
Now everyone needs medical specialists.
This is a huge plus for obtaining a visa. I hope I explained everything to you correctly.
So tired...
Want to go to visit my parents. I need to talk to them. Hope they understand me correctly.
With love Maria
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