Scam letter(s) from Natalia to Agustin (Spain)

Letter 1
Hello Agusloga!
How are you doing? Thanks for giving me the chance to write to you in private. I am not against online dating on the site but, at the same time, I find it much more effective when I can concentrate on one person, on one dialogue. Sure, I can suppose that after this letter you will run away and will not want to hear from me again (I am joking) but if you do not lose interest after reading these lines, then I would be glad to learn more about you and see your photos. By the way, I am Natasha (Nataliya). I live in Ukraine. I have never left my country or travelled around the world. What about you? Have you been to Ukraine? What is your favorite destination? I love the water and my dream is to see the ocean.
2020 was an extremely difficult year for every country and Coivd19 has ruined our plans and turned us into prisoners. Let us hope that 2021 is more loyal to us. Now everyone is concerned about this virus.. At the same time it is nice that we cannot infect each other via computer. So, we are both safe and we even do not need to wear masks while talking to each other.
I am 35 and I had two serious relationship in life. One ended when I was a student (about 22 y.o.) due to our immaturity and another (lasted for 8 years) ended because of his unwillingness to have stable relationship (he was a real party animal). So, now I am here and I hope to find a decent man (not a scammer or time waster. I would be happy to find the man with kind heart, with witty mind, with the right values. I like when the man is loyal, supportive, when he is not indifferent to his woman, to her life. I am a family -oriented woman, I never liked parties and discos. I prefer cafes, nice restaurants where I can talk to the people who are dear to me. I like the nature, animals, I am fond of kids and I can easily find the common language with them. I am the one who runs away from conflicts and I avoid all possible dramas in life.
I am not a scammer or gold-digger, I post my own photos (I have no fancy ones, sorry), I am also not money-oriented. I was brought up in a decent family and my parents taught me to treasure the people and not the material goods.
What kind of woman are you eager to find? What about your interests and hobbies? Do you have them?
I think I have already written too much and, in reality, I have not shared too much information about myself. I think it will take pretty much time before I manage to share all the details of my life and explain to you who I am (I mean my personality).
Now I wonder if you run away after this letter or write a nice letter back. I hope to hear from you soon and I hope you will tell me about yourself, about your past and plans for the future. If you have questions, I will gladly answer all of them.
I send you kind regards and I wish you a very pleasant day
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