Scam letter(s) from Daria Borisova to Albert (France)

Letter 1
Good day Albert. we are not familiar. but I really want to meet. my name is Daria, I am 40 years old. I'm looking for a man for a serious relationship. I am sending my photo. I'll wait for the answer. I hope we can get to know each other better. I'm also waiting for a photo.
Letter 2
Hello Albert! Thank you for your answer. I was looking for a way to meet a man for a serious relationship. I turned to an online marriage agency for help that I found on the Internet. I took the test online and was given your email. I did not immediately dare to write to you. but I took a chance and I'm happy that you answered me. I will be pleased to get to know you better. now I will tell you a little about myself.
my birthday is 06/20/1980, my zodiac sign is Leo. I am 40 years old, I have dark green eyes, black hair. my height is 168, weight is 50 kilograms. I want to know your parameters? I was born and live in Russia in the city of Ivanovo - it is a very beautiful, quiet and calm city. Albert tell me about your city? what is he? I really hope that the distance between us will not scare you. I personally do not see a problem in distance, we live in the 21st century and any distance can be quickly covered by plane. Of course, it is difficult to travel now because of the coronavirus. but I think now everyone is vaccinated and closer to spring or summer I think they will open the borders again and if everything goes well with us we could meet. how are things in your country and in the city with coronavirus? hope all is well? were you sick? I was not sick and just got vaccinated.
Albert I want to meet you for a serious relationship. if you are looking for friendship or one-time ***, then I think we do not need to continue dating. if you really want to find a girl for a serious relationship, I'll be happy to get to know you better.
I will send you some more pictures of me, I hope you really like me. with this I will end my letter. please write to me as soon as you can.
Letter 3
Good day Albert! I am so glad that our acquaintance continues. I want to immediately answer your question,
I sing and I love karaoke. but I sing like an amateur. )) I am pleased to read your letter and get to know you a little more. you are very interesting man.
I want to get to know you even better. in this letter I want to tell you even more about myself and ask you questions that interest me. I hope you answer all my questions.
Albert, I have no children. and I've never been married. I had a serious relationship with a man and we were together for 7 years, but nothing came to us before the wedding. it was a sad relationship experience. he lied to me, cheated on me, often came home *****. I thought about parting with him every day for 5 years. I was afraid to leave him, I was afraid of his reaction, in this relationship I lived in fear. as he came home ***** and beat me. I went to the police and wrote a statement against him. he tried to get back in touch with me, but I will never forgive him. after that I never spoke to him. I'm glad he let me go.
I was afraid that he would find me and attack me again. Albert I don't want to talk about this situation anymore. I want to forget my past relationship like a bad dream. I still have a big resentment, I made a promise to myself that I would never again build a relationship with a Russian man. that is why I decided to get acquainted through a marriage agency with a man from another country. I am looking for a kind and good man, I do not want to be offended. I'm glad to meet you. I'm sure that you will never offend me. I want you to tell me more about your previous relationship? have you been married? when was your last relationship?
my friend Albert, in a previous letter I already wrote to you that I was born and live in the city of Ivanovo in Russia. in this city I studied at school, and then graduated from the Ivanovo State University. I studied "Fine and Applied Arts". I graduated by profession in design. it was at this university that I studied English for 5 years. in my youth I liked to draw, create designs, I always had a good imagination. then I did not know that finding a job in such a specialty would not be possible for me in Russia. here in Russia you can find a good job only if you have influential friends or relatives, or if you give a bribe. I could not find a job in my specialty. and even more so now, because of the virus, it is even more difficult to work. I work as a manicurist in a beauty salon. probably you are not familiar with this profession. I extend nails, decorate and do manicure and pedicure. I do not have a computer at home and I am writing you letters from my work computer. unfortunately my boss does not allow me to use the computer for personal purposes, so I write to you in secret and it’s not noticeable when my boss doesn’t see anything. I hope it doesn't bother you? I'm sorry, but this is the only way I can communicate with you. I don't have a personal computer at home.
I really want to know who you studied with? what do you work now? I want to know as much as possible about you. I hope you are a serious man. I am very afraid to be disappointed in men for the second time. I believe you and I think you're a good man. I am already ready for a real adult life, I want to have a faithful and loving man. the most important thing for me is to find a man with whom I can feel true love. Albert I didn’t notice how I wrote you such a big letter, I so wanted to speak to you. I trust you and want to open up completely. I will also be glad to see your photos. I hope you will answer me soon, please do not forget to answer my questions. if you have any questions feel free to ask me. I will answer all your questions in the next letter.
kiss, Daria!
Letter 4
Hello Albert!!! Thanks for your letter. I noticed that we have a lot in common. I noticed that we have a lot in common. I like you more and more. I also love all animals. but I think I also want a dog like you. they are smart. I like you more and more. I also love all animals. but I think I also want a dog like you. they are smart.
I was glad to know more about you. you are interesting, it is really very pleasant and easy to communicate with you. I immediately understand that you are a very smart and intelligent man. I like you so much. we recently met, but I often think about you.
In this letter I want to tell you a little more about my small family. my closest person is my mother. I don't have a father, my father died when I was a little child. I was raised only by my mother, her name is Marina and she
is 71 years old, she gave birth to me when she was 31 years old. we used to live with her, but now I work in another part of my city and I have to rent a small apartment next to my work. my mother and I now live in different parts of the city. lately we rarely see her. when I moved out and started renting an apartment and living separately, my mother found herself a man who now lives with her. I am glad that my mother is doing well, she did a lot for me and devoted her entire youth to my upbringing. she raised me well, made me a decent girl. I am very grateful to her, she worked 2 jobs so that I was always dressed and well fed. I hope my mom and her man will be fine, I really wish her only happiness. due to work and distance, I cannot see my mom often. On weekends or in my free time from work, I like to visit her and talk to her on various topics, my mom always gives me advice, I listen to her opinion, but I don't always do as she wants. I am already an adult and I believe that I have to make decisions on my own.
Albert tell me more about your family? who is the closest person in your life? I really want to know more about you, I am very pleased to get to know you better. I'm interested in getting to know you.
Albert as I already told you, now I live alone. in a one-room apartment, which I rent for money. the road from home to work takes no more than 10 minutes, I walk to work. after work I usually come tired, my work requires a lot of concentration. it usually takes me 2 hours for 1 client. from such work my eyes and back hurt, at first it was hard for me, but now I got used to it, but if I have 3-4 clients in 1 day, I get very tired. After work I like to come home and relax, cook a delicious dinner, watch an interesting movie, read a book, and paint. I already need to finish my letter, I'm sorry. I still want to tell you a lot, I wanted to write you today in detail about all my hobbies. I will write to you in detail about how I like to spend my free time tomorrow.
I like texting you. I want the next day to come sooner so I can read your message sooner. I already want to read a new letter from you again. I will very much wait for your answer.
I'm wondering how many hours are the difference between our countries? you know?
this concludes my letter. I wish you all the best. I really look forward to your answer, Daria.
Letter 5
Hello Albert! my day got better after your letter. we talk for several days, I have a feeling that we have known each other for a very long time. you are a good man, I knew it right away. I hope our communication will only get better every day. Albert I'm interested in you as a man and I like you more and more every day.
Albert I'm sorry about what you went through as a child. your father is a real hero, he saved you. I also had unpleasant stories in my childhood. Once I got lost in another city when I was 11 years old. I was afraid to ask for help from passers-by, everyone was going somewhere. and I didn't know how to ask for directions. then I was also very scared. also when I was little I rode a bus into which a ***** driver crashed. the bus turned over, one person died. but I hardly remember anything from that day, I had shock and a few bruises, I was lucky.
I promised you in a previous letter that I will tell you more about my hobbies and tastes. I want to keep my promise. I love to spend my time with benefit. I love to cook, I really like to experiment, I am constantly looking for new recipes to cook, whatever is unusual. I love to cook everything with my own hands, even bread. I love it when the house is perfectly clean. I do not like noisy parties, clubs and discos. I like the calm environment better. I do not smoke or drink alcohol, I can drink a glass of wine or champagne 1-2 times a year on a big holiday. I love picnics and walks in nature, I love fresh air, I love listening to birds singing, I like spending time by the lake, I really love swimming. since childhood, I loved going to the forest with my mother for forest berries and mushrooms, I love the tranquility in the forest, the scent of forest flowers. I also love helping my mother in the garden, I love growing vegetables and flowers. I really love flowers, my favorites are tulips and lilies. Sometimes I want to spend time at home to watch an interesting TV show or a good movie. I like programs about animals and nature, I also like documentaries about painting or history. from the movies I prefer to watch comedies, adventure, detective stories. The last films I watched and I liked were "Paddington 2", "The Shape of Water", I really liked the movie "****** on the Orient Express". I also like to listen to music, I don't really like new and popular music, I like classical music and music of 80-90 years more. I like listening to Gioacchino Rossini, Ludwig van Beethoven, Robert Schumann, Niccolo Paganini, Mikhail Ivanovich Glinka, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, Hector Berlioz, Alexander Porfirievich Borodin. classical music helps me in difficult situations, or when I need to relax and think. such music is delightful and inspiring. as I said, I really love music 80-90 this is the music of my childhood, a lot of childhood memories are associated with this music, I listen to this music when I want to cheer myself up and tune in to a good day. lately I like to listen to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart his work "Music of Angels" (Symphony No. 6), when I listen to this melody I think of you. I don't know why, I like to think of you to this music.
Albert, what programs do you watch on TV? What are your favorite films that you have watched several times? what movie did you like in the last year? What kind of music do you listen to? what entertainment do you have?
I also have a hobby. as I already wrote to you, I love to draw. but lately I have little time for this, I paint several times a month, before I painted every day, but now I have a job, I am very tired at my job. I do fitness, do physical exercises to keep my body in good shape. I also like to run. I go once a week to the pool for swimming lessons whenever possible.
What kind of weather do you like? I like warm, sunny days and good weather more. I really like to sunbathe and swim, I have been to the sea only 2 times, but I really like the sea, I like to watch the waves and the sunset, it is very calming. I was on the Black Sea in Russia in the city of Sochi. Albert I will send you my photo in a swimsuit, I hope you like my body, I hope you will not post this photo on the Internet, this photo is just for you. well? have you traveled a lot? Albert what are the most beautiful and memorable places in your life? where did you like the most? unfortunately, I have never been to other countries, I have not been outside of Russia.
I think you have a lot of interesting stories, I want to know as much as possible about you. I want us to get to know you even closer. Albert I like you very much, it's true. I am happy that we met. At times I get very lonely and I think about my life and sometimes even dream, lately I often think about you when I am alone at home. now I'm not so lonely, communication with you makes my days more enjoyable. I don't feel as lonely as I used to. Do you have a cherished dream? I would like to have a real, faithful man next to me. Who will be sincere towards me. He will never betray me, and will not deceive me. I will be the happiest girl when my dream comes true ..
I hope this is not a big letter. I do not notice how time passes when I write you letters or read your letter. I have to go now. Albert I will think about you. I will wait for your letter. I hope you answer my questions.
I send you a tender kiss, Daria!
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