Scam letter(s) from Tatyana to Nic (Norway)

Letter 1
hello Nic,
I'm sorry if I bothered you... you don't have to answer me again if you don't want to....
but I hope you'll read my message I understand that you might not like the photo... you probably think distance is a problem.. but we couldn't have met otherwise. I couldn't register as Russia because I couldn't find you otherwise. I could only look for relationships around me... but I've already tried looking for a relationship around me. I've dated men. and I had a disappointment.
therefore, I preferred to meet on the Internet and have communication before.. yes... do you have the same reason? why don't you meet a girl in your life? I'm not Dating because I had a disappointment. and I want to find a SERIOUS RELATIONSHIP only...
I tried to meet Russian men on the Internet. but it was a nightmare for me. this is fun for them only.... and I know many women who have found relationships outside of Russia.. these are millions of girls! and of course I was glad to meet you!
but if you're looking for a problem in the distance between us, I'd be disappointed.
after all, distance can't be a problem.... you know that relationship problems are more serious. and if we are compatible, then distance won't be a problem for me.
I'm ready to fly over to your place. it will take a little time.
I thought about it a thousand times before I wrote to you on a Dating site...
I hope to continue.....
I'd really like to see your photo plus.
I'm ready to give you a photo, too. could we talk on the phone? but I'd like to know you first.
I hope you will answer me...
Letter 2
Now it's your turn =)
How long have you been looking for a partner online?
I still hope you're also looking for a serious relationship?
Have you had any contact with a Russian woman before? Or am I the first woman from Russia? :)
I made a video especially for you. I hope you like it. =) I also want to receive your photos in the next email.
I'm blowing you a kiss.
I look forward to your letter .
Letter 3
Hello, it's Tatyana again =)
I had a little time now and decided to tell a little more about myself.
I don't want there to be a misunderstanding between us about registering on the site.
I live in Russia and my city is Kotlas. This is the first time I've registered on a Dating site, so I don't know much about it.
I entered your country when registering because I want to find a man there.
I have a website registration to find a serious relationship, find my soul mate.
When our relationship develops, I can come to you, to your country, or you can come to me in Russia to meet you.
I'm really ready to move to another country. if we have a relationship. The distance between us is not a problem. Do you agree ?
My age is 37 years, my height is 169 sm, my weight is 53 kg. I'm divorced. I have no children. I want to have a good man who will love me and respect me! This is important to me!
You can ask me any questions about me. I'll be happy to answer.
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