Scam letter(s) from Ludmila Ureva to Stuart (Australia)

Letter 1

Greetings, my new friend Stuart!!!
It was very good to receive your letter.
And now about me it is direct. You know: my name - Natalya.
To me 29. I - from Russia. I live in Samara.
I am an ecologist on Hydro-electrostation on the river Volga. My work is very interesting. You may see me in my photo. I wait for your photos.
I want to find persons who will respect and love me, With that whom I may I shall live happy for my whole life.
I I hope, that it will not take place, because, I love your structure very much.
If you will not love me, write to me about it, Please. I think, that good relations are under construction first of all on trust.
We should study each other better.
I have no any children, but I want to have them.
I have my parents. I live with them.
My mother - 49, my father - 53.
My father - the official (officer) in resignation.
I have no native brothers and sisters. (there Is a cousin).
In leisure I like to go in park.
To go a boat (steam-ship) with friends. I like to go at cinema.
I listen to music, various all depends on me and my feelings.
Also I like to continue concerts. Inform, what you do in leisure?
I like to prepare. I prepare very much for much soups: borsh, solyanka and other very tasty things.
I love animals. I have a small dog. His name - Druzhok.
Forgive, my time arrives to the end. I shall answer all your questions with pleasure.
Be not confused to ask.
I hope, that we shall study about the friend the friend everything, and we shall have the good union. Your new friend from Russia Natalya!!!!!!!!!!!
Letter 2

Greetings my new friend Stuart!!!!
I so am glad that you have written to me the letter and I at once write you the reciprocal letter!!!!
I so am glad that we have found each other on the Internet and I think that probably we might meet together sometime!
You to write to me that you are more senior than I but as at us to speak in Russia that to love all age are obedient also I with this expression completely agree! I understand that between us there are thousand kilometers and I think that for the present love there are no borders!
I understand that I if to arrive to you that will be hard To remain with you there, But I all over again might arrive to you and we there on a place might discuss this all!!!
I might go and do the visa and the passport for travel abroad!
If you want that I can arrive to you and the more so that you write to me that you are very much borrowed with the business!
Write to me if you might help me that I might arrive to you???????
I shall wait from you the reciprocal letter very soon!!!!
Yours faithfully Natalya!!!!
Letter 3

I have in a kind that you to me have helped to meet you and to be always with you!!!!! I think that it probably my prince!!!!
How you look at that to meet and discuss all at a meeting????
I shall wait from you the answer!!!!
Yours faithfully Natalya!!!!
Letter 4

Greetings my dear Stuart!!!
I so am glad to receive the letter from you and me so it is pleasant that you understand me! I when have come in the Internet of cafe that at once have checked up from you the letter and so it was happy that have received it!
You have written to me that cost of payment very big and you can not send me so much money, But I want to you also that I shall tell to make efforts to find the necessary sum! I shall go in bank tomorrow with my mum and I shall ask the credit there in the sum of 2500 dollars that I was fair think that you also can find 2500 dollars!
Write to me you can find 2500 dollars?????????
I only shall be glad that if we together shall overcome this material barrier and we shall be together!
If you while do not have all sum, that is I have in a kind of 2500 dollars that you may send me while a part of this sum and I shall postpone on the account in our bank and when we together let's save up the necessary sum that I shall do at once all necessary!!! I today am again strongly tired and was cleaned on the house because you see Soon new Year and it is necessary that was clean!
So much a ***** it was simple horror!
I have then gone to shop and mum bought products for New Year which to me has told to buy! I think that you also to carry out New Year.
I shall finish to write to you the letter and I shall wait the letter from you very soon!!!!!
With love Natalya!!!!
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