Scam letter(s) from Irina Samigullina to Bauto (USA)

Letter 1
Excellent weather)
I have no plans at all. And there isn't much work to do today.
Just there is a wish to have a rest not much.
Time flies very quickly.
I just wanted to send you my photo)
Do not forget to send me also the photos.
I wish you a great productive day.
And always I wait for your letters.
Letter 2
Hi! How do you spend time?
Now we have heat and is solar!
Great time!
In such weather, you just do not want to sit at home or indoors.
What are your plans for the weekend? What did you do?
How are you in health and mood? Anyway, what's new?
Write to me, do not forget.
I will wait) Irina
Letter 3
Hello Fred. Thanks for the reply.
You know, I start my morning pretty early. To have time to go to the shower, wash, do a light exercise.
Then have breakfast, pack up, and run to work. How's your morning Fred? How was your day in general?
I hope everything is fine. As I told you, I read and write to you from my workplace.
Today, as soon as I got to work, the first thing I did was turn on my computer and check my email.
And your letter cheered me up. I read your letters and write to you with great interest.
I would like to communicate with you more, but unfortunately our letters are all that we have now.
On my work computer, I don't have Skype or any other chat programs.
I hope you understand me, I don't want to have any problems with my management.
Fred, I hope that soon my apartment will have an Internet provider. This way we can communicate more.
I will also learn more about the phone provider that is configured on an international line to call you.
By the way, here is my phone number: +74942360325.
Later, I think I can find out and set up the connection while it's not working.
Fred, I live in Russia and there is a distance between us.
And I hope that this will not be an obstacle to our communication with you. I think we should try to get to know each other.
If our communication fails, then we have nothing to lose. But if it works, we can become close in a relationship.
I don't want to rush ahead and get ahead of myself. Let's get to know each other better first.
By the way, my favorite flowers are white roses. Fred, my working days are from Monday to Saturday.
Sometimes I work on weekends. How do you spend your weekends? I want to know as much about your life as I can.
Everything you do during the day. Share it with me. What do you usually like for dinner?
We are from different countries and we have different cultures.
I'm interested in learning new details about you. Fred, as for travel, I have not been outside of Russia.
And I have no idea how life goes in other countries. Now I'm trying to see more and learn more about your place.
There are beaches in my city. I often go to them in the summer.
I like to visit them and get vitamins from the sun.
Fred sorry, the email was too big. I hope you didn't tire me out. I'll try to write again tomorrow.
Your friend Irina
Letter 4
Hello Fred.
In each letter, I try to tell more about myself.
I usually eat meat, fish, vegetables, herbs and various types of porridge, pasta. I also love sweets.
There was an interesting sluagh with me. When I finished my work, I went to the store.
I met my best friend Dariya by chance. I was glad to see her. We walked down the street.
Fred, she asked me about my work, about my personal life.
I said that in my life there was a man with whom I communicate, his name is Fred.
She was surprised to hear that. And I told you a little bit about you. My friend, I don't want to hide our communication.
I'm proud to have someone like you Fred!
I didn't tell her much about you. She responded positively and wished me a good relationship.
Fred, Russia has a rich culture and history. In Russia, the spiritual world of man is valued above all.
And I appreciate your inner qualities. I like your character, your life potential.
I only communicate with you in letters, but I saw in you a rich inner world. I think you're a good and fair person.
You are attentive and I am pleased to understand this. I appreciate our conversation.
You're the only man I'll have a conversation with. I don't talk in other chats. This is my only email address.
Yes, of course, I have to communicate with people every day at work.
But my heart is free and I do not give my preferences to anyone but you.
I cannot convey the very life in Russia and the internal society in a letter. It is necessary to be and feel it.
I would also like to visit your country one day and find out how much and how life is there.
To learn more about the culture, visit the various traditional celebrations.
In a word, feel the atmosphere of your country's existence.
In the meantime, tell me more. What qualities do you value in a person? Which ones do you disapprove of?
I don't watch myself for bad traits. I've never smoked cigarettes or drugs. I rarely drink.
And this is alcohol no more than 12. Such as champagne and wine (I prefer white).
I'm a healthy woman and I take care of myself.
Fred, I want you to know that I'm very interested in you.
And I really hope that our friendship has a chance to grow into something more.
Fred, as for friends, do you have many of them? Do you often meet with them and spend time with them?
Now it's time for me to continue my work.
Have a nice day.
Letter 5
Good afternoon dear Fred.
How are you today? What's interesting about you?
I'm all right. And I'm in a good mood.
By the way, I can drive and I have a license. But I don't have my own transport.
I mostly use buses to get around the city. I had to get to work today by 9 o'clock.
Fred, yesterday my friend gave me some advice and said that you should see me more often.
I agree with her. I want you to see my daily life.
That's why I try to always attach more of my photos. Write to you as often as possible.
And also to share with you how my day went and what is happening around me.
Usually on weekdays I am busy with work, after a hard day I go home to rest.
But sometimes I can afford to walk down the street. Also visit a cafe with friends. Training.
Unfortunately, I don't have any social networks. I just don't have time for them.
Fred, I can answer you right away if I don't have anything urgent to do. But sometimes I answer you later.
So if you don't get my email right away, please don't be angry and don't worry.
Try to write yourself as much as you can. I want to write to you about a lot of things.
I have many thoughts that I want to tell you.
But it is impossible to write in a letter everything that I think and everything that I feel.
If we could communicate in reality, it would be great. I think there is nothing better than live communication.
In reality, you can take a hand, look into the eyes, hug or even kiss.
I hope I'm not scaring you with my wishes. Yes, you are more than just a pleasant companion for me.
I want to look into your eyes, see your eyes. Hear your breath and voice.
I'd love to take a walk in the park with you. I love nature, hiking and beaches.
I would like to live on the same street with you and we could meet in a cafe, have dinner and talk.
I got carried away with my letter, I'm sorry. Fred, my mom is due in town tonight. I have to meet her.
In my spare time, I visited the swimming pool. Have a great day) I'm waiting for your thoughts.
With your permission, I'll give you a hug.
Letter 6
Hello Fred.
It's so romantic to read your letters.
Our lives change in one movement. I'm not in my own world anymore, I'm already in front of you!
I've read about you, your home, your friends, your mood. I have read and am still studying you. I am in your Fred world.
Dear friend, your letters have become the most important part of my life.
For a long time, I did not feel the same feeling that is now in my heart.
I'm a little wary of that now. But I trust you! I think you're serious about me.
My worldview is about love and happiness in general I believe that I love my parents, family, the world, I respect the people around me, I love my life.
We live once, and I want to live my life happily and with dignity.
We should appreciate every moment in our lives. And I am happy from our communication with you.
It all depends on us. And if we want to, we can meet. Yes, I want to meet you!
I don't want to hide my emotions. I have feelings for you!
Yes, we've never met, but I do have a feeling of attraction to you.
It is difficult to explain, it can be understood and felt.
You're far away, but I can feel you. I think we are very close.
I have a feeling that we are close and there are no barriers between us.
My dear, if you have the opportunity to come to me in Russia, I will be happy to spend time with you!
To introduce you to my city, country, family and friends.
I promise to be a good guide and show you all the sights. I look forward to thinking about this.
Fred, I met my mom at the bus station last night. She rarely goes out into the city. So I decided to take her to a movie.
We were watching a Russian comedy. We liked the movie. Then we went to the store, my mother had to buy groceries.
I saw her off this morning. I told my mom about us. She responded positively to our communication.
She didn't elaborate further. Only encourages me to be careful.
I said that I live in the city of Kostroma. Have you read my letters?
I work as a photographer. Jennifer Sofia is my last employer. This is the time when I was working as a model.
Fred, I want you and me to have a warm, tender relationship.
I would like to open my eyes one day and see you next to me.
My dear, feel my kiss. Your Irina
My thoughts are with you. p. s. I also attached a photo of the summer season.
I thought you might like to see these photos. Please keep them to yourself.
I don't want to embarrass you. If this is the case, please let me know. I will keep these photos to myself.
Letter 7
Fred, it's me your woman is bothering you. Hi! What's up?
During the day, when I was at my work, I was thinking, I was thinking about you!
My colleague called out to me, but I didn't hear her.
I was called again, but it was only the third time that I turned my head and heard.
Liza was joking and said - "You've probably fallen in love, above the heavens."I smiled.
A person cannot live only in letters. A person's life is unique and must be perfect.
It is impossible to lose even a moment of this life. My life is now in these letters.
You are in the emails. My life is you and our dream. You are the most special person in my life Fred.
My dear fellow, I hope that one day you will find a way to come to me. One day we can travel together.
Fred, I don't care what country we meet in. The meeting with you is important.
Honey, I wanted to let you know that there is no international airport in my city.
I think the nearest airport is only in Moscow. I need to see the details of the flights. I'll find out in more detail.
By the way, here's my home address: Russia, Kostroma, Yermakova Street, 7. index 123290.
My dear, every word that I say to you, I say consciously and decisively.
Fred, I dare say that you are the man I would like to be with.
I see you as a caring, open, kind and attractive man. Honey, is there an international airport near your house?
I will also find out if I can get off work and have a short vacation.
Fred, my full name is IRINA SAMIGULLINA.
I would like to hear your thoughts and revelations. My day today is normal and calm.
I didn't do anything special. In my spare time, I took a walk down the street.
The weather is pleasing now. This also makes the mood better.
I look forward to your letter.
Your girl Irina
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