Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Vershinina to Paul (UK)

Letter 1
Hi! I have received your letter. Now I think that I can write to you the letter.
How are you doing at you??? You are married? What do you like most of all?
I very nice woman, want to meet the fair person that did not deceive me and as did not want to have a good time only with me.
Now I have no a lot time and should go, but I shall necessarily write to you tonight. Tatyana.
Letter 2
Hello Paul! As I promised I write to you the letter!
I am really glad to see your letter! I hoped that you will write to me and you have made it!!!
Now we have chance to get acquainted closer and to begin friends or even more!
I want to ask you to not write to me if you want only my ***** photos. I never shall send you it!!!
I search for serious relations with the man and if you want the same that I shall be glad to continue our acquaintance!!
Now I want to tell to you a little about myself! As you know my name is Tatyana and me 28 years!
I love an active way of life I love the nature and at the same time I love rest and silence!
Yes, I the active girl, but for me am very important my family, my beloved!
I appreciate honesty and sincerity in relations. I think that the true relations should stand on sincerity and understanding!!!
Oh I think that I should stop and give you chance to tell about yourself!!!
But I sincerely hope that very soon I shall see your new letter!!! Sincerely yours Tatyana!!
Letter 3
Yes still that, I nearly have not overlooked to tell to you where I live.
I live not in America. I live in Russia!
It is very long history. Mine the daddy was from America, and my mum was from Russia.
As to me mum told, that she has once gone to Moscow on earnings.
My mum has once gone on park and has seen the nice person, that she of the first sight has fallen in love and so my daddy has seen my mum, that they so have suddenly fallen in love.
At first they each other I do not understand well because my daddy spoke on English and my mum on Russian.
So they then they have got married, and I on light have left, we lived in America.
But later some years, my parents why have divorced, to me then it was very bad, That my mum had to go back to Russia, and I have remained with the daddy, then so it was bad and very hard for me to live without mum.
I lived with the daddy, but was possible was to tell that very much is healthy.
But when to me 22 years I has suddenly died the daddy I had to arrive back to Russia to mum were executed.
Has passed 4 or 5 years as I already live in Russia with my mum in the small city of Kirilov, it about Cheboksary.
And as that I simply could not make a structure for Russia
And I have made it for America! I speak you it because I do not want to tell lies to you!
I very fair girl! I never tell lies to people. For me honesty is very important!
But I hope that for you it not a problem and we shall continue our acquaintance.
I shall wait for your letter
Letter 4

Hi Paul, How are you doing?
I have received your letter. Thanks that you have answered me my letter.
Thanks for such kind words, that you so much about yourselves have written.
So it was pleasant for me to read your letters so you much about yourselves have told.
I now would like as to learn about you on more. I want to learn about you more, what you do? Than be engaged? Whether there are at you now women with whom you correspond???
Or only you have written to me. At us now morning, that I cannot write much to you, I need to go for work.
I wanted simply wanted to see your letter.
Your new friend from Russia.
Letter 5
At me now is time to write to you the letter. I have come just for a dinner, it would be desirable to eat.
Also has decided to write to you the letter. That you now do, you probably now sleep.
At us now day, and at you like there night.
Letter 6
Hello Paul, it's me again,Tatyana! How are you?
I am very glad that you have answered me! I am glad that you as I, do not like to play with people!
I am really glad that now we can continue our acquaintance and to be friends and can be more!

I had said that I do not have the husband and I have been never married! Yes, you can ask why?
I do not know the exact answer to this question! But please be not afraid of me!!!
I the good person, the positive character!
I simply think that I have no success in a choice of the man! But I do not lose hope!
I am sure that sooner or later I shall find my second half and we shall be happy!
And who knows there can be it you! But now early to speak about it!
I do not have children. I very strongly love children, but I want that I had children from my the man!
I am sure that I never shall lose hope. We should continue to live not looking on anything!
And what about you? You have been married? You have children? Oh I am really glad that for you has no value that I live in Russia!
I was afraid that you will tell that it too far, but we live during good time and we can speak even if between us many miles!
Do you know something about Russia or can be you have been here?
If you ever been in other countries, you the happy person!
It is my dream to go round all world.
I dream much. I am a very romantic person. I can tell that I have a very pure heart.
I do not like when people tell a lie to each other and treachery. I want to trust only in the good and kind feelings.
Friends speak to me that I very kind and trustful girl.
Yes, I know that now many bad people. It is bad! But at any time were both bad and good people and such way will be always!!!
But we should not lower a hand. We should remember that always there are good people and we should search for them!!!
What do you think of it? I would like to write to you a long letter, I want to tell you more about myself with pleasure...... But it seems to me that we are familiar too little.
I can tell more about myself. But now I am not ready to this.
There are many things which are necessary to tell each other and we have a lot of time for this purpose! I hope you will be glad to see my letter. I simply want to ask you one thing!
I ask you to speak always to me the truth and I shall do it! I simply think that it very important! Now I should finish my letter, but I hope that it only the beginning! Sincerely yours Tatyana!!!
Letter 7
Oh I have absolutely overlooked to tell to you that I write to you from my work And as I can write to you from a house.
I work as the sales representative of the grocery goods. Our firm accepts orders from shops and we deliver them products.
I am often tired during my work. Now my workday has ended and I should go home!
I shall try to write to you tomorrow as soon as I shall have a free time!!! Tatyana.
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