Scam letter(s) from Anastasia to Jan (Finland)

Letter 1
Hi. How are you feeling? I hope to think that my message bring good mood. I think you really looking for is the same as me looking for the same. Namely - soul mate. I just received your electronic box at marriage agency and immediately went to write to you. I am a free girl, from RU. I from European part of our large country, in the city of Elabuga . Tragically, I have not found a man my dream, so I made a decision for myself try your luck here. I believe that wheel of happiness smiles those who do not give up and believe in the best. I hope that you answer to my letter, and we can start our acquaintance. I will write you more about myself and send more of my images, if you write. Now I can write that I am considering only adult relationships and no games. I will try to send you my images and hope that you will like it. Please, write me only if you really interested in a serious relationship. Bye-bye, Anastasiya
Letter 2
Hi Jan! I am very glad that you answered me, I was waiting for your email :)
I want to see some of your photos, I think you have no problem with this and can you send them to me? It is very interesting for me to look at your photos.
My name is Anastasia. I thought about how best to start my acquaintance with you and what to write to you, how to start this letter to you, what to tell you about me ... What are you interested in learning about me? Ask, I will definitely answer you. To be honest, this is my first acquaintance on the Internet, but I think that our acquaintance will be pleasant for both of us. And we will have only good impressions of each other.
I want you to answer all my questions sincerely. I can't stand a lie. I love sincerity and truth. Whatever it is. So answer my letters sincerely, OK?
I am sending you photos and I hope you like them :)
I look forward to your reply, and I hope that our acquaintance was not accidental.
Your new friend Anastasia
Letter 3
Hi Jan!
Jan, I am very glad to receive your letter. I thought, when will you answer me in the morning or in the evening. Now I can answer you. I hope this acquaintance will be pleasant for us.
I hope you are also happy to receive a letter from me. I will try to write to you every day.
I'm not shy in real life. I can communicate with people and make new acquaintances ... The problem is that all men consider me only in appearance. Therefore, I cannot find a man who will appreciate my inner world. I think that appearance is not the most important thing. So I decided to find love on the internet.
Why don't you send me your photos? I was hoping to receive them in your letter.
Age doesn't matter in a relationship, that's my opinion. What is your opinion about age? For example, my dad is 8 years older than my mom. Despite the age difference, they still live in a happy marriage. They never had a problem with it.
There should be mutual understanding, honesty and respect in a relationship.
I think nothing can limit two people in love ... And for love, there are no boundaries. Do you agree?
As for me. IM 42 years old. I was born on October 23, 1978. My height is 169 cm, weight is 61 kg.
I work in a photography studio. I myself take professional photographs for fashion magazines. I like my job very much. I went there to work after graduation. I need to work hard to provide for me and help my parents. Sometimes I even have to work on Saturday. I have a daughter Liza, she is 15 years old.
Where do you work? Are you texting me from the office or from home? How often can you reply to my letter?
Jan, tell me, what else do you want to know about me? I will gladly answer your questions.
I will wait for your questions in the next letter.
Jan, I am sending you a photo. I hope you enjoy it.
Now you tell me about yourself. Where do you live?
Tell me, why did you decide to look for your destiny on the Internet?
What do you expect from meeting a woman? How do you imagine an ideal woman?
I look forward to your letter.
Your new friend Anastasia.
Letter 4
Hi Jan!
Today I am very glad to receive your letter again.
You are a very good person and I like you, I hope you liked me too ...
I only have a computer and internet access at work. I don't have a computer at home. Since I am at work most of my time, I always have access to a computer and the ability to answer your letters. I can answer your letter without any problems when I have free time. I hope that I will receive letters from you every day, because I love it! Wouldn't it be a problem for you to write to me every day?
When I settled on your profil, I realized that you are looking for a woman only to create a serious and honest relationship, and I decided to write to you. Now you have interested me even better and I want to know even more about you. I ask you to write me more about you, I find it interesting.
I take my life very seriously, so I can say that I am a serious and decent woman. Therefore, I want to find a man who is just as serious and responsible.
I have a calm nature, I am friendly and sociable. I have no bad habits. Healthy lifestyle. I live separately from my parents. I am used to doing many things myself in my life. From childhood I was taught to be independent.
I am the only child in the family. I do not have brothers and sisters. But I have a very close friend, her name is Anna. She is like a sister to me.
Anna and I often walk together. We go for a walk in the forest or in the park. Sometimes we go to visit each other. With her, I can talk about everything, I have no secrets from her, I trust her, I know that she will always understand and support me. We always help each other. Do you have a person with whom you can share your problems?
I live in the city of Elabuga. This is a very beautiful place, very beautiful nature here. I will try to find a photo
to send to you. You must see it !!!
Jan, if you have any photos, please send them to me. Isn't it difficult for you to do this? I also post my photos. Jan, do you like my photos?
Tell me about your family? What kind of relationship do you have with your family?
Did you have true love? Have you been married? Do you have children? Do you like children?
I will look forward to your letter, and I hope that tomorrow your letter will give me a smile.
Sincerely Anastasia
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