Scam letter(s) from Olga to Jack (Germany)

Letter 1
Hey. For the first time in my life I am writing such a letter...
And I was a little confused)! My name is Olha.
And I'm looking for a serious relationship.
You probably want to know right away where I found your email address.
I'll tell you, I recently registered on one forum, where single people are helped to find their other half.
I left my information there, and wrote a little about myself.
Today I received an email with your email, they also wrote to me that you are looking for a serious relationship too.
And now I am writing to you in the hope that you will answer me.
I will tell about myself. I live in Ukraine. And I'm 33 years old.
And I will ask you to give me a couple of minutes of your time!
I am sure that my letter will be of interest to you.
I decided to try my fate and try to find a man through the Internet, because I could not find a responsible man in my city, who could truly love a woman.
In general, I will soon come to your country, and it would be great to meet a reliable, decent and honest person.
And if you're a single man and want to find a girl, with which you can have a great time together, then we can get to know each other better.
I am looking for a person with similar outlook on life and interests.
Of course, I can still talk a lot about why am I looking for a man in your country, but I will leave that for our next letters.
I will try to make our communication interesting and varied!
And we can exchange pictures and not only ordinary) but also ****) And until we meet each other in person)) We need to get to know each other better, only then will we be able to understand whether we are suitable for each other or not.
If you want to chat with me, and then meet me, just email me and send your photos.
Maybe I am the one you were looking for?) I am sending you some pictures.
I hope I didn't tire you too much with my letter?)) Looking forward to your reply. Olha!
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