Scam letter(s) from Julia Vyacheslavovna Galiaskarova to Richard (Germany)

Letter 1
How are you doing with your New Year mood?
Have you dressed up your Christmas tree yet?
My name is Yuliya, a lonely girl from Russia is writing this to you. I am not married and have no children.
I have a great pre-New Year mood, despite the fact that the past year was very difficult.
Pandemic and my loneliness. This is Christmas and New Year, I will celebrate alone.
But I hope that the New Year will give me love and my soul mate, which I have been waiting for so long.
I'm looking for a serious relationship. Maybe I am exactly the girl you have been looking for.
Our acquaintance and communication with you will show this.
I hope that you will answer me.
I wish you a good day!
Tell us what are your plans for Christmas and New Year.
Looking forward to your response. Yuliya.
Letter 2
Good day Richard! I am very happy about your answer. How are you?
Your answer gave me a good mood. It will be my pleasure to write you a letter.
I have no previous experience with online dating, so I'm a little worried. But I think my excitement will pass in the process of our communication.
I think we can get a good attitude. Now I'm in search of a serious relationship, as I'm tired of being alone.
I am 35 years old and have no children and have never been married.
My real relationship was not successful. And so I decided to try to meet on the Internet.
My friend is very worried about me and recommended that I contact a dating agency.
I thought for a long time and in the end decided to contact the Dating Agency, where they gave me your Email.
I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
I will send you my photos and I hope you will like them. And also waiting for your photos.
Your new friend, Yuliya.
Letter 3
Good day Richard! I am very happy about your answer. How are you?
Your answer gave me a good mood. It will be my pleasure to write you a letter.
I have no previous experience with online dating, so I'm a little worried. But I think my excitement will pass in the process of our communication.
I think we can get a good attitude. Now I'm in search of a serious relationship, as I'm tired of being alone.
I am 35 years old and have no children and have never been married.
My real relationship was not successful. And so I decided to try to meet on the Internet.
My friend is very worried about me and recommended that I contact a dating agency.
I thought for a long time and in the end decided to contact the Dating Agency, where they gave me your Email.
I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
I will send you my photos and I hope you will like them. And also waiting for your photos.
Your new friend, Yuliya.
Letter 4
Good day Richard.
I am glad to receive your letter.
How are you feeling? How is your day today?
I hope that our communication with you will be pleasant for both of us.
I live in the city of Syktyvkar. I think this is the first time you hear the name of this city. Is not it? Have you heard of such a city?
The city is located in the northern part of Russia, in the Komi Republic.
I was born in this city and continue to live. Here I graduated from school, studied at the university and work.
I work for a pension fund. I like my job.
I believe that I perform a number of socially significant functions. For example, this is the appointment of payments to the needy and benefits.
But sometimes I have to work hard.
Tell me about your job. Tell me, do you like your job?
My past relationship with a man was unsuccessful.
My ex-boyfriend, with whom we met for many years, fell out of love with me and cheated on me.
We had a lot of arguments, and sometimes he would raise his hand to me. I endured everything he did to me. Because I loved him.
And 3 years ago, I couldn't stand another of his humiliation and left him.
That's the sad story of my past relationships.
I have already forgotten my past relationship like a bad dream.
I live in the present and the future. I forgot all the bad things that I had in the past. Now I have a new life!
I have a dream to create a strong relationship based on love, care and candor.
I hope that you and I will be frank from the first letters.
I will finish my letter now. I wish you a great mood!
I will wait for your answer.
Your new friend, Yuliya.
Letter 5
Good day. How about your day?
I apologize for the delay in my letter.
I had to delete my account because he was used by unknown people. Now everything is in order with the new mail.
How is your health?
Waiting for your reply! Your new friend Yuliya.
Letter 6
Good day Richard.
I am glad to receive your letter again.
How are you? How are you feeling?
In my life I like to play sports as I like active rest.
I do fitness 2 times a week, because I believe that you should always keep the shape of your body.
My favorite sports are cycling. And also I like to walk in the woods in the fresh air with friends.
I have never smoked, because the main thing for me is a healthy lifestyle!
I do not drink alcohol. The maximum that I can drink on a holiday is a glass of wine or champagne.
More often than not, I even drink non-alcoholic shamanic. It is very tasty))
I also like to spend my free time at home reading an interesting book. An interesting movie on TV always cheers you up.
I also have a dog, he is very cute. His name is Dobby as one of the characters from the Harry Potter movie.
I hope you watched this movie and find out what character I'm talking about)).
I really want to know more about you, because I really like our acquaintance !!!
My intentions to find my love are very serious. Since I have been without a second half for a long time. I'm tired of being alone.
I want to know true love. Because true love is the brightest and purest feeling on earth. Do you agree with me?
After all, love is the only warmth and fire that does not freeze in this cold world.
This is my inner world and my innermost desires. I tell few people about this and now I don't know why I decided to tell you this.
Let these be the first steps towards our acquaintance with you. You know, now, when I write this letter to you, I feel better and no longer so lonely and sad.
But you are probably interested not only in my inner world, but also in how I live, and my vital interests.
Gradually I will tell you everything about my life, but from you I also want to learn everything about your life.
You know, I have always tried to preserve all the best in my soul, and even in my whole life I have not said a rude word to anyone!
It is very important that a man respects a woman. And then life will be happier.
Every person should seek love. Since the most important detail in every family should be love!
I hope you think the same? Tell me.
I'll send you a photo of him. And I will wait for your next letter.
Have a nice day. Your friend Yuliya.
Letter 7
Good day Richard.
Your letter made me happy again. Thanks for the quick response.
How are you? How are you feeling?
You know, communicating with you, I understand that you are a kind and sympathetic person.
It's so interesting for me to find out to you, I want our communication to be easy and open. You can ask me any questions, I'll be happy to answer, okay?
I am curious to know your character traits? Richard, are you a strict person?
I only have a good opinion of you, it's easy for me to talk to you.
It seems to me that a sympathy arose between us, what do you think?
I love coockie so much. I delved into the study of Italian cuisine, it is very interesting for me.
Of course, I can cook our Russian food, various soups and borscht.
My mother cooks very tasty and as a child I constantly helped her in the kitchen.
I like cooking new dishes for me. And I constantly asked my mother for new recipes for various dishes.
I think I will be able to cook something for you someday)).
What's your favorite cuisine? What is your favorite food? :)) I want to try to cook your favorite dish.
And try it yourself, as well as treat your friends, as well as your mother, if you don't mind.
I would love to tell you about my family.
My mother's name is Larisa, and my father's name is Andrey. They have been very happily married for many years.
I always take an example from my parents, and I want to create the same happy family with the man I love.
My parents live and work near my town in the village.
Mom worked at the post office all her life. Dad works on a collective farm as a tractor driver.
I love my parents and they love me very much and are proud of me.
I often go to visit them, and we spend time in a good mood.
Richard, do you have parents? What is your relationship with them?
I will also attach photos of my parents. I hope, you like it.
I will finish my letter now. I wish you a great mood!
I will wait for your answer.
Your friend, Yuliya.
Letter 8
Good day Richard.
I am glad to receive your letter again.
How are you? How are you feeling?
I'll tell you a little about my character. I am quite soft by nature, but at the same time very demanding.
Respect for each other is very important to me. This is the only way to build a stable and happy relationship. Is not it?
I think I'm quite creative and resourceful, I try not to postpone things until later, but immediately solve or find non-standard solution to the problem.
Yesterday my friend and I went to the park, We walked in the park and then went to the virtual reality attraction. It was a lot of fun and we had a great time.
I'll attach a video, a friend filmed me while I was playing the game. When I watched this video, it was very funny to me))).
I hope you won't laugh at me too much. I beat everyone who was in the game :-).
I really liked this new attraction, everything was like in reality. Richard, have you tried something like this?
I recommend you try it sometime. Because it gives great emotions.
Yesterday was a beautiful day, and I was very happy that I went out for a walk.
My close friends value me as a good and loyal friend, and we get along well.
Sometimes with friends we can just sit and talk about different topics. Do you have friends, do you see each other often?
My friends are almost all married and many have children and their families. I envy them a little.
I am sincerely happy for my friends, and I am very pleased to see them so happy.
I will finish my letter now. I wish you a great mood!
I will wait for your answer and your photos.
Your friend, Yuliya.
Letter 9
Good day Richard.
What is your mood today? Everything is fine?
Thanks for your new letter. It's very interesting to talk to you. I try to read each of your letters carefully.
When I see your letter, a smile always appears on my face. Thank you for this happiness, Richard!
Maybe we have known each other not so long ago, but I already feel that I feel good with you.
You are an open person with a big and kind heart, gentle and loyal man.
I hope everything will be fine between us, because I enjoy writing letters to you telling you about me.
And also I like to receive and read your letters, learning more and more about you.
Richard, do you like traveling? Have you ever been to another country? If so, which one?
Unfortunately, I have never been abroad or in other countries. :(
I dream that someday in the future I will visit another country. Because I am very interested in learning about the culture of other peoples.
I hope someday my dream will come true.
You probably think that I'm a big dreamer, yes, it's true.) I love to dream, because dreaming, I imagine myself where I want to be.
I understand this is just a dream and nothing more, but it is really important for me to have a pure dream. In my opinion, every person on earth needs a big dream.
Dreams make us happier, set goals for us, make us stronger and give us strength to move forward.
Dreams come true if you really believe and want it. I think it is very important to have a big, pure dream for every person.
In my opinion, dreams give us the strength to move, to do what we want to do, so that our dreams become reality.
I think we should listen to our heart, and dreams show us the way we should go.
My main dream is to find true love and create a strong and happy family. This is very important for me, and I strive for this dream.
What about you, Richard? What are your dreams, desires, plans for life? Tell me, it will help me understand you more. :)
I am finishing my letter, I hope and will wait for your reply! And I hope you will send me more of your photos :)
Your distant friend, Yuliya.
Letter 10
Hi Richard, I apologize for my long answer, I hope you are not angry with me for my absence?
I couldn't stop by to write to you because I was sick with the flu, and I had a fever and a sore throat.
I hope that the boy is doing well and that you are healthy. I caught a cold in cold weather as we had very bad weather.
Yes, and it was cold in the apartment, only electric heaters were saving. I didn't go to work and was bed rest.
Now I feel better and was able to come to my friend to write to you, since I do not have a computer in my house.
I want to ask you how are you? Do you have some new?
I look forward to hearing from you and once again I apologize for the long wait.
Regards Yuliya.
Letter 11
Good afternoon, I am very glad to receive your letter.
How is your weekend? What do you do? Today is a great holiday for me and all women in the world.
Do you celebrate it with your family? I hope so, because you need to entertain yourself more, since the quarantine took a lot of time.
I also want to say that today is my birthday and I am sad to spend it alone, but I will go to my parents in the village.
I won't have any fun, but my mom will probably put together a big table of food and we will answer with the whole family in the village.
Today I am going to my mother's village and bought her a bouquet of flowers to please her on the 8th of March.
I will send you a photo and I think you will like the bouquet that I will give her, because I really liked it.
Now I will finish my letter, as it is time for me to pack up and leave for the village.
I will convey from you great greetings to your parents and congratulate my mother on March 8 on your behalf.
Letter 12
Good day Richard!
How is your day going? How are you? Are you okay? I hope you all are well.
My eyes glow with joy when I look through my mail and see your letter.
Thank you for your congratulations, I am very pleased to receive congratulations and wishes from you.
This weekend I went to the village to visit my parents.
My mom told me that lately she has started to notice positive changes in me.
As my mother noticed, I became more cheerful and smile more often. Richard, I told my mom that I communicate with you.
I thought and realized that this is really so, my life has changed since I started communicating with you.
Recently, my mood has improved, and now I often smile :-)
My mother approves of our dialogue, and she is very glad that I feel happier.
Richard, did you tell someone about me? And how did they react to our communication?
I thought about how great it is that we live in the 21st century, when we don't have to wait a month or more, so that letters from one corner of the world reach another corner of the world!
All this happens in one second! The world has become more open and it's really great that men and women from different countries can communicate with each other!
Perhaps, in the distant future, borders between countries will be destroyed not only on the Internet, But also on the geographical map of the world.))) And then we could easily visit each other.))
How do you feel about the geographical boundaries between countries Richard ?? Are they needed? I'm interested in your opinion!
Sometimes I re-read the letters you wrote to me earlier. I am pleased that we are communicating and our dialogue is developing!
My eyes glow with joy when I look through my mail and see your letter.
Thank you for the happiness that you bring me! I would like our communication to develop not only on the Internet, but also in reality.
I'm sure you dream about it too. I want to come to you in a dream and talk to you.
Now I will finish my letter and I hope you will let me into your dreams.))
Good day to you! Your Yuliya.
Letter 13
Hello my dear Richard!
How are you today? what do you do?
Each new day is filled with warmth and care when I see your letter.
I am very pleased to know that you have become a part of my life. I hope you are happy to receive my letters too?
Thank you for the nice compliments, you are very nice and I want to say that I like your photo and I like you.
I want to confess to you Richard that I am a little afraid that you found in me only a beautiful appearance.
It is very important for me to know that you like me not only because of my appearance.
It is really important for me to know that you like my inner world, and not just my appearance.
Am I attractive to you as a person? Just answer please in detail.
I think of you constantly every day. I feel that a wonderful feeling has awakened in me, which can be between people.
This feeling of love and desire to be next to you! To talk about our feelings, about what is happening between us now.
Yesterday before going to bed I thought a lot about you. And can you imagine? Richard, you dreamed me in a dream.
I dreamed that I was at home and suddenly someone was knocking on my door.
I go to the door and ask who is there? I didn't hear the answer. Then I open the door and you are on the threshold.
I couldn't even say anything, and you come up, kiss and hug me. And you say, "Hello my Yuliya."
I felt your touch as if it were real. You hugged me so tightly that I could not breathe.
And I woke up breathing heavily. I wanted to return to our dream with you, but it was unsuccessful.
And that was the most enjoyable moment in my life in recent years!
Richard, Tell me honestly. Do you represent us together? I would like to hear your "Yes". It is important for me to know this.
I am happy that you appeared in my life. Thanks to you, I greet the new day with a smile.
I feel that my feeling of falling in love with you has grown into true love!
I want to know what you think about this. I'm sure you have the same real feelings for me.
And I want you to tell me as much as possible about your feelings.
Now I will finish my letter, and I will wait for your answer and new photos.
Your Yuliya.
Letter 14
Good afternoon, my dear Richard!
How are you doing? How are you today?
Yesterday I had a good evening, we met with my former girlfriends from the university.
As they say, there was a meeting of graduates, to be more precise.
Our meeting took place in a karaoke bar, and I sang a song for you, though in Russian.
Since I do not know how to sing in your native language. I hope you enjoy how I sing.
I drank only 1 glass of red wine and I wanted me to be next to you.
Richard, I look at this life openly and joyfully.
Especially now, when I realized that my feelings for you are stronger every time!
You will give me a smile and a boost of energy for the whole day! I want to caress and kiss you.
I want to whisper in your ear about my feelings for you.
Especially in the morning when you will sleep, and I will wake you up this way.
Whispering sweet words in your ear so that you wake up in a good mood.
Would you like me to do this Richard? I'm sure this is a good idea.
Before we met, I did not believe that love can develop through the Internet.
But then you appeared and the world turned upside down. You gave me a fairy tale. You opened a new life for me.
Thank you for your appearance in my life. I want to be next to you, hug gently, meet the dawn. Memories of you warm the heart and help to live in dreams of our meeting.
I want to be in your gentle hands and feel our spiritual unity.
Any glacier will melt my passion for you, and you are the only one to whom my soul aspires. I want it to be like this forever!
You are my love Richard and I want to be with you! I love you and I hope that our feelings are mutual.
Kiss and hugs. Waiting for your answer.
Your Yuliya.
Letter 15
Hello my dear Richard!
I am happy to read your letter. What is your mood today?
I am extremely happy that you liked my photos and the video that I sent you in my last letter.
Thank you for these wonderful compliments, I am very pleased to read them.
My passion for you will melt any glacier, and you are the only one to whom my soul aspires. I want it to be always like this Richard!
You are so gentle and affectionate with me. I love you for this. But this is not the only thing that attracts me to you!
I see many wonderful qualities in you. The very qualities that I was looking for in a man!
You are kind, sincere and so reliable! I feel that I can trust you and will be with you "like a stone wall."
I understand Richard, and you also understand that we need a meeting to test and understand our feelings.
I want more than one date with you! I know that 1 date won't be enough for us.
We need to spend more time together to understand our interests and our behavior in everyday life.
This way we will learn a lot about each other and will be able to feel each other in real life!
What do you think about it? How do you imagine all this? How do you see our first meeting?
Please share your thoughts with me. I would like to know what I should prepare for our first meeting. Or rather the first date!
I imagine and feel our first touch as the warmest and most tender feeling!
Our first kiss is like touching our lips to a delicate cloud in the sky.
I want to tell you that my intentions are serious and, first of all, I would like to fly to you for our first meeting.
Richard, will it be convenient for you to receive me? I want to ask for a vacation from work and I'll tell you the news tomorrow!
Is it important for me to know what you think about my decision? Our first meeting is a very important event that should take place in the near future.
I just don't want to waste time, because I feel and know that you are my man, and I want to be with you and spend time with you.
I do not see other men and candidates for the role of my man. And I don't want to see anyone but you, Richard!
And now I need to finish my letter, and I will wait for your answer. I kiss you and hug you tenderly.
Your love is Yuliya Ps. In this photo, Dobby is offended and jealous of me for you.
Letter 16
Hello dear Richard, sorry for the long answer, I could not write to you earlier.
Since I had to leave the city and I had no opportunity to find a computer to write to you.
I hope you are not angry with me because I missed you very much and thought about you all the time.
How was your weekend? what were you doing? I hope something interesting? Tell me please.
I was in another city, because one of my friends from the university had a birthday, and she invited all her close friends to celebrate.
And I could not refuse her, because she would be upset, and I had to go.
She celebrated in a country recreation center, and I really liked it there, we did a lot, I even tried to ride a real horse.
I will send you a photo later because I do not have these photos. I asked a friend to send me by mail and probably tomorrow she will send them to me and I can show you myself on a horse.
Richard, it was so scary and, on the other hand, so cool, now I have only emotions.
And once again I apologize for not warning you, I really couldn't go online.
I'll finish my letter and run home, I'm tired from the road and I want to sleep.
Good night, I love you.
Your Yuliya.
Letter 17
Hi my love!
How are you in your mood today? I hope everything is all right.
Richard, tonight I had such a dream that I didn't even want to wake up.
You met me at the airport when I arrived at your place.
You were standing in a white jacket, and in your hands was a very large bouquet of pink roses.
And you stood at the bottom of the stairs on the landing, and smiled as I went down the stairs.
I remember it by the fact that it had a lot of petals of some kind of flowers. I don't remember, I didn't pay attention to them a little.
And when I went down and I was overwhelmed with delight, I just could not believe what was happening there now.
The people around us passed by and admired what was happening, it was very beautiful, like in a fairy tale.
And then you came up to me and hugged me tightly, hugged me so tightly that I could not even breathe.
And he said that at last you have arrived, my little princess. Richard, I couldn't believe it really happened.
It happened so real, I felt everything, even the smell of these beautiful roses that you gave me.
And when we left the airport, you offered to walk around the city and show me the sights.
I agreed, and you started showing me your beautiful city in which you live.
We walked, talked, told different stories from life, and everything that came into our thoughts.
You held my hand tightly and it was very magical. I was very happy and could not believe what was happening.
We walked for so long that we did not notice that it was evening and darkness fell. And then you offered to go to your house to have dinner.
And when we came to you, I offered to cook dinner together, as I had dreamed about it for a long time.
It was very real, and the whole process of making dinner, you and I had a lot of fun.
And from our fun and pampering, our clothes became *****)). But we made a great and delicious dinner.
And you offered me to change and you gave me your home clothes, I looked very funny, but you said that I was very cute.
While I was changing clothes, you covered and decorated the table with candles and flowers, it was really magical and very beautiful.
We sat down opposite each other and began to eat. We talked and laughed, you praise the food that I cooked very much.
Then you turned on slow music and invited me to dance. You took my waist and we started dancing.
And the worst thing that could happen, at this place my alarm clock rang And I woke up.
And I was very sad and I wanted to fall asleep again and return to you. But my attempts were not successful.
I even cried because it was just a dream. And I would like it to become a reality.
I was so happy in this dream and I miss it now.
Did you like my dream? I think that this is not a problem to solve and make my dream a reality, I just need to come to you.
We spend our evenings together. And we'll dance every night and fool around together.
I will finish my letter and await your reply.
I love you my Richard.
Your love is Yuliya.
Letter 18
Hi my love!
How are you today? How is your health?
Richard, Today at work I spoke with my superiors.
My boss, Ekaterina Viktorovna, is a rather strict woman, she is a pensioner and has been working for a long time.
But during my work we have developed a good relationship with her and she is kind to me.
She is ready to write me a vacation and I was very happy that it would not be difficult.
We just need to decide when we can start preparing for my vacation.
I want to come to you so that we can get to know each other better. This is what I am dreaming of now.
You understand that we need to meet, and it will be better that I come to you during my vacation.
My love, I want you to think well about our meeting and give me an exact answer tomorrow.
I would like to be next to you and hug you, and say how I feel about you.
But I am sure that in the near future we will succeed, and I will be able to tell you about my feelings in reality.
I told my mother that I want to go to you, because my feelings for you are great and my decision is serious.
She knows how I feel for you and is very happy for me and thanks you for making me happy.
Richard, my parents really liked you and they trust you, and therefore they are ready to let me go to you.
Even one day spent with you will be a heavenly pleasure for me!
Tomorrow morning I will go to the travel agency and find out more about what I need, and I will write about it in more detail!
I want to ask you Richard what does your heart feel? And what does it tell you now?
If it feels the same as my heart, then that's fine
You are the only man I can think of. Yes, I love you Richard, and the power of my love is unlimited!
I thank fate for the fact that you appeared in my life and I want it to be for life.
I should finish my letter and go home to rest.
I hug and tenderly kiss you my love!
Your love is Yuliya.
Letter 19
Hi my love Richard.
What is your mood today? I hope, like mine, very happy.
Happy because I received a letter from you.
Richard, today I went to a travel agency to find out more about how I can go to you.
And I was able to learn a lot about my trip to you. The tour agent and I talked for a long time.
She told me about what I needed to have to go to another country.
And in order to come to you, I need to have a visa, medical insurance, a foreign passport and, of course, I need an air ticket to your nearest airport!
Therefore, I need to know the name of your nearest airport? Because I need to see which route I can fly.
The cost of the visa will be approximately 76 euros. (105 dollars)
The cost of making a passport is 98 euros. (118 dollars)
The cost of the insurance policy is 162 euros. (202 dollars)
As a result, I need to pay 336 euros (425 dollars) for all the necessary documents.
And that's not counting the cost of airfare to your nearest airport.
This is what I learned from the tour agent today, I hope that everything is clear to you.
I will now finish my letter. And I'll write to you tomorrow, and don't forget to write me the name of the airport so that I can find out the ticket prices.
I love you Richard, Your Yuliya.
Letter 20
Hi my love,
I want to tell you that I love you very much and want to be near you and now I need your help so that I could come to you.
I don't need your money, I just need our meeting, that's all I want.
Our meeting depends only on us, and we can meet if we solve problems together.
I believe in us, and I believe in you Richard, I believe in our love, I believe in our happy future with you.
Stop dreaming about our future if we can make them a reality.
Richard, I believe that a happy future awaits us, and I hope you think the same.
You are kind and caring with me and I want to make you the happiest man.
I am yours, and you are mine and no one can separate us, and the distance is easy to overcome, the main thing is not to doubt yourself.
And everything will work out for us.
I will finish my letter and await your reply Richard.
Blowing a kiss.
Your Yuliya.
Letter 21
Hello my dear.
My thoughts are only about you and I want to be next to you.
There will definitely be a happy future Richard, and for this you need to meet.
I need your help my love, because I have a difficult period with finances and I cannot pay for my trip.
I would like to ask you for help Richard, I need you now and I cannot cope without you.
My love, I so want to be with you now and wrap myself in your arms.
I hope you can help me come to you? I believe in you and that we will be able to meet.
I love you and want to be by your side and give you my heart.
I dream about how we will enjoy every day we spend together.
I will finish my letter and look forward to hearing from you.
Yours Yuliya with love.
Letter 22
Hi my love.
I am ready to provide my information Richard.
1. Galiaskarova Yuliya Vyacheslavovna
2.Russia, Komi Republic, Syktyvkar city, Pervomayskaya street, building 51
3. +79032795345
4. took a photo
5. I need 336 euros for documents and 238 euros for tickets, and in total I need 574 euros.
I hope I gave all the answers, and I look forward to hearing from you.
I really want to be next to you, to hug and kiss your tender lips Richard.
I miss you so much, so much. Send 1000 kisses.
Your Yuliya.
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Name: Tobacco Moritz Benson
Age: 28
Name: Yana Polak
Age: 31
Name: Alena Krasnova
Age: 28
Name: Marina
Age: 28
Name: Inna Kolyakova
Age: 27
Name: Emma Reid
Age: 32
Name: Elizabeth Donna
Age: 30
Name: Rose Walker
Age: 29
Name: Michelle Laura Hart
Age: 31
Name: Carol Ange Pierre
Age: 31
Name: Diana Konstantinova
Age: 26
Name: Nicole Tenley
Age: 30
Name: Isabella Boye
Age: 27
Name: Marta
Age: 36
Name: Lindabell Williams
Age: 29