Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina to Eduardo (Chile)

Letter 1
I am looking for a real reliable man who can give me true love
In return, I promise to be a reliable loving girl who will give you love and affection.
I love cleanliness and order, I can cook any delicious dishes
I can do housework: washing, cleaning, cooking...
I don’t have any harmful habits, I don’t drink or smoke.
I also like to spend time with children.
Completely independent and unmarried girl.
I ask you not to reply to me at this mail address, it is temporary and I cannot accept letters to it...
I sent you a letter from this mail address in order to protect my mail from scammers and spam.
If you are also looking for your soul mate,
then I will be glad to see your letter in my email >>
Letter 2
Good day Eduardo! I am glad to receive your letter. I hope you have enough time to correspond with me. I would like to tell a little about yourself. I am 30. My name is Catherine, you can call me just Katya. I live in Russia, in Yekaterinburg. I am looking for dating abroad since my dream is completely moving to live in your country. Whatever I was easier to implement my dream, I decided to start finding dating on the Internet.
I want to tell you that I have no man. We broke up with him 2 years ago and since then I haven't been looking for anyone, I was afraid that I could also take the same thing.
I do not know whether you wonder if you know the reason for our separation or not. Eduardo, I think it is worth telling you about it now, to no longer return to this issue.
In general, we were fine, but it did not last long ... We met him in college, over time we began to live together, but the more we spent time together, the worse it became in relation to. He began to play gambling for money, at the very beginning they were small, and over time he began to lose money that we had a common strength for the real estate. When I found out that he loses and my part of the money I decided to stop all of this and we were separated. Since then, we have no longer communicated ...
How do you think Eduardo, did I do right? But now everything is fine, I got a job that I really like, I work as a consultant in the bank. By education I "Accountant and Auditor".
In general, I am very positive I love fun to spend time. In my free time I meet with friends, we walk in a place in the cinema or we meet in which any cafe and simply talk about different topics. Just like to cook. I think this is your hobby. I feel great with delicious dishes, nevertheless I manage to keep yourself in good shape.
In your free time and on weekends I do sports. Sport helps me extort your bad thoughts. I will send you my photos. I would not mind if you also send your photos Eduardo.
Let's learn more in more detail. Tell us about yourself.
How do you like to spend your free time. What is your character? Did you have love with someone and how it ended? Best wishes Katya!
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