Scam letter(s) from Maria Evgenevna Nikolaeva to Steve (UK)

Letter 1
My dear ! I am very glad to receive your answer. With your letter, my heart is filled with warmth and respect for you! Begin to understand that I can be truly happy, because your letters bring me a lot of pleasure and happiness. I am so happy now. It's just that now I'm enjoying life, it's so easy with you! I can write to you what I really think, and you will understand me. Your warm letters make my day.
Thanks for attention. We do not have men in Russia with whom we would like to build a serious and excellent relationship. I hope you understand me! I think my whole mood depends on you, and you are a very reasonable and cheerful person who can make my life happy! And I can make yours happier. It's interesting for me to spend time with you. I will be glad to meet you in life. You change me, and everything around is painted with bright colors. I know that the reason for these changes is in you! I am very grateful for that! And I have never experienced such great pleasure and inspiration! It's so nice to work knowing that one person thinks so far about me. I really thought I had everything I needed! I was completely satisfied with my life, but that was not the case. I am really mistaken, because I did not know such an amazing and good person! Your letters warmed my heart, and your attention and care told me that you are really the only person I have always been looking for! Every woman wants real happiness and great love. That's all you need to be happy! After all, a person cannot live only for himself. There is no happiness in loneliness! My dear, you have completely changed the course of my quiet life, and now I feel like I never did before! You are so amazing, kind, sympathetic, caring and gentle with a big and kind heart! You gave me a lot of attention, care and warmth! Fate allowed us to find each other, and now I am absolutely happy! And you? I had no idea that this wonderful change could happen to me! I only wanted to find a good friend and did not even hope that he would grow up to such a big and warm feeling! You have become my best friend, but with your new letter I realized more and more that our friendship changes everything in me, and I cannot live without your attention. I do not want to resist these changes within myself, because it was a great pleasure! I know that there is a great heat in your heart for me too, and you will respond to my feelings. I realized that I want to know you for real. Face-to-face communication will be more effective and better. Maybe we should start with a real meeting ...? Maybe it will grow into something more?
Emotions overwhelm me completely and I want to scream my great feeling! It is difficult to convey in words! I do not know what to write now, because my heart is pounding and I am in great excitement!
Thank you for your attention dear. I miss you very much. Good day and great mood! You are always in my ideas and in my heart!
Letter 2
Sam Hello dear! How are you? How are your days? Was missing you so much!
Your new letter brake my loneliness. You know how to make me happy! I read your lovely letters and my eyes burn! Your attention is necessary for me always and I always wait your new letters with impatience!
Before this I could only dream of such wonderful feeling! But now I have it inside me! Our life is really surprising! I am grateful to destiny that it connected us! Want to know you more and more and to spent time with you. We have many things about what can talk. Maybe my thoughts are very frank and you can think so. But I write from my heart and what I really think. I know you are a good person! And I will give you all my tenderness and attention if we can be together!
My Dear, now with me is only one desire! I want our hearts will be together! I want our correspondence will give us chance on meeting in life! Our letters mean for me much, but I don't want to be so far from you! I would like to see how do you live, to know about you more! But most important for me is meeting you in person! I want to be with you!
This is all that necessary for me now! I would like to prepare for you the most tasty Russian food! Maybe you will cook for me something. We will speak about everything seeing each other's eyes. It's easier, then now. I know we will find our common topics and things we like to do together. Want to make you the happiest man! Our correspondence is all what I have now, but this is valid less for me! I am adult woman and I want to have the real life with you my dear! Only our meeting will enable us to learn completely each other! Know I can trust you, you will not make me hard and any bad things. Will be waiting for your answer with impatience! Have to go now ... Have a good day. I made a video and a photo for you when I was going to work.
Kisses and hugs, MARIA
Letter 3
Hello my dear!
My sweet man I missed you very much!
Your new letter is all what necessary for me now! Much thoughts about us ... Your attention and care are very pleasant to me and I thank you for this!
Today I have woken up very happy with an idea on you and our meeting!
Give you my sweet kiss! My day began together with you my lovely, because you were together with me in thoughts! Even when I go to bed, I fall asleep with ideas on you. Sometimes you come to me in dream!
Really! This great pleasure because I want to meet you one day and to know you in person. Everything is good with me, my parents and my work. I have just re-read your letters again and this is the best what I can have today! Your letters are necessary for me very much! There is a big smile on my face. Your gentle words make me happy and I smile for pleasure! I read your all letters many times and I enjoy every it!
It seems to me like you speak this personally to me face to face! I have a good imagination! :) your energy of heat and love fills me! I want to transfer you a particle of my good mood!
Chibah Do you receive it? I really hope that soon we will be able to talk to each other, holding hands. There has been a lot of work lately. Vaccination is to blame. At the end of the working day, I stop feeling my legs. Hopefully this will be over soon.
And the world will live as before. I need to work !!!
Letter 4
Hello my love !!! how are you ? how is your mood ? Today I have a little headache.
This is probably due to the sharp change in weather. today it has become sharply warmer.
But in general, everything is fine !!!!! I, as always at work.
Today I wanted to ask for a vacation from the chief doctor of my hospital.
But in the morning I saw that he was in a bad mood. yells at everyone. changed her mind to ask, scary :).
I haven’t taken a vacation for 3 years, they are obliged to let me go.
tired of this pandemic mentally and physically. need to rest.
And the more you appeared in my life, I cannot work at all.
all thoughts are only about you. it would be super to have a vacation with you.
It would be a fairy tale. Now I presented our meeting and my head started spinning.
It's time for me to work ...
I need to show myself well at work so that they would definitely give me a vacation:).
Have a nice day and good mood !!!
Letter 5
Hello my dear!!! How are you? Hope all is well. I'm fine too, I'm glad to answer your letter. Thank you for your kind words. I am very pleased. I don't have time to answer, I'm sorry if my answer comes with a delay. Work leaves no free time at all. Sometimes I don't leave work for several days. But thoughts about you give me a lot energy. I have tell you good news. I just found the right moment today to ask for a vacation from work. The head doctor said that this is not a problem, since I have not rested for a long time. He'll tell me exactly when I can go on vacation tomorrow. I need to find a replacement. They will have to draw up a new work schedule. But this is no longer our problem. I'm honestly very tired of work. I want to take a break from the hospital. I'm already dreaming about my job :(.
How about spending my vacation together? What do you think about it ?
I hope you don't think I'm frivolous? I trust you, you seem to me a very decent and honest person. I'm sure you won't do me any harm.
Don't worry about the virus! I was vaccinated against it. I must be admitted to any country in the world. I have a colleague at work, I arrived yesterday from vacation in Turkey. I want to visit her after work today, she invited me herself. Probably wants to show off a great time. I’ll ask her how she prepared the travel documents. Although in our time, you can find everything on the Internet. It's time to work!!! I wanted to write you so many more ... It's okay, I hope I will soon be able to tell you everything personally, looking into your eyes. I miss you a lot and think about you. I hope we succeed. We can build a meeting. Kisses, your MARIA
Letter 6
Sam Hi my love !!! How are you? How is your mood ? I was in a hurry today to read what you wrote and answer. Sorry for the delay in answering.
Only today I was able to talk to the head physician. He said that he would only be able to let me go on vacation in 6-9 days. We must wait until one of the doctors comes to work and replaces me. In general, everything is going according to our plan. I talked with a colleague who flew in from a vacation in Turkey. She bragged about her vacation.
Showed me a lot of vacation photos. beautiful there . She really liked it. But many institutions and museums have been closed due to the pandemic. She said the main thing is to do a test for covid-19 in 2 days before flying to another country. No quarantine threatens me.
Since I was vaccinated and I am a doctor. To travel to Turkey, she did not need to apply for a visa. Therefore, she just bought plane tickets and flew to Turkey. She said that now it is possible to send a visa application via the Internet. But we'll have to wait, we just have time. She said she would help me do it. You need to tell me the name of the airport in your country where we will meet. I am very glad that our life with you is changing for the better. I believe that I can become a good life partner for you. I'm very glad. so exciting !!!
Really, I will soon be able to touch you in real life ?! Today is a very good day! Have a good mood! Your Maria
Letter 7
Hello my love Sam, I am resting today. A friend of mine who was recently in Turkey came to me. We have been trying for a long time on the Internet to apply for a visa. But in the end, we decided to go to Nizhny Novgorod tomorrow and apply for a visa there through the tourist office. On the Internet it seemed to us difficult to do it :).
especially since they charge only 6 euros for their services. They will help to draw up all the documents for obtaining a foreign passport and visa to your country. We have already phoned one travel agency. They said that they would do everything without any problems.
Nizhny Novgorod is not far from me. I haven't been there for a long time. Finally, take a walk and take a break from work. I'm really looking forward to tomorrow. I hope everything goes well. Today I go home all day and imagine our meeting at the airport. As I run to meet you and hug you ..... this thought makes me feel warm in my heart. I even have ants running through my body, I remembered ... I hope you, too, are sincerely looking forward to our meeting. It seems to me as if this is not happening to me. I'm finally happy, someone needs me.
Even a tear came out of my eyes from these thoughts. I have no secrets from you and I want you to be sincere with me too. I guess I seem ****** to you .... I just really want to be loved. I want to have my own family. I want my loved one to meet me when I come home. I really want to get out of this loneliness in which I am. I want to be with you ... I haven't told my parents yet that I want to go to you. I don’t know how to tell them this? They don't even know about you yet.
Can you advise me how to tell them everything? In any case, you need to tell them this in person, not over the phone. I will go to them and tell them everything after my trip to the visa center. The sooner I tell them, the better. I worry about them, they are adults and take everything to heart. I hope they will respond well to everything. I'm going to the store now, I want to cook a delicious dinner today. I miss you very much!!! Kisses, your MARIA
Letter 8
Hello my love Sam, I'm glad to write to you, I've been thinking about you all day !!! You must have been worried too? Just arrived from Nizhny Novgorod. I went home and immediately rush to write to you. There is so much to tell you. I need to calm down :). We arrived at a travel agency. I applied for a passport and visa. Now I have to be invited to Moscow for an interview before getting a visa. In 1-3 days I will have to go to Moscow. They said they would call. I also had to take a photo for a foreign passport, I got nervous there :). I started to do my hair, in short, it was funny to look at me :). The employee of the visa center explained everything to me, even several times. They are not willing to give a visa to your country now. All because of COVID-19. But since I am a doctor, and I was vaccinated, I should be given it. To get me a 100 visa, I was offered to use a volunteering program for doctors. When I arrive in your country, I will need to work for 7 days in any clinic working with COVID-19, which is in your country. I can start working at any time. I can at the end of my stay with you, I mean before my return home. Another huge plus of this, the clinic in which I will work, then it can hire me without any problems. Because I will be doing an internship with them. Since now everyone needs medical specialists. This is a huge plus for obtaining a work visa. I hope I explained everything to you correctly. A little tired . thoughts are confused. I am very worried, I want to tell you everything correctly. Now I will not rest much.
very tired, running over. I think I won't go to work tomorrow either.
I want to go to my parents. I need to talk to them. I hope they understand me correctly.
I am ready for anything for the sake of love, but at the same time, I really love my parents and do not want to hurt them.
With love, your loving Maria
Letter 9
My love Sam, hello !!! How are you ? I calmed down after yesterday, everything is fine. Yesterday I talked to mom and dad on the speakerphone for 2 hours. They became more relaxed about my trip. It was just unexpected for them. They only wish me happiness, they can be understood. They are very worried about me. They want me to be not alone in this world and to have my own family. They want more grandchildren, as dad always says. I told them that I was coming to you on a volunteer program. That there will be control over me and I will have to work there for 7 days. It calmed them down. They asked a lot about you. I told everything I know about you. I embellished a little maybe:). I think they liked you. My parents are already old and they take everything to heart, like children. At the end of the conversation, I said that I would still come to them before flying to you, there was a short pause, and then they answered - "Ok". I hope they will accept my decision well. I want to see you, spend my vacation with you. We will have a great time together. It will be just a fairy tale for me to visit your country and get to know you live. I hope we will become more than just friends in the future. Have a nice day ...
Letter 10
My dear, I miss you very much, I always look forward to your letters and your photos. I really want this meeting, I want to be with you, I can’t think about anything else. All thoughts are only about you and me and our date. I love you, how are you? are you doing well, tell me, I'm very worried when I don't see any news from you ...
I kiss your Maria!
Letter 11
Hello my love, my dream !!! I call you tomorrow!
I got a call today from a travel agency.
They told me to come to Moscow at the visa center within a week. I am being invited for an interview.
This interview is needed to get me a visa.
At the visa center they told me to have all the necessary documents with me.
Here's a list:
- a foreign passport, it is already ready, tomorrow I will go early in the morning and pick it up in Nizhny Novgorod.
- medical insurance (I have already done it) will also take it tomorrow.
- a certificate, if any, that you have been vaccinated against COVID-19. I have it.
- Characteristics of a job. It is necessary for the volunteer program.
- Document about my medical education
- And also the phone number of my work, they will call there from the visa center to check that I work there.
- I also need to have a living wage with me.
Here they explained to me for a long time what it is.
It turns out that I need to have money in my bank account, with which I will live in your country.
I have applied for a 1 month visa. 1 day of living or living wage costs 50 euros.
This amount is taken from such considerations: payment of my shelter, food, travel around the country.
I will be with you for 30 days, which means I need 1500 euros.
I told them that I was going to you and I would live with you. But they say, since you are not my relative, I will have to show the money. On my account there are only about 900 euros.
I was very upset. I told them that I do not have that kind of money.
And most likely I won't be able to go. They said since I applied for a visa and paid the fee, then this year I will no longer be able to apply for a visa.
If I don't go now, then I can only go to you next year. I'm just terrified.
I immediately went to the head physician. explained the situation. She said that they would get a call from the visa center.
I don’t know where I can get this money now. I was told to go through customs, I need to have the entire amount of money with me, for the entire duration of the visa. If you can help me, I will come to you. This money should only be in the account.
I can get a visa and return them to you right away. You don't need to spend them. Please write as soon as possible what to do?
I hope you are not annoyed. I have everything to fly to you, but it is necessary for me, this money, and then I can come to you, and I will give it back.
The visa application has been submitted, I need to fulfill these conditions.
If I cannot do this, I automatically lose the chance to obtain a visa this year.
The next request for a visa, I can only make next year. I understand that this is a big obstacle.
But hopefully we can work it out, we can get over it. I believe in us!!! I want to change our life!
I respect you and want to be with you. I want us to have a strong relationship, I want to have a meeting. I want to be happy with you and only with you !!!
Email me as soon as possible. Your Maria!
Letter 12
Darling I miss 600 euros, not 900. And I'll call you tomorrow! the only one, thank you for being with me. Only you can make my life truly happy. And soon we'll be together.
I am glad that you do not leave me at an important moment in our relationship with you ...
Here is my bank account, my salary comes to it. Beneficiary: Nikolaeva Mariya Evgenevna
Beneficiary's Account: 40817978800001583339
Beneficiary's Bank SWIFT: TICSRUMM
Beneficiary Bank: Tinkoff Bank
Beneficiary's Bank Address: 1st Volokolamsky pr., 10, bld. 1, Moscow, Russia You are far away now, but for me you are near: in my heart, in my soul and in my thoughts. I am terribly bored and cannot think of anything. Honey, thank you for brightening my life. I will be really happy with you.
I hope you can help as soon as possible, since I already need to go to Moscow for a visa.
And it depends on your help how soon I will be with you. How soon will we be together ...
I am looking forward to meeting you, I am so worried, but I believe that everything will be wonderful with you ... I love you, your Maria!
Letter 13
My dear, I will call you today. Try to be in touch ...
Better it seems to me to send directly to my account.
And I can go to you by the end of the week.
Letter 14
Excuse for a delay, you should understand me.
Having read your letter, I was very sad... because your words pain me.
I up to your letter didn't know that you have bad opinion about me.
Believe me, I not from those girls which money are necessary only.
But I am fair the work, I earn this money, and I am proud of it. And I never shall begin to break morals to correct the financial situation. I think that amount of good and fair people is bigest than bad. And if person wants be happy, he should achieve it. Why I should look at such words from you? Really you think that I can be one of a variety of women thirsting to material profit or career growth? I don't want be a birdy in a golden cage!
If you haven't believing in me, why you haven't told me? Why you pain me...
I search clear relations of love. I search my future husband, my soul mate.
You should understand my emotions, when I hear it from you.
I from the very beginning was fair with you. But also you too should trust me.
The trust and respect for the partner is a basis of any relations.
And if I have made a step having chosen you I expect from you understanding.
I found you, you found me, I want to have with you normal clear relations.
I not want be lonely, you too. And therefore I do everything that I can.
You have given me hope, now you want to break my heart... my believing...
You should promise me, that you will never say paining words again!
I sincerely hope you can understand me.
Letter 15
My love tell me do you not trust me? what is this request for?
Letter 16
Sam My love, I sent you a passport, did you get it? unfortunately i can't take more photos, i broke my camera by accident. But is it important now that our meeting is close. My dear, we can soon be together and I hope you will come to my meeting and help us meet!
Letter 17
My love, I cannot do this! Why are you forcing me to do this, thereby asking other people about this request. What are you guided by? what thoughts did it give you?
It seems to me that we have no future if you doubt me so!
Letter 18
Hi my love !!! What should I do with my trip? I do not know how to be?
Am I going to have to cancel my trip? I don’t know where I can get these 600 euros. I myself help my adult parents. Because only dad gets a pension, and mom does not work. Dad is paid a pension, about 180 euros. I cannot ask them for money. I myself help all of them. They just don't have them. I have no one else to ask for help. It is very difficult for me to accept the fact that we cannot meet. I have only hope for you. I was very glad to communicate with you, I represented us together. And now now all this may simply not be. It's a pity that everything turned out like this. Perhaps my parents were right. They told me that I fell too much in love with you. And that maybe it's just a game for you, but I feel differently. I sincerely trusted you and want to be with you. I do not believe that you are just playing with my feelings. I wanted to give you my love, care and build a family with you. I guess I'm very ******. But I love you!!! We should be together, I am hurt to tears that everything turned out this way. I believe in miracles, it seems to me that I, too, deserve to have my own family in this life ...
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