Letter(s) from Veronica Kudryashova to Sunil (Canada)

Letter 1

Hi, my new Friend!!!! It I, Kate, girl from Georgia.
You probably ask as I has found you? I shall answer to you this question. My girlfriend Inga works in the international agency of acquaintances she. I have addressed to it behind the help and she has helped me to find you. Why I search for the friend and husband of the foreigner? … I can not find the love among the men of Georgia. At me was earlier a little boyfriend … but we did not have a personal life. All of them did not love me but only wanted to drag me in a bed. I have decided to try the happiness with the men of other nation. And I write you Friend!!! I have received your letter, and was very pleased. The large thank, that you have answered me. Forgive me Friend, that I so long did not answer you your letter. Simply I have the limited access to the Internet and I can not frequently check my mail. As I promised you, I shall write in this letter more concerning me directly. Also I send you a photo with this letter. To me 24 years. At me blue of an eye and Light white a hair. My growth 5 '6', weight 119 lbs May 20 will be 25 years. I was born in Georgia city Tbilisi on May 20, 1979. Then my mum lived still in Tbilisi. They have got acquainted with my father per student's years and have grown fond each other. My father came from Russia. After my birth my family has moved to Russia, in Moscow. There we lived happily. But when to me there were 9 years, my father has betraid us, it has found to itself other woman from Russia. It has expelled us from houses and we with the mum were compelled to return back to Georgia to native my mum. My mother comes from Georgia, city Tbilisi. Now I live in Tbilisi. You do not know, where it is located? If you do not know that I could explain to you or send a card. My city to be in 2 time zone. And your city lays in what time zone? What difference in time between us? I live in my own apartment with one room, which I have inherited after death of my mother. My mother frequently was sick, and I should do all work on the house. For this reason I studied to prepare food very well. After the father has left from us my mum was weakened very much, because it became the large loss for it. She very loved my father. The name of my mum was Ivna. She was the very beautiful woman. She could sew and knit very well. And she taught me also. Now I prefer to do clothes independently. 3 years back my mother has died of a Cancer easy . The doctors have told, that, if the father was c us, she would live by longer. But I think, that the doctors simply calmed me. After death of my mum I have devoted me to work. Now I work as the advertising manager. I love my work, though I will get tired sometimes. Recently me learned how to use the Internet. I for the present badly understand, but I study. I use the Internet in an operating time. I do it as fiduciary because my boss does not allow use the Internet in the private purposes. But you should not worry. I write the letter, when there is nobody. I can write to you since Monday by Friday, because we work these days. But if you want, I can write to you from Internet - cafe in target. But I should pay during time, I use the Internet. And I use the free Internet at work. But if you want, I can write to you. I drive target on fresh air. We have very beautiful places, here and we with my girlfriends frequently go to go on a ski. Only it is a pity, that we have no the specially equipped places for ski sports. But we have the large ice bases where many people are going to be rolled on skates. I love to be rolled on skates very much, though I can not be rolled on skates as figure-skater. But any way it is very cheerful. In the summer I love to travel on foot with the friends. We take tents, a rubber boat and we go within several days to a nature. Most of all I love shish a shish kebab. I do not know, if you know, what it, but to trust me, that there is nothing more tasty than meat prepared on coal and impregnated with smoke. On it I finish my letter, because it - late already and I should go home. The following letter I will write to you concerning me directly more. Also I would like to study more concerning you. Bye. I wait your answer. The best regards,

Letter 2

Dear Friend ! Why you do not answer me??? Tell me that can I be unworthy you or that still.
What for you so act? You can simply write to me and all to explain for what reasons you do not wish to communicate with me and I all I shall understand. And you simply have ceased to write to me. And I sit and I am lost in guesses than I have not liked you. Or I can by something has offended you. You can tell about it directly. It is pleasant to me when the people speak each other truth and thus are not afraid to tell that that they think.
I think that the bitter truth better than sweet deceit. Tell me I all I shall understand.
The silence is the worse form of the reference to the man an attribute of disrespect to me.
Please write to me!!! I shall wait for your letter.

Letter 3

Hello, Sunil! How are you doing? I'm doing fine! Thank you for your answer on my last e-mail so much, Sunil. In my opinion, it's so wonderfully, that we are writing to each other, because from our messages we learn about each other more and more, really, Sunil? I'm interested in our correspondence very much, it's very interesting to learn about you, about your life in your country, believe me, as a whole, I read your letters with a huge pleasure! Ok, Sunil, I hope that it will be interesting for you to learn about my enthusiasmes, my favourite things as a whole :) From music??? :) I like to listen the russian and foreign musical executors. From latvian musical executors I like to listen the songs of the following groups Exit. From the solo executors from the solo executors from . Did you heared about this musical group? Ok, from the foreign executors I like to listen 'Bon Jovi', 'U2', 'Cranberries',' lifehouse' 'Scorpions','Elton John', and so on... In general, I like to listen good and modern music, Sunil, and what kind of music do you like? It would be interesting to me to learn about it. Please, tell me, ok? From movies? I like to look the comedies, fantastic films, romanticism and so on. But very huge impressions have left to me the films 'The Lord Of Rings', 'Harry Potter'. I hope what you looked these films? But especial impression was for me as the film 'The Patriot' by an actor Mel Gibson, where the war between England and America is described. This film has liked to me by that this film show the natural spirit of the patriotism, the love to a Native Land! I consider, that it's very important qualities, which should have all people on the world! Really? Sunil, I hope that you looked this film too, and that you had a magnificent impressions from a viewing of this film. Mel Gibson has played his role as a talented actor on my opinion! I liked to look the film 'Cruel Intentions', on my opinion, it's very sensual and instructive film for all youth. Aslo from comedies I liked the film 'Me, Myself And Irene' by the comic actor Jim Carrey :) I hope that you looked this so ridiculous film :) From a fantasy, I liked film 'Planet Of The Apes', it's a very entertainment film in my opinion'. Also I want to tell to you, that I like to read the books, especially the literature of the russian writers: Tolstoy, Chehov, Pushkin, and so on. It to me have imparted in that time when I two years studied at the Moscow school. But I was in huge delight from a reading of th book S. King 'The Dark Tower', in my opinion, it's very interesting book, where the main hero Roland is a purposeful man, he goes to the purpose, to a dark tower, and I like the quality of Roland is the purposefulness! I consider, that this one of the important qualities of any man. I hope what you will agree with me, really, Sunil? About food? Ok, from the favourite food dishes, I want to allocate a fried potatoes, various kind of the soups, also I like a meat too, I don't want to hide it from you:) I like the fish and chicken very much, do you like the chicken? It's so tasty, really? Also I like a pizza very much. It's very tasty too, I like pizza with a cheese. I would like to say you that I like a fruit and vegetables, especially, an apple lemon, orange, banana, tomatoes, cucumbers and so on, there are many kinds of vitamins. Sunil, do you like to cook? I cook not bad as my family and the friends said me at once :) Also about my favorite kind of sports, I like to sport very much, do you like it? In winter I like to ski, it's cool to be on the fresh air. Also I like to play on volley too. But most of all I like to aerobic, we are with my girlfriend Inga engaged by the aerobic in the free time, on my opinion, this kind of sport helps to support my body in the good form. Also I love very much to be rolled on sky. Also I would like to say to you that I like to dance ball dances:) Have you ever danced the ball dance with any girl? :) It's so attractive and beautifully, really, Sunil? I'm sure, that you would like to dance the ball dancing with me at once? :) It will be wonderful! Probably, in the future, we will dance the ball dancing with you, it would be cool! Really? :) About my hobbie? I like to collect various beautiful female magazines, about a style, about female life for example and so on. For a small period of the time, I have a large collection of different magazines. Simply, I like to read the best magazines. I would like to tell you about my dreams too. I'm dreaming to drive a car in the future, it would be so cool and interesting. Sunil, would you like to learn me how drive a car at once? :) It will be kindly since your side:) Sunil, I would be grateful to you, if you will write to me in your next e-mail about your enthusiasmes, about your hobbies, what kind of music do you prefer? What kind of movies and another too? What is your favorite color too??? My favorite color is blue, it calms so much. Well, let me to finish my messgae, also I send to you a photo as the attachfile, on I in the one-room apartment. Sunil, I will wait for your next e-mails! Sunil, please, write me as soon as possible! Ok? Good-bye, see you soon.

My best regards to you,
your friend,

Letter 4

Hi dear Sunil!!! I was glad to receive from you the letter. I want to continue to inform you concerning me directly. Only I do not know, if it is interesting to you To read concerning various trivialities of my life, because I write in detail. I have written Only there are some letters during all my life, so I have no any experience in it. Some people Write the letters each other, it is a lot of years and always will find what to inform. It is incredible. Likely for this purpose is necessary to describe each day of life, What events have happened in this day, and that plans have appeared for The next day. I remember very well, as my aunt has told me concerning itself. When she was young, she corresponded with the young man as well as I now. It lived in Canada. It did not speak in the Georgia language. It sat within hours to write the letter. Actually it was very difficult for him to write the letter. And my aunt had difficulties also, though the English language easier than Georgia. But despite of it they corresponded within three years. I can hardly imagine it. My aunt even has told me on secret, that she has fallen in love with him. But this history has the sad end. The man has changed a place of residing. And my aunt has finished to write to it and has left for other city. Unfortunately man has not given the new address. So my aunt never saw it. I do not want, that it happened with us. I can write to you the letter? The usual letter, not email. I could somehow write to you the letter. I want, that you Sunil could see my handwriting. And I shall pour spirits on my letter. Then you will know, how I to smell. It is really amusing? I want to give you my address, but I am afraid, that you will send to me gifts in my birthday. You should not do it, because now Georgia mail does not work well. The packages frequently do not reach a place of applicability. My aunt has sent me a package half of year, back and I have no it nevertheless. It - reason, because of which you should not send gifts. Sunil, you would write to me better some good words and sent them on electronic mail. WELL? You know, what helps me during all my life? It - my optimism. I have passed so many difficulties, that, if I would not have optimism, I would not know, what I would be. And then I love to dream, very much and I always dream and I hope for something better. It both is good, and it is bad. It is good, because, when you dream and aspire to something, that it becomes to live more interesting. I do not wait, when the happiness will fall from heavens. Is not present! I try, very much and I want, that my dreams have come true. But unfortunately life - incredibly difficult thing, and not all in this life depends on me. So it is bad to dream sometimes also. As, when you wait something during long time, and you dream of it, but the dream does not come true, then the dream brings a lot of a pain than happiness, in general you do. I dream concerning many things, but my dreams do not hasten to come true nevertheless. Well, I think, that it - all. I should go home. I wait your letter Sunil, as spring flower waits for a drop of a rain.

Yours Kate.

Letter 5

Hi mine dear Sunil!!! How - you? With me all is good.. My day was remarkable. But only there was a lot of work. Today our company has received a new part of the advertising orders.. Also there were many clients. I am very much tired and for this reason this letter will be short. Excuse me please. Today, when I had a break of breakfast, small the little bird of village on my window. She sang so beautifully! If you could hear! I have asked, that she has sent its song to my expensive American friend Sunil. You can imagine? It seemed to me, that she heard me, because she has flown away immediately. So, I think, you can wait. And if there will be singing the little bird about you, it - she. If I was a bird, I would fly to you. If I could become a bird, I would become flamingo. I love these birds. Also what concerning you, what bird would be loved by you to become?. I send you my address.

Kate Suslova (I have left a surname of the father)
Georgia, Tbilisi, Kaljku Street , 27/21, LV-1019

Please do not send me any gifts. It would be better, if you have written to me something by a good hand and have sent me on electronic mail.. WELL? Mine dear Sunil, I would like to hear your vote. I could call to you somehow. Business in that that I have no a house of the telephone and about work I call too I can not. At us the very strict boss and it does not permit to use the telephone in the personal purposes. I and so risk that I write you the letters sometimes from work. I can lose this work. So I could call to you if you want. I finish my letter. Excuse me, that it Short. I am really very much tired. And I need in rest now. I promise, it then my Letter will be longer.


Letter 6

Dear Sunil. It is very pleasant to me to see your letter in my letter box. Your letters became a part of my life, which is constant me please. I each day think of your letters. I wait for them with the large impatience. At work I as if in clouds fly. From your letters at me the mood is improved. It is very good, that we write each other, our interest to each other does not decrease, and on the contrary only grows. I did not think, that the Internet can bring pleasure. And now Internet is the integral part of my life, because only it connects us. Yesterday to me there came my girlfriend and has called to itself at date of Birth, which will be tomorrow. It was very pleasant to me to receive the invitation. I am necessary to it to go, because at it the anniversary, it is executed 25 years. Still I very much would like to see all our old friends, which we did not meet, as have ended university. I so am glad, that she has conceived such measure. I tomorrow want to it to help to prepare all for supper. In my heart there is a lot of pleasure and excitement, as is direct before the first appointment. She has decided to do all celebration in resort city of Tbilisi, where the windows leave by the sea. Its husband does to it the large holiday. I am very glad for it, that in their young family reigns love and respect. It will be the really large holiday, on which is going about 30 men. I want to present it beautiful home flowers. Per student's years we very much loved to be engaged in colours and to go in different places, where there were excursions and flowers. Now it very much helps me in work. I spoke with it about you, about our letters and attitudes. She has told me, that she wishes to me only happiness. And if to me I am good also is happy, she is glad for me. I so am glad, that at me such attitudes with the girlfriend. I want to transfer you of a congratulation from my girlfriend. She wish you of successes and happiness. I did not think, that my friends so well will react that I correspond with you and so for it is glad. I thought, that they will tell, that it is all not seriously or still something. Tomorrow I, hope, to see your letter. I shall be at the bottom Birthes, so tomorrow I likely can not to you write. I remember you always. I wait for the letter from you. I am gentle you whole.
Yours Kate.

Letter 7

Hi mine dear Sunil. Today, as never, I so would like to write to you the letter. You, Sunil, that man who simply would like to tell to me everything, that at me on soul. The birthday of my girlfriend Leisa has passed simply superb. I could not expect in any way, that there will be such holiday. At the end of evenings only there was a small very insulting thing. In pool have dropped the camera. I so wanted to send you a photo from this party. It is a pity, but what now to do. I so wanted to present it flower, but my girlfriends have told, that they have decided to order for Leisa the large pie, of which should jump out the man which to show a striptease. I could not be allocated from all and I have agreed. I was afraid only of one, as its husband will react to it. But all has left simply perfectly. Ivor itself did not think, that all will be as in cinema. Maria itself at first was frightened on reaction of the husband. But then has understood, that Ivor concerns normally, and began to have fun. I am glad for it, that its husband such friendly man. I was in the company without support the man and consequently I have noticed as Ivor loves Leisa. It simply all evening did not reduce from it of an eye. Ivor even has decided to sing to it a song. From it Leisa even has begun to cry and gently it has kissed, and all of us have lifted for their family glasses with wine. I never sang in karaoke songs earlier. There is it so is healthy. I am simple by the singer myself felt. At that moment my soul had a rest from all problems. That pie, which we have ordered from surprises inside to us very much has liked. The man danced very beautifully. We have met our school comrades. We have recollected our carefree student's life. As went for a walk and went in campaigns. It is simple so is healthy to see those whom did not see so for a long time. That day I have told to the girlfriends about you. I have told, that the place of our meeting is the Internet. I spoke them, that we with you the friends, that we, that name the friends. We speak all. I have told them even, that by seven events this evening I for the first time want to tell to you. I shall wait simply for that evening, when I shall sit also all I shall tell. At that moment I could not explain itself at all, why I so would like to tell about you. I think, that in the work I meet with the people from the different countries, but I do not work with them. My work consists in the friend. (I have a mobile image of life.) you the first man is accomplished from other country, with whom I correspond. The conversation with my girlfriends has forced me to reflect on much: about friendship, about love, about life, about destiny. This holiday simply has given me to have a rest how I had not a rest already for a long time. “ At me as if the second breath has opened. ” When I at last has lain to sleep, I long thought and could not fall asleep. I have reconsidered, such feeling, all life. I am very glad for those who has arranged the life. Many girlfriends have shown a photo already children. I wish to them happiness. I not such man, which envy. I believe, that my second half will find me and the destiny will help it. I think, that you, Sunil, with me agree. I shall look forward to hearing from you. I am gentle whole you in a cheek.
Yours Kate.

Letter 8

Hi, my prince Sunil!!!!
How was your day? My day was wonderful.I want to tell you my dream this night. It was something. It was greatful. Everything began in the morning. I didn't understand what day it was. But I think it was a weekend because you and me did not go to work. We woke up, took a shower, had breakfast and offered to spend the day on nature. I didn't refuse your suggestion. We entered the garage. But in garage there were no automobiles. There there were two big, beautiful, magnificent horses. They were so wonderful. You have sat on your horse and I sat on my. You said: Well, horse of cowboy Sunil, let's go. I said: Well, litle horse of lady Kate, let's catch up cowboy Sunil.
We went out of the garage, shouting LET'S GO!!!!!!!!!! ..............I looked back and understood that I saw the house for the first time. It was a wonderful building. We were riding for a long time. We overtook each other and then we reached a forest. The trees greeted us making noise with leaves. The grass near the road bended down as if it greeted us. I was surprised. It seemed to me that we got into a magic forest. The road on which we rode led to the river. We stopped. You offered to walk. I agreed with you. We went along the river and saw a water-falls.The water was falling very beautifuly. But then I saw that there is a stone in the middle of the water-fall. We came nearer and notice that the stone looked like a heart. Then you said: Darling Kate, even the nature greets you. Then I answered you: No, the nature greets you, Sunil. We argued and laughed. We decided that the nature greeted both of us. We were happy. I stood and watched the water falling. Suddenly I felt that something laid on my shoulder. It was your hand. I turned to you. I wanted to kiss you very much. And only I prepaired.............I heard some ringing. I woke up. It was my alarm-clock. It was time to get up. I was disappointed. How is it? I went to the shower. I cried. It was only a dream. So I told you my dream. It's a pity that it was only a dream. But soon we shall embody all our dreams in a reality. I am sure in it. I hope you think also. I am waiting for your letter with impatience.
Yours forever Kate.

Letter 9

Hi mine lovely Sunil!!!

I do not know how to begin To write the letter? Today I began to read it and me it became good! I am very glad, you share my feelings! A thank, you have not rejected me! I am grateful to you for your feelings! It is pleasant to me to write to you! To me to want to see you!! I want to whisper words of love to you!! I spoke you, I search for the man is more senior than itself. It seems, I have found the happiness! I can not believe the happiness! I have fallen in love as the heroine of the novel about love! To me to want you to see, but while it is difficult! We should overcome all difficulties and meet! Our souls approach, our hearts knock on a step each other. I strongly have changed. The girlfriends are very glad for me! At work at me all is good! I "to fly" on wings of love! It was never good, as now! YOU have inhaled in me fresh air of love! Write, if you want, I can find out the information on the visa and ticket. This spring I to want to see you! I want to you! But you should trust me! Without it there is no love! We should trust each other. You the very beautiful man. Your words caress my hearing! I with impatience shall wait for your following letter! I hope, at us all will be good! Remember Sunil, you loves and waits lonely heart , Kate.

Letter 10

Hi mine lovely Sunil!!!

I do not know how to begin To write the letter? Today I began to read it and me it became good! I am very glad, you share my feelings! A thank, you have not rejected me! I am grateful to you for your feelings! It is pleasant to me to write to you! To me to want to see you!! I want to whisper words of love to you!! I spoke you, I search for the man is more senior than itself. It seems, I have found the happiness! I can not believe the happiness! I have fallen in love as the heroine of the novel about love! To me to want you to see, but while it is difficult! We should overcome all difficulties and meet! Our souls approach, our hearts knock on a step each other. I strongly have changed. The girlfriends are very glad for me! At work at me all is good! I "to fly" on wings of love! It was never good, as now! YOU have inhaled in me fresh air of love! Write, if you want, I can find out the information on the visa and ticket. This spring I to want to see you! I want to you! But you should trust me! Without it there is no love! We should trust each other. You the very beautiful man. Your words caress my hearing! I with impatience shall wait for your following letter! I hope, at us all will be good! Remember Sunil, you loves and waits lonely heart , Kate.

Letter 11

Hi Sunil!!!!! So the small time has passed, but I grieved without you Sunil very much. Your letters for me As solar beams per dark day. I have printed all your letters. I rescue it to read their houses. And I frequently read it. Sometimes tears occur. Your letters - so Sincere. It has given pleasure to my soul and my heart. I never had such Feelings. I feel slightly awkwardly message to you the following things, but I Attempt to be sincere. I am very lonely here without you. Everything, that I have - your letters. Please, do not stop to write to me. When I am bad myself I feel, I read, it, and my soul calms down. But I all the same sad, because you not about me. I think, that you - that man, whom I want to have about me best from all. You care, you honour and sincere!!! I did not meet such man in my life before. I had no any such feelings long time. I want to inform you, that you are unique for me. My feelings to you strongest, and it only for you! I do not want to lose you now, when I have learned you, now, when I know you. Now I know, that I shall do everything to see you. I think, that it will be the most successful moment in my life. Can you imagine, that I go at the airport, and I see you, Sunil. I throw my suitcases, and I run to your strong man's embraces. I embrace you and whole you, but not in a cheek. I shall kiss you in lips. I can only dream concerning it now. But I believe, that it happen by any way sometime. Whether it is valid is true? Inform me! Then I shall be the happiest woman, and you will be the happiest man!!! Please, please, write to me! Write to me frequently! I need in you!!! I love you by all my heart!!!! I believe, that nothing will stop me, and I shall meet you!!! I think, that you will love a kiss, I send you. My hot kiss for you!!! p.s. Probably I could visit this spring, but if you could help to pay the charges on reception of the visa, foreign passport. And then I shall arrive in you even in spring. Yours for ever Kate.