Scam letter(s) from Netella Gesser to Clemens (Austria)

Letter 1
Hi Clemens. My name is Viktoriia. I live in Germany, I am 35 years old. I am a single woman and hope for a strong friendship.
I am a woman from Germany who really only has serious intentions. I hope you agree with me in this regard. As I said, I am 35 years old, I have no children.
Of course, I understand that I am not a rival to young girls, but I have what they do not have - some life experience.
Appreciate a good sense of humor and try to go through life with a smile as well! I believe that a sense of humor is a necessary character of modern cruel world - agree? Now that you know a little about me, now it's your turn!
I write in English, although I speak German in everyday life. I speak English and German fluently. English is more versatile.
Clemens, I will attach my photos here. I wish you a good day and hope to hear from you soon. I look forward to your photos. I'm sorry to trouble you.
I hope for your answer, if it is not there, I understand that you are not interested in this.
Letter 2
Hello Clemens, nice to see your mail, what a surprise that you answered so quickly! I'm glad to see that you are not averse to getting to know each other better, let's try.
Why are you writing a short message? Have you read my messages?
How is your day? Hope you have a good week and my post finds you in good spirits and in good health. Life changed a lot in the past when this pandemic situation began...
Really strange situation, life is full of news about it and it is already driving me crazy!
Has your life changed in any way? Just curious ... For me, life is changing very quickly, now it is obvious that people are able to adapt to the current circumstances are winners. I have worked for 3 years in a design and architecture company. Our clients were foreign companies who has a construction business in Germany. So this is my job. A few months ago, I realized that our company was not doing well - there were no new clients, delays with salary, etc. It was necessary to change something, and I began to independently look for new clients on the Internet on the sites of freelancers. And a month later I got a big job offer from an Indian construction company. This is a huge amount and good money. So, when 2 months ago our director said that he was going to halve the staff and reduce the salary, I decided to leave voluntarily of my own free will. I just thought it was better to focus all my energy and time on a new project, instead of wasting time in the office. out of employment. It seems like it's time to change something, and I started doing it.
Clemens, I hope you are not tired of my words, I think I wrote a big letter, but almost nothing about myself. Please feel free to ask me any questions, I promise to answer them. Of course, I would be glad to read something about your life. Okay see you later! I look forward to your photos.
Letter 3
How are you there, Clemens? My strong apologizes that it took too much time for answer you, promise to check my mail more often.
I told you already that I'm not online person, I have a boring job and hours, days and weeks I make my job...
I am a sports woman and I love the calm in the nature. In the nature you can feel free and you can tank up new energy. I love kayaking, cycling and volleyball.
My passion is cooking. What are your eating habits?
I live in Brotterode. This is a small city and really clean and safe.
Life is too short to just live sad and lonely all your life,we all have to fight for our right to love and believe in finding the right person. I love my life and try to make the best of it. By separating from my ex, it is of course now difficult for me to maintain my standard of living, but I know that I will make it.
Clemens please don't be angry on me if I don't answer you quickly. It's a definitely busy period in my life, hope you understand. What about you? May be something new and interesting in your life? Want to believe that your life doesn't looks like a chaos as mine.
Wish you a nice days there, hope to hear from you soon! Attached new fotos for you, hope you will like.
Letter 4
Guten tag Clemens. This is Victoriia. I am doing well - I have had difficult days gone by, I am tired and really want to rest, but it seems that I am still alive.
I apologize again for the silence. how is your life there?
I decided to make a covid passport. So that you can freely move around the world. I got my first vaccination. After about 3 weeks, will need to do a second.
And if everything goes well, I will have a covid passport and I can visit any city. Yes, this pandemic has introduced its own rules into people's daily lives.
Alas, we have to live with it. A person adapts to everything and this pandemic is no exception.
What was the last movie you watched? I liked the movie Pull the Knives. Although I am not a fan of detective stories. I love adventure films.
My favorite movie is "The Martian". If you haven't watched this movie, I envy you very much. I have a lot of musical preferences. I love calm music that can play in the background throughout the day.
I am the only child in the family. Now I live with my mother and a dog. My mom's name is Sandra. My dog's name is Otto. I attach a photo of myself and my mother to my message.
We live in an apartment that we bought, and in 2 years it will become our property. My mother is 63 years old. Dad died in 2019 due to cardiac arrest. Very bitter memories for me. I still feel a pain in my heart. Attached is a picture that I drew from my father's photo. We had many plans that we failed to realize.
Many dreams and hopes...
My birthday is August 19, 1985. Zodiac sign - Leo. Clemens, I find it very strange that I already open my heart to you and tell you everything about me, but maybe this is a good sign. Yes, I do think this is a good sign that I can trust you.
What is your favorite day of the week? I love Sunday. On Sunday, my mother and I go to church. This is a good day to pay attention to loved ones.
What could be better?
Darling, I don't know how it happened that we met. I found an ad on the Internet with an offer to meet a man from another country. And I didn't think it was all that serious.
After I got your message, I was surprised as ****. And even now. I can’t believe that you are a real man with whom I have communication.
Right on that site, there was a window for entering my mail address, as well as the text of the letter. Apparently, when sending my message to you, my address was indicated.
To be honest, I'm not good at this. And I can hardly explain it to you. But I told you how it really was.
Now, honey, I will finish my message, I do not want to tire you with this, and I hope that you will answer me soon.
Letter 5
My dear Clemens. When I receive your message, my heart beats faster. Now it's hard for me describe yourself. I am loyal, honest, sometimes unreliable, funny, stubborn. Thus, we can both get caught up in a fierce discussion. We will definitely have hilarious because I don't always take everything seriously... I hope you enjoy laughing.
Can you write in more detail about the place where you live?
I think everyone should be respected. It's a shame that there are people who have forgotten that they were born *****. Many people look at this World as a keyhole.
People regret what they have never done. This is amazing, because no one except us can take part in our life. I read autobiographical books. Almost every book has a story about rise and fall, disappointment and love. The big lesson I have learned is a positive outlook on the future. It is important to be able to fight for personal happiness.
Clemens, kindness and a pure heart are important to me. Relationships only improve if we are able to share our thoughts, fantasies and desires.
I would like to ask you once again to send in more of your photos. I am attaching a photo. This is a photo from a construction site at my last job.
As you already know my specification is design and architecture. This house is completely my project.
By the way, everything is fine with my work. I think you will be surprised if I do not write about my work.
Hope your day is better today than yesterday. I wish you a great mood and a cool Thursday! Looking forward to your message soon.
Letter 6
Hi Clemens. I still don't feel very well. Probably there is a side effect after vaccination against Covid19. I feel so weak and all I need is sleep.
I ate a little, boiled chicken and a small portion of rice. I also drink a lot of boiled water.
Clemens, believe me, I always remember you and am happy that I can write to you now, you have become a part of my life... I am very surprised and happy that I made such an impression on you.
I want to learn more and more about you, your life, your thoughts and feelings.
How are things going with the virus in your area? It seems that people are tired of being afraid of something unknown, and now life has become normal, except for one thing - everyone is wearing masks!
How are things in your area now? Hope the world will return to normal soon.
Despite the distance between us, I want to reciprocate your feelings. It is very interesting for me to meet a person like you. I think that I have a gentle character, modest and timid.
Sometimes my ego is very sensitive. People perceive my sensitivity as weakness, but for me it is education and respect. I hate hypocrisy and betrayal.
The weak points of my health are my throat and neck. As a child, I had a sore throat, which remained my chronic illness.
I was born in Germany and have lived in Germany all my little life. I am writing you letters in English as I want to practice English.
I speak German every day, and I have no one to practice English with. That's why I am writing in English. There are many nationalities in me.
My great-grandfather was from Slovenia in 1900, he moved to Germany and married a German woman. They had my grandfather.
My grandfather married my grandmother, although my grandmother was born in Germany, her father was from Greece. My father married my mother.
My mother's grandmother is from the Czech Republic. For this reason, what nationality I am, I do not know. There are many different bloods in me. My religion is Christian.
Have a nice day and look forward to hearing from you soon!
Letter 7
Good afternoon Clemens, nice to see a letter from you. In the photo in the last post, I'm making vegetable soup. It was very tasty.
The streets here are packed with stationary cars, which means that the residents of Brotterode are still at home and do not go on vacation due to fear of the virus and the economic situation in general. All hotels are empty. There are no foreign tourists. Everything has changed with this pandemic.
Many shops are still closed. The tourists went on vacation to Croatia and Greece and returned infected with the virus.
Daily civil protection service transfers data from the infected, the dead and the healed.
I want to ask you, what do you do for fun? What sites do you visit? What's the last book you read? I read books, watch educational channels on TV.
Love to watch - National Geographic, Discovery World. Now I am reading the novel The Count of Monte Cristo. I read this as a child and I am reading it now.
Age provides a new perspective on what we know before. Clemens, do you agree?
Have a great day, email me soon!
Letter 8
Hello dear Clemens, how is your life? I want to believe that you are doing well there and enjoy your days there.
Recently I looked through my old photos from past vacations and realized that I really want to relax somewhere... relax by the sea, sunbathe...
mmmm.... I really dream about it! I am attaching a couple of photos from my previous vacations, I hope you enjoy them. This is the coast of the Baltic Sea, Kuhlungsborn.
Clemens, how does your day start? Do you prefer coffee or tea in the morning? The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is drink a glass of water.
Later I do morning exercises. The minimum set of physical exercises to help me wake up. I'm going to shower. Later I have breakfast and drink green tea.
This is my beautiful morning.
I try to follow the correct rhythm of life. Although sometimes life circumstances are stronger than us. But a glass of water in the morning and minimal the set of physical exercises always remains unchanged. What do you think about it? Do you have rules that you follow every day?
I like that we have common views on some of the things in the world. Sometimes completely different people start a life together and become very similar to each other.
What do you think about it? I am very glad that we can communicate here and now. I have never regretted that I showed courage and wrote the first message for you.
My dear Clemens, I am smiling and happy because you are in my life. Sorry to write a lot about feelings. Our words now are the main thing that we have.
I can't see your face, but I feel that our feelings are mutual.
I hope to hear from you soon and see more of your beautiful photos. Take care of yourself, stay safe and stay healthy. Have a good day.
Letter 9
Hi Clemens. My dear, how are you there? I'm glad to hear from you and hope you are doing well. I see that you are a kind person with a big heart.
My pulse quickens when I see your message. I don’t know if it’s appropriate to write about feelings here. my feelings are getting stronger every day. It's okay.
I cannot really express my feelings.
I am finishing a design project. The results of my work are now under consideration, the architects of the client send me questions every day... I did everything what is specified in the contract and even more. But in any case, I'm in a great mood, because it looks like my project will be ready soon and I will have free days.
Just gotta get through this the last step and after that I can start planning my vacation. Cross your fingers that this will happen soon, now I understand how tired I am now...
I need to relax and all my thoughts now about vacation! It seems that the situation in the world is stabilizing, I hope it will be possible to take a vacation somewhere at the end of April and in May or a little later.
Clemens, I love that our communication is completely honest. I promise that I will always be sincere with you. I am very interested in what our days together will be like.
I trust you and am not afraid of our meeting. I am afraid of a relationship in which silence and omission snowball. Do you understand me?
I am ready to compromise and talk in any life situation. Please promise that we can always talk and try to understand each other.
I'm tired of being alone. I dream of gentle touches when we wake up. I think physical contact is very important. These are any touches, strokes, kisses.
Now we cannot enjoy it. Clemens, I hope our meeting is possible in the future.
I am sending you a photo that my mother took while walking.
Looking forward to reading your new message and seeing your photos soon. have a good day!
Letter 10
My dear Clemens. I smile when I check my inbox and see your message. Please write about your emotions. Do you like to smile? What do you think before going to bed?
I want to share my smile with you. I would like to ask you to send in more photos from everyday life. It will help me see your life and get to know you better.
Please send any of your photos. Attached is my photo from the fitness room. Not a lot got *** .
Today I have a few personal questions for you. I hope you don't mind... Clemens, are you texting other women? What character traits do you value in a woman?
How old was your first kiss?
I believe that a man should have such qualities as kindness, gentleness, strength, intelligence, care. I'm writing a message just for you.
I'm not interested in communicating with other men. My first kiss was at 17.
I like getting to know you better. Clemens, I love the compliments you write to me. Thank. You have a kind heart. I want to fill your life with happiness.
I want to feel your hands and your scent. What perfume do you use? I use perfume - Hermes Un Jardin sur la Lagune.
Warm kisses and a happy day! Hope to hear from you soon. happy!
Letter 11
Hello dear Clemens, how are you there? Hope you have a good day. Oh, your message is always full of amazing words for me, I really love to read them! Do you know how it is imperative to treat a woman, it's nice to know! Would be so happy to just sit and talk to you while enjoying a cup of coffee.
Sometimes I find it difficult to express my feelings in letters, in real life I am more emotional.
I told my mother about you, said that I had a correspondence with you, I hope you do not mind. She always supports me and when she looks at my happy face it means that this good for her too! These are moms. Clemens, sorry for such sentimental words, I believe that we should be open to each other, and decided to share my thoughts with you.
I would be glad to talk with you at least a little, I want to hear your voice If you have the same desire, leave me your phone number, I will try to call you as soon as possible, it would be cool to talk!
You already know that I work with international companies in the field of design and architecture. My position involves international business trips several times during year, so I have the opportunity to fly. Of course, in compliance with all security measures, but now I can cross air borders!!!
Awesome bonus under the current circumstances, do you agree?
I agree with you and have the same desire to see you in real life and talk to each other face to face! I would be more than happy to go to your vacation... but still We'll have to wait for their money from the last project.
I feel tired and need a good rest. write me soon please! I have attached a short video for you, in my previous job I tried to drive a tractor . It was in October. And photo.
Letter 12
Good day, handsome Clemens, it's me, I'm glad to see your message, full of pleasant tender words from you! It's great to start the day with lots of compliments, thank you.
You seem to feel like I'm thinking of you here too - am I right?
Last night I thought a lot about you, me and our relationship... - now I understand... Clemens, you have become a big and important part of my life, and I have not exchanged letters enough...
at least for me. We already know each other well enough, I assured that you are a kind, intelligent person... able to listen, understand and support...
I firmly believe that even 5 minutes of a meeting is real life better than a thousand letters, don't you agree? The last few months have been tough enough for me, I totally deserve a vacation!
And I feel that my body and mind need it too...
Honestly - I would be happy to spend these couple of weeks with you, you are a good company for me, we are sure that we will have a great time together!
Also now I can get a special flight, a great travel opportunity this time! So, if you don't mind spending a couple of weeks with me, then I don't mind spending this time with you.
I have a good friend who has been working as a tour operator for a long time - name the nearest airport for you and can recommend a good hotel near you.
Clemens, will you meet me at the airport with flowers? I would like to believe that yes. Of course it will be an unforgettable time for both of us! Please tell me which airport to fly to,
Then I will find out all the details of the trip, and also begin to issue my special permission to fly. Preparation of documents usually takes some time, so we will wait for information from you, since as soon as possible, can't wait to start packing my luggage!
Attached is a photo taken at a place called Schsische Schweiz. I visited the Bastei bridge. It is located 300 km from my house. This trip was last year in the summer.
Have a nice day, write to me soon!
Your happy Viktoriia.
Letter 13
Good day, Clemens, glad to find your message! Hope you are ok and in good shape. It's so good to hear all these compliments.
and warm words - you are my believer! Here is a perfect sunny day and a fresh breeze.
Clemens, in the morning I received a letter from my tour operator, she sent me a list of the necessary documents that I have to process, and send them back the full package my miscellaneous documents. I need to make copies of all my basic documents - identity cards, driver's licenses, diplomas, various certificates, etc. This is a normal procedure, I believe that you have also met this situation in your life. Currently, many additional procedures are required to obtain travel documents.
But make a copy of the papers, this is not the problem in general... the main problem is that you need to undergo a medical examination and get a certificate that I am healthy.
So, I spent almost whole days at the local clinic... you need to go through eight different doctors, today I spent a whole day, and only five passed...
Now there are a lot of people in the clinic, there are very long queues to see any doctor... - I hate just sitting and waiting for hours!
Anyway, I will do my best and get a medical certificate.
After that, you need to visit a few more institutes and get inquiries from them. So, as you can see, my present days are full of bureaucracy.
Oh, I almost forgot - today I talked to my curator, told her that I was going on vacation soon and for this I need a special permission to fly.
She gave me the contact from their international transport department, they are handling the flight clearance for the staff. I sent them several copies of my documents, they accepted and said that I would receive a flight clearance the day after I gave them the results of my medical examination.
If I receive them, my flight permit will be ready at next week is really great!
I still can't believe we are discussing our meeting, I am so excited !!! It's hard even to think about something other than our future together! Are you excited too?
Maybe you already have ideas and plans for your future pastime? I would be glad if you share your thoughts with me.
Now I go to bed, I am very tired and my eyes are already closing... I wish you good night, dear, I will write you tomorrow and hope to see you in a dream!
Attached is a short video with me and Otto. Viktoriia.
Letter 14
Clemens, I understand the risks and responsibilities that lie with me. I talked with my mom. There is an invisible bond between children and parents.
I think Mom also feels that I am very happy with you. My mother approved of our communication. I am very glad that everything is going well.
How are you doing today? What is the weather? I accept that our meeting will not be tomorrow or even this week, but still I want to ask you what clothes should I take with me to your country if I come to you in April? In my city, the weather is getting warmer every day.
Today the air temperature is 16-20 degrees C. I want to carefully plan my wardrobe to feel comfortable. I will keep you informed as to the preparations for my journey.
The time we spend together will help us get to know each other. Of course, I hope for the continuation of our warm relationship.
Have you ever gone to the forest to pick mushrooms? Made me nostalgic for the summer. I remembered today how I went to the forest with my mother and picked up a lot of mushrooms.
We went into the forest with no purpose to pick mushrooms, we just wanted to walk through the summer forest, but on our way, various mushrooms appeared again and again.
Mom decided that they need to be collected and preserved for the winter. Do you eat canned mushrooms? I like them very much.
In recent days, I often think about our meeting. Very strange! What will be our first meeting? What emotions will be in our heart and face? It's hard to imagine this meeting!
Hope to find out soon!
Have a nice day! Viktoriia!
Letter 15
ice to see your letter to Clemens! I tried to call you yesterday. You didn't pick up the phone. I left you a message. Did you hear my message on your phone?
Very strange weather today It was raining in the morning and the sun is shining in the afternoon. I look forward to the stable summer weather.
Today my day did not go according to plan. It was necessary to make changes to the design of the building, I thought that this work would take a maximum of 2-3 hours.
But it took all day. Unfortunately, our desires do not always coincide with reality. I wanted to visit the clinic today to get the necessary travel documents.
But because of work I did not have time. On Monday I will deal with this issue.
It's good that I work for an international campaign and I have the bonus that I can travel without restrictions during this difficult time.
Probably next week I will be given a travel guide.
Have you already figured out what we will do on the first day of our meeting? I’ll give you a little advice, don’t make a big plan.
I would like to spend this day in a relaxed atmosphere.
Last night, I decided to make a fruit and berry salad. I really wanted fruit, all at once. But if you eat them separately, then the maximum I will eat is one banana and one apple.
Therefore, it was decided to make a salad. Do you eat fruit salads? I think that eating fruit is healthy!
Warm kisses and a happy day!
Your happy Viktoriia.
Letter 16
Hello Clemens, how are you there? Hope you had a good weekend like me.
All last weekend I thought about you and our future meeting... I just can't think of anything else and in my dreams I'm already with you, dear!!!
Today I went to a travel agency and talked to the manager for a couple of hours, we discussed with you the details of my future trip.
She counted this complete package travel documents, including fees, round trip tickets, medical insurance, will cost approximately 580 euro. My medical tests are fine.
After that we searched for cheap flights and found a good Saturday flight for me!
My dear Clemens, I have a small savings at the moment, around 300 euro, but unfortunately this is not enough.
I contacted this Indian customer again today and they confirmed that Until April 27, they will definitely pay me, but now there is no money for me.
Sorry, I know this is impolite of me, but I assume that you are also interested in our meeting - can you help me with my travel expenses now? I promise to bring you back all the money as soon as I get money from my previous project! I have always been honest with you and now I ask you for help only because I want to spend at least some time.
with you! Now this is a great chance for us, you just have no idea how much I want it! Many times I have already imagined the moment of our meeting, I am sure that this will happen, be an unforgettable moment for us - we live in such moments! Do you agree?
Please write to me as soon as possible, now I need to contact my supervisor regarding my special permission to fly, this is a very important document for me if I want to cross the air border.
Wish you a good Monday, thinking about you and our meeting here, write to me soon!
Letter 17
hi Clemens. I feel that we are close spiritually. In the morning I go to the window. I drink tea and look at the sky. I know for sure that I want to be with you.
You and my mother are the most important and beloved people for me. I told my mom about the trip... Mom said that she sees a change in me. Mom advises not to doubt and listen to my heart. That's what I'm doing.
I think about you and our relationship. I want to say that you are an intelligent, kind, reasonable, attentive person. Clemens, you and I have life experiences. My mother gave me a good upbringing and I am sure that I will make the right choice. A reasonable question arises: why did my previous relationship end? Perhaps I was young and blind.
I believe that now everything will be different. Experience is the best lesson in life. I always think positively. To be honest, I'm afraid to go first to our meeting.
I want to be with you, but I'm scared. I want to see your seriousness and your participation in the preparation of our meeting. We are adults. There is no point in arguing and bargaining.
Yes, I know there are tickets that are cheaper than I found. But such tickets are without luggage and without insurance. The travel agency was strongly asked to buy air tickets, so that there would be insurance in case the flight is changed or delayed. If there are tickets without insurance, then I will lose tickets if there is an unforeseen situation.
Therefore, it is better to make airline ticket insurance.
My dear Clemens, my feelings for you are real. My desire to meet you is real. You know absolutely everything about me. I hope you understand me. We are tired of being alone.
I see in you a person with whom I am ready to share my life. I want to talk about the future, make plans, be happy, sad. All feelings and emotions will be available to us.
You fascinated me with your simplicity.
In this message I am writing to you my sincere thoughts. My travel documents are ready. I don't want to waste time here. I think we'll have a great time together.
Have a good day. I'm smiling to you. I look forward to your message.
Letter 18
Hello my dear Clemens. How about your day? Your health? I hope you all are well.
In fact, we have never met, but I have the impression that we have known each other all our lives. I always notice that I think of you. What are you doing now?
What do you eat? I like to dream of our meeting at the airport. The moment when our gazes meet will be the happiest moment for me. Clemens, you made me a happy woman.
Thank you for the care you give me every day.
I look forward to meeting you. Do you remember we agreed to always talk to each other? I don't want silence between us. To be honest, I get very excited when I think about our meeting.
I want us to spend many days and nights together.
Will you let me cook breakfast for you?
I hope to be able to buy plane tickets soon. Clemens, I will definitely send you a list of flights so you can meet me at the airport.
I will be flying from Flughafen Frankfurt am Main (FRA). Yes, I know there are tickets that are cheaper than I found. But such tickets are without luggage and without insurance.
The travel agency was strongly asked to buy air tickets, so that there would be insurance in case the flight is changed or delayed.
If there are tickets without insurance, then I will lose tickets if there is an unforeseen situation. Therefore, it is better to make airline ticket insurance.
When I have my air tickets, we will have to count the days until the meeting. I will write my bank account information. You will make the money transfer and send me a copy of the receipt. My full name: Viktoriia Klein
IBAN: DE79 7001 1110 6041 1139 26
Bank name: Deutsche Handelsbank
Bank address: Elsenheimerstrasse 41 Muenchen 80687 GERMANY
My home address: Germany, 98596, Brotterode-Trusetal, Mullersgrund 10,
Clemens wishes you a happy day! I miss you. I send you many kisses. I send you my smile.
You know, now in the evenings, when I'm home alone. I am still lonely, but this is not what it was before we met.
I feel an invisible connection between us and I understand that there is a person in the world who thinks about me at this moment.
I want all our evenings to be together. So that we can sit by the fireplace and just look at the fire, hugging each other.
We don't even need to say anything. Just turning face to face to receive a kiss. We can understand each other without words and enjoy the evenings. Viktoriia.
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