Scam letter(s) from Kristina Alexandrovna Rakina to Steve (UK)

Letter 1
Hey, how are you doing?
I'm hope yours mood the today fine. Best sunny day a lot of happiness.
And if soon I am see you answer, my mood will be the best.
I am was happy when saw you Mail on dating site. Also wanted to write to you.
I'm hope to receive your answer and also your photos.
My photos were pleasant to you? My nationality Russian, but I madly like to to get acquainted.
Also I am want to find the mutual love. Are you looking for a relationship? You can ask me, that you interests all.
I am will be very glad if we continue to our acquaintance.
The distance will not be a obstacle? of course there is a desire to offer you with tasty glass wine.
Your have a mood to walk together?
Answer me to my mail address:
I am will wait for your Mail.
Letter 2
Hello Sebastian,
I regret that kept waiting for my answer. But your email was in the SPAM.
Why did this happen? Maybe it's - some kind of error!! Maybe my mail filter is not configured correctly?!
Now everything is all right. I have added your address Email to the "Good Mail" list and we can continue our communication.. If you want, of course?
I think you want to know me. If you didn't want to know me, you wouldn't write to me.. Right?!
It is very pleasant to me to see your photo!! Sebastian you look very attractive.
I hoped that you now are single..
I want to tell that I am single too. Therefore has decided to answer you.. Sebastian i want to tell at once to you that I live in Russia. I am not afraid of the distance between us!!
I have been disappointed already many times. Also was very tired of loneliness.....
I tried to find the man in Russia, but I have already refused this idea...
They are often rough, and alcohol became a part of the life.
I hope that you understand me. I would not like to begin dialogue with misunderstanding or doubts... OK?
And I'm ready to move for the meeting.. But I want to be convinced of the man at first...
I do not want to be mistaken more.
To me 39 years. I am not frightened at all by an age difference, on the contrary for me it is a great luck.
My name Kristina. Your name (Sebastian)?! Was born and live in Russia, in city - Zhigulevsk, to the Samara Region.
I work as the assistant to the judge, in the city courtroom. My duty includes also work, with foreign documents.
English language is necessary in my work. Therefore i can easy communicate with you on English!
Certainly, I want to have the good man who will love me and to respect! It is important for me....
I nevertheless hope that you want to get acquainted for serious relations!!
Now I have started to worry. After all I expect to receive, your following letter...
But I am afraid that you will reject me. I hope we will give chance for each other.
Pleasant day and remarkable mood!
All the best Sebastian...
Letter 3
hello Sebastian.
Thanks for your answer.. You to me have made pleasantly... MMMMMMM what photos. :-) Yes Sebastian, you are the very attractive. And after your photos, I want to communicate with you even more..
Thanks for a photo. You are very pleasant to me.. As you already know, my name Kristina. My some friends call me Kristi. My sizes of 167 centimetres and 61 kg. My Birth Day 14 April! Zodiac sign - Aries..
I live one, in the apartment. I not when did not have a husband. Also there are NO children. I the lonely girl!
My age of 39 years. Age for me not the main thing! You agree?!
I decided to look for a more mature man for myself, because seriousness comes with age. Do you agree?
Young guys often don't want to build serious relationships. They are only interested in short-term relationships.
But that doesn't suit me! I am here to find a serious and dignified man. I graduated from cadet school and then studied at the University of the Police, at the Faculty of Civil Law..
My faculty was with active training of English language.
As I already spoke, I can freely write and speak English...
I work as the assistant to the judge. I help to process documents... Work not heavy, but responsible.
My work is in city Tolyatti... And every day by the bus, I leave for work! It is necessary to pass 20 km... :-(
I have a driver's license. But I have no Car.. Therefore I use bus... I like to spend time on kitchen. I very much like to cook. What do you love?
I can prepare for you Borsh. It is Russian soup... You tried?! it is very very very tasty. :-)
You would like to help me on kitchen, to prepare Borsh? My assistant Sebastian... :-)

In free time from work, I go in for sports. fitness, run, dances. Sebastian you like sports?! I have a good plasticity of a body. :-)
I also really like extreme sports.. I like skiing, diving and I have one parachute jump. I courageous. :-)
I like to listen to music when I go in for sports. Classical ROk, group U2 and many Russian performers.. You listen U2?! It is pleasant to me! Sebastian tell to me more about the life, about the employment and a hobby... At my home there is an Internet 3G modem and as the computer. But I can sometimes use the computer on work to answer your letter... I hope I didn't tire you with my letter? Perhaps a few of my photographs can beautify my letter. :-)

Now I should go... I will wait your letter and certainly I will necessarily answer you... Kisses and embraces, from Kristina...
Letter 4
hello Sebastian..
How you feel? What the interesting happens today?!
Sebastian I was really embarrassed when I saw that you called me Antonina.. I really hope that this is true and you accidentally made this mistake..
I would not want to start our acquaintance with misunderstandings. Thanks for your photos... I was really looking forward to receiving your photo... Thank you!
You must have often been told that you are a handsome Man!? :-)
I hope I do not distract you the letters? Is not present? Tell fairly...
For me your letters only pleasure. Even on work have noticed that I began to smile much... :-)
All thanks to you Sebastian... To Your pleasant letters... Thanks that has placed a smile on my face.. Yes Sebastian, I would really like to see your beautiful garden and your flowers.. My grandmother also loves to work in the garden and she grows a lot of vegetables. I want to tell you more about my life..
I already spoke, my city is called (Zhigulevsk). The city population, makes 55.000 persons.
Possibly, my city does not have any especial places... Especial places in a city, some enterprises...
But at us the beautiful nature and the city population very friendly... All very affable and kind... After all a city small and all each other know. :-)
But the basic part of the population, works in city Tolyatti...
The Big and beautiful city. I told you that I work as an Assistant Judge in Civil Jurisprudence, in Tolyatti. You remember? Has not forgotten?
Sebastian your city, what it? Beautiful? Big? Tell... My family is not that big. I have a father. I very much love the father, he always supported me when I had difficulties...
And now I always support it!
Now the father the pensioner, but all the life worked in Police. Therefore he leaves to live in the village to the grandmother, is far from a city. But I come to them very often.
You likely will ask, where my mum? :-( Sadly, but she is not present with us more...
Mum was lost and for a long time already. It happens in 2001 in an air crash over the city of Irkutsk.
That flight was last for mum! About it even spoke on TV and the Internet... There was an awful day and I try not to remember. And even now tears. :-(
But I still had my grandmother and my father. They my family who has brought up me and was always with me.
Now, when the father leaves to live in the village, I feel even more lonely...
I want to send some pictures to my family! And of course my beloved dog.. You probably guessed it, it's a German shepherd! Very smart and kind dog.. We call him Bratik!!
Do you have animals at home? Now I am going to leave for lessons of dances. I dance Salsa. But while only I study. Sebastian you Will be my partner in dance? :-)
You would like to dance with me dance salsa??? I very much like to dance.
We could embrace each other and dance till the morning. How to you my offer? :-)
Longing and impatient expectation of the following letter from you!
embraces and kisses
Letter 5
Hello Sebastian..
At you all is good? How your mood?!
Your letter brings me a lot of joy.. but when I see photographs in your letter, my mood becomes even better...
I like you Sebastian.. And you have a very beautiful cat.. Doesn't she bite? You know, yesterday I wrote you a letter from my work.. I had a working Saturday, this happens once a month. And I wrote a letter to you from a working Computer.
It cannot be done, but I hope not who will not see.
And yesterday on work, all ask why I am so cheerful... I answer that good mood!
But after all we with you know, what at me a smile upon the face, of course because of your letter Sebastian... :-) I would love to be your dance teacher... :-) Only if you promise to be a good pupil?? :-)
I think we will make a wonderful dance couple.. You will be a master Salsa.. :-) You want to talk to me?! I tried on the 3G modem, to install Skype. But speed of the Internet too small... Not admissible for Skype. :-(
In my area, weak signal of the Internet. We always had such problem and even the Tv antenna sometimes works very badly.
I do not understand what this is connected with.. I certainly have the Mobil phone, but I do not have international network!
My phone number, to me gave out on work. All my phone conversations, are paid by my work. It very much is pleasant to me.
But there is also a minus, all additional options of phone are disconnected. I cannot call and accept calls from other country. After all, I work in a state court!
But you can try! Well? My number +7 (939) 757-5147...
I as tried to create facebook today... But I had problems. I think site temporarily does not work...
I have such mistake (Site temporarily blocked)... In what there can be a reason?? Perhaps the reason is in politics because of the relationship to Russia? I often think of the future. And these thoughts visit me even more often! After all, I am no longer young and tired of loneliness.
I am am surrounded with my friends, and I very much envy them. Many of my girlfriends have found their man long ago and live like a happy family.
Of course, before I had a loved man.... My last relations have ended approximately 2 years ago...
I have thrown it after he has changed to me with other girl, he had a fancy woman... He long hid from me that he has another girl....
But soon I have learnt all and to forgive it such act, I could not... He tried to be sorry, but I did not have enough forces to forgive treason...
of course I suffered... :-( To me it was very heavy to sustain such treachery... But I was supported by my father and friends.
Thus, I have appeared on the Internet.... And now I already communicate with you Sebastian. :-)
But I was afraid of dating on the Internet. Before I already communicated with the man and as thought that he searches for serious relations. But I very much was mistaken...
Has passed 3 days of our dialogue and he has started to ask my ***** photos... Of course I denied him this..
I have ceased to communicate with it in general... But I have received many insults, after refusal. :-( I do not want even to remember.
I want to find the sincere, serious, kind man.... I hope our communication will develop further. I have some photos from the wedding, my colleague. We together work in court.. It was a wonderful and fun day, we had a good time..
I hope you not against my photos. Successful to you of continuation of day, my dear Sebastian!
Yours Kristina.
Letter 6
Hello Sebastian.
I waited your letter even more than usually...
But I thought that you necessarily will answer me. And soon, I have seen 1 new letter. And certainly it was from you...
After all except you, at me any more who is not present... I am glad that you like my photos. All girls love compliments.. :-) I understand that the situation around the world is not stable due to Covid. But I trust that the vaccine will save the whole world and we will return to the old life..
I was able to withstand this disease and I think that whenever possible I will definitely make a vaccine against Covid.. Have you really been to France and seen the Eiffel Tower? She's probably huge, but very beautiful.
Were you scared? Are you afraid of heights? I am not afraid of heights and I even have a parachute jump. I was waiting for your call and hoped that my phone would ring soon.. But unfortunately I could not hear your voice.. ((
I understand that you tried to call my phone number. And as I expected, my tariff plan on my phone does not allow me to receive your call..
But when I receive calls from Russia, there are no problems. Unfortunately, my work gives me some discomfort in my personal life. :-( Sebastian i think to us very much lucky we could find each other..
After all even usual letters, can bring so a lot of pleasure and positive emotions...
Though we do not know each other close, but I assured that you - the kind and sincere person... I feel it heart...
In you there is that I not felt when in other men. In you there is something unusual that draws to you... I would like to communicate with you more and more...
At me very few close people whom I can tell, problems, success, pleasure, disappointment. I cannot share with everyone it...
But now in my life there is you Sebastian... And I trust you also, concerning my father, grandmother. After all only they, for me the relatives.
I hope that you will not enjoy my trust... I very much am afraid to be disappointed in you... After all you will not make to me badly?
I trust you Sebastian..... I as want to deserve your trust! I can count on it?
I cannot hear your voice, speak with you, touch you. And it very much upsets me.
Gradually I want to learn more you. But nevertheless I very much worry. What your intentions to me? Sebastian you were not tired of my photos? Is not present? If you were bothered with my photos tell to me about it. Well?
I don't think Physical beauty is the most important thing.. The Most important thing that the person was able to love, appreciate, respect... Here it is important!
Between us there is an age difference, but for me the age does not have any value... It not the main thing...
Important that in the person, its human qualities. And in you, I see these qualities! It is interesting to me that the father and grandmother, will tell about ours with you dialogue??? :-) I want to tell to all of them!
Likely they will be surprised when learn that I communicate with the man from other country.. But it is my choice and they have to accept it!! Also I send a little more the photos, I hope that they will are pleasant for you...
We have very beautiful nature in our city.. I think that Russia is one of the few countries where nature is of fantastic beauty..
Especially in spring, when nature wakes up after winter calm. I love walking in the forest, the park of our city.. I love to dream and find harmony with nature..
It's just a fantastic feeling when you are immersed in the beauty of the forest! The photos are old, but the memories of this beautiful day give me joy.
With love and kisses.
The hope to receive news from you is fast... Kristina..
Letter 7
Hello my dear Sebastian..
What at you today mood, Sebastian? Beautiful? I will hope for it very much, very much... :-)
I am in a great mood today, because yesterday I had an excellent evening.. Together with girlfriends we went to the city of Samara and visited the Theater.
We had a great time and I haven't rested for a long time.. After all, since the moment of the pandemic, all theaters have been closed.
But now the situation is improving and we are returning to our old life.. Do you like going to the theater? Would you like to spend time with me at the theater or cinema? This morning I read the book, beautiful verses on love... I in general very much like to read...
When I have free evenings, I definitely pick up a book and immerse myself in the story with all my thoughts..
I can read a Novel about love, but I am also inspired by Biographies of famous people.
There can be you know, Russian Poet Aleksandr Pushkin?! He wrote amazing verses on love!! I read its verses with pleasure..
I like similar love films, books, as romantic songs... At once I have a desire, to have the loved man close
In general I very romantic... I really love romantic joint evenings! I am ready to arrange pleasant surprises for you. :-)
Certainly, I very much already think of you Sebastian... And certainly I already have some thoughts and plans. Now I am ready to finish seriously with my loneliness for ever... And I start to have warm feelings to you!!!
I at all do not want to think that we will finish our dialogue. NO, NO, NO. I do not want to think of it.... After all we will not stop to communicate? Tell to me...
I already would like to take your hand... I can touch your face and give you a kiss.... I can see your movements. But it is dream, now only...
The Internet cannot give us such possibilities of touches... And it becomes sad.... :-(
But my feelings, only increase to you... Because our dialogue develops all further. I want to name you sweet kind words... But I do not know, what will be your reaction?!?!?!
Of course you can say that I am in a hurry! Perhaps I agree with you...
But loneliness worries me so much, there is absolutely no comfort in the house, because every evening I spend alone, only my thoughts are in my head..
I want to be in the company of a man who will show me care and respect.. And in return, I will completely devote myself to the relationship.. I can love and respect my man..
I am so tired of the Chaos that is happening in our world. Wars, terrorists, Coronavirus, political wars, so much negativity every day I see on TV!
Have people forgotten that we were created to love and give joy? Now only your letters save me from loneliness..
But I want more! It is a pity that the distance does not allow us to be closer... I hope you you have the same feeling to me, as I to you... At us it is mutual?? You probably noticed that I am a very romantic person and of course it is very easy for me to hurt.. I quickly start to trust people and then I really regret it..
But with you everything is different, I do not feel a threat from your side. Your words calm me down and give me confidence. What a pity that there are thousands of Km between us..
I would like to see you at arm's length. I think it will be very funny, after communicating on the Internet, to see each other in reality..
I have never met a man from the Internet in reality.. But now I have such a chance.. :-) Now there is Sebastian, from which I expect a letter every day. :-) Today evening, I want to go on a visit to the grandmother and the father to the village. Did not see the family some weeks and strongly missed them.
I will perhaps talk to the father and I will tell that got acquainted with you Sebastian. I'm not sure what Father's reaction will be, but I think he will be happy for me..
After all he is my father and for the daughter, he wishes only good luck! If you want, I can say Hello to my father from you Sebastian. I am sure, the father will be happy. Strong embraces and kisses Kristina..
Letter 8
my honey Sebastian...
First I want to say that I wanted to surprise you yesterday and called my girl friend Masha to help me take pictures for you..
And I had such a wonderful mood and just wanted to scream for joy.. I thought I would send you photos and you will have a great mood. But I was wrong..
today is a very bad day... and the weather is so bad that the mood is spoiled even more...
I can not cheer you with my letter... I know I promised to always bring you nothing but joy... but I can not keep my promise.. I'm sorry.. :-(
Today I do not feel like... No, not for your letter Sebastian.. because of the problems that I am having...
I have a problem. Now I'll explain:
This morning I received a call from a travel agency and was informed that the Immigration Department received a positive response to my request for a visa.
I was so glad to hear such wonderful news. I was already mentally with you Sebastian.. And the agency manager asked me to come to the office to fill out the contract..
I took time off from work and quickly went to the agency.. I even had to use Taxi to get to the travel agency faster..
But I was able to arrive on time and with great joy and hope for success began to make out all the documents.. And the time has come to calculate the full amount of my trip.
Of course, I expected that the amount would not be small and that I would have to pay a large amount for our meeting! But I didn't think that the amount would be that big..
The amount of my trip was 57,200 rubles. The reason is because of the large exchange rate of the ruble to the dollar and life insurance against Covid19 disease is just as expensive.
And now this insurance clause is mandatory if a tourist wants to get permission to fly out of the country. And this insurance will amount to almost 14,500 rubles.
And I also have to pay for the registration of standard insurance, Visa, Medical certificate, The repeated analysis on Covid before a departure, Customs duty, tickets..
And the amount will be 42,700 rubles. The total amount of the trip will be 57,200 rubles.
I was upset when I heard that I had to pay such an amount to the agency.. Because I simply don’t have such an cash amount of money..
But I was ready to deposit my 21,000 rubles, which remained on my salary card!
And the remaining 36,200 rubles, I thought to pay with a in installments at a travel agency! I didn't want to ask for your help Sebastian.
But the Manager explained to me that travel agencies no longer issue vouchers on credit. Because the tourism business has suffered greatly and is in decline due to Covid19.
And for this reason, they only accept cash payments or payments to a Bank account.. I was so upset when I heard this news! I wanted to cry so much with grief.
After all, I thought that I could pay for my trip in installments, at a travel agency.. But I did not think that it would be impossible for me..
So I start to worry... I just can not cancel vacation... I can not take a vacation in the summer...
summer vacation can take, only the leadership and senior management! I do not have such privileges!
After all you know that I work in City court and in the summer always most of all works...
so take a vacation in the summer, almost impossible.. Besides, my vacation not to cancel any more!
Sebastian I'm not a magic fairy, I can not do miracles.. My vacation money is not enough to pay for our meeting.. I see no other solution..
Of course if you could solve this problem, I can go to a travel agency and ask for a bank account...
But to return you the spent money, I can only after vacation.. not earlier Sebastian... Only when I receive my first salary after the vacation..
Excuse me Sebastian, if you feel you must do more than I can do... I ask you to forgive me... I did not expect that all will be so....
Of course, I understand that you're probably mad at me, but I really do not know how I still have to find the money.. I very much am ashamed before you Sebastian..
But my desire to be with you, much more than my pride.. I want our relationship to continue...
I really hope we have a chance.. I'm almost 40 years old now... And time is running out... Life goes fast.. I do not want to have to have another person. I want to be with you!
I believe that we will be together.. I'll hope to hear it.. I am worried.. but I believe in our success. and you believe it?
Letter 9
My love Sebastian!
Sorry for my late answer, but yesterday I was so upset that I decided to leave for the village to my family! Because only my grandmother and father can support me.
Now I listen to our song track Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen... Again and again...
I am writing again Sebastian...... Excuse me, I'm upset...
Every day, just letters and what does not change...... :-( Of course, this is not enough....
I think anyone would feel it after a long dialogue only letters... The desire to be together! Sebastian, I already paid 21.000 rubles.... This is - all I could find... I'm looking for... I honestly tried to find the rest of the money!
I really want to be with you..
Sebastian dear, a travel agency can issue a bank account to which you can pay the rest of the amount.. And you do not need to send this money to me. Do you understand?
Dear, I understand that you wanted to buy me a plane ticket. But unfortunately, I was in such a hurry that I did not consider such a scenario and therefore signed an agreement with the agency..
And my whole trip to England is fully prepared by a travel agency.. And it turns out that I cannot book tickets elsewhere..
The agency fully prepares all documents from start to finish and also provides me with tickets from Moscow!! What to do now dear????
I needed to bring 36,200 more rubles.. I had to call in agency and they prompted that 36,200 rubles are about 397 euro.. It is many Sebastian??? dear?
I understand that this is a huge amount of money...
After all, it is our general meeting and our common dream, to be together.. And to fight for our dreams, we have together! Not only I one! I was able to take a long vacation for our meeting... But I'll be ready to stay with you as long as you want!
As the relationship a priority for me in my life now...
This meeting will change our destiny in many respects... I am confident that the meeting will bring us a lot of happiness and joy!
This is - a step in a new life... A life full of happiness, love and tenderness....
My dear Sebastian, i want to give you love and to receive love from you in exchange!
I do not want to meet an old age in loneliness... And I want to have your strong shoulder always!!!!! Now I was at home and I just looked at the wall....... I thought so... Of course you Sebastian.
I'm already tired of the letters... Of course, I have great pleasure in reading your letters.... But for me, now is not enough....
I want more, to finally feel you.. see you.. kiss you... How to you to explain, all my feelings??? hmmmmmm as though I eat a sweet pie and I can eat only a small part.... You understand me, Sebastian...
We write letters, and we think about each other constantly....
But I am afraid that you are leaving the Internet and you forget about me... Although I do hope that you are as you constantly think about me!
How can I think about work, about the food? I can not... The situation is terrible for me...
I am afraid that you do not think of me also, do not worry for me when I do not write...
But I'm always writing to you! My desire is to be with you, a lot...
I can not express all the feelings in a letter... With our future, I have a lot of imagination, desires and plans...
Every minute I think about it! You became for me, the meaning of life.... Sebastian, i can not tell you all of this in a letter...

I'm afraid you do not understand it, and I am afraid that I am to you not so much important in life...
But I very much hope that you will be part of my life! The best part! A huge portion!! I have many thoughts about you...
Every day I hope that we take the first step...... But the next day, the hope is becoming less and less....
But I've done all I can... But I blame myself that I can not itself solve all the problems... :-(
Excuse me Sebastian, that I had to ask for your help! I did not think of this before! I meant to solve problems.. But I can not... I'm sorry!
I love you... I ask to leave all excitements already... Otherwise, we may lose touch once and lose our happiness...
You are my life, my happiness and pleasure in life... I miss you... I would hope that you see my letter and answer me soon....
I miss you! Your Kristina
Letter 10
Hello my honey Sebastian!!!
I just read your letter. Now my mood is bad. This morning I get up in a very bad mood, because I thought about you and dreamed of our soon meeting, but problems in my head create a lot of negative thoughts! And there are terrible thoughts that we will give up our dream, our meeting and a great time together. After all, I have no one except you!
I only have you Sebastian!!! Now it is really very difficult for me to find money to travel to you. If I had such an opportunity, I would never ask for your help.
I was really ashamed to ask for your help. After all, I was so hoping that I could pay for my trip in installments at a travel agency.. But my plans were not destined to come true..
Of course I am an adult woman and have a job.. I am a very economical woman and I will never ask you to buy me expensive clothes.. I always manage my money very economically.
Because I know how much effort it takes to accumulate a sum of money. And I had good savings until the moment I started to make repairs in the apartment.
And I spent all my savings to replace the kitchen unit in the kitchen and also changed the furniture in my apartment..
Because the renovation in the apartment was very old and I wanted to do it for a long time.. But I didn't think that I would need the money for the trip in England. I was not going to take my vacation at all.. And so I thought that I would not go anywhere in 2021.
But a miracle happened and you appeared in my life Sebastian. And now I regret so much that I spent all my savings and cannot pay for the entire trip to you myself..
But I still had a certain amount on my salary card. And I contributed 21,000 rubles to pay for my trip to England..
As you already know, the remaining 36,000 rubles are left and the agency said that the amount will be 397 euros..
I understand that the amount is large, I understand that our meeting happened so by chance and we are in advance we did not prepare for this..
But this is our chance, our luck to finally find happiness, be together, enjoy our meeting, a wonderful time spent together..
Even a pandemic cannot darken our meeting, because the main desire is to be with you..
I understand that there may be little entertainment, because the pandemic has made its own changes in people's lives. But this is not the main thing for me Sebastian!
The main thing is that you will be there, that I will feel your scent, your kisses, your presence.. After all, our meeting is so important for our future!
After all, we need to discuss so many plans for the future.. I don’t want to be alone anymore, I want to end my loneliness..
I know that you also lack female care and attention. And I'm ready to give it to you Sebastian...
Because I want to make you happy, I want to change your life, I want to give you feelings that you have never experienced with another woman..
Because I am very serious about relationships, I give my heart completely and care for my man.. And I really want us to be able to organize this meeting!!! My last hope was my Boss at work, she is the chief judge and we have a good communication.. We are not friends, but she is a good woman and is always ready to listen to her colleagues.. I come to my Boss asking she to lend me money for the trip to you. She also cannot help me, because now she has contributed all her savings to buy a new apartment.
And so she now has no spare money to help me. Sebastian dear, you see that before asking for your help, I first tried to find this money here, in my Russia.
And if I had the opportunity to find this money, then I would never ask for your help. I'm really ashamed to do this. But I have no other solution in this situation.
My dear, I do not know what to do now. You can refuse to help me and it will be your decision. But this will mean that our meeting will not be and I will remain here all alone.
I have great feelings for you and really want to come to you, be with you and give you the warmth that is in my soul and heart!!!
My dear, I hope that we will not give up this dream and will find a solution so that I can pay the rest of the amount and come to you.
And our future depends on our meeting. And I want to have my future with you Sebastian... Your sweet Kristina...
Letter 11
My love Sebastian,
To me so it is bad from all situation which between us has happened... :-( so it is bad, what even it would be desirable to cry...
Because these problems of money, break all trust which was between us... The such should not be... Money cannot destroy relations and love!!
I understand that the reason for your distrust, bad experience your friend with another girl. But do you really think that all girls are the same and only want money from you???
Sebastian what is money to you??? Money is happiness??? Do you think money can buy love, trust, feelings??? No, It is Immpossible...
I can not believe that you can compare me with another girl who deceived your friend.. I was also betrayed before. My heart was breaking. I was deceived..
But I believe further.. I continue to believe that I will find that man with whom I will feel happy..
And I have no opinion that all men are terrible creatures. Do you understand?
No matter how hard it was for me, I learned to trust. And I was able to trust you with my heart and my soul. Because I learned to LOVE. Do you understand?
I feel very terrible when you say that you have no confidence in me.. This is not correct Sebastian..
I also had a lot of bad things, but I learned to let go of all the horror and fear.. And I was able to trust you with Sebastian .. But will you trust me?
Sebastian you the person who has changed all my life... And another is not necessary to me any more... Why? After all with you I feel happy!
I have started to find happiness, hope of the happy future... The Future with the person who will give me love and will care of me...
You became for me light in the end of the tunnel...
But now my hope has started to collapse... It collapses, because there is no trust between us...
You do not trust me... Sebastian darling, I spoke to you, we should trust each other... There is no trust, there are no relations!
The trust - is one of the main things in life love... After all we with you of steam?
If will trust - there can be a love... And the happy future together.....
I also had doubts in you... But you assured me that you will not make to me badly and that I can trust you...
But why you do not trust me? We are in an identical situation and I as I can not trust you. BUT I trust you Sebastian...
I as was afraid to go to other country... But then I listened the heart, and my love to you, there were most strongly fears..
The love is most easy feeling on this earth! The love - is happiness!
Sebastian, i think that both of us deserve happiness!
Many think that happiness - money... I disagree with it!
For me money is only a paper... Possibly, they sometimes help us, but they cannot give us the present happiness...
And this paper, became a barrier to our happiness... And me so it is sad from it... I did not think that money can break our relations! :-(
As for me so it is bad - that you have a mistrust in me...
I have already planned our first evening together, it will be the most romantic day in my life...
I want to give you happiness because you are important for me in this life...
Sebastian, i want that you also listened to heart... Heart will not deceive you...
Certainly if your heart speaks to you to leave me make it! It is not necessary to suffer... I do not want, that you suffered from for me...
But I cannot understand why during our communication you could not trust me? Wasn't my action enough to earn your trust??? What about special photos for you?
Dear, you ask for a photo with your name.. But haven't I taken you such a photo before??? Didn't I make this surprise for you??? But what about my photos of friends, my family???
I trusted you and sent photos of my family and I had no doubts about you.. But after hearing your friend's story, you decided that I could deceive you???
Sebastian no problem, I'll make you a copy of my passport, but only next week. Because my passport is in a travel agency for registrations visa and paperwork.
So I need to collect my passport from the agency and make a copy for you! Is this document so important to you? All your trust depends only on my photo passport?
Now I worry only about our meeting...
I would be happy, even to one touch to you... To one your sight...
But first of all I want to kiss and embrace you...
I think that we are intended for each other, therefore we have met on the Internet....
I am assured, if we are together we will be very happy during very long time...
We have a chance to be together.... Sebastian, we have only one chance in this life, thus, the decision in your hands! We should use this chance!
You understand me that I cannot pay for our meeting completely... Therefore I have asked you about it
If really I could pay itself money not when would not ask your help... If we do not accept effort together we will lose this chance....
I told you that you should not send this money personally to me .. Because you can make a payment to the bank account of a travel agency yourself. Do you understand?
You worry that I can fool you! But how can I do this if I don’t even see this money??? If you pay for my trip, I will come to you right away.
As I spoke to you, on preparation of documents 7-10 days are required approximately...
If you have time to solve with payment - that I can arrive to you, in 10-12 days...
It is very important step which will define our future... And I do not reflect on it... Because I trust you... But you will trust me?
I kiss you and I embrace.....
Your heart will prompt the correct decision....
Yours Kristina
Letter 12
Hello my dear Sebastian.
I received your letter.. Yes, I read it!
I read it carefully and I was sad. I thought that you want me to come to you. I said that I would soon have a vacation and that is why I want to organize our meeting.
My vacation is a good time for our first meeting. Don't you think so? Also, if now we are not dating, then I will not be able to take the next vacation, only in one year.
Are you really willing to wait that long? Sebastian I would be ready to wait if you and I had met before..
Sorry, but I'm not ready to wait one year before our first meeting takes place. I'm not a little girl and I don't want to create an illusion for myself.
Indeed, I have strong feelings for you and you must understand this. And I want to see how our relationship will go in real life.
I want to be with you and I don't want to think that you could meet another woman for you. I want us to take our relationship to the next level..
And of course this level is our real meeting.. Sorry to hear if you can compare me to other Russian women.. I don't like this comparison. There are many women in Russia and it is unfair to believe that all Russian women are liars!
After all, one can also assume that all men are bandits and drug addicts. After all, there are a lot of them .. But I don’t think so. And that's why I chose you Sebastian..
Because I see the difference between you, between other men.. And I wanted to have a relationship with you. And she was the happiest woman when you confessed your feelings to me the same way..
But you heard your friend's story and all your trust in me disappeared! I think that this is not correct, because your friend does not even know me, how can he claim that I am a thief and want to steal your money?
If your friend was deceived, is this a reason to doubt my sincerity??? Perhaps it will be better for us if you can come to Russia? Meet my family.
After all, as they say, a man must always take the first step! But you didn't suggest that. Maybe you're not serious about me??? Or do you have a fear of arriving in Russia? Even the fact that I sent you my photo with a piece of paper, where I wrote a declaration of love for you. I thought you liked this photo..
You saw my photos with the date and time. My real photos..
I will send you a copy of my passport tomorrow, my document, which in the wrong hands can cause a lot of problems.. But I trust you Sebastian!
Is it possible that by looking at my photographs, you can think that I am trying to deceive you?
Sebastian I ask you, think about everything that you even say to me! If I wanted to deceive you, could I do all this for you? Now that we decide to meet, what is the problem for us? Is it a problem of fear that we will not like each other in real life or a problem of money?
Sebastian, I think that if I told you that I have money to travel, then you would not mind me coming. It's right?
But how can I solve the problem of money if I have already paid my part of the money! I honestly planned to pay for my trip in installments, but my plan failed! I'm sorry dear!!
I would love to spend all my money to meet you. And I did it! I told you that I paid all my cash.
But where can I find the remaining 36,000 rubles? What should I do? Maybe I should go and rob a bank or a store? Or do you want us to wait 1 year?
Time - heals many wounds. But time can also change us. What will happen in one year? Can you say with confidence that nothing will change in our life?
I cannot be sure for this. Sebastian, you are very necessary for me and my feelings are strong for you. I dream to meet you in real life and look into your eyes.
I think that in the life of every person there is a moment when he must make a decision on his own. And his whole future life may depend on this decision. What do you choose Sebastian?
Do you want to meet me or do you want us to remain friends on the Internet? I hope you make the right choice and you will not regret it in the future..
I swear to you that I have never deceived you. I am a real woman. I was so happy when we decided to organize our meeting..
But now I am afraid that I might lose you. I think that you are a wonderful man and any woman would be happy next to you!
I want to be that woman for you. I want to give all my care to you.
Just let me into your life and I promise to make you happy.
I am waiting for your letter. Your Kristina...
Letter 13
How do you? How is your mood? How is your health? Hope you are doing well...
It's strange that it's already evening but I still haven't received your letter.. I always love to read your letters at night and then I can sleep peacefully and see dream of you Sebastian!
But today I didn't see your letter. Are you spending time with your family or friends? Do you have Easter?? Are you celebrating Easter today???
In Russia this year we celebrate Easter only on 2 May. Can you imagine what a big difference we have in traditions between countries???
I would really like to see your country, to see how you live, to understand the mentality of your country, traditions, everything is very interesting to me about you Sebastian..
I want to get to know you better and hopefully soon we will be able to meet and have a great time together! Of course our meeting depends only on our actions!!!
And I hope we will cope and all the difficulties will be left behind.. Even my family sees that we are not doing well.. Because when I saw my father for the last time, he immediately realized that I was very upset..
I said that everything is fine, but I want my family to be very worried about me.. But I understand that the problems between us are temporary and we can overcome everything..
And I am sure that we will never regret that we took this step and organized our meeting.. We will be together and have a great time and this will be the best month of my life..
It remains only to solve all the questions to prepare my trip before my vacation! After all, all the documents are already at the stage of registration and all that remains is to wait for a certain period of time.
And when the visa is ready, I have to go to Moscow to get my visa.. And I can already go to meet you Sebastian! Are you looking forward to this wonderful day when you see me at the airport???
I hope that all this will happen soon. Hope we can finally gain trust in each other!! And I will try to help you learn to trust me..
And tonight I met my friend Masha.. Do you remember she is my colleague and her husband works in the hospital? He helped me get the Covid vaccine..
And also thanks to husband my friend, I was able to quickly prepare all the documents for permission to leave the country.. Therefore, I am very grateful to my friends..
And today we went to a cafe with Masha, drank delicious tea, ate a pie and I also ate a delicious seafood dish.. It was very, very, delicious.. It's a pity you weren't with me!
But when I'm having such a good time, I always think of you Sebastian. I can imagine how we spend time together and enjoy our communication..
I want to feel your closeness to Sebastian! I hope that the issues of trust between us will finally be closed and we will not talk about it anymore..
Because I don’t like such conversations.. I want there to be Peace, calmness and trust in each other between us.. Do you want this Sebastian???
As I told you, tomorrow I will collect my passport from the agency.. I will make a copy of my passport and send it to you in a letter. Okay? I go to the agency during my lunch break.
And as for photography, I did everything as you asked. Today, when Masha and I were in a cafe, I took a photo for you.. Now you finally trust me???
Tomorrow I will send you a copy of my passport and you can convince your friend of my sincerity! I hope now you trust me and you will not doubt me???
We only live once in this life, and I believe that we should try everything. Moreover, we must spend time together. Do you agree with me???
I'm not going to let you down Sebastian. My intentions are the most real, sincere and serious.
I am your honest woman Kristina and not when I don't do you bad!!!!
I'm in a hurry now. Because my vacation is starting soon. I want to see you during my vacation. When my vacation is over, I will again have a lot of work and no free time to meet.
Understand my vacation is limited. You know that I cannot postpone my vacation!!! Therefore, I want to use every chance to organize our meeting with you now..
I am very serious about our meeting with you. I am ready to do anything for our meeting and for you Sebastian!!!
I will love and respect you. I will always support you in difficult times. I will never betray or let you down, Sebastian. I promise, I give you my word of honor.. I swear!!!!
I am very afraid not to meet you and that all my plans for the duration of my vacation will not come true. Understand my concerns...
The main thing is that you know that I will never let you down Sebastian. I will do my best...
Tonight I will be at home, I want to take a bath now and I will go to bed with thoughts of you Sebastian. I would like to wish you a great mood and a wonderful dream of our meeting.
Always think of me, because you are always on my mind. I miss you with all my heart.
I kiss you passionately. I kiss your lips and neck.
Your sincere love Kristina.
Letter 14
I just got back to work from a travel agency.. As I wrote to you yesterday in a letter, I had to go to the agency to get my passport..
I could do this and get a passport along with other documents when everything is completed. But since you asked for a copy of my passport, I had to go to the agency..
I did everything as promised and I am sending you my document. I hope my document is in good hands and I don’t need to worry.. Of course I’m sure of you Sebastian, so I don’t need to worry..
But now I start to get very worried after reading your letter! I cannot understand whether you received my letter last night or not! I have a feeling you didn't get it...
I sent you a letter last night and also a photo when Masha and I were in a cafe. I did everything as you asked, sent a photo and wrote you a wish to love you..
But you did not comment on my last letter at all. Perhaps the letter ended up in Spam? You have to check your Email because I'm afraid you didn't receive my letter from yesterday..
How I want the distance between us to end, I'm tired of communicating only on the Internet. I'm tired of constantly waiting for a letter and hoping that we'll be together soon..
When will you and I arrange our meeting? When can we meet face to face? When can I get your hug and your kiss? When will we be together in reality?????
Sebastian dear, your words about mistrust start to frighten me more and more. I didn’t give you a reason to doubt me.. I never doubted my words..
But you still continue to say that there are doubts.. I am sad to hear that, but I hope when we meet we will be able to settle this incident and we will not talk about it again. Okay?
All I want is just to be with you, to be there, to give you my energy, my care and enjoy a wonderful time spent. Don't you want that?
And the longer the issue with our meeting is delayed, the less time we will have to spend together.. And this is so awful! Because I want to spend maximum time with you Sebastian..
But you want it??? I hope you will not upset me with your letters anymore. Please do not forget that I am also a girl and always take all your words close to my heart..
Therefore, it is very easy to offend me and break my heart. Be careful in your words and expressions. Good dear? I want sincerity between us and I am pure in front of you Sebastian..
Because not when I did not deceive you and my feelings for you are the most sincere. I hope you can finally believe to me and make sure..
Unfortunately, I will have to finish the letter, because I have to continue working and my lunch break at work is over.. But I will check your letter and I hope you will write to me soon..
I miss you Sebastian! I hope that at last there will be trust between us and there will be stability in relations!!!
I am sending you a copy of my passport and also the photo that I sent you yesterday in a letter.. I hope I deserve kind words and your attention!
I wish you a wonderful day and a great mood. Waiting for your letter...
Your Kristina...
Letter 15
I have been waiting for your answer for so long, I have not received a new letter from you. I don’t understand why you didn’t answer my letter when I sent you a copy of my passport..
Perhaps a copy of my passport doesn't suit you either???? Yes Sebastian, I have an unpleasant aftertaste after your letter and your words.. I was hoping that I would receive your other letter and you will correct..
But I never received the letter and probably won't get it today.. But there is still a residue from your last letter and a big resentment at your words..
I did everything as you asked! But your expression in the letter shocked me.. (Yes I understand that you sent me a photo with hearts message but that was not a selfie it is simply a photo that anyone can take.)
What does it mean that anyone can take such a photo???? It offended me so much, because I tried so hard to please you, I wanted you to have a smile and happiness from my letter..
But I heard from you only negative and only dissatisfaction. I was horrified by this letter! I could not imagine that you could have such a reaction to my photos!
Like a ****** and naive girl, I fulfill your every request and I had a normal reaction when you asked me to take a photo for you and send my document..
I'm wondering what you have to say in your next letter. Perhaps my passport doesn't suit you either? What else should I do?????
Please tell me what is the difference between my photos and the selfie photo you are asking for??? That is, you think that my photos that I am sending you are not real????
If you say that, of course we will immediately stop our communication. And I will just stop any communication, because I cannot bear such words...
It’s even unpleasant for me that you have distrust of me. It was unpleasant for me that you doubted my sincerity and my feelings. But I was able to overcome myself and was able to enter your situation..
Therefore, I fulfilled all your requests, did everything for you, but even after that you were not satisfied?? It scares me Sebastian!
I hope you don’t play games with me?? I hope your next request doesn't make me take my ***** photos??
If you ask it, of course any of our communication will come to an end! But even now I just do not understand your reaction to my letters and photos.. What bad have I done to you Sebastian?
I will now go to bed in a bad mood, because I waited until the evening for your letter. Waited that you will speak and will tell what I am the good fellow that satisfied your requests..
But I didn’t receive this letter! But I hope you still have time to read my letter today and write me an answer!
Of course, I will wait for your letter and with great excitement await your reaction to everything that happens!
I have strong feelings for you and I want to develop our relationship, I want our relationship to rise to a new stage and this is our meeting!
I hope that soon we will finally be together! I wish you a wonderful evening and a better mood! You are in my heart and always in my thoughts!! Your Kristina...
Letter 16
I'm just terrified of your letter again! You want to meet with me, but at the same moment because of one photo you are ready to break off relations with me..
I can only conclude that you are not serious about me if you are ready to break off our relationship and our dream of being together because of the photo..
I have already taken enough photos for you, you didn’t even say a word of gratitude that I sent you a photo of my passport.. Perhaps there are some problems with my documents too???
With your letter you made my morning very bad.. I hoped that I would wake up and receive your letter and again a fire will burn in my heart from the thoughts of our imminent meeting..
But all that I feel after your letter is pain, humiliation, the feeling that you only used me for fun.. Why did you do this to me????
I was not at all impressed with your answer, what is the difference between a selfie and the photo I sent you.. What difference can it make who takes the photo???
After all, you asked for a photo, to make you a message of love on a piece of paper. I did it for you! Did everything as you asked.. And in the end, you don't like her?????
I was photographed by Masha because we were in a cafe together. And in general, she was so surprised when I asked me to take a photo..
She asked why I was taking such a photo.. I did not say the real reason. Because she just wouldn't understand your behavior..
I had to say that photography is needed as a guarantor of my reality and trust between us???? But in the end, I did everything for you and now you say that you can just leave our relationship so easily????
Yes Sebastian, your letter opened my eyes to our relationship with you. I am beginning to understand that relationships on the Internet simply cannot exist. All this is complete nonsense!
It is not possible to build a serious, sincere, real relationship.. I am already convinced of this! All relationships without a real meeting will lead to nothing. It's just a memorable passion!
I realized after your letters that you are only trying to have fun with me.. I don't need this Sebastian! If you don't want a relationship and a real meeting, why didn't you just tell me about it?
Why are you hurting me? Do you like hurting people who treat you well??? This is a sneaky act and I did not deserve such an attitude towards myself..
If you want to end the relationship, then just say so! No need to play with me, no need to insult me. Okay?
Don't worry about my trip, maybe I can use the rest of the amount in a travel agency to prepare a trip to St. Petersburg..
I have long dreamed of visiting this city, but there was no time and opportunity. But since now I have a vacation and a lot of free time, I'll just buy a plane ticket and fly to St. Petersburg..
I have several friends living there, with whom we studied together at the university. Therefore, they will accept me and I will have a good time.. Therefore, the money in the travel agency will not be wasted!
But I made a conclusion for myself that I shouldn't trust anyone on the Internet and I shouldn't let a stranger into to let heart so quickly!!! Because it's so easy to hurt!
I hope you will be happy and find yourself a new victim for the game of feelings! Do not hurt people, because then you yourself can suffer greatly from this!
I'm sorry that you weren't so serious, because next week we could be together! I really haven't had a man for 2 years..
But apparently my happiness awaits me ahead and I just need to be patient! I believe that I will be happy and there will definitely be a man who will love me, respect and protect me!
Good luck Sebastian!! And I have a little request for you, please remove my passport photo! I worry when my documents are in unnecessary hands! Kristina
Letter 17
Sebastian are you saying that you are mad at me??? But I am the one who is angry with all your letters, with all your words, with all your doubts about my sincerity..
I have no idea who this Elena Koroleva is.. And if you noticed, she lives in Ukraine! I have never been there and have lived all my life in Russia!
And it was just as shock for me when I read your letter and checked all the internet links that you sent me in your letter.. And my surprise knew no bounds..
I wrote to the administration of this site, complaining that my photos were stolen. And I asked that this profile be deleted from Elena Koroleva. Because she illegally took my photos!
Therefore, I not use little internet sites such as Facebook, Instagram, because there is a great chance that your photos can be stolen..
And I can guess how this girl stole my photos! Because I used to have a profile on Instagram.. But then I removed it!
And she probably took my photos. But for what purpose she did it, I do not understand.. You can write to this Elena Koroleva yourself and ask who she is..
And you will see that she is posing as a completely different person! But I don't want to prove anything to you, because with your gestures you have already shown how you treat me..
I realized that all your feelings, all your words, all your actions, were just your fun! And I'm not going to prove anything to you, because I have already proved my reality and my sincerity!
Didn't you get my passport? Didn't you get my special photos that were taken for you by Sebastian???? You received all this, but you still did not stop talking about your distrust..
So I'm tired of it too! I do not want to humiliate myself, I do not want you to humiliate my human value! Because your words have already brought me a lot of pain!
Therefore, leave me in your memory and it will be better if you find yourself another girl! I have nothing more to say, I am so much humiliated by your words and your actions!
I hoped that everything would work out for us, I dreamed of organizing our meeting, but nothing happened! I regret! I have no more words! Kristina.
Letter 18
I don’t know why, but I decided to check my Email and saw your letter.. I thought I wouldn’t get your answer anymore.. But you wrote.
I honestly don't know what to write to you. Indeed, over the past 2 days, all relations between us have deteriorated. And only because of your distrust.. And it's terrible!
I hope that you were finally able to make sure that I am a real person, that my feelings for you were real and I thought Love was kindled between us!
But apparently I was wrong, because you could have abandoned me so easily, you could have just taken and break the relationship between us .. And how can I trust you after that???
It is a pity that you ruined the whole relationship with your mistrust! And unfortunately, because of your mistrust, I also suffered losses!
It turns out that I cannot spend the money I paid in a travel agency for a trip to St. Petersburg.. Because with my money I have already paid for all the documents for a trip to England..
And therefore, my documents cannot be canceled and my money cannot be returned. I just spent my 21,000 rubles.. I'm just horrified by this news..
Because I feel sorry for my money wasted in vain.. And all for the simple reason that you refused our meeting..
And even my vacation, I can no longer cancel, because the vacation schedule has already been drawn up by my Boss and I can’t take a vacation in another month..
All my plans, all my thoughts, everything is ruined in one moment! How can I trust people after that?????
Letter 19
Hello dear Sebastian. Whether how are you? Everything at you is good? I hope that everything is all right.
I'm fine. Only short of that divides us such long distance!!
Today I took the day off on work, and went home. I have very serious reflections about our relations.
When I was at home, I had time everything to consider about us and about our relations. Sebastian darling I very much love you!!!!
You became all in my life, you became sense of my life. I think that we know each other already enough to meet.
I want to see you, to feel your look. I simply want to love you. For me any time is intolerable to wait still.
If we cannot meet now, we hardly can meet in general. And then our relations will be at a deadlock.
But I do not want it because I love you. I hope you me you understand. For me it is very important that you understood me.
Because the trust and understanding, is pledge of the sincere relations and pure love. All my love only for you.
Please do not reject me and my love. I very much want to be with you, your caress, your care and your love is necessary to me.
Your embraces, yours a touch are necessary to me. I want our meeting!!!!
If we cannot meet, I simply do not see sense to continue to develop our relations.
I do not want to suffer. After all I know that we love each other and thus I understand that we cannot meet.
I understand that you are ready to come to Russia in a few months.. But I'm not sure that I want to have long conversations on the Internet again and not some real meeting..
And I don’t want to have our meeting at the moment when I don’t have a vacation.. I can only be free work in the evening and I’ll be completely exhausted, because I’m tired of work..
And I don't want to spend dull and boring days together.. Therefore, meeting in Russia in a few months is not the best option for you and me..
If you wanted, then I would come to you now, because most of the money has already been paid to the travel agency and also my vacation will begin tomorrow.
From it to me only becomes worse. I do not want to suffer. I do not want that our relations were only on the Internet.
I very much hope that you understand me, because it is very important for me.
To me your letters, your warm words are very important. But it is necessary for me much more and you. I want to feel you physically.
Therefore I insist on our meeting. I think that you should understand me, my feelings and intentions.
Sebastian if we now will not meet, I should cancel the holiday.
If I cancel the holiday, I do not know when next time I can have a rest.
Can be only next autumn. You represent what is the time it is necessary to wait???? I so cannot!!
Even if my feelings and my love such strong, I all the same cannot wait so much time!!!
Because than this time to me only will be worse. I cannot communicate only letters.
I need to see you in reality!!! and if we have no possibility to meet, why further to continue the relations????
Sebastian i wait for your opinion about it. I think that you should understand all this, and arrange our meeting.
Tell to me that you think? I hope what today to decide our further destiny and you will give me the final answer!!!!
I with big impatience will wait for your answer and good news. Write to me rather.
Please do not reject my love because my intentions are very serious. With love your Kristina
Letter 20
My man Sebastian. What did you do today? How is your mood? How is your health?
I'm fine.. Today I woke up early at about 06:00 in the morning. I couldn't sleep and there were always thoughts in my head..
Now I have a serious conversation with you!!!!!
Sebastian, I am alive and I have real feelings for you. I'm tired of being alone.. I'm tired of communicating on the Internet and I want our real meeting..
I also take risks and take a big step in my life to come to you. This decision was not easy for me, but still I made the decision to come to you!!!!
What should I tell my family???? Did you think about my father, my grandmother???
My family really wants me to come to you. Father every time asks about you and our meeting with you.
Understand that I cannot promise my family every day that we will meet soon and that everything will be fine.
Now we need to seriously and specifically decide everything about our meeting, YES or NO...
I need to know the date of our meeting.. I can’t cancel or postpone my vacation.. Do you understand? I must also inform my family when I fly to you.
Sebastian, take my request with full seriousness and understanding. I definitely need a specific and honest answer from you???
I'm serious, I decided to come to you Sebastian. This is a very serious step and you must understand it yourself.
I trust you and I believe, I believe that we will succeed and that we will soon be together. I don’t understand why you cannot decide to take a serious step and find solutions to our problem???
After all, I have already done so much for our meeting.. I prepared all the documents and it was not easy for me to do it! But I did it and found a solution to come to you even in a pandemic..
I also resolved the issue with my vacation, I was able to find time for our meeting so that we could discuss our future with you.. After all, our first meeting will give us an impetus for our joint future!!!
And I also spent my savings and was able to find almost the entire amount of money.. I have already paid 21,000 rubles.. Wow, I did it, I could and I am proud of myself..
Unfortunately, it’s hard for me to pay the full amount.. And only the last 36,200 rubles remain to be paid.. Only 467$.. Only this amount separates us from our happy meeting.. Do you understand dear??
I am ready to fly to you next week, because yesterday I received a call from the immigration office that my visa is ready and I only need to go to Moscow to obtain a visa and documents.
But I cannot go to Moscow if I have not fully paid for my trip to England.. Because without tickets I cannot get my visa.. Do you understand Sebastian?
But I have already paid for most of my trip and have already paid part of the amount for my tickets and all that remains is only 36.200 rubles to be paid.
And as soon as my trip is fully paid, I can go by train to Moscow, get my visa at the embassy and permission to leave Russia!!!
And I can immediately fly from Moscow to your place at England!!!! And you just have to meet me at the airport.. Can we finally arrange our meeting???
The price of our dream is only 467$.. Only this amount separates us from our cherished meeting.. Will we really miss this chance to be together??? Are we able to give up and give up in front of this problem?
We may meet with you next week. I believe in you Sebastian and I hope that next week we will meet...
I ask for your help, because I am going to you Sebastian, and you know that...
Our meeting with you is in your hands Sebastian. You know and understand this.
I know for sure that you will not regret our meeting with you. We will have fun and good together. If you help me pay for the rest, I swear to you and promise with all my heart that I will come to you at England.
My man Sebastian, I ask you to decide on your decision??
Now our meeting depends on you, either now or never... I can be 100 percent confident in myself and in my choice about you Sebastian.
But I'm not sure of your choice about me. I don't know what will happen in a month. Maybe time will pass and you will have another woman. And by this you will betray me and leave me alone..
Therefore, I want you to decide now and tell me exactly when we can pay the remaining 467$ and organize my visit to you!
We got the opportunity to be together. We need to use this opportunity. This is our chance!!!!!
You yourself must understand that fate rarely gives such chances. Perhaps only once in a lifetime there is such a chance. Let's think about our meeting and the problems that hinder our meeting.
Sebastian, we will succeed!!!!! I know and believe. Together we can solve all the problems. We should be together. This is our destiny.
Now I wish all our plans to come true. To always have good luck with us. To always have luck. As always, I will wait for your answer and think about you Sebastian.
Endless sweet kisses and gentle hugs.
Your sincere princess Kristina...
Letter 21
Sorry for my delay, but I was leaving for the village to stay with my family. Because I was tired of being alone and wanted to spend time with my family!
I also called at your request to the immigration office in Moscow.. I asked to be connected to the visa center of England! I was able to speak with the representative of the British Embassy!
I was told to collect all the documents that will be necessary to pass the border of England! They also listed a list of documents for obtaining a visa in Moscow.
I can prepare all the documents, I can get permission to come to you in England.. And you could meet me at the airport! But the problem of money still remains.
The worst birthday of my life is waiting for me tomorrow. I feel so bad and I don't want to see anyone. Because in my head there are only thoughts that we will cancel our meeting.
I feel discouraged because it is so difficult to be alone in such a situation. I know that if you were with me, then you could support me.
But you are not with me and I see that we do not have a solution to the problem. I understand that you made every effort and tried to arrange our meeting.
Sebastian what will be now?? How will we develop our relationship further??? Communicate only on the Internet? My next vacation will be next year.
And we have to communicate all this time only on the Internet????? I thought that I would come to you and we would spend several weeks together.
And then I will come back to Russia to prepare documents for living with you in England. But our meeting never happened and what will happen next, I'm even afraid to imagine.
Only letters and not any real communication. It’s so awful and the thought makes you feel very bad. I really need to hug you. Touch and kiss you. I need to see your look, feel your love.
I want to make love to you, the thought makes my legs shake. But this will not happen, because at a distance we cannot feel each other.
So many words have been said about love for each other, but these are only the words of Sebastian.. Yes, these words are from a pure heart, but words cannot give me your affection, care.
Do you understand Sebastian??? How can we further develop our relationship??? What further can we talk to you??? We need to wait 8 months before we try again for our meeting???
It's so awful. I'm even afraid to think about it. After all, it is 8 months so long. It's awfully long Sebastian.. I miss you so much, I can't help myself. I only want you and be with you.
But I don't know how to fix this **** money problem. But now I do not see any solution at all. What are we going to do next Sebastian??? How can we overcome all this???
What should I do with my documents for a part of the paid money for tickets??? Sebastian I feel so bad. Tomorrow is my birthday and I have tears on my face. But tears of pain and grief.
Because now I understand that we cannot solve our problem in 1 day. And tomorrow you will not be with me. And tomorrow I won't be able to go to bed with you.
And I won't meet you at the airport tomorrow. That is why I cried so much, because I feel very bad without you Sebastian.
How can I overcome this separation??? How to deal with your emotions???? After all, all I dream about is to be with you. To love you and be loved!!!!!! Your Kristina..
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