Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina to Jay (Canada)

Letter 1
Hello my dear mysterious stranger. I would like to meet you.
My name is Victoria, but for you I can only raft.
And so I'll tell you a little about myself. I love to cook different dishes, I even consider it my hobby. I also love children.
I really love supplements, just like other girls.
I want to find my love with which I will provide my life and create a family.
I work as a consultant in a home appliance store. I love sociable and happy people. Yes, of course, I may not seem perfect to you, but
You should still try to talk to me.
I really hope that we get to know each other better and that you are not against a new acquaintance.
Tell us about yourself. What are you doing? In what city? What are your hobbies?
Waiting for your reply.
Hope your new friend Victoria.) >>
Letter 2
Hi, I'm glad you answered my message. I hope you have free time to write to me.
Let's get to know each other better. I'll tell you a little bit about myself right now.
My name is Victoria. I live in Kirov for 25 years. My height is 166cm my weight is 55kg,
I'm looking for true love. I want to meet a good man. If everything works out well, then perhaps I will find love.
I'll tell you a little bit what I do in my spare time. I often spend time with my friends, I like to read, walk, I like to cook, I consider it my hobby.
I live in a one-room apartment alone. I work as a waiter in a cafe. I like my work, even if it is not so prestigious, but I am pleased to work in the service sector. In free time and on weekends I do sports and I manage to keep myself in good shape.
I don't have children yet, but I really like spending time with them.
By nature, I am a cheerful person, and I am also a very romantic person. I am quite sociable, I like subtle humor and a positive attitude.
I like romance between a man and a woman. Probably all women dream of a beautiful romantic relationship. But often they end quite quickly.
I do not want to waste myself and precious time on empty acquaintances.
To date, a man has not yet appeared in my life, whom I would decide to fully trust. I already really want to find such a person.
I'll send you my photos so you can appreciate them. I wouldn't mind if you sent more photos of yourself.
Let's get to know each other in more detail. Tell me about yourself.
How you like to spend your free time. What is your character? What kind of woman would you like right away?
Let's talk. I will honestly answer your questions and you will learn a lot about me, and I will about you.
I'll wait for your messages.
Letter 3
Hi, I'm glad to see your message. You're an interesting man. I was glad to tell you about myself. It helped me to uncover you more as a pretty interesting person.
I do not know if we will continue to communicate with you, but I will be pleased to get to know you even closer. It may not be modest, but I want to say that you found a good and reliable person in my face. I think we can at least be friends.
It seems to me that love is created by ourselves - this is not the result of fate or good luck.
No one can assume that he expects us to be in the future... I don't have time for games.
I have serious intentions to meet a good person to build a relationship.
On my own, I am a pretty clean girl and I like to maintain order around me. My friends love what I cook, and they say I'm a great cook. my mom took care of it years ago.
You can make sure of it in due course. I easily make various salads, soups, as well as game and fish. mostly I
I prefer fish, and I also really like fruits: apples, bananas, pineapples and melon. today I will prepare Chinese
chicken and vegetable salad. when you tell me about yourself, I'm ready to hear about it. Waiting for your messages.
Letter 4
hallo Jay ich bin froh, Ihre Nachricht wieder zu bekommen, von Tag zu Tag beginnen wir uns besser kennenzulernen und für mich ist es interessant.
In letzter Zeit habe ich Langeweile, keine freudigen Dinge passieren und Ihre Nachrichten sind jetzt für mein Heilmittel gegen Traurigkeit:) Ich denke, wir begannen uns zu verstehen, und ich bin sehr erfreut darüber.
Unter den Leuten um mich herum kann ich niemanden für eine ernsthafte Beziehung ausweisen.
Gute Männer werden immer kleiner und ärgerlich wieder einmal frustriert, wenn Sie denken, dass Sie die richtige Person getroffen.
In der Vergangenheit war ich in einen Menschen verliebt. Wir haben viel Zeit miteinander verbracht.
Am Anfang war alles gut, aber nach seiner Einstellung zu mir, wurde ich fast gleichgültig für ihn.
Wir haben uns getrennt und es tut mir nicht leid. Ich bin nicht verzweifelt und hoffe, dass ich eines Tages glücklich sein kann. Damit beende ich meinen Brief. Jay, ich warte auf Ihre Nachrichten. Eure Victoria.
Letter 5
Good day
What's new with you? I'm a more independent woman, but I probably sometimes need a man that I can discover on my own, and trust - sometimes it happens, barely think about all these things. I'm happy I found you, and you understand me, you see it doesn't happen often.
I don't know how you jay, but what matters to me is our messaging.
I mean, these are new emotions in my quiet heart. It's unusual for me to start a relationship with e-mail. This situation, there is a distance between us, "my ideas draw to you. I understand for a long time, if there are few difficulties to achieve the goal, then the desire to achieve this increases.
This is probably one of those things that makes me think often about you. jay I think if I had to grab your heart and you can't fight that feminine magic then!
What will you answer me with my dear jay?
I'm sending you a new picture, and I'm waiting for a picture too. jay, I again want to ask you some questions: What are the main values in your life: family, work, money or something else? what are your plans for the future?
Write jay and inform your thoughts, I will wait for your messages. I'm sending you a new picture, and I'm waiting for a picture too.
Your viki.
Letter 6
Good evening dear Jay! How are you my cute there without me, how are your evenings pass? I am writing to you, and I want to tell you that I missed you very much. You are constantly in my thoughts! I'm not doing, just thinking about you. I came to the girlfriend to visit, just talk, drink coffee with her, talk about female. And then she has a little doggy, his name is "chip", he is very cute dog. I'll show you it, send you his photo.) Here I am standing with this dog at the window, I look at our dark blue sky, and I dream of meeting with you. I look at the sky, and in my head I imagine how you and I came to my friend to visit, and stand with you two of the same window, and look together on the beautiful dark blue sky. Which I look without you now, without my jay! And I'm not a lot of sad for the fact that it's all just dreams. I already communicate with you for a long time, almost everyone almost knows about each other, why wouldn't we meet my cute! I would really like to come to my city, visited me, stayed with me. I would introduce you to my parents, with my relatives, and with my friends! They are all wonderful people who will only be happy for our happiness with you! And since you are a man, you are a gentleman, I suggest you come to me nearby. Please ask you very much. I can no longer love you at a distance. ((If your work will allow you to come to me at least for a few days I would be insanely glad! If you have financial difficulties, you don't feel free to me, please! Tell me how to eat Jay . I'm your love! Your Katya! I am ready for the sake of this case to help you with expenses for the trip to me! I have not a lot of money. I can send you at least half the cost of your trip to me! I would be very glad to see you Here in my house !! I hope that we will find a way to meet in the near future. I want to hug you hard and kiss in your tender lips, and your beautiful cheeks!) :) Your Dasha!
Letter 7
At work, I thought about you, and it was so nice to know that there is someone who thinks about me too, reads my ideas and writes something for me.
It's unusual for me to start a relationship through letters. I find your letters and reread them again and again with great pleasure. It cheers up. Today my friends and I are planning to go to the cinema. It is a pity that now it is not possible to invite you there, because you are far away.
I think we could have a wonderful evening together. I hope in the future we will have this opportunity. I'm sure this will be a good time for us, Jay.
We could relax a little. And after that we will probably get somewhere else.
Thinking about it excites me in advance. My imagination is very developed and I can imagine many details of our date.
Perhaps it is time for me to finish this letter, otherwise I will now write a lot of unnecessary things and then I will have an embarrassment in front of you. I am waiting for your e-mail.
My dear. hugs and my kiss !!! Darya.
Letter 8
Hello my dear jay! I had a good evening with my friends. We played bowling. The impressions were good.
Now I will cook borsch. By the way, jay, what is your favorite food?
What do you prefer; sweets, meat, fish, vegetables? Please tell me about it. I also decided to inform my friends about you. They hope that everything will be fine between us, someday we will meet with you.
I told them that I am serious about you and that you are a good person. I think it will be very good for us if we can spend a few days together. This will strengthen our relationship and help us get to know each other better.
This became a definite goal for me. I would really like to be alone with you, to see you with my own eyes and to touch you!
jay, so we can form a complete opinion about us, learn about many things. Let's discuss this. jay, I often think about your messages, and I understand that you are serious about me. I do not consider our communication as fun, and I am writing you some very personal words and things, as a loved one.
I want to tell you jay, I'm glad that I have such a person - like you!
I look forward to your messages and think about you. Your Daria!
Letter 9
Hallo mein lieber Jay! Ich freue mich über Ihre E-Mail. Ich freue mich zu wissen, dass Sie die Idee des Treffens unterstützen und mich auch sehen und Zeit mit mir verbringen möchten.
Jay, ich habe viele Ideen, wie wir unsere gemeinsame Zeit verbringen können.
Ich werde auch einige Überraschungen für Sie vorbereiten und ich denke, Sie werden damit zufrieden sein.
Ich werde Sie in den nächsten Nachrichten über einige meiner Gedanken informieren. Lass mich deine Meinung wissen! Wenn dies auch für Sie ein guter Weg ist, können Sie und ich uns auf das Treffen vorbereiten ?!
Das ist wirklich sehr wichtig für mich und ich möchte mich nicht irren. Ich hoffe du verstehst mich?!
Ich kenne dich wirklich schon nicht schlecht, aber unser Treffen wird mir persönlich helfen, dich vollständig zu kennen, wer du bist und deine ganze Lebensweise.
Es wird mir eine Freude sein, Ihnen meine Zuneigung und Fürsorge zu geben. Ich hoffe du verstehst mich?! Und du wirst meine Gefühle nicht beleidigen. Ich werde jetzt meinen Brief beenden. Ich freue mich auf Ihren Brief. Meine Küsse und Umarmungen an Jay. Deine Daria.
Letter 10
I am glad for your message and thank you for understanding me. Jay you are one of the few people in whom I can find understanding.
Jay how was your day? I hope you are OK! I want to see you, feel ... I hope to see your life, which is very important to me.
I want to see your family, your home, your job, your vacation, I want to feel it all.
This is so important to me. I want to study you very well, because you are an extraordinary person. I think we are worthy of each other. It is very important for me to come to you. This is a very serious step for me.
Do you understand me? How do you imagine our meeting? I propose a meeting. I'm going to you! :) I'm looking for you in the crowd and I can't find you!
Then I heard your voice. I lift my head and see you. And you ask me what was my flight. You want to take my luggage. But I will answer that I myself can handle my luggage !!! Will you give me a rose ?! I really love roses ... At this moment I put my bags to receive flowers. And I say "Thank you" to you. At this moment, you take my luggage and carry it. Smiling again, I try to say something, but it will be impossible for me because I am really a little worried .... :) Later, we enter the cafe and I stop worrying. Then, I don't have enough imagination.
What do we do now? How do you like my dream? I am very glad that you also think that we need to meet ... I thank God for the day we met. I think I really have certain feelings for you. I will learn everything about the trip to you. For me, this is now the very first lesson. I will now finish my letter. I will tell you everything about our meeting. I will fully find out and I will inform you about it. I am very glad that we will soon be able to see you. I'm really happy. I hope that our expectations will be met. Sorry, I ran out of photos on my computer, I need to take new ones. So I decided to send you all the pictures I have. I hope you haven't seen some of them. Your Daria!
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