Scam letter(s) from Anna Vladimirovna Khremli to Mikkjel (Norway)

Letter 1
There you are my friend. How are you getting on?. I'd I would love to find a amigo for corresponding. If you want to meet with me? I would be glad very much to correspond with you. If you write to my electronic mail: Then I'll send you my picture and to talk all about himself. If you do not want want
to correspond to me, then write to me about that. If you are interested Please reply ONLY to my personal e-mail: I look forward to your answer. bye-bye Anna
Letter 2
How are you? I am very glad that you have time to respond to my email.
I do not know what to write to you in my first email, because I have never written and never had a relationship on the Internet.
For a long time I thought about using the Internet, but there was always no time.
But after my friend found a good person on the Internet, I decided to try.
You may be surprised to learn that I do not live in your country. But I really hope that you won't get scared,
Because I am a woman, like many other women living in different countries. I am a man with heart and soul.
And if your interest is not limited by distance or boundaries, then I will make you happy.
My name is Anna!
I live in Russia!
The name of the city in which I live is Almetyevsk.
Have you heard of this city?
The city is located about 200-300 km from Kazan.
My age is 32 years old. My weight is 58 kg. My height is 168 cm.
I like to play sports, I go to a sports club twice a week.
Maybe you wonder why I can not find the man of my dreams?
There is a reason! I did not have time to meet men, I studied.
Now I'm 32 and I'm still alone, I think my life goes on.
Why do I want to meet a man from another country?
I do this because I am disappointed with Russian men. I do not have a husband from Russia, because they do not respect women.
I think I can be a good wife and mother, because I want. I am a very simple, friendly and sincere woman.
I hate lie!
The simplest things can make me happy: a smile, a small gift, or a person I love.
Like everyone else, I do not like to lie, I never communicate with people who lie. I am a very romantic woman.
I do not see the meaning of life without love. I think this is the most important thing in my life.
I want to find someone with whom I will spend my whole life!
Age doesn’t mean anything to me, as my motto in love is for all ages!
Do not forget to send me your photos and write a little about yourself.
I send you my photos. I hope, you like it. I look forward to your news.
Letter 3
Hello Mikkjel!
I'm glad you wrote to me. How do you ? I hope you're fine.
I'm very happy, that you wrote me an answer to my email! Now I want to say a little about me. I just want to write the truth about me. I think it is useless to talk about deception.
Do you agree with me? We are both looking for love. I want my love to be strong, pure, existing for the rest of my life!
I usually trust people.
I do not trust the Internet, but I have heard many happy stories from other people and therefore decided to try my luck too.
I have a lot of work today. By the way! I did not tell you about my work.
I work as a manager in a real estate agency, otherwise a realtor.
I help people buy or rent a house.
I mainly deal with the rental of apartments since I am recently in this business.
Not such a prestigious job, but not bad. On clothes and on food enough and this is the most important thing. My working day starts at 8 am and until 7 pm but always happens in different ways.
I have 2 days off per week. And they do not always fall on a Saturday or Sunday.
I don't really like my job, but in my city it is difficult to find a good job, I am pleased with what I have.
Today I send you some photos where I am at work. I hope you will be interested to see where I work!
I try to keep a healthy lifestyle and I like it a lot.
I am a very active woman, I do not really like to sit. I love sports and pay a lot of attention to my figure and my beauty.
Every girl wants to look beautiful and wants people to pay attention to her attention, and I am no exception.
I do aerobics once a week in one of the urban sports companies, and this is normal.
Besides, I like to dance and I can say that I dance very well. Rainy and boring night, I like to read books or listen to music.
I like different music, it depends on my mood, but I especially love classical and jazz music.
In my free time I like to go to the park with my friends outdoors. In addition, I love to cook a variety of delicious dishes.
Somehow I must have prepared something tasty for you. Tell me about yourself? Tell me your hobbies? What do you do in your free time? This is very interesting for me.
I think you also have questions for me. Ask me and I will answer you.
I will be waiting for your reply.
Also do not forget to send your photos.
Sincerely, Anna!
Letter 4
Hello, Mikkjel!
I was very happy to receive your email. With each email we get to know each other better, and I am very pleased.
I like your emails like a ray of sunshine. I always wait for them. I apologize for the errors in my emails.
I don't know English very well. I studied English courses for several years. I speak English,
But I do not understand grammar, and for this I use an online translator. It helps me to write correctly.
I hope you understand all the words that I write. I wanted to talk to you about how I live now. I think this is very important to us,
To know each other as much as possible. I want to talk to you about my family. I am the only child in the family.
I live with mother. Her name is Alla. My mother worked in a flower shop. He sold flowers, but now retired. I grew up without a father. He left us when I was 9 years old. Mom doesn't like to talk about it.
She married a second time, but this man also left us. I also have cousins ​​and brothers.
I'll send you a photo of me and my mom. I hope, you like it.
Mikkjel Are you from a big family? Tell us a little about your family! It is very important! I do not know why, but I do not care how a man, and I want to know you better!
All my friends are married and all have children! I remember when we were in college, all my friends were flirting)!
I was not interested in men, and for me it was important to get good grades. Today I think it is not so important for me :)!
I spent years carefree textbooks. And now I think it's time to create your life. I love to travel, but I have never been abroad. I love to watch TV while traveling and read magazines about foreign countries.
Do you travel? In which countries and cities have you been? Please tell me about your city.
What is the weather like in your city?
In my city today, about + 5 + 7 degrees Celsius. My favorite color is red. I love this color! I think that you agree with me, because this color is very beautiful and bright, and it is very suitable for me !!!
Please write me your favorite color and why, ok? I think I need to know everything about the person with whom I want to spend my whole life, and then decide
This is for me or not. I hope I can understand. It may be wrong, but I’m afraid of being wrong. I understand that there is no life without mistakes,
But ... please trust me and understand me, I would like to know more about your family and learn a little more about the birth and origin of your family.
As I said, I am very interested to hear from you as much as possible. I think you also want to learn new things about me.
When I was in college, my teacher told me that I was a simple girl and that I could be used for my own purposes. I am sociable and active woman. I like being close to smart people.
In a circle of people with whom I communicate, I did not find a person
Who can connect fate with me.
I work in the women's team, where I heard about family life, so I do not want to marry Russian men. Every day I hear someone complain
That her husband did not come home, or he was *****. It's too hard to hear their groans every day. I do not want to live the life in which they live.
For this reason, I want to find a man from another country, where, in my opinion, the attitude towards women is much better. Maybe this man is you!
I think that the main advantage of a woman is loyalty, devotion to a man and the ability to be happy,
Without litigation and conflicts. Do you agree with me? This concludes my letter for you.
Write the answers to all my questions, it is very important! Hope this was a very interesting email for you.
I send you my kisses and I will wait for your answer.
Your Anna!
Letter 5
Hello my nice Mikkjel!
I'm glad you wrote me an answer.
I would like to ask you how are you?
I'm fine!
I hope all is well with you. I think about you every day. Today, my day started pretty well. I, as usual, had breakfast and went to work.
After work I went shopping.
I like to stay at home and do homework. I like to cook! I am a good cook!
I am sure you love to eat! I do not like going to fast food restaurants. I care about my health.
I try to eat only natural products. I take care of my body. I believe that a woman should be a natural beauty!
You agree with me.
what products do you like?
What kind of food?
Write me this is very interesting!
In the future, I would probably cook food for you, and I need to know your preferences. Mikkjel I want to tell you that your life is very interesting to me. Let me know more about yourself.
I understand you as a person, but we are from different cultures, maybe I don’t know some things about your culture.
I watch some TV shows in your country, but I think we can say more.
I think I will be glad to hear what you say about it! Your letters help me imagine your better life. I want to talk to you about my past relationships.
They lasted 1.5 years. In the beginning everything was fine.
But then he began to treat me badly. He began to raise his voice against me. He came home *****. Once he even hit me. I did not suffer much. I respect myself and left him!
He was still trying to get it all back, but I don't want to. That was three years ago.
Since then I have been alone. And I want to love and be loved. Looks like you understand what I mean. I'm so happy I met you. I mean, when I receive your letters, I begin to shine with happiness, my heart starts beating faster when I think of you. Do you think this is possible? I think so
I am writing to you, I am looking for someone with whom I can live my life, with whom to share my joys and my sorrows.
I have never been with my husband, and I had no children. But I want to have a family. Do you want it?
I would like to know your opinion about family life and how to imagine life with your loved one? :)
Usually, people offer to meet with a woman, with a man who asked to go to a restaurant, to the cinema. Unfortunately, we do not have what we cannot meet now.
Even if I'm glad to see you again! In any case, our knowledge is very extraordinary interesting! Here in Russia, some men offer me friendship.
I am young and attractive. But I have already said that I want a serious relationship and I would like to start a family outside Russia.
You really have to attract me, and I’m curious to talk to you! I hope you also want to talk to me and you are interested.
You're my good friend! Wow! I have a friend in another country! The Internet is a wonderful thing!
Please do not joke about me. Good? You are the man of my dreams! I will always be honest with you. I promise you.
I just want to have pure love, without lies, betrayal and mistrust. I will take care of whom I love.
A man who loves me should be nice, caring and fair. You probably think I'm asking too much.
But I think that I am simply the most important thing in life. I think that in this world every woman dreams about us.
You can see that I was so close to happiness, and everything collapsed. I do not want to repeat it again.
I understand that you need to trust people, but in this world, given the evil, lies and deceptions.
My mother says that I should be open to other people. I agree with this because I trust my mom. Let me finish here. I look forward to your letter. In my opinion, we have become much closer to each other.
I send you the sweetest kiss, full of joy and smiles.
Yours Anna.
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