Scam letter(s) from Anna Valerevna Gribscheva to Philip (USA)

Letter 1
Hello.....I really hope that you will answer me as soon as possible.
Letter 2
Hello, my name is Natasha...
I am looking for a good man to create romantic relationships.
Iam a little nervous, If you are interested in me, You can write me an email and we better know each other!
Tell me about yourself, and send a photo!!!!
Letter 3
Good day, I am very pleased to write a email for acquaintance. I am very sorry if this letter is bothering you. I'm very lonely and tired. My friends advised me to use the internet for find for new friend. I am believe it will be a very important period that can change my life. I never used this method of dating and so little confused what to do. If you also will be interest in the continuation in our communication, I'll be happy to know about you more info. I very much doubt that is necessary to write about myself in the first letter. In a beginning I perhaps need to write about my name - is Elena. I acting, communicative, industrious, open and sincere girl. I want to meet a kind, courageous, honest, caring and loving person. These qualities, I consider the most important, and I think it| is about you. If you are still interested, then I think that we can start conversation that will do glad both us. Please let me know regarding yourself What's your mother land? Write me as soon as possible, because I too would like to see about you, about your lifestyle and your thoughts. I also want to see much your various pictures. Therefore, I show you my picture. I hope you glad it all and we will now more often and interesting to talk. All the best, Elene
Letter 4
Hello, my name Natalia!!!
I am looking for a good man to create strong relationships.
I am a little nervous, but if you are interested in my letter, Email me
and we will become good friends, and maybe more than friends!!
Tell a little about yourself and attach a photo!!!!
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Name: Natalia Oshueva
Age: 37
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Name: Natalia Slipchenko
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