Scam letter(s) from Maria Vitalevna Volkova to Jim (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Stranger!
I found your dating profile.
I will send you my photo.
If you are interested, please answer me.
Letter 2
HELLO! How are you? How is your day?
I'm fine.
Thank you for your reply. I have your email address in my city dating agency
Receive. I have been told that you ignite kindred souls. Online dating very popular in Russia I speak a little english. I do translators.
I hope we understand well Little information about me: My name is Maria. I'm 29 now.
Years. I was born on December 16, 1991.
I am 170 cm over the weight of 57 kg. I live in a small town
called Novouralsk. It is located in the region
Sverdlovsk. I just work the nurse to the hospital. I.
I'm helping the surgeon. I've never been married and me
Don't have children. I think this information is enough
for the beginning. I always try to keep a healthy sample of life. I still
Never smoked in life and drugs. Sometimes I can do something
Pete wine or ****. I'm just trying to eat health, though
It won't always work :) Sometimes you can do something
Food but not very helpful :) i like listening to music ..
The musical taste is very different. I've never been to anyone else
Warehouse. But I was once at sea in Russia My real and important goal is to find love. I have a lot of
Love in my heart and ready to love love
Give a unique and special. I hope we
Try to build a strong, long-term relationship. This is some information about me. I hope you write to me
Your autobiography along the greatest, like me. I wish you a good day! I am sending you some of my photos
And will be happy to see if you send me your photos.
Letter 3
Hello !!! How are you? I hope You are fine. I am very happy about your answer. I would like to ask you what qualities do you value in a woman?
As for me, I'm an ordinary person, I guess human qualities and character traits such as sincerity, sense for humor and optimism. People who are in a relationship, must complement each other, be a whole. You have to love each other, worry. You need to be in safe moments of support. Do you agree with my opinion? And now I want to tell you about my family. I live now with my mom. Her name is Natalya. I have an older sister - Lyubov. She lives separately. My mom 63 years old and she and retired, my sister is 34 years old. The sister has one son, he is 14 years old. His name is Egor. He swims. This is my only nephew. I love him so much. We're in a very good position relationship with my sister, we try to get in touch with her stay. Lyubov amateur photographer. She took the photos that me sent you 14 years ago we had a tragedy in the family. My father died in a car accident. It was the most tragic event in our family. We all loved him very much. He was a wonderful man! It was an emotionally difficult moment in my life and it was hard for my sister and especially for my mother. Mama always said that she shared two with father of a whole! And there is no other person left on earth!
I also have uncle and aunt. You live in an urban settlement. It's near our city. Uncle, that's him brother of my father. And after my father's death, my uncle has us always helped and was like a father. I want you to know that I like our age difference!
It is good for me that you are older than me. My father was too older than my mother! And they lived an amazing life! I
would like to have a man in my life with a lot of life experience, me I am sure that he played an important role in the construction of a solid relationship plays. This man knows for sure! I could write a lot about my relatives, but I think so is enough for the first time. ))) tell me about your family. I will end my letter with this in mind. Have a good time of day!
I am waiting for your answer! Mariya
Letter 4
Good evening ! How was your day? I'm fine because I'm yours Read letter. I am very satisfied with your answer. ) I have a lot of work these days. I already said that I am in work in a hospital. I work six days a week. Basically it's about my work. I am very interested in knowing what your character is and how you are looking at life. I want to ask you what's for you in a Relationship matters most. I believe it's love, trust respect and understanding. Our life is very complicated and so are we have good and bad moments. I think it's a lot easier to experience difficult moments in life when you have a reliable one person have. Which you can trust to all 1000 percent. Not need to build a wall between each other! It is necessary, reaching understanding and compromise. I want us to have a solid relationship, and I always want to be honest with you and not hide anything from each other. And never play games with feelings. I think I have to tell you about my previous relationship. you started about 7 years ago and it lasted about 2 years. First it was a love story ... But then he was young like me and wanted to go with me Going out with friends. We rented an apartment with him. He often spent the night away from home. Or home with friends brought and drank. He kept listening to loud music until late at night Night. Because of this, I didn't get enough sleep and it was difficult for me to work. With that in mind, I had one strong scandal with him. He hit me and I went to my mom.
I believe if a man hits his wife once, it will move on. I dont want that. It was a hard time for me. my heart was broken ... that changed my inner world a lot ... But now it's all in the distant past and I think it's time to build a family with a responsible, friendly and adult man to set up. I know that wisdom comes over the years. And I hope our relationship becomes more serious becomes. Now I'm looking forward to your answer. You healthy and have one good time of day. Your Mariya.
Letter 5
Hello my dear ! I am really happy when I get your new message. I Please know that I think of you every minute I have a delightful feeling that we have been with yours for a long time are familiar. We have a lot in common. That's good that we found each other among millions of people on the internet. I I hope that we can have a good future together, let's see :) I think if you love someone you will be ready for the man to give everything. Love is the strongest thing. If you love, want to you give absolutely everything and ask nothing but replacement. I think that The main secret of a happy relationship is when people are yours do our best to make each other happy .... my credo in one relationship, "I am happy when you are happy with me." Yesterday my aunt and uncle came to see us. And we had one family dinner in our house.Me and my mom visit each one weekend my aunt and uncle. We are very happy to be in the village relax. All relatives came to a place to talk about everything talk, eat something good, drink wine or tea or coffee.
I like to meet these. Yesterday was a very nice evening, we had a lot of fun, my sister, mom, aunt and uncle, we had time together. Me, my aunt and my mother have delicious meals prepared. Then we have a variety of things talked and I told them about you. I said I met one person on the internet and we have a conversation by email. They have asked me to send you hello and they said they did hope our love story will be long and happy :) By the way, did I tell you that I like to cook? I have learned to cook from my mom and my older sister and me Love him since childhood. when I cook I relax. Currently we have many cafes and restaurants and we can try them any food we want there but i believe that homemade food always in a special place for each person ...
Maybe because, as it is called, cooks 'with love'. I know a lot Recipes and I would love to try something new anytime. Say you tell me what your favorite dishes are? In food I love seafood, fish, potatoes, rice, pasta, all kinds or vegetables and fruits. And what about drinks I love green tea, oranges and apple juice, i like morning coffee. My favourite dessert vanilla ice cream and apple pie, my mother make the best apple pie of the world :) Please tell me what are your most important dreams in life? I have a big dream to find my soul mate. And have a big and happy family. My love, I want you to know that I am very serious about you and me take my fingers crossed and hope that everything goes well between us. I I'm glad i met you I open my heart to you and my soul for you. I am looking forward to your answer! I will send You many air kisses and hugs! Your Mariya How do you like the short video? I don't speak your language well so I'm shy.
Letter 6
Hello my sweetheart ! How are you today my love And how is your day? I hope, you missed me as much as i missed you! I'm me I'm happy to write to you again, you should know that you do that are light in my eyes and my feelings for you grow each Day! :) Today when I woke up this morning I was thinking of you.
I asked how day. I imagine how it can be if you are on my side and we'll meet this morning. I think it's just great. Wake up together in the morning that Enjoy the lights of the sun through the window, kiss and hug, and not just doing anything ... just lying underneath soft blanket, talking, sleeping, kissing, having fun, jokes, smiling, laughing, together have breakfast. Make plans for the day together, enjoy them Company of your beloved husband, enjoy this afternoon. I I am ready to give everything to make this dream a reality and be with you soon. I have a great feeling of you in my heart that is growing and more stronger every day. I am very happy that you are in my life I've come I feel my life is changing.
Now i have a special person in my life. Which is very important for me. I sincerely hope we will be a great one have future together, we have everything to do it real. I've been thinking seriously about our meeting all day. I I've come to the conclusion that I'm ready to do this and find out liked how I can come to you and what is required for it. So if we want we can get into reality very soon to meet. I'll go to the travel agency in the morning and ask how I do come to your country, which documents and how i do it. I think i need to make international passport and a visa. I will too know exactly what the Covid situation is about the flights. I hope there are any flights or at least appear soon becomes. My dear, I would like to come to you and give my love. I am i think it can be really great. I hope so and believe in our luck. Tell me what you think about it Now I'm finishing my letter. I send you a million kisses and warm hugs, I think about you and I already miss you! Yours and only yours :) Mariya
Letter 7
Hello my love ! How are you today my love Everything is fine? I am very happy with your answer. And now I'm in a hurry, you mine Telling news. My dear, today I was at the travel agency. The agency said me all about the documents that i need to do to your country visit. I have to do a passport (it will take about a week and it will be cost about 19000 rubles) i need to make a visa for your country (this takes about 2 weeks and costs about 10000 rubles), I'll be there necessary to get health insurance that will cost 4500 rubles.
Therefore I need about 3 weeks for all documents and it costs about 33500 rubles. That's a lot of money for me, of course. Because my salary is low and I have absolutely no savings. In the end are mine feel strong for you and I am sure that we will be together! In Russia there is now a crisis like everywhere else and I have today tries to borrow money from close friends, but nobody has one such possibility. Of course I'll try something else too find or save money. I asked relatives Dear, now we're making serious plans, we'll meet up new step in our relationship. So I think we should make better for communication. It's not a quick plan e-mails always take a long time to answer waiting. We have to deal with many details of the conversation and better do it in real time. So I think it would be better when we use the chat program. My uncle said he would be mine help to install the chat watsap on my computer. Therefore I need phone number to which you have connected a watsap. I dream of our future. I understand that you are now far from me, but I think about it all the time in my opinion after true love can do anything difficulty and distance overcome. I think if God wants us to be together, we will we and we will try do our best to be happy!
Dear, I pray that everything will be alright between us and we will be in able to meet and be together, I hope and pray that it should be. You are welcome answer me soon and tell me me what you think about all of this. Please answer me soon, I will be waiting for your letter. Send a lot of kisses and hugs! Always thought of you, my dear! Just your Mariya.
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