Scam letter(s) from Marina Victorovna Bulak to Manne (Austria)

Letter 1
Hi! How're you doing? I guess dating website decided that we fit each other :) It's all new and strange for me, and I don't know where to start.
Ok, let me write a little about me. My name is Tetiana, I'm 28 y.o., and live in Ukraine. You might think why I'm looking for someone so far from my homeland.
Well, the matter is that next month I'll go there for one year as a intern. So I'm looking there for a friend or maybe more then just friend.
First I need say that fictitious marriage for citizenship not interest for me. I heard a lot stories about people who try to get another country and even ready to marry for that.
I go there to work and study firstly, but of course it would be awesome if there next will be a friend.
So if you would like to talk, please write to me on this my personal email, so we could get to know each other much better.
If no, then sorry for trouble you, and for my english :) Best wishes, Tetiana.
Letter 2
Hi Manne! Glad to get your answer! Thank you for your answer and thank you for your friendship! Well, let me tell about myself. As I wrote my name is Tetiana. I live in Kiev, capital of our country. Now I live alone, have no kids, and was never married. At the moment I finishing study in National University of Food Technologies, on faculty "biotechnology and environmental control". Initially I wanted to go on a extramural course, but then decided to get a full education, despite the fact that now I'm 28. I finished school when I was almost 18, but before institute I had a period (several years) finding myself, I took english lessons, also cosmetologists courses, so now parallel to study I working in the beauty salon as a manicurist. I love to make something unusual, cute and bright, so for me this job more then just hobby, but not best way to earn. Think I should say also about my character. Friends say that I'm a cheerful person, well, more yes than no, I realy like to have fun and sometimes can be like a little girl :) At the same time I'm a responsible and hardworking, don't like to leave things unfinished, obsessed with cleanliness in the house :) I try don't give up, I like tempt fate on the strength, my mom taught me never to lose heart and keep a positive attitude even in the most difficult time. Most of all in a people I like kindness, peace of mind and good sense of humor.
I would like to tell you about my scholarship and my trip , but it seems letter became too long, so better next time. If you interesting something, please feel free ask. Also, I would like to ask something from you. Could you tell about your character, what you love and hate, about place where you live now.
it will be so nice if we became friends!
Ok I'm done here.
Letter 3
Hello dear Manne! So grateful to you for your words! It was very interesting to read about life in Karlsruhe , I think this is a very interesting and beautiful place. You know, I love my homeland, and I think it's correct to be a patriot, but also correct to discover new places, conquer new heights, look for a better place to live. I understand that life there is not be easier or sweeter, everywhere need to work and I'm willing to try my best! Through to your letters, support this important step in my life now seems more easy. I almost do not worry about of trip :) I would like to talk about a more intimate side of my life, because I believe that we have become closer in recent days. What do you think? I would like to talk about my past relationships, my dreams, desires. I hasten to say in a relationship with a man I am very playful.. I would feel responsible for what my husband did not boring, but at the same time, I would not allow myself to bother him, and would respect his right to freedom and personal space. I just want to make a relationship alive and interesting. I so want to feel the warmth and care of the men, tenderness, passion, desire. That he would be kind and compassionate, commanded, took at least sometimes in the hands of our relationship and me :) It is difficult to give a description of love, perhaps this is where you find it hard to breathe when a loved one is not there, but also hard to breathe when he's around. So :) My last relationship lasted almost two years. He a businessman engaged in trade, so was often busy. I also was very busy studying and working in the salon, so we were both happy with it. At first we just met in the evenings or on weekends, and then began to live together in his house. Perhaps from this moment our relationship began to turn into a routine, even though we tried somehow to diversify our relationship, including *** life, but it was a difficult time for both of us. I came home tired after work or school, to cook dinner before his arrival, trying to maintain comfort, I tried very hard. I was worried, even wanted to quit school just to keep our relationship. But I began to notice his indifference to everything going on, and he did not try to change anything. In the evenings after work, he was not talkative and increasingly spending time in front of TV. I understand he was tired, and trying to understand it. But I wanted that we to be close, why people start to live like this, for what? Why two people after a love and passion begin to behave just as roommates. I know it is just women things, but is it so hard. Fatigue should not be an obstacle, ultimately, we could lie in the arms and just keep quiet, just feel the warmth of each other.
I tried to diversify our *** life, buy lingerie, beautiful shirts, offered role-playing games, I was ready doing all for evokes passion. And at first it seemed that it helps, but it was only an animal desire, which also began to turn into a routine. Over time, my efforts to bring energy into our relationship is perceived by him as a matter of course, and it is completely stopped somehow involved in a relationship, and then I learned from one friend of his acquaintances that he secretly meets with a young girl who worked on him. You know, I blamed myself! It seemed to me that I'm doing something wrong, I was hurt, because I really tried. Now I understand that it was not my partner in life, maybe I could not awaken in him a passion, but I know exactly what I'm trying and do my best for our relationship. It's been more then year since I left him, and just now I'm starting to feel free again. Oh God, forgive me for all that I wrote here. I thought removed all, but then decided that send you this letter because I want to share with you something that important to me. You do not need to answer all that I have written here, and also shares something like that in your life, but if you want I will be very glad to read your thoughts.
Ok, need to finish :)
I wish you a wonderfull day there!
Letter 4
My dear Manne! I'm here as soon as I can. I had to work two shifts, so I hope I can earn more. I am so glad that your letter is sweet, thank you, thank you for your words, for your support, for seeing my problem as yours, and help me with advice and kind words. I really calmed down and now I feel much better! Do you know I have an idea if I can complain about life? Yes, my life was difficult and I had to endure an irreparable loss, but recently it is getting better. My hobby is my job, I graduated from university, won a scholarship that helped me find you! With all my heart I feel that I am on the right path, that everything will be far ahead! Perhaps that is why I am so sad now, because I am afraid of losing him. Just today I realized that the scholarship is such a wonderful opportunity to change my life. A respected charity invites students from all over the world to take responsibility and a scholarship as a guarantor of personal trust. In this case, the visa has 100% confirmation, of course, if there is no debt to the bank and the state :) Okay, my dear, I do not want to think negatively, I want to tune in to the positive and solve the problem, because I am not going to give up;) Darling, you have no idea how my heart is filled with warmth, and my eyes are wet when I read your words! You have such a big heart, I still cannot understand why there is no tender, passionate, loving woman next to you. Probably because you're waiting for me? ;) Oh, I'm immodest :) I just want to believe it! Thank you for being ready to help me, but how can you help me dear?
I don't have a bank account that you can transfer money to, so I just have no idea how to do it! Today I contacted the bank to find out about the method of transferring money from abroad! They informed me that they have an affordable money transfer service called money gram!
I do not know if this is acceptable for you, so let me know!
The bank manager informed me that if a money gram transfer is made through this service, then I can receive them on the same day!
So write me what you think about it! I will accept any of your decisions! I am so ashamed to ask for your help, I am afraid what you will think if I need money from you. I don't want to risk our relationship, your confidence, your open kind heart! I see here how girls are looking for a rich man to make their life more comfortable without doing anything, I don't want to be like that! It's so messy, take a man like a purse! Men don't deserve this kind of treatment! Although some men agree to such a deal and buy themselves young and beautiful girls, realizing that this girl will never love him, but will love only his money. I do not want this kind of life, and I know that you do too! I was afraid to ask for your help, but the other side is even more afraid of losing the chance to meet with you! So I'm confused.
Honey, I could write to you all day :) But you need to finish and go to rest, tomorrow is a new day!
I am happy that you came into my life!
your Tetiana
Letter 5
So glad to see your letter, dear! To be honest, I thought that after graduation I would have much more free time, but since this story seems to be completely different :)
How's your day? Please tell me more, I love reading and imagining how you spend your time there;) My days were mostly normal. I try to work every day from morning to night, I'm not sure how this will improve my situation, because two days later the second manicure returns from vacation and we have to divide the work as before. I am considering options for temporary work, but there is little time for this, and besides, the university has something else.
I was a little worried about the tenants, we agreed that within 2 weeks I would resolve all issues and be able to leave their apartment. So I'm not sure if they can wait longer. Therefore, I have no time left at all! In addition, people from the organization are waiting for me until I solve my problems. I think they will also be given a little time, because those who want to give a lot to students, so "you shouldn't keep many waiting." I hope that all this time will be able to raise the necessary funds.
And so, I am sending you my full data to transfer money through the money gram service! my name: Tetiana
my surname: Pizhuk
country Ukraine
city: Kiev
street: Donetskaya
zeep: 01138 Honey, I don't know what to tell you, I have no words, I have never experienced anything like this, no other person has been so kind and gentle to me. You have such a big heart, despite the distance, given all the circumstances and your personal commitment, you still want to help me. I want to agree to your help just in order not to lose the scholarship, not to miss the chance to come there and see you! Of course, the sacrifice you are making for me will not be in vain, because I will receive the minimum wage there, in addition to the fact that the organization fully financed my stay there. Therefore, as soon as I arrive there, I can gradually refund your money. I hope that you will allow me to do this so that I can feel independent. Your actions will always remain in my heart, but I do not want our relationship to start with money, I know that you have a big heart, but I would like to return it to you!
As for how we will spend our time together, there are no barriers for me, because I really want to be in your arms, I want to be loved and feel like a real woman! I also want to give this feeling to you and make you happy every day! I am so sorry that this situation has so little time to write to you about my feelings, but I think we will have time to talk about it;) What do you think? Ok dear, hope for tomorrow! Hug you Tetiana
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