Scam letter(s) from Maria to Jay (Canada)

Letter 1
nice to meet you, How are you?
I got your e-mail in my spam box and I decided to answer.
Maybe, you are free as well as I am and want to change it very soon.
some words about me - my name is Manishka.
I am located in Russia.
I am 36 years old, lonely.
As each and every femalegirl I fantasize to meet my sincere relationship.
a man who likes to develop a hopeful relations.
I long to fall in love this spring and lose my lone being.
Let`s help each other to be happy?
If you`re looking for the identical purposes online, please drop me a few lines.
Please tell me about your place of origin, real age.
Are you married?
Let`s find out if we are mates?
Best regards Manishka.
Letter 2
Hello, Jay. Thank you for your answer, I am glad that you haven`t forgotten about me. Thank you for nice photo!
I am very interested to learn something new about you, correspondence- is an exciting thing!
It`s not easy to make a right impression online, in correspondence, which will prove to be true, not a poor judgment by meeting in a real life.
Before I ask something new about you, I will tell you a little about me, though I`m dying to know more about you.In your letter you mentioned the age difference and i do not think that it will be a great problem for us.Just the opposite:I am sure that in a good union a man should be older and wiser than his woman.
i prefer strong independent,goal orientated men,and unfortunately they are so hard to find among youngsters.
Besides,older man can give tenderness, care and assurance-all that is important for me in relationships.And do not forget the words of famous Russian poet" Love has not age"!
I am absolutely agree with him and what about you?:)
As you already know, I live in Russia, in neither big nor little city called Bryansk.
It`s more than 1000 years old, it`s rich in history, someday I will tell you about it in details, but for now I`ll do it shortly. The population of the city is about 400.000 people, it`s located 379 kilometers (235 mi) southwest of Moscow. In general, Bryansk- is considered to be an industrial city, but it accredits much of its success to the past, not todays, as all the industrial enterprises and factories had been inherited from the former Soviet Union times, now they stopped developing but "live out" their days.
There are lots of secondary schools in the city, which I am very pleased with, as by my calling and profession - I am a teacher. I will tell you more about my profession later.
I would love to learn something about your area.
Can you describe shortly a few things?
As I`ve already told you by my education and calling (I will allow myself such indiscretion) I am a teacher. I have been educating kids in primary school for 10 years already, I teach them natural science, reading, writing, arithmetics. I love my work, I think, it`s a noble speciality, moreover, I like to work with kids.
When I have a spare time I like to be outside, go to the forest, water.
I like to visit art exhibitions, walk along the old city streets.
Now I will ask you a few questions and will hope to get a letter from you tomorrow.
What are your education and profession?
Do you like pets?
I will be definitely glad to continue our correspondence, here`s some pictures for you. Don`t forget to send me yours too.
Best regards, Mariya
Letter 3
Hello again Jay ,I am very glad that you are interested in me and want to continue our correspondence.
Thank you for nice photos.
If to be true, I have almost given up on finding an honest man from dating sites, after reading so many lies , naughty requests and so on - very disappointing really! Too many fakes are there and the genuine people lose out the chance for finding happiness, it`s so wrong! I think, dialogue is the key to the beginning of friendship and knowing each other. My life - open book for the proper man. I hope, you`re for real? Hmm, what do pen pals usually write about? :) I read your letter with a big interest, thank you for answering my questions, it`s very important for me, as I know more about you. I see that you have a big life experience, I like it.
In our country man is a head of the family, woman in difficult situations and questions listen to him usually.
It`s, probably, right, a weak listens to the strong. We, women, are the weak gender :)
What`s the situation between man and woman in your country?
I had two serious relations in my life. My longest relations lasts for 3 years.
It ended because, I dated with a man of my age, he wanted casual relations, sadly nothing serious.
As you know, I work as a teacher in a primary school, I have a high education, I was taught to educate kids.
That`s not an easy job! But nevertheless I enjoy it because I love children very much.
What I can tell you more about me - I am a family person, I love cooking, like to cook new dishes, I am a very hospitable person. Even though I don`t have a sweet tooth, I like to make pies some desserts and cookies - just to spoil my friends when they come to my place. But my guests often complain that they overeat when visit me, they say my cooking masterpieces are too delicious.
My height is 165 cm; I weigh 55 kg; blue eyes; don`t smoke or take drugs; drink socially.
I don`t have any tattoos or piercing on my body, but I don`t mind if some people have it, as the way of expressing themselves.
My birthday is on the April, 1, 1985. My star sign is Aries. I speak and write English myself.
I love cat's dogs and horses. I had a dream of riding a horse as a child, maybe one day it will come true? My tastes in music are rather eclectic, but I like the music that sounds good.
Ugh, I am never bored being on my own - in my spare time I like to decorate my home, sew or knit. I like going out for meals, travelling or quiet nights in with a good movie snuggled up on the couch.
What excites me most is camping! When I was younger my school mates and me went for long trip for the whole summer!
oh, it was really great times - we cook and eat on the fresh air, bathe in lakes, help local people with some farming works, see the unique Russian cities and nature in it`s best.
In the evening we make a fire, sat in front of it, sang songs and tell each other something interesting and funny. Everywhere were heard our ringing voices and laughter.
As for my dreams and goals I want to create strong love union and maybe get married in the future. I want to live together with my man and share all things in life; good and bad. In my partner I value, respect, honesty, closeness, tenderness.
I try to keep things as simple as possible and let life take it`s natural course.
I googled the place where you reside, it seems to be the good place to live.
It would be interesting to visit it one day, you would be my personal guide, I am sure it would be my best journey.
Tell me about the climate of your country. What`s winter, spring, summer,autumn looks like?
Sometimes good things begin with just an e-mail, I believe that!
I think that`s enough for today. Here`s some pictures for you.
Best regards, Mariya
Letter 4
Hello my dear Jay!!!
You know, I have a good impression about you. I am so much interested in our correspondence, and feel it's become more than just correspondence.
Thank you that you share everything with me, I have some feeling, something forgotten and sweet. Do you feel that too?
Probably destiny gave us a chance, and we should not miss it? Yes, I forgot to ask you, whether you believe in destiny?
I did not date any men for 2 years. My previous relations brought me much pain and disappointments..
That's why I didn't search a man for any kind of relation. I was afraid to create a new ones for two years.. It hurts so much, when your beloved cheats on you with another person.. I hate it. That's why I am afraid to make mistake again. Good memories or bad memories everybody has them an they help make us who we are. like the saying goes what does not **** us makes us stronger yes? :)
Honesty and trust are the foundation to all that is strong, successful and time enduring. I wear my heart on my shoulders and my feelings on my face. I don't believe the grass is greener on the other side of the fence and only a fool would go to see.
Sometime I love looking at the stars when the sky is clear without a cloud in the sky. I believe in random acts of kindness, I think better to have 5 friends I know I can trust with all than 5,000,000 I have doubts about, what do you think?
Can you tell me how many friends do you have? best friends? May be some interesting stories?
May be you have any friends who lives in Russia?
I think I have just a few friends, and they are from my childhood, when we were friends without pursuing the aims, just for friendship, it was interesting and sincere. Now I want to make it happen again, to find my soul mate, whom I understand and who will be the dearest for me, on whom I can rely.
I want to love my right man, and have no secrets and lies between us. I am convinced the main thing in the relations is not physical attractiveness, but attractiveness of the personality, charisma, mind, an identical way of thought and ability of the man and woman to feel desires of each other and act according to them, it kindles feelings very strong, at the top level. A man, who will love and care about me, and I will give the same back. I think correspondence will allow to learn about our intimate that disappears from most of people in everyday life. And when we meet in real, we will know the personality's of each other, and it will help us. Here the quarantine is almost over.
My dear, I have new questions for you..
What is a family for you? What does love mean for you?
I believe that our correspondence make us close to each other, at least our minds, and it's great, because, the mental proximity in relationships is also very important,it enhances long-playing and strong body union.
Both of us know how it`s hard to live without soul mate, it seems I wrote all letter about philosophy of the relations, so not to disturb you with my long speech I give a pen to you :)
Your friend Mariya
Letter 5
I am thrilled with happiness to read your lovely reply my dear Jay. Thank you for nice photos.
Dear you too notice some changes in your life? I mean from that recent time since we started our correspondence. You know, I became a bit happier, maybe it can only seems to me, but I know one thing for sure, now I have a new hobby, and this hobby is you!
Sounds like we both need things to develop naturally.
That way we can build a solid lasting relationship.
So we must move on.. I would love to tell you little about my family - it`s small: my mum and aunt. My dad died 3 years ago after the long illness.
I loved my dad very much, he always was a great father for me and still... I remember after his work he always took me back from the kindergarten, and on our way back home, we came to the shop and he always buy me something I still love something yummy-yummy :)
Usually children argue: "Whose dad is the best?!" Right? :)
I'm also told: "My dad is the best man in the world!" :) He was an engineer and always carried a bag with secret drawings, and all children always asked me to tell them about those secret drawings, but I answered that it`s a big secret, and at those moments I felt very proud of my dad :) I can tell my childhood was a happy one!
My dad and mum were very friendly - when something went wrong, they were never too busy to hear what was bothering them. They were at each other`s priority, giving each other the full attention.
They were always together like twins-whether it was a simple walk, sharing the household duties or my dad`s business trip. Our home was always full of pleasant vanity, good food, and lot of laughter, a place where you always hurry to return... I think of no better example of an ideal family then the one my parents showed me. I miss it..For me love is something big and pervasive which is merely fit into the words.
So,I think we can`t describe it we can only feel it.
I`ve recently learned how amazing communication is, and I want to do that with my partner.
I want us to be able to talk through our issues, to be able to sit down and discuss the things that are weighing on our minds. I will listen. I will be there for you, and we will work together - as a team - to get through this, and everything else.
I am a person who enjoys having a few really close friends, I think they would describe me as down to earth, trustworthy, energetic, thoughtful,romantic, a lady who applies herself to the task until it`s done.I am glad that you have friends as well.I think they are very happy in your company.
I am sure good friends with good hearts serve an incredibly important purpose in our lives.
Our correspondence gives me that sense of togetherness, those feelings of happiness and warmth.
Do you have some childish memories?
Were you a happy child? oh, I can imagine you teasing all the girls and breaking their still delicate hearts :) or you was a humble boy?
Do you know, when I read your letters I can almost see you writing it.It was so long when I heard sweet words or someone needs my sweet words also.
Since that tormenting time, I have managed to build up an impenetrable defence but I must say my reliable defences are showing cracks now.
Could you be the one to make it crumble and break down?
Thinking of you and no more challenging questions for today ;)
Letter 6
Hello dear Jay.
I'm happy to hear from you, every time I check my email with big interest.
I didn't expect that correspondence can be so interesting. I don't know how about you, but the more I know about you, the more I want to know you closer.
Do you like hunting? I ask you because I love animals very much.
Fluffy rabbits, they are so sweet, all animals the rabbits for me, sweet and fluffy :) What is your favorite one?
My favorite is bear, my own, big teddy bear, which will hug me and I will fall asleep and will see sweet dreams.
During the day I often think, if you wrote me already? And want to check my email.
It's great when you have a friend, or maybe close friend, you can share your thoughts, and waiting for answer. Of course much better when you have a someone whom you can share not only your thoughts, but also feelings, touches. And I would love to have that someone :) and you?
Dear, what do you like for breakfast? Do you like coffee or tea for breakfast?
I like porridge with banana and another fruits for breakfast, some day I like coffee, some day tea.
When I wake up, I like to switch off an alarm clock and continue to lie in warm bed, to think how I don't want to wake up :)
How are you with morning exercises? hm, if to be true, I don't like it, I'm lazy for that, I will do it with toothbrush better in front of the mirror with toothpaste :) But sometimes, yes, sometimes I do morning exercises, workout, sit ups.
Dear, what kind of cuisine do you prefer? I heard that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, do you agree with that?
confess, please, I know it's true :) If you are agree, you will be mine completely, because I like to cook.
I like tasty homemade food, I like to bake also, generally, you have no chances ;)
Do you like to eat and watch TV at the same time? It's ok for me.
My darling I don't want to hide my thoughts, I love your letters, I like to know you more with each new letter, I feel comfortable to correspond with you. You are playing with my imagination, and I want to know everything about you.
Whether you believe in development of our correspondence into real relationships?
Do you think about live together in the near future? Life is very interesting right? :)
The more you love yourself the more life will love you.. the more that you forgive and accept yourself, and also getting an inner vision or intuition that all is well, love and happiness will always at home. And of course we have to respect yourself's it's very important I think.
You know, today I don't know what a kiss full of love and happiness is like, it's a pity but it's truth.
And I don't want to anticipate love ... or to be looking, and expecting because most of the time, I want to have a love at last. I don't know if it's okay with you, that I share such thoughts but I feel this way, I hope you don't mind. Feel free to share everything you want my dear. That yeah, I don't know what to say about life but that is family... its all expression and communication ...
life is right now ... telling us wow, what about the best think and to feel.. being grateful and faithful!
I am dreaming about love all the time.. the thing is that not always include in my thoughts and imagination someone else, that especial friend best friend who you trust and share..
I will wait for your answer with great anticipation.
Send you my first sweet kiss!
Your friend Mariya
Letter 7
Hello, hello! My dear Jay!
Did you sleep well? Did you eat well? :) I hope I don't scare you by my excessive care?
Even just the opportunity to give this two simple questions make me little happier, gives me the hope that I'm not alone.
Yes, I took part in a swim competition last year. Swimming is my hobby!
Dear tell me, do you like movies about old times? I love this kind of movies.
For example, the movie "Pride and Prejudice" is one of my favorite. Why I like this kind of movies?
I don't know, may be because in those days there were other values and customs, the relations between man and woman.
In these movies there is no such cruelty and dirt as in modern movies, fight between woman and man.
There are a strong man and the gentle, sensitive woman, and all honors and respects the dignity of each other.
Man is unshakable and very important, woman is coquettish and fragile. Man is strong, firm and resolute in his decisions, and woman is soft and sensual, gentle as flowers petals. Apparently, all disputes because man doesn't accept weakness and fragility, and woman, on the contrary, against cruelty and roughness, but how they wouldn't argue, what is right in life, and what is wrong, and all disputes and quarrels doesn't matter, because man becomes like a stone, he can't without soft woman.
And woman is helpless in her softness in face firmness and confidence of the man.
The union of these contrasts is life. Yes, after these thoughts I became a little sad.
Ok, it's enough about melancholy. I like the manner of our correspondence, it's so romantic, and I have feeling, that I want to know you closer.
My trust to you gradually increases. I want to think that our acquaintance isn't accident.
I feel that something more than ordinary sympathy run between us. I know, life sometimes deceives us and we make silly decisions. I think love by correspondence is possible.
I like that we are open in our letters. I think I am rather romantic, I stay in love when I fall in love. And I know what I am totally faithful and reliable in all things.
More importantly, your comments on respect and honesty is also a very important component of any relationship. I suppose I have old fashioned ideals about relationships, do you think it's bad?
I think partners should share everything, and desires and common goals, support one another, respect each other, forgive small demerits. To be always loving, caring, respect. I think these qualities make a perfect relations that will last forever! Do you agree? It's not important for me from what country man and what is his language. His heart is important for me. Life is too short. Do you agree with me?
Share everything what you want. I want to draw your full image, and know all about your world.
I believe in fate, but again, are we are really going to be just sitting around doing nothing, waiting for fate to just come by? Well, I wouldn`t think so. Fate has always been around us.
Sometimes we were just too obsessed with our works, dreams and nevertheless too high expectations, that we missed to see it, to cherish that someone who was all along just beside you...
Our happiness lies in our own hands; I am sure,you want to have a life that is so full of fond memories than with tons of regrets, don`t you? Might you think I`m a silly romantic girl? But,I do believe in miracles, and maybe my destiny is reading my letter now ;)
What do you like more: receive gifts or give? And why?
If you have found a lamp with magic gin: what would be three wishes? :)
Oh! I love writing to you, I just can`t stop.
I feel I can say anything and you won`t get offended. I can envisage us getting along just fine.
I missed you needless to say, but I feel that lately you have missed me even more!
Am I right to feel that?
I will stop here and I will think about you, I like it, because my heart fills with warmth and tenderness.
I smile.. You even can't imagine how often I smile :)
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