Romance scam letter(s) from Anna Mitrofanova to Simon (England)
Letter 1

Hello my dear Steven!!! I am very glad to that that soon we can to meet!!! Today I descended in bank to learn how will better send you to me of money!!! To me have advised to take advantage of company Western Union!!! So it will be very simple and fast!!! Our full data and more than anything will be necessary for us only, I will not need to open any bank account!! It very much is pleasant to me!!! Especially given at us already is!!! I wanted you to tell, that I already now began official registration of papers!!! And tickets can be reserved later!!
Simply that then we did not have any problems I think better all to make beforehand!!! I shall wait for your answer, yours Anna
Letter 2

Hello my dear Steven!!! I am very glad that you write to me!!! It was always pleasant for me to receive your letters!!!! I that to you wanted to tell. It was most convenient to me to arrive in the beginning of June!!! As at me will be at this time holidays. Simply at us in hospital in the beginning of summer it is a lot of work. All children leave in camp and full inspection is necessary for them!!!
Works simply a great lot!!! So at me simply to fail most likely to you to arrive. I wanted you to tell that in the best way all to begin shortly, and the sum I have already typed, about which we with you agreed. Tell when you can send me the missing sum, and I while all to make out the beginnings on the money, and then simply would pay in addition. I shall wait for your letter!!! Yours Anna
Letter 3

Hello my dear Steven!!! I am very glad to receive your photo and letters, yesterday I could not write to you!!! I was ill a little!!! I wanted you to ask, when is exact to me to you to come and what sum you to me can help already to start to prepare for all. All registration will borrow from me, as I already spoke you approximately 10-12 days,
and I want to be at you during my holiday!!! Simply I want to make all as soon as possible because I already on all am adjusted. I strong kiss you and I wait for your answer!!! Yours Anna
Letter 4

Hello my dear Steven !!! I have joyful news, I can simply take holiday and at me will be in total 270 euro, you will need to help me with 700 euro, but I hope, that at us all will turn out, I today descended in bank to learn as you it will be better to send me of money, I in fact earlier with it did not collide!!! My full data which I shall send you today will be necessary for you, but you too should send me the data.
The full your name, the full address and a phone number!!
My data:
Anna Mitrofanova
The country: Russland
Republic: Mari-El
City: Zvenigovo
Street: Zhukova
Index: 425008
The house: 25
Apartment: 33
I shall wait for your letter, Anna
P.S.: Still you to me should tell an exact place where to me to arrive,
that you have met me!!
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